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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, Scott and Annie discuss how that Scott had stolen the Cortlandt technology and pretended that it was. Scott suggests that he make amends with Caleb. J.R. and Marissa talk about how she had messed up on her bar exam by just running out and how no one would hire her if he passed her bar exam. J.R. vows to help Marissa with her studying and to put his family first. Annie interrupts them by wanting to make amends to Marissa. Caleb watches Bianca with Miranda. Miranda surprises Caleb by telling him that she likes him. Jesse is overjoyed at the thought of having another baby. Angie has her doubts about whether or not to tell Jesse about her blindness. Scott comes to visit Caleb and asks him to join him and Annie for dinner. At the Yacht Club, Annie gets her divorce papers from Adam. J.R. interrupts her.

Jesse questions Angie as to what is going on. Angie begins to open up to him. Caleb asks Bianca her opinion of Scott. J.R. and Annie talk about her divorce from Adam. J.R. asks Annie what does she expect to get from Scott. Caleb and Miranda spend time together . Annie gets a call from Adam. J.R. takes the phone from Annie and defends her actions to Adam. Adam hangs up on J.R. Angie starts to open up to Jesse when Trevor begins to cry. Jesse goes to get him. Marissa finds out that Scott is still upset with J.R. over his actions. Marissa also lets Scott know that Annie had tried to make amends to her. Scott asks Marissa to give Annie the benefit of the doubt. Angie lets Jesse know that she cannot see to go get Trevor’s bottle.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Janet has a talk with Lucy to let her know that she and Dusty are working on their relationship even though it is complicated right now. Janet also tells Lucy that she knows that she came back to Oakdale to figure out if she had a chance with Dusty. Blackie tells Dusty that she and Janet are going to a baseball game on a date and he enjoys watching the jealous expression on Dusty's face. Blackie arrives to pick up Janet who looks very tired and she has a dizzy spell and has to sit down for a minute. A worried Blackie takes Janet to the hospital where Lucy is visiting a doctor friend and runs into Janet. Janet is sent home and told to take it easy while Lucy sees Dusty at the Lakeview and tells Dusty she saw Janet at the hospital with Blackie. Lucy assures Dusty that Janet is okay she is just very tired because she is in her third trimester of pregnancy. Blackie takes care of Janet and tells her he was always in love with her but he never asked her out because she was dating Brad. Janet and Blackie dance and he kisses Janet just as Dusty arrives on the porch and sees them kissing through the window. Dusty leaves before he sees Janet stop Blackie and give him the I like you as a friend speech. Blackie is hurt and tells Janet that Brad, Jack, and Dusty never deserved her because they could never treat her like what she is an angel. Janet tells Blackie to leave while Lucy stops by Dusty's room and since Dusty feels hurt by what he saw earlier at the farm he sleeps with Lucy.

Holden and Molly's rehearsal dinner gets underway at Metro while Lily and Craig have dinner at the Lakeview to take her mind off the wedding. Lucinda sees them and tells her friend FranÁoise to speed up the plan to bankrupt Craig and make up an emergency to tell Lily. Francoise tells Lily that the spices for the perfume never arrived an they need more money. Craig tells Lily to tell Francoise they can get the money and Lily interrupts Holden and Molly's reunion with Abigail and their rehearsal dinner to tell Carly the bad news. Lily heads off to Paris to handle the situation . Craig calls the company in charge of the perfume distribution and finds out the company has never heard of Lily or her company. Craig heads to Paris because he smells a rat and thinks Lily could be in trouble. Lucinda calls Holden and tells him that she thinks Lily's company is being sabotaged and she could be walking into a trap. A worried Holden tells Jack he is taking the red eye to Paris to help Lily and he is positive that he can get back in time for his wedding. Jack tells Carly everything and she worries that Holden could miss the wedding. Lily arrives in Paris and discovers that the address she was given for the perfume factory is an office building that has been at that location four years. Craig arrives a few minutes later and he and Lily are both determined to figure out what is going on and who could have done this to them.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Oliver asks Hope to forgive him. She says she is not saying she won’t, but he has to give her some time. She doesn’t believe that he hurt her on purpose or know how it happened, and she’s not sure she will ever understand. He wants to help; help her get through this. She tells him perhaps if they relive that moment. She thought he knew her and what she would want, but apparently not if he thought she would want her first time sex during a three minute song outside on the wall. Steffy is upset when her mom tells her that she invited Ridge over. They need to work this out. Steffy tells Ridge that she has turned to I. T. to help solve this. She is going to prove to him once and for all that she did not sabotage the Brooke video. She would never embarrass him like that. He says he would be thrilled if he found that out, but it is moot now. He does not want her back at the company until she can control her anger against Brooke. Steffy lashes out that Brooke cheated on him and she thinks he needs to stop defending her. He needs to see how frustrating that is when he defends Brooke yet fires Steffy. He tells her again that he can’t let her come back until she realizes what she has done. Brooke shows up at Stephanie’s and is shocked to find that Stephanie is meddling once again and has invited Hope to stay there.

