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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Annie lets J.R. know that she has a press conference set up for him for later. J.R. has bigger things on his mind than worrying about a press conference. J.R. confides to Annie that he had tried to call Adam, but Adam will not return his calls. J.R. lets Scott know that Caleb had sold them Cortlandt Electronics via an accomplice. Natalia visits Jesse at home and finds papers all over the table. Natalia offers her sympathy over Jesse being suspended from his job. In the park, Ryan collapses and David does nothing to help him. Greenlee rushes up and wants to know what had happened to him. Scott tells J.R. that Marissa had panicked during her bar exam and had rushed out. Bianca visits Caleb and asks him to rent Wildwind to her since she had lived here as a child with Erica. Caleb agrees.

Ryan is brought into the hospital, but Angie cannot see him in order to examine him. David demands to know what is going on. Jake rushes in and takes over for Angie. Greenlee lashes out at David for not doing anything to help Ryan. Jesse walks up and wants to also know why David would not help Ryan. David insists to everyone that he didn’t do anything to hurt Ryan. Jake tells everyone that Ryan has an aneurysm and has to have surgery. Madison arrives at the hospital to find out what happened to Ryan. Ryan dreams of Greenlee. Caleb pays J.R. and promises to get his company back. Caleb tells Bianca that he wants Wildwind back. Bianca comes up with a solution that they share the mansion. Caleb agrees.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

When Anthony "Blackie" Blackthorn asks Janet out on a date, she says has too much work to do catering Molly's shower and wonders why "Blackie" would want to date a pregnant woman. Lucy arrives in town and spends the day with Dusty. Dusty shares with Lucy about his relationship with Janet and how he hopes to persuade her to marry him once the baby is born. Dusty also tells Lucy that things are tense between him and Craig regarding Johnny. Janet gets jealous when she sees Dusty, Lucy, and Johnny together at the diner and when Dusty introduces her to Lucy. "Blackie" asks Janet out again when she returns from the bridal shower, and she agrees to go to a Cubs game with him.

Molly's bridal shower gets a little tense when Lily gets drunk on champagne and later leaves the bridal shower crying because she can't take Molly's happiness because she is marrying Holden. Lily heads over to the farm to tell Holden that she wishes all the best for him, but she has to leave town because she can't watch him marry Molly. Holden understands and later tells a worried Carly what Lily said to him. Molly continues to worry because Holden still has a strong bond with Lily and even her bridal shower turned out to be all about Lily because everyone was so worried when she left. Lily asks Craig to take a trip with her, because she needs to leave town before the wedding. Craig holds Lily and assures her everything will be okay.

Liberty gets jealous when Parker tells Faith that she looks hot in the dress she is wearing for the bridal shower. Liberty later admits to Parker that she went to his commercial shoot for the sportswear company and saw he and Faith having fun and flirting on the tennis court. Parker smiles because he is happy that Liberty is jealous of him and Faith. A frantic Faith calls Parker and tells him she is really worried about Lily because she left the bridal shower and she can't find her. Parker later finds Faith crying at the Snyder pond, because she is sorry for being so mean to her mother in the past. She never realized how much it was hurting Lily that Molly and Holden were getting married. Parker advises Liberty to tell Lily how much she loves her and how sorry she is about everything she did to hurt her in the past. Parker holds a sobbing Faith and then the two start kissing.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke kisses Ridge and tells him that his handling of Steffy was nothing short of miraculous. They both agree that Hope wouldn’t speak to Brooke again if she found out about Brooke and Oliver. He has it on good authority that Steffy will keep the secret. Stephanie would love to know what Steffy has on Brooke, but Steffy says she has to keep it under wraps right now. She teases her that there will be a Brooke tribute today on video. She wants to be there when Stephanie sees it. Liam would like to return Steffy’s laptop to her, but Justin says he still needs it. There will be a Brooke tribute today and Steffy is in charge of that. Imagine having to do a tribute to someone you detest so much. Liam has a sinking feeling that Mr. Barber has done something to that video. Justin says he just wants to get the company back and the way to do that now is to drop a bomb… ready to explode. He calls in Jarrett and orders him to go to the press conference and to take the new intern with him. He puts the finishing touches on the Pose video. Amber flirts with Rick and they relive some hot old times. He knows she likes to shake things up a bit as Miss Ambrosia. She says her juices are flowing and she’d love for him to be able to get her in there for this Brooke tribute.

