Thursday 7/29/10 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/29/10 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake tries to build an architectural design with blocks when Amanda comes in and snatches up one of the blocks. Amanda hides the block and tells Jake to find it. Jesse goes over evidence to try to entrap David when Angie comes home from the hospital. Bianca calls Reese and leaves her a message. David listens to Greenlee’s conversation with Ryan. David calls someone and tells them to put the plan into motion. Ryan lets Greenlee know that she can trust him that she can tell him anything. Ryan holds Greenlee’s hand and sees that she is not wearing her wedding ring. Brot interrupts Greenlee and Ryan to take her to the police station. Greenlee fears the worst. Angie gets a call from her doctor to meet him. Angie calls Jake for help which interrupts Jake and Amanda’s lovemaking. Jesse visits Natalia at the police department and commends her on the case that she is working on. Bianca visits Ryan. Ryan lets Bianca know that Greenlee had just visited him, but something just wasn’t right. Brot brings Greenlee into the police station where she is joined by Iris and David. Iris thanks Greenlee for all the help that she and David had given her in her campaign and surprises them with a bottle of champagne. Angie finds out that she is pregnant.

Angie is thrilled by the news, but is still concerned about her blindness. Ryan lets Bianca know that he had had about Greenlee. Brot lets Natalia know that he is going to the hospital for surgery on his eye. Jesse and Amanda arrive to take Jake and Angie away for a relaxing dinner. When Jesse wants to pour them a glass of wine, Angie refuses. Amanda gets a clue that Angie may be pregnant. Angie confesses that she is pregnant. Jesse is overjoyed. David and Greenlee arrive back at the hotel for a celebratory dinner, but Greenlee doesn’t want any part of the dinner. Greenlee threatens to break the bottle over David’s head. David puts the wedding ring back on Greenlee’s hand and refuses to let her take it off. Ryan calls Greenlee, but talks to David instead. Greenlee assures Ryan that she is fine.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At Fairwinds, Will is upset that Iris is still in town. Emily walks into the living room. Gwen admires the bracelet that Emily is wearing. Will explains to Gwen about the bracelet that Emily is wearing. Iris comes to see Barbara and wants what is due her from Barbara. Katie comes up with a plan to find Barbara. Katie and Henry visit Lisa to look at the video footage of the hotel. The woman that they see on the footage is definitely not Barbara. Barbara pleads with Iris to let her call her family to let them know that she is alright. Iris agrees to let Barbara write her family a note, but Barbara adds some extra stuff that Iris doesn’t like and therefore, tears up the note. Iris demands that Barbara give her the passwords to Barbara’s bank accounts. Will and Gwen accuse Emily of having something to do with Barbara’s disappearance so much so that they search through Paul and Emily’s bedroom. An argument erupts between Will, Gwen and Emily that Paul has to intervene.

Paul demands an explanation from everyone. Emily, becoming angry, storms out of the bedroom. Paul goes after Emily to try to smooth her ruffled edges. Paul receives a note from Barbara telling them that she just needed some time alone. Paul calls Henry to let him know about note. Henry looks at note, but still doesn’t believe that it came from Barbara. Barbara finds a walkie-talkie to try to reach someone to help her. Will and Gwen apologize to Emily of suspecting her of doing something to Barbara. Henry hears Barbara calling for help, but Katie doesn’t hear anything. Katie drags him out of apartment before Barbara can tell him where she is. Paul and Emily make love.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget prepares a healthy breakfast and admits a disguised Brooke into the apartment. Brooke says the vultures are out everywhere. She appreciates Bridget calling her last night and telling her that Hope was there. Bridget informs her that Hope is out for the moment. But she is strong and just needs some time. Brooke is sorry that Bridget got caught in the middle. Surprisingly, Hope shows up at Stephanie’s and needs to speak with her. She says she feels numb. Stephanie assures her that she had nothing to do with this latest stunt of Brooke’s. Hope knows that Stephanie has no use for Brooke, but wonders if she really knew it was Oliver….could she be that cruel? Stephanie says yes, knowing Brooke like she does, she can believe she did know. But Hope probably has doubts so she just needs to keep a distance for now. Oliver may be innocent in this and should not be punished for what her mother did. Oliver talks to Juan Castro and introduces him to Aggie. Juan suggests that he keep trying to call Hope. Oliver is upset because she won’t return his calls.