Oliver calls Jason Castro and Oliver explains to Hope that he’s arranged for Jason to play them a few songs…just as she ordered for their first romantic time together. The music apparently works and they are together again. Taylor tells Steffy that she doesn’t know what Ridge still believes, but if Steffy says she didn’t have anything to do with the Brooke tape, then she believes it. Ridge seems to always look the other way when it comes to Brooke’s behavior. She thinks it is only right that Steffy has this – she hands her the packet that holds the 25% of shares in FC. Steffy is speechless. Oliver and Hope kiss and she seems into it, but then keeps having a flashback of seeing her mother on the terrace with Oliver. She pulls back and tells him that she can not do this, and rushes out. Stephanie tells Brooke that she had to get Hope away from Brooke, otherwise she will end up just like her. She knows Brooke doesn’t want that and Stephanie won’t allow that either. The end up arguing the same point – how many accidents can one woman have in one lifetime? Brooke rails at Stephanie and even moves forward and gives her a slight push. Stephanie falls backward with her head hitting the edge of the fireplace tiles.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Bo told Abe that Theo told him about Hope having the wallets.  Fay called Nicole.  Caroline told Sami to marry EJ because she's going to do what she wants anyway.  Caroline was sick of going in circles with Sami.  Carly and Hope were upset with Vivian for getting in the middle of their discussion about Bo.  Vivian warned Hope to be careful of Carly.  Bo talked to Ciara's babysitter about how she's doing.  Bo asked Ciara about Hope's treasures.  Ciara didn't want to talk about that.  Dr. Baker thought about Hope while he was considering leaving town.  He decided to stay in Salem for her.  Rafe ran into Sami while at the pub.  She was on her way out of the pub while he was there.  Bo tried to get Ciara's help, but she was upset that he didn't believe her.  When she finally agreed to help, she had one condition.  She didn't want Bo and Hope to get a divorce.  Nicole wanted to meet EJ at the pier.  Hope kept asking Carly strange questions about how she felt when she killed Lawrence.

Sami wanted to tell Rafe about her relationship with EJ, but his phone rang.  Nicole wanted EJ to get in contact with his henchman Marco.  Carly continued to justify why she killed Lawrence while she was talking to Hope.  Sami was upset that Rafe answered his phone.  Rafe didn't understand why she was mad.  She thinks he cares more about his job than he does about her.  Ciara told Bo that she got the wallets from Hope.  Hope searched through her bag to look for more sleeping pills.  She found one and she took it.  Sami saw J on the pier with fishing rods.  EJ had an engagement ring on the fishing rod.  He got down on one knee.  Ciara told Bo that the wallets belong to Roman, Justin and Abe.  Hope "woke up" and she was ready to get back to her plan to kill Bo.  Rafe went to see Fay to question her about Nicole.  EJ proposed to Sami.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis is hopeful that Kristina may be turning a corner now that she realizes that her enemy was Warren Bauer, not Sonny. Kristina tells Michael that their father favors Dante, but Michael says she is just trying to find excuses to be mad at their dad. Kristina calls Sam and tells her that her dad is a hypocrite for lecturing Michael about fighting, but Sam says Sonny is trying to keep Michael out of jail. She observes that Kristina sounds like Sonny. She advises her that she won't have a happy life if she wastes it on holding a grudge against her father. Kristina goes to visit Ethan in the hospital. Sam tells Alexis that Kristina is still very angry at Sonny. Michael goes to see Jason before he goes to Pentonville. Jason tells him that he isnít going back yet. Michael tells Jason about his fight on the crew and the ordeal at the hospital. Jason tells Michael that he discovered that Franco sent Carter after him to get to Jason and that he is sorry for that. Michael tells Jason not to blame himself. Jason tells Michael that he can't change what happened; he has to find a way to move on. Michael asks Jason if he can teach him to control his anger. Jax returns to Port Charles, plays a board game with Morgan with Carly and Morgan, and tells them about his adventure in Barcelona. After Morgan goes to Karate, Carly demands to know if Jax slept with Skye.

