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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Liza is stunned that Tad believes Damon over her. Damon and Colby decide to leave Pine Valley for good and go to San Francisco. Frankie checks on Ryan’s condition. David blackmails Greenlee to keep her from leaving him. After talking to David a few moments, Greenlee accuses him of “bluffing.” Madison and Emma visit Ryan. At the hospital, Randi surprises Frankie. They make plans for later. Liza tries to explain to Tad, but he refuses to listen, at first, but then gives in. Liza finally confesses all to Tad about how she set Damon up. David points out all of Greenlee’s good points.

Greenlee comes home and upon leaving, lays her wedding ring on the table. David looks at a picture of Greenlee. Liza comes home and doesn’t find Colby there. Tad comes home to an empty house. Madison barges in on Randi and Frankie making love. Colby and Damon make plans to leave Pine Valley until they are interrupted by Kathy. Liza visits David to discuss Damon. When Greenlee visits him. Ryan asks if she is leaving David. Greenlee wishes that she had never fallen for David.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

In Old Town, Paul reprimands Emily for not letting him know about the bracelet and instead of giving it to him, she threw it away. Katie apologizes again for deceiving him about Vienna and her not being pregnant. Henry finally agrees to forgive Katie. A mysterious woman enters a hotel room using a credit card. Will and Gwen arrive and start to go into the same room. Will gets a call from Henry about going on television and begging for Barbara to come home. Will is enthused by the idea. Barbara talks to who she thinks is Chuckles, but to her dismay, it is James Steinbeck, who throws up to her that no one cares about her. At the television station, Henry makes his appeal to Barbara to come home over the airways. James kisses Barbara.

In Old Town, Gwen and Iris have a confrontation. Paul shows Will the bracelet that the owner of the dress shop gave to Emily. Will lashes out at Emily for not giving them the bracelet sooner. Paul defends Emily against Will’s accusations. Iris offers her help in tracking down Barbara. Katie and Henry gain entrance into Barbara’s hotel room. Henry smells the scent of Barbara’s perfume and sees a handkerchief in the garbage with lipstick on it. Katie urges Henry to calm down. Iris begs Gwen to let her help find Barbara.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The announcement is made to the public about Brooke’s sexual escapade at her daughter’s graduation. Brooke tells Stephanie that she is not going to let her ruin her relationship with her daughter. Stephanie shouts that she doesn’t have to do that. Brooke did that all by herself and Stephanie is not going to let Hope be damaged goods. Brooke just needs to pull up her panties and get out of town. She states that Brooke is so twisted and Hope will never have anything to do with her again. She will see to that! Ridge explains to Stephen, Katie and Bill that it was a huge mistake and never meant to have happened. He has forgiven Brooke. Katie thinks there must be something Spencer Publications can do to keep this from spreading. Stephen states that if Stephanie is determined to use this as another vendetta against Brooke, she will have hell to pay from him. Bill tells Justin that he wants to use every means available to Spencer Publications to squelch these rumors about Brooke. Justin has to admit his and Liam’s part in the video. He thought it was something Bill would want to help him get back the company. Bridget tells Hope that the wounds are so fresh now, but give it some time to give it a new perspective. Bill is not happy and wants another explanation. He did not want to start war on the Logans…..that is his family now. Justin needs to look at the situation from all angles and should have checked it out first. Justin says his son’s mother is a Logan too and he would not do anything to hurt her, but the company is ripe for a takeover and business is business. Bill wants to talk to Liam alone.

Brooke changes clothes and goes to a high cliff overlooking the city. She pulls out the Hope necklace and thinks back on happier times with Hope. Ridge surprises her by showing up and says he heard there was a damsel in distress and thought perhaps she could use a white knight. They hug. Bill tells Liam that this involvement stays just between him and Bill and Justin; no one else will know how Steffy’s words got on the video. He wants that completely understood. Liam agrees and gets the hell out of his office. Hope wants to believe what Bridget is saying, but just can’t right now. Ridge tells Brooke they are going to find Hope. Children forgive their parents many things. Steffy truly believes that video was tampered with. They look up at the Hollywood sign and he declares that she is the biggest HO of them all. He loves her and they will get through this together.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Dr. Baker was thinking about what Hope said to him about killing Bo while he was reading about Bo in the paper.  Nicole told EJ that she wanted money.  Rafe thought he was able to decipher Nicole's journal entries.  He think that they might be locations.  Sami and Johnny showed up at Rafe's office to see him.  Carly tried to stop Bo from leaving the hospital.  Victor showed up in Bo's room while Carly tried to stop Bo from leaving. He actually agreed with Carly.  Hope was upset that Bo was attacked.  Justin wanted to be there for Hope.  Maggie told Brady that she was concerned that he was being influenced by Nicole again.  Nicole showed up at the DiMera mansion to talk to EJ.  She heard Sydney crying and got sad over it.  Rafe seemed upset that Sami was at his office and told her that she couldn't have it both ways.  Maggie continued to ask Brady about his feelings for Nicole.  Just as he was getting grilled, he got a call from Nicole.  Sami had a run-in with Johnny because he wanted to wear his FBI jacket.  EJ wanted to know why Johnny was upset and Johnny said that Sami was mean.  Bo was at his house with Carly and he tried to remember what happened to him.  Hope showed up at the house and saw Bo and Carly together.  Johnny eventually went to Sami to apologize to her for the way he acted.  It helped that EJ talked to him about the way he acted (that happened off screen).