Oliver explains the accusations to Aggie. Steffy beckons Liam to come over. She is determined to find out who hacked into her computer. She calls Ed from the office and wants him to look into it. She must prove to her father that she did not sabotage the video for Brooke. Bridget questions Brooke….surely she knew the difference in Oliver and Ridge. Brooke assures her that it was an accident and she did not know. Stephanie tells Hope that they have a guest house that is quiet and peaceful and she is welcome to stay there, give herself a little space from her mom. Hope gives in and says yes. Stephanie even encourages her to take a phone call from Oliver and even to go see him and settle all of this. If she can hear him out and find it in her heart to forgive him, then forgive him. Come back and stay here and they will keep her safe. Liam tells Steffy that he really feels bad in what happened. She hopes he will help her find out how this happened. Bridget tells Brooke that considering her own baby is not her husband’s, she has no right to judge Brooke. Brooke hugs her for believing her. Now if she could just find Hope and get her to understand before Stephanie gets to her and brainwashes her. Oliver tells Hope that he is glad she came and he hopes she can forgive him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole found out that she has $5 million in her bank account.  Brady saw Dr. Baker on the pier, but Dr. Baker ran off. Carly asked Bo if he remembered what happened to him.  He said he remembered something.  Hope looked so worried.  Bo looked at Hope as if he remembered seeing her at the house, but he didn't.  Brady told Nicole how he saw Dr. Baker and he told the police about it.  Stefano saw Abe and Theo at the police station.  Stefano was there to provide and alibi for the night Bo was attacked.  EJ told Sami that he wasn't really proposing marriage to her.  She was relieved because she's happy with the way things are now.  Vivian saw Victor drinking and she asked if everything was okay with Bo.  Victor wasn't sure if Vivian was the one who attacked Bo.  Carly continued to ask Bo about what happened to him.  She asked him if he remembered who he saw that night.  He said he did see someone.  He said he saw Ciara at Victor's house.  He said they were talking about Hope.  Hope wanted to stop Bo from answering more questions once he started to remember more things about what happened to him.  Hope managed to get out of interrupting Bo by saying that it was too stressful for him.  Caroline ended up showing up at Bo's house and wanted to know what was wrong with Bo.  Dr. Baker called Nicole and told her how Brady saw him.  She left the pub to meet him.  Brady decided to follow her.

Caroline seemed upset when she was at Bo's house.  Bo wanted to know what happened with her when she stormed out of the house.  Sami went to the pub to talk to Caroline about EJ.  Bo wanted to go to the police station to look at old files.  Carly didn't want him to go.  Dr. Baker called Hope just as she showed up at the Kiriakis mansion.  Nicole realized that Brady was following her and wanted to know why he did it. Hope didn't know who Dr. Baker was when he called her.  Carly showed up at the mansion to ask Hope for a favor.  EJ told Stefano that he plans on marrying Sami.  Carly wanted Hope to talk to Bo about not working too soon.  Bo ran into Abe and Theo at the police station.  Bo was looking in his wallet and Theo told him about Ciara's treasures.  Bo came to the realization that Ciara's treasures are wallets.  Sami continued to sing EJ's praises so Caroline threw us all a curveball.  She told Sami to marry EJ.  Carly and Hope were starting to get into an argument when Vivian walked in on them. Hope said she wanted to know who attacked Bo.  Vivian said to look no further than Carly.  Theo told Bo that Ciara's mommy had the treasures.  Bo wanted to make sure he heard that right and asked if the treasures belonged to Caria's mother. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick says Lisa is delusional when she comes onto him half-naked at the hospital. After finding Lorenzo Alcazar's money hidden in Barcelona, Spain, Jax dashes Skye's hopes when he tells her that he isn’t giving up on Carly. Skye doubts that Carly will be waiting for Jax. She tells him to call her if he ever wants to give it another try. Carly tells Alexis that Kristina is overwhelmed from the shooting experience. Sonny warns Michael to be careful with fighting because they don't want the judge to perceive him as violent. Sonny is encouraged when Kristina says she is grateful to all of her family, including him.