Stephanie is surprised to see Amber back in town and at the press conference. Jarrett introduces Liam to everyone plus Pam who thinks he is a bright young man with a lot of manners. Brooke thanks Steffy for putting this together for today. She hugs her and says she wants to be able to work with her and will do anything to make that happen. Ridge is surprised to see Justin there and just warns him to stay but behave himself. Steffy introduces Hope and the video and says she is sure they will all think this is richly deserved. Hope dispels a few rumors and then thanks her mom and dad. She trusts her mom completely and holds her in the highest honor as a good mother. Steffy starts the video. Liam looks nervous. As the video progresses, everyone is shocked when Pose comes on and the SECRET IS OUT. Cameras start flashing; Hope looks like she will hurl as she glances at Brooke and then Oliver and sees the truth on their faces.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Nicole received a "mysterious" call about an "anonymous" tip about dirty cops.  She agreed to meet the caller.  The caller was Rafe.  Sami and EJ apologized to each other about what they've done to each other.  Hope continued to taunt Bo while she was in Bo's room.  When Nicole went to meet her source, Rafe was able to sneak into her room to search it.  EJ decided to take a stroll down memory lane with Sami.  Hope was about to put an air bubble in Bo's IV when he woke up.  He wanted to know what she was doing.  Victor wanted to go to Maggie's house to discuss a Mickey Horton Scholarship Foundation that he set up, but Vivian tried to stop him.  She conveniently arranged for the scholarship foundation to be done so he wouldn't have to go to Maggie's house.  Nicole called the phone company and found out that her tip came from a pay phone.  She realized that she was set up.  Victor didn't like the plans Vivian had drawn up for the foundation.

Nicole realized that she was set up with a false lead.  While she realized that, Rafe found a journal hidden in her things.  Hope was putting an air bubble in Bo's IV, but she heard Carly talking outside his room and she slipped out.  Carly went in the room while Bo was calling out to Hope.  Her face fell until he was trying to tell her about Hope.  Bo started having convulsions while he was trying to tell Carly about Hope.  Rafe opened the journal, but the entries were in code.  Gus tried to convince Vivian to show Victor and Maggie the real her.  Rafe managed to sneak out of Nicole's room before she saw him looking through her things.  Rafe made sure that Nicole's journal was decoded.  EJ surprised Sami with a family portrait with the kids.  Maggie thought it was a good idea if they stoop being friends.  Victor got a call that Bo was at the hospital.  Hope went to bed and tried to sleep.  Bo wanted to tell Carly who attacked him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie finds Elizabeth crying in Shirley’s hospital room and notices that Shirley has passed away. Elizabeth says Shirley didn’t live in fear and wouldn’t want her either so she is going to go find her baby. Maxie reveals that Franco took Aiden. Franco mentions the number 66 on the hospital monitor and Nikolas realizes that he took Aiden because his hospital record number ends in 66. Lucky suggests that they comb through every instance of the number 66 in the hospital. Warren Bauer goes on a shooting spree in General Hospital, firing at Maya, Mac, Ethan, and then aims at Michael and Kristina. When Carly hears the gunshots, Patrick tries to stop her from going out there. Mac manages to shoot Warren before collapsing on the floor. Steven and Matt come into the triage area and discover that Mac was hit twice in the chest and Ethan is bleeding out. Steven tells Maya to triage as best she can, but she is in shock, hyperventilating and unable to move. Olivia steps up to apply pressure to Ethan's wound while Steven gives him chest compressions to restart his heart. Michael goes to the ER to find help. Patrick and Carly arrive on the scene. Patrick tends to Warren's gunshot wound while Carly comforts Kristina who is crying nearby. Warren manages to tell Kristina that it is her fault before he dies. Michael returns with Lisa, Robin, and Maxie. Carly and Michael get Kristina out of there when she becomes hysterical about the possibility of Ethan dying. Kristina blames herself, saying none of it would have happened if she hadn’t lied about who hit her but Carly insists that it isn’t Krissy's fault. Olivia becomes lightheaded but she is alright. Maya thanks her for stepping in when she froze. Olivia concludes that this was not the first time Maya saw someone get shot. Matt operates on Mac and Patrick assists him.