Bo told Hope that Carly was going to help him with relaxation techniques.  Carly suggest that Hope question Bo about what happened.  Hope didn't want to do that.  Victor showed up at Maggie's house.  He never said why he was there.  Nicole checked her account and had a lot of money in it.  Bo wanted Hope to stay with him and she agreed to it.  Carly told Bo to think of a happy memory and he thought about sailing with Hope.  Brady saw Dr. Baker on the pier.  Rafe searched the locker and guess what?  That's right, people.  The locker was empty.  EJ mentioned that joint custody was hard and that things would be different if they were married.  Carly asked Bo about the happy memory and he told her how he was sailing around the world with Hope.  He said he wasn't in pain anymore.  Carly was noticeably upset that he thought of Hope.  Carly shifted gears and asked him what happened the night he was attacked.  Hope looked scared.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Robin and Patrick talk about Matt’s brilliance in the operating room. Lisa drinks from Patrick’s cup of coffee. Patrick makes it clear that he isn’t interested in Lisa. Nikolas and Elizabeth are panicking over Aiden’s absence. Nikolas wants to offer a reward but Lucky thinks it’s a bad idea. Steven wants to lift the lockdown. Steven addresses the hospital staff. Robin is worried about Nikolas and Elizabeth. Lisa sees Robin and Patrick kissing. Lucky discovers Aiden’s ankle monitor. Lucky assumes that Jane Morgan left the hospital before the lockdown. Elizabeth blames Steven for allowing Aiden to be kidnapped. Jason and Dante return to the penthouse. Dante agrees to let Sam spend time with Jason before heading back to Pentonville. Jason tells Sam about Franco’s art exhibit. Sam can’t believe that Franco is dead. Spinelli announces that Jason’s ankle monitor can be disabled. Sam is ecstatic that she and Jason can go on the run. Jason refuses to leave Port Charles. Sam won’t support Jason’s decision to return to Pentonville. Dante heads back home where he finds Lulu in bed. After Lulu and Dante make love, Ronnie barges in the loft. Ronnie is furious that Jason isn’t back in prison. Michael has a nightmare about Carter. Carly confides to Michael about the time she spent in a psych ward. Kristina tells Michael that she has been experiencing nightmares too. Carly is debating whether or not she should be with Jax. Mike refuses to serve Johnny at the diner. Johnny and Brook Lynn go over the reasons why he hates Sonny. Johnny leans in to kiss Brook Lynn but Dante interrupts. Dante tells Johnny that Brook Lynn is “off-limits”. Lisa slaps Patrick when he refuses to have sex with her.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Rex and Kelly finally meet Glenn only to discover that Glenn already met "Rex" last night and gave him Bennett Thompson's file. He describes the man as tall, dark haired, expensively dressed, and professional looking. Hannah calls Cole and Eli takes the phone away from him and warns her never to speak to Cole again. Cole goes to court and Nora dreads having to prosecute him. Starr asks Todd to stick to the facts when he testifies. Cole changes his plea to guilty. Nora recommends time served, probation, and community service and Todd agrees, so the judge sentences him that way.

Nate's mother receives a foreclosure notice. Ford is stunned that Nate is his brother. Their mother tells Ford that she didn't leave them; their father kicked her out. Nate and Bo have a chat and get to know each other. Bo tells him about government programs that are available to help with their foreclosure. Nate notices the help wanted sign at the Buenos Dias. Bo pulls over Nate's mother in traffic. Hannah calls Ford and tells him that she needs to talk to him about Elijah Clark. After court, Elijah goes to St. Anne's to see Hannah.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack goes through Abby’s bank statements to help determine what she is worth. Ashley remembers Abby telling her to get out of her house. Tucker comes in to join her. Tucker offers to let Ashley stay with him, but she tells him that she is staying at her father’s. Nick calls Sharon and leaves her a message that he wants to see Faith. Nick questions Jack about Sharon’s whereabouts, but Jack refuses to tell him where Sharon is. Adam listens to their conversation. Victor offers his condolences to Phyllis over the breakup of her marriage to Nicholas. Phyllis is amazed at the hefty sum that Victor is offering her to keep this out of court. Phyllis refuses to take the settlement. Sharon talks to Faith while she fans them. Tucker offers Billy a job in exchange for his help in finding out the truth of what happened in Japan between Victoria and Mr. Yonioshi. Victor finds out that Abby asked for the documents concerning her trust funds. Victor calls Abby for a meeting. Nick visits Sharon at the cabin. Sharon invites him in to fix her fan. Phyllis remembers conversations that she had with Nick concerning Summer and Sharon. Phyllis has a flat tire during a severe thunderstorm. Sharon invites Nick to join her for dinner. Nick and Sharon share a drink and small talk. Abby comes back to Jack’s, distraught over her meeting with Victor. Jack shows Abby the figures on how much she is really worth. For an instant, Abby can see Victor’s side. Victoria visits Billy at the trailer and the air is cleared between them concerning her trip to Japan and Mr. Yonioshi. Jack reminds Abby what she is supposed to do for him. Victor tells Jack that he knew he was behind helping Abby. Deacon stops to help Phyllis. Adam arrives at the cabin to see Sharon.

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