Sam tries to convince Jason to go on the run with her, but he says he is going back to prison so that he can return to Port Charles after he serves his time. Sam says she will wait for him. Dante warns Brook about Johnny. Johnny says Dante sounds like Sonny. Olivia tells Johnny about the shooting at the hospital and says Warren Bauer's obsession with revenge put him over the edge. Lulu overhears Brook asking Dante if he wants her all to himself and agrees that Dante is behaving like a jealous boyfriend. Dante goes to the police station and the desk officer informs him that he received a message and a file and that Domestico took them both. Ronnie doesn’t want to give the file to Dante but he reluctantly does and Dante is surprised by what it contains. He goes to Jason's penthouse and tells him that the police scraped of the pavement in Los Angeles was not Franco.

Lucky and Nikolas report to Steve and Elizabeth that they found Aiden's security monitor in another baby's crib. They look for nurse "Jane Morgan." Nikolas prepares to offer a reward for Aiden's return, but Lucky asks him to hold off because the state of Jane Morgan's apartment doesn't indicate an intention to leave town so she and Aiden could still be at the hospital. Lucky finds her in a hospital bed with Aiden’s ID bracelet clutched in her cold, dead hand. Franco's mother opens her door to Franco holding Aiden.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Hannah calls Ford and urges him to do something about Eli as they both know that he tried to kill Ford and pushed Marty Saybrooke. Meanwhile, Nate's mom is out driving while upset. Bo stops her. She's afraid he's going to arrest her and admits that she has abandoned her two sons and her oldest son hates her. He tells her that he would like to help her and be her friend if she needs to talk. Kelly finds out that John is suspecting Eli as her mother's killer. Yet Blair is ready to marry Eli and suspects nothing.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the coffeehouse, Abby and Ashley meet. Ashley lets Abby know that she is all moved out .Abby feels no remorse for kicking Ashley out .Abby tells Ashley she has a plan in getting her money. Victor questions Jack as to his involvement in Abby’s trust fund. Deacon stops to help someone unaware that it is Phyllis. Adam comes to see Sharon. Kevin tries to find Ryder in order to save his coffeehouse. Chloe walks in, complaining, about her shoes being ruined. Chloe asks Kevin to move back in with him. Kevin hand the keys. Paul finds the search for Patty had been called off. Paul and Christine find out that there had been another attempt on Heather’s life. Chance blames Meeks for Heather almost being killed. Chance and Ronan have a confrontation over Heather almost being killed. Adam tells Sharon that he may be married to another woman, but Sharon has his heart. Sharon doesn’t believe him and tells him to go as she opens the door. Nick walks in. Chance tells Chloe that because she had gotten Ronan away from Heather that she had almost been killed. Chance asks Chloe as to why she had lured him to see Chloe kiss Ronan. Chloe assures Chance that he had seen the real Chloe. Chloe also assures Chance that she will be just fine as he walks out. Nick tries to get Sharon to go home, but Sharon insists on staying at the cabin. Nick gives Sharon a gun to use if she needs it. Victor and Ashley meet to discuss Abby’s trust fund. Ashley suggests that they give Abby some of her money. Nick catches up with Phyllis and wonders what she is doing here. Phyllis lets him know that she had heard that he was with Sharon. Phyllis points out that Victor had tried to pay her off to get her to divorce Nick quietly. Deacon tells Phyllis that she has a flat and offers to take him back to his place. Phyllis gets Deacon in the car with her and kisses him just as Nick peeks in the car window. After Nick leaves, Phyllis orders Deacon out. Adam watches Sharon with Faith through the window. Abby arrives for her meeting with Victor and Ashley. Ashley hands Abby a check as partial payment of her trust. Abby looks at check and hands it back to Ashley. Abby refuses to accept the check. Sharon hears a noise outside and when no one answers, she fires, thus hitting Adam in the arm. Sharon begins to panic when she sees Adam hurt. Sharon begins to yell for help.

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