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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In the hotel room in New York, Tad demands answers from Liza and Damon. Liza lies to make it look as though Damon is some sort of pervert, while Damon insists she is setting him up. Madison visits Ryan in the hospital and assures him that Emma is fine. Bianca also visits Ryan and brings him a drawing from Miranda. When she asks for time away from him, David asks Greenlee if she wants out of this marriage. Greenlee expresses how thankful she is to him for all he has done for her. In the corridor of the hospital, Madison lets Frankie know that she will be taking care of Emma and Ryan. Tad orders Damon to come clean about the pictures of Liza. Damon becomes angry and accuses Tad of being no different than Paul. At Fusion, Greenlee looks for an apartment online. Bianca helps her and finds out that Greenlee and David are taking a breather from each other. Bianca wants to know how David took the news. Greenlee assures her that he's fine with it. Ryan awakens to find David standing over him. When Ryan thanks him for his help at the park, David says it was just his job. Bianca visits Ryan again and lets him know that David and Greenlee are separating. Greenlee agrees to have dinner with David. Tad lets Liza know that he doesn’t believe her and that Damon is telling the truth for once. Damon and Colby meet up and she suggests they join Adam in San Francisco. Damon agrees only if they never come back to Pine Valley. David surprises Greenlee with a new purse and cell phone, which she'll need, because her old one has proof that she spoke with the mechanic who sabotaged Erica's plane. With that and with her cooking the books to make it look as though Erica siphoned funds from the Miranda Center, David blackmails Greenlee into staying with him. She's horrified.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the Hughes house, Chris tells Tom that he wants the COS position, but Bob already offered it to Reid Oliver. At Fairwinds, Paul tells a story to Will, Gwen, Halle and Emily. Paul receives a call from Margo telling him that they found proof that Barbara’s credit card was used in Oakdale recently. At the police station, Will verifies the signature on the receipt. Katie visits Henry and finds him in a bad place. Henry and Katie barge into the police station and give Margo new evidence on Barbara’s whereabouts. Paul cannot believe his ears that Emily doesn’t want Barbara to come home. Gwen begins to question Paul and Emily’s involvement in Barbara’s disappearance. At the dress shop, after questioning the owner, Henry begins to hyper-ventilate and has to be taken to the hospital. Chris treats Henry. Chris confesses to his part in keeping the secret from him about Vienna’s deviousness. Chris becomes angry and demands another doctor. The lady from the dress shop calls Emily and tells her about a bracelet that she found. Emily immediately goes to dress shop to question the woman. Emily asks for the bracelet to show Paul. Chris calls Katie about Henry’s hyper-ventilating. Will suggests calling Iris back to town to help out, but Gwen refuses. Paul arrives home to find Emily and Eliza gone. Paul calls Emily and finds out that she is in Old Town with Eliza. Emily starts to tell Paul about the bracelet but changes her mind. Paul receives a call from the woman at the dress shop. Emily disposes of the bracelet in the garbage. Paul comes up behind her just as she exposes the bracelet. A mysterious woman enters a hotel room with a credit card just as Will and Gwen arrive at same room.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Brooke to stay away from her. She doesn’t want to be comforted by her. She is destructive so stop pretending. Stephanie tells Ridge that he can undo this. He can tell Steffy that she is not fired. Taylor rails at him for using his daughter to keep his head in the sand. It was his wife, Brooke, that did the major damage, not Steffy. He tells Stephanie that he does not expect her support, and he is not backing his wife over his daughter, but just trying to do what he can to keep peace in the family. Owen knocks on Bridget’s door bearing a pint of ice cream. She appreciates his generosity. He fills her in on what’s happening to Hope. Oliver finds Hope with Brooke and tries to explain to her that he never meant to hurt her. She allows him to explain the bizarre circumstances. He got carried away and didn’t have a hint that it wasn’t her that night.

Oliver tells Hope that he still loves her; nothing has changed. She thinks what he did was disgusting and wrong so everything has changed. What they had doesn’t exist any more. He begs her not to give up on them. Stephanie tells Ridge that Brooke admitted to her guilt; Steffy is proclaiming her innocence and he should give her the benefit of the doubt. She can’t believe he is willing to jeopardize his future with his children just to keep that woman in his bed. It makes his daughters feel inferior and she is not going to let him do this. He tells her his main concern now is to try and keep Hope and Brooke together. Hope tells Brooke that she can not be near her now, not here at work nor at home. Steffy went public, but it was Brooke that did this, so it was her that she should have been worried about all this time. Hope goes to see Bridget. She needs some advice….how Bridget got through this when it happened to her. Bridget tells her she only needs time. Hope wonders what is wrong with her mother. Stephanie catches Brooke in the show room and brings up The Scandal. Brooke says she is not going to sit here and listen to this crap. She is going to find her daughter. She will not let them push her daughter out of her life. Stephanie is not to do anything to brainwash her….”leave my daughter alone.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Rafe continued to decipher Nicole's entries in her journal.  Stefano wanted to know why Kate cared so much about Chad's situation.  While Kate was flashing back to looking at Chad's birth certificate (again), she got a phone call.  Chad was the one who called her.  Daniel told Carly about his problems with Chloe.  Carly hinted that Chloe wants to marry him, but wouldn't say why she's dragging her feet.  Chloe went to Philip to talk to him about their affair.  She thinks that they are about to be caught.  Brady went to visit Nicole and he wanted a fresh start with her.  She went to get them sodas and something caught his eye.  He saw the journal sitting on the table.  Rafe and Arianna fought over EJ.  Nicole managed to stop Brady from seeing her journal by snatching it out of his hands.  Stefano told Will that he wanted him to work for DiMera Enterprises part-time when school starts.  Will doesn't like lying to Sami about working for Stefano.