Franco prepares his performance art in Los Angeles. He appears on the television monitors all over General Hospital and announces that he is responsible for the baby's disappearance. Jason and Dante go to Franco's show where Franco has displayed objects from his earlier trip to Port Charles including video of Jason. Franco appears on the giant screen welcoming the audience to Francophrenia, the blurring of lines between illusion and reality. He announces that someone will not survive. Then he watches from the upper level and laughs. Dante asks to see the museum's security footage. Jason asks the man that sang "Route 66" at Jake's where Franco is, and the man says Franco is waiting for Jason to find him. Jason goes toward the Plexiglas cell that Franco had held Sam hostage in and seeing his approach, Franco grabs the actress inside the box and puts a gun to her neck. He asks Jason to choose between watching him take a life and helping him save one. Jason won't play so Franco tightens his grip on the woman, who becomes afraid. Jason still doesn’t react so Franco tries to goad him with video of Carter and Michael. When Jason turns his head, Franco releases the woman and disappears. Vince, the cameraman tells Franco that people aren't supposed to die. Franco responds by strangling him. Dante encourages Jason not to let Franco get to him. Dante goes to question a woman and Jason goes after Franco. Lucky calls Dante and tells him that Franco kidnapped Elizabeth's baby so he must not let Jason kill Franco, as they need him to find the baby. When Dante finally gets to the woman and she turns around, it is Lulu. Jeffrey performs "Mad World" at the museum. The crowd hears Franco on the upper level shouting that he knows where the baby is and then the crowd shrieks in horror and cringes as the body fall over the banister. A moment later, Jason looks down from the upper level and Franco appears on the giant screen welcoming the audience to Francophrenia, the blurring of lines between illusion and reality.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Eli talks to Mrs. Williamson on the phone, revealing that he is Bennett Thompson and he knew her daughter Evangeline. Eli believes she should stop fighting to keep her daughter hooked up to life support. Mrs. Williamson then declares to Layla and Cristian that she can do just that. Meanwhile, Eli overhears Rex attempting to find Bennett Thompson and bringing him to justice for killing Kelly's mom. Eli drugs Rex's food when room service brings it and takes the key so that Rex passes out in his hotel room and Eli can enter when he's passed out. Natalie appears upset knowing that she could very well be pregnant with Brody's child. Jessica and Brody are happy knowing they are having a baby together. But Natalie secretly confides to Gigi that she is considering getting an abortion so that John will never know that she was pregnant. Meanwhile, Dorian and David are both denying their feelings for each other. Destiny attempts to motivate David to admit that Dorian is the one for him although he argues. Kelly does the same with Dorian regarding David.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Chloe demands to know when Chance and Heather made love. Chance fills her in on how things happened. Chance vows to make it up to Chloe if she will only forgive him. Chance tells Chloe that he hates himself for what he let happen. Chloe tells him that she hates herself. Chris confesses to Paul and Heather that they planted the drugs on Chance. Jack is upset that Emily is once again getting involved with Patty and working on her case. Patty writes in her diary that she did not kill Richard or Adam. Adam makes plans to see Patty again. Heather finds out that Ronan set Chance up deliberately. Chloe is crushed by Chance’s confession. Paul agrees to get Chance to drop this investigation. Emily tells Jack that she knows Patty is making progress. Nina brings Chloe and Chance something to eat, but finds that Chloe had gone shopping. Emily tells Jack that she loves him. Adam visits Patty and together they make plans for Patty to escape to Canada. Chloe visits Heather and the two get into a heated argument. Ronan has to separate them. Nina finds out that Chance cheated on Chloe. Adam gives Patty a new identity as a nun.

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