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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad calls on Jesse to help him find Damon who has taken the car, because Liza caught him stealing from Krystal's. Jesse has someone track Tad's car. Damon and Colby went to a hotel in New York City the night before and had fun. Colby wants to see her dad, so he can return to Pine Valley and fix everything. All Colby wants to do is have a nap before she meets her father. At the hospital, Greenlee awaits word on Ryan’s condition. A chauffeur arrives at Colby’s door to let her know that Adam will not be coming and hands her a package -- another charm for her bracelet. When Adam calls her to explain that he's on a plane, Colby doesn't give him a chance and just hangs up on him. After sleeping in the waiting room, Greenlee hears from Frankie and Angie that Ryan is recovering nicely from surgery to repair his aneurysm. Angie agrees to let Greenlee see him for just a short while. When Ryan wakes up, Madison fills him in on all that's happened. Madison lets Ryan know that he was talking about Greenlee in his sleep. Greenlee listens to their conversation.

Liza visits David for some more placebos to give to Damon, in place of his ADHD pills. In return, David gets free legal counsel. When Madison leaves to check on Emma, Greenlee steps in. Ryan tells Greenlee that he's alive because of her. Jesse wants to question Ryan about his encounter with David, but Angie warns him to let it go, because David saw her freeze when she tried to treat Ryan. As Greenlee and Ryan discuss his dream about her, David walks in. Upon seeing David, Ryan loses consciousness as his monitors beep. Frankie orders them both out. Frankie explains to Ryan that his blood pressure just spiked a bit, but he's all right. Greenlee orders David to stay away from Ryan. Colby feels rejected once again by her dad. Damon and Colby express their love for each other, then make love. Liza visits Tad and finds out that Damon and Colby went to NY. Then Adam calls with more info. on where Colby is. Liza and Tad go to New York to find the twosome. While Tad reprimands Damon for kissing Liza, she reprimands Colby for her actions. Tad won't believe that Liza came on to him, so Damon shows his dad his phone pictures of Liza undressing. Tad confronts Liza as he holds up the cell phone. Madison offers to help Ryan with Emma once he gets home from the hospital. Greenlee tells David that their marriage has become destructive, and they need to have some time apart in order for her to think.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Bob and Kim talk about his asking Reid to be Chief Of Staff, as she thinks that he should tell Chris personally. Meanwhile, unfortunately a less than tactful Reid is talking to Chris about how the hospital will be different when he takes over, as Chris leaves unsure and annoyed. Luke witnesses Reid not handling a few of the hospital personnel poorly, as he offers to school him in how to grow a personality. After Luke and Reid do some role-playing, Reid feels it isn’t possible and bemoans that he isn’t Noah, someone who by nature, is warm and fuzzy. Luke promises he doesn’t want that, but it would be nice to know where they are headed. Reid offers dinner, but Luke has a ‘final exam’, as they head back to the hospital. Chris finds Kim and asks about Bob’s decision. Kim defends it because he wasn’t supposed to be staying in town. Chris reveals his plans to now stay, as Kim is overjoyed. Faith and Parker almost have sex, but Parker slows things down. Faith wants to, but Parker realizes that right now her feelings are misplaced by what is going on with her parents. Jack and Carly talk about their relationship, as Carly voices her concerns, as Jack continues to be steadfast in his belief they belong together. He asks her to go for a walk and perhaps a kiss, but their time is interrupted when they spot Parker and Faith in a close moment. They wait and see Parker handle the situation maturely, but are unsure as to what to think when he talks about his parent’s confusing marriage. Jack and Carly pretend they just showed up and offer to walk each home separately. Parker opens up to Jack about Faith and Liberty, while Carly and Faith talk a bit about relationships. Both Jack and Carly’s eyes are open up to a few things during each of their talks. Chris goes to find Katie and doesn’t leave her doorstep until she answers. He promises his support her and promises that what is keeping her from really moving on with him is part of what he loves about her. Katie worries it will be too late by the time she is ready. Chris would like her to decide to meet him halfway so they can figure it out together, as Katie later worries because she likes Chris so much but worries if it doesn’t work out. Reid still is unable to truly act with charm or even professionally when faced with his ‘final’, but Luke realizes that is how Reid is and wants Reid to take him to dinner so they can talk about their relationship. Chris tells Bob that he is staying in town and would like to take over at Memorial, as Kim is overjoyed, but Bob explains that he already asked Reid. Chris feigns understanding, as Bob offers to submit both names and let the Board decide. Carly comes home to find her messy house cleaned and some fresh flowers on the coffee table. Jack and Carly confide in one another after their talks with Parker and Faith, as Jack would like his kiss now. Carly acquiesces and Jack promises they are meant to be and she will soon believe that again.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope runs away from the press conference. Brooke, Ridge and Oliver aren’t far behind. Hope wants to know that it isn’t true – that Brooke seduced her boyfriend. She sees by the look on their faces that it is true. She runs down the hallway. When Brooke finally catches up with her, Hope tells her to get out. She wants nothing to do with her. She says she has said so many times that Brooke is the world’s best mom and all the while she was lying. She doesn’t even know her any more. Steffy swears to her father that although that was her voice on the video, that was not the tribute she put together for Brooke. She wants to prove it. Justin justifies to Liam that Bill is a tough businessman and even though the Logans are his in-laws that he will be okay with this latest fiasco. It might help him get the company back. Stephanie rants to Ridge that Brooke had to know the difference in a twenty year old body and his who she has known for so long. She can’t believe that he believes Brooke’s story that it was an accident. Steffy continues to say she is innocent. She will not confess to something that she did not do.