Chad wanted Kate to tell him more about his mother's past. Chloe wanted to talk to Daniel to convince him that she loves him, but she wanted to wait a month to get married.  She gave him a sob story about not wanting to tell other people yet because she doesn't want to miscarry.  That story seemed to convince Daniel that she wanted to marry him.  While Daniel was with Melanie, Carly showed up at Chloe's place.  Carly told Chloe that she could end her worrying sooner than a month.  Chloe told Carly that she convinced Daniel to wait a month before they got married.  While Kate and Chad were finishing their conversation, Stefano came back home.  Luckily, he managed not to hear anything important.  Philip had a fantasy about telling Melanie the truth about Chloe and it didn't go well.  Carly set up a paternity test for Chloe at St. Mary's Hospital so Daniel wouldn't find out.  Guess who has to take on a patient at St. Mary's Hospital the same day Chloe's getting the paternity test?  If you guessed Daniel, you are right.  He will be at the hospital at the same time as Chloe.  Nicole wanted to talk to EJ.  Rafe stumbled upon a clue and he said that Nicole is busted.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Jax and Skye fly to Barcelona to access Lorenzo’s bank accounts. As a diversion, Jax flirts with Alcazar’s female accountant. Skye gets caught by a security guard but uses a sob story to make him go away. Skye manages to transfer Lorenzo’s money into her own account. Skye kisses Jax. Patrick tells Lisa that they are not in a relationship. Robin confronts Lisa about her obsession with Patrick. Maxie kisses Matt but he pulls away. Alexis and Sonny tell Claire about Warren Bauer’s hospital rampage. Steven can’t locate Jane Morgan, the hospital employee that is suspected of taking Aiden. Elizabeth fears that Aiden is dead. However, Nikolas believes that Aiden will be found alive. Ethan wakes up in his hospital bed. Maya apologizes again for freezing when Ethan got shot. Carly, Kristina, and Michael visit Ethan. Kristina blames herself for Warren shooting up the hospital. Ethan makes it clear that he doesn’t blame Kristina. Maxie blabs to Michael that she slept with Matt in the supply closet. Michael has a flashback of Carter choking him. Maxie thanks Michael for listening. Maxie visits with Mac. Nikolas promises Elizabeth that Aiden will be found soon. Robin tells Patrick that she isn’t intimidated by Lisa. Lisa watches as Robin and Patrick share a kiss. Carly and Michael have a talk about Jax. Carly misses her husband. Claire wants to have a baby with Sonny. Sonny refuses to have any more children. Claire walks out because Sonny won’t agree to her terms.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While stuck at St. Anne's after Eli threatened her, Hannah knows she has to contact Cole. So she distracts a security guard to get his phone and calls him. Meanwhile, Cole is torn between Starr telling him that Hannah manipulated him, almost got his probation revoked, wanted to break them up, pushed his mom, tried to kill Ford, and got Todd falsely accused of pushing Marty. But he somehow knows that Hannah might not have done the crimes. Eli represents him in court and tells him he can help him beat the charges if he blames Hannah for everything. Meanwhile, Todd, Tea, Dani and Nate all go to New York and Tea shows them where she grew up. Tea manages to persuade Todd to drop the charges against Cole. Eli is up to no good after drugging Rex. Kelly finds Rex who informs her he knows that Bennett Thompson has been there and drugged him in his hotel room. Blair is at first suspicious of Eli when she finds out he lied to her about where he was when they could not see each other. But he gives her an engagement ring and she warms up to him and forgives him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the Chancellor mansion, Delia reads a birthday card. Katherine blasts Jill for her actions in this matter concerning Lauren. Nina offers Chloe sympathy about her and Chance. Chloe becomes aggravated when Esther comes in with Delia and a birthday cake. Esther reads Delia a story about Cinderella. Chloe dreams that she is Cinderella and everyone is dressed for the ball but her. Chloe goes to ball and meets her Prince Charming but cannot see his face. Chance comes into bar and asks to talk to Heather. Heather is reluctant to help Chance but finally agrees. A man watches Heather and Chance. The man calls someone that Heather agreed to help Chance. At the hospital, Cane and Lily get to hold the twins. Neil and Sofia have a meeting about Chancellor Industries. Victoria arrives to meet Billy at coffeehouse. Michael and Lauren come in. Billy discusses with them about this situation between Jill and Lauren. Everyone gathers at Cane and Lily’s to clean their house in anticipation of the arrival of the twins. Malcolm tells everyone that his fiancée is on her way over. Neil is surprised to see that Sofia is Malcolm’s fiancée. Chloe dreams that no one is her Prince Charming. Chloe calls Chance and Ronan to meet her.

Heather leaves the apartment unchaperoned. Ronan arrives to meet Chloe. Nina is quite put out when she finds out that Chloe called Chance for a meeting. Lauren pours her heart to Jill about this situation and tries to make amends which just blows up in her face. A man holds Heather hostage in her car. The man attacks Heather but she finally escapes through the window. Chance walks in on Chloe kissing Ronan. Chance fires shots at the driver in the car who attacked Heather. Ronan kisses Chloe.

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