Johnny goes to General Hospital to visit Ethan and teases him about going on dozens of shootouts and never getting shot until he is a bystander in a hospital. Ethan says seeing Maya everyday is the only good thing about being in the hospital. He tells Johnny that he is a fool to let Olivia slip away. Johnny goes to the Metro Court to see Olivia. She apologizes for comparing him to Warren Bauer. He tells her that her straight shooting is one of the things that he loves about her but that she isnít going to change his plans for Sonny. Sonny sees Claire at the Metro Court and tells her they should celebrate Kristina surviving Warren Bauer's attack. She says she doesnít want to socialize with him; she just wants to have sex with him so she can get pregnant. Olivia overhears and wonders if Claire is out of her mind. Claire says she wants what Olivia used to have, a beautiful intelligent child with no connection to Sonny. Sonny says he isnít having any more babies with anyone. Claire says they have nothing more to talk about. Sonny says if a baby was what she really wanted, she would go to a sperm bank. He says she wants him and suggests that they go back to his place. Across the room, Olivia observes that Sonny has a way with the law-and-order types and that it is no wonder that he never gets caught. Johnny walks over to Sonny and Claire's table and tells Claire to check her email because he sent her a video of Sonny in action.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he went ahead with offering the reward for Aiden's return, Lucky calls in a forensics team to investigate the murder of Nurse Jane Morgan at General Hospital. He suspects Franco. Lucky tells them that Jane Morgan is dead. Dante tells Jason that the body that fell off the roof in Los Angeles belonged to a man with terminal cancer. Jason concludes that Franco is still alive and they don't know where he is. Dante tells Jason that he isnít taking him back to Pentonville. Jason tells Dante that Franco said a baby changes a person's perspective. He wonders if the baby is what Franco wanted all along and the rest was just a game. Dante goes to the station so that he and Lucky can compare notes. He reports that Franco is not dead and that the person that jumped off the roof in Los Angeles was someone else. Lucky tells Dante about the dead nurse and the ID bracelet that ends in the number sixty-six. Dante tells Lucky about Jason's theory that the performance art in Los Angeles was a diversion and that the kidnapping was the real goal. Dante suggests to Jason and Lucky that they talk to Franco's mother; however, when Dante calls the Woodstock police they tell him that Karen's house is vacant and that she didnít forward her mail. Lucky thinks they should go check out the house in Woodstock anyway. Jason doesnít think Karen is working with Franco. He says he thinks Franco wants to keep the baby for himself. Franco is at his mother's house in Woodstock trying to give Aiden to her. Franco tells his mother that he got her the baby because he was such a difficult child, he will never be the son that she deserves, and this baby represents a second chance. He hands her an envelope and tells her it contains the paperwork for the legal adoption so she is free to raise this baby in her new house in her new town and give him all the things she struggled so hard to give to him when he was a child.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Hannah urges Ford to go to the cops and tell them what Eli is doing. He hesitates but informs her if something happens to him, he will have an article written in the Sun about Eli and he suggests she writes a letter stating that if she is found dead, it's because Eli killed her. She attempts to do that. But before she can finish, Eli finds her and holds a gun on her. Blair is still ready to marry Eli and has no suspicion. But John reveals to Kelly that he believes that Eli is either a suspect or is the real Bennett Thompson who killed her mother.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis calls Jack and lets him know that she is coming over. Emily walks into the room and asks Jack if that was the police. Emily lets Jack know how bad she feels for Paul and for Patty for being out of there on her own and without her medications. Emily also tells Jack that Adam must have helped Patty to escape from the hospital. Sharon pleads with Adam not to die as Nick joins her. Sharon tells Adam the ambulance is on its way. Nick calls Victor and lets him know that Adam was at the cabin and was shot. Lauren lashes out to Michael about her trying to be friends with Jill and Jill doesnít want to her friend. The paramedics arrive and ask Sharon how long ago Adam was shot. Nick answers 20 minutes. Cane and Lily get good news that they can hold the babies. Sofia brings Malcolm news that she may have solved Caneís deportation problems. Skye and a reporter arrive at the hospital. Skye questions Sharon as to what she has done to Adam. Phyllis arrives at Jackís. Phyllis pours her heart out to Jack that Nick would never change anything for her that it was always Sharon that was his top priority. Jill calls a reporter to meet her at her fatherís grave. Jill begins her statement to the reporter when Lauren arrives. Lauren has a statement for the reporter all her own. Lauren points out to the reporter that all Jill wants is the money. Sofia offers Cane a position with Tucker. Cane considers the job offer. Cane and Lily hold the babies. Cane accepts the job offer. Malcolm proposes to Sofia again and she accepts. Sharon is arrested for shooting Adam, but Adam confesses that it was his fault, since he was trying to break in on Sharon.

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