Hope tells Brooke that she did it to Bridget and now she has done it to her. She has ruined everything. Brooke Logan always gets her man. Brooke says it is different. This was clearly a mistake. She never meant for this to happen and did not want it to hurt Hope. Stephanie tells Ridge that his blame is misplaced. It is Brooke he should be upset with, not Steffy. Ridge tells Steffy that she is constantly vying for his attention and keeps doing all these things over and over again. He is sorry but all the evidence points to her and he can’t believe her now. He has no choice but to fire her. She is to leave the office immediately. Brooke continues to try to explain that night to Hope. She was wrong, she was indecent, but she did not seduce Oliver. Blame her if she wants, but not Oliver. He was sick that this happened. Hope says her fantasy with Oliver is over now. Brooke killed it. He’s tainted. Brooke took everything she had. She idolized Brooke so she doesn’t know how she did this to her. Don’t ever touch her again!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Bo couldn't remember what happened to him.  Nathan told Melanie that he was moving in with Stephanie.  Caroline seemed a little jealous about Victor being at the hospital with Maggie.  Justin told Hope that Bo was in the hospital.  Hope walked into Bo's hospital room and saw Carly hugging him.  Stefano asked Kate if there was something about Madeline that he should know about.  She flashed back to seeing Madeline's secret.  Will tried to reach out to Chad because of Madeline's death.  Will apologized to Chad for telling him Madeline's secret.  Victor apologized to Caroline for not telling her about Bo.  While Abe and Lexie were with Theo at the hospital, Theo let something slip.  He mentioned Hope's treasures.  Philip surprised Melanie with a picnic on the beach.  Hope questioned Bo about what happened to him.  Philip gave Melanie a bracelet and he suddenly remembered his conversation with Chloe about taking care of the baby if it's his.  Chad left flowers for Madeline on the pier.

Carly told Bo about the pills he ingested.  Bo flashed to his cup of coffee, but he didn't remember anything else.  Hope wanted to ask Carly some questions.  Carly automatically assumed that Hope was accusing her of drugging Bo. Stephanie got an eyeful when she looked through Nathan's things and found an old pic he took with Melanie.  Melanie thought she walked in on something when she overheard Adrienne talking to Philip about being at Daniel's apartment.  Philip managed tog et out of it by telling her that Chloe needed things at the hospital.  Kate looked at Chad's birth certificate and said out loud that she's the only one who knew who his father is.  Stefano walked in on her, but he managed not to hear anything.  Theo found a wallet while he was on the beach with Abe and Lexie.  He told them about Hope and Ciara and the "treasures".  Hope told Bo how she was worried about him.  They talked about how they would always be family.  Bo grabbed Hope's hands and guess who saw that?  Carly walked by Bo's room and saw him holding Hope's hands.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

At Francophrenia, Franco supposedly falls to his death. Jason claims that he had nothing to do with Franco's fall. Jason is handcuffed by the police but Dante manages to get him released into his custody. Jason pulls a gun on Dante. Jason blames Dante for sending Michael to prison. Sonny and Diane talk about his fondness for Claire Walsh. Matt operates on Mac. Robin and Maxie wait to hear word about Mac's surgery. Elizabeth, Nikolas, and Lucky agree that Franco has an accomplice at the hospital. Maya visits Ethan. Maya apologizes for freezing when Ethan got shot. Maxie warns Robin that Lisa likes Patrick. Steven and Olivia flirt with each other. Sonny gets a call from Carly, who tells him about the hospital lockdown and Warren's shooting rampage. Sonny informs Alexis about what happened at the hospital. Alexis feels that it's her fault that Kristina almost died. Patrick and Matt tell Robin and Maxie that Mac's surgery went well. Maxie kisses Matt. Diane warns Claire about Sonny. Lucky finds out about a new hospital employee named Jane Morgan. Robin visits with Mac. Sonny is comforting Alexis just as Claire shows up. Elizabeth thinks that Aiden has been taken out of the hospital. Jason plans on shooting Dante. Lisa wants to tell Robin about her "relationship" with Patrick.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the hospital, they finally all agree to turn off Evangeline Williamson's life support system. Layla, Cristian and Mrs. Williamson all cry and express how they wish she could be alive and well. Meanwhile, Eli is plotting a dastardly plan. He has Rex passed out in his hotel room in order to prevent him from investigating and finding out that Eli is Bennett Thompson. Meanwhile, Blair announces that she and Eli are getting married and she suspects nothing. Dorian and David are continuing to fight and deny their feelings for each other. Natalie still does not want to reveal to John that she is pregnant, and it's possible that Brody is the father of her baby. He knows that she has a secret that she is not revealing.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Jack brings in a pot of coffee just as Emily walks into the living room of the Abbott house. Jack mentions, once again, that it would be good if Emily had her toothbrush next to his in the bathroom. Ashley comes in and interrupts. Ashley reminds Jack about the arraignment hearing this morning for Abby. Ashley lets Jack know that she cannot stand to look at Abby anymore. Abby is brought into the squad room of the police station. Abby wants some makeup to freshen up, but is refused. Abby complains that there is no press outside to take her picture. Daniel joins her in the squad room to offer her comfort. Paul and Owen arrive at the psych hospital to talk to Patty, but she is not there. In further investigating, Paul finds out that Patty escaped through the air conditioning vent. Ashley and Emily discuss Jamie and all the trouble that he caused down through the years for Emily. At the coffeehouse, J.T. joins Mac for breakfast, but she is still in a depressive state. J.T. suggests that they go to the hospital to visit Cane, Lily and the children, but Mac refuses. Paul finds a note from Patty telling him that she had to leave, but she loved him. In their bedroom at the Athletic Club, Skye comes up with an alibi for herself and for Adam’s whereabouts on the night that Patty disappeared from the hospital. Abby is headed back to jail until Jack surprises by paying her bail. Emily receives a call from Paul telling her that Patty escaped. Cane and Lily receive good news from the doctor that the twins are doing well and Lily’s blood count is up, and she can go home.

Cane and Lily are relieved to be home, but she insists that she has a lot to do before the twins come home from the hospital. At the police station, Jack orders Daniel to take Abby home to Ashley. Emily insists that Patty must have had help when she escaped from the hospital. Abby and Daniel have coffee before going home. Abby wants to picket all the prisons, but Daniel talks her out of it. Abby knows exactly what she is going to say to Ashley. Adam and and Skye are visited by Paul and Owen, who demands that Adam open the door. Adam is asked where he was when Patty escaped. Mackenzie agrees to go visit the twins.

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