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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, Annie tells Scott about her plans for an expensive, elaborate wedding. J.R. is on the phone and tells the person not to divulge that they are working together. David watches Greenlee sleep. When she wakes, he asks her again her trip to NY and if she saw anyone she knew. Greenlee realizes that he knows she saw Ryan at the convention in New York. Greenlee tells David that it meant nothing to see him; she just didn't want to hurt David by telling him. David asks her why she has been carrying around a picture of her and Ryan, so she explains that Jack gave it to her in an attempt to make her see how happy she'd been with Ryan. Ryan has breakfast with Emma who is upset that she lost her Cinderella dress. Madison arrives with a new dress for Emma, but the little girl doesn't want it because it's lacking Greenlee's special message inside. With Madison's encouragement, Ryan calls Greenlee to ask her if she can get Emma's dress embroidered just like the first one. When Greenlee agrees, Madison takes the dress to Fusion. David overhears the conversation between Greenlee and Ryan agreeing to meet at the park.

Scott assures Annie he will give her the wedding of her dreams. Sitting in the park, Marissa tells her mom about her marital problems. Krystal advises Marissa to take a long look at what she wants and if J.R. makes her happy. Marissa is reluctant to do anything that would hurt A.J. and insists she loves J.R.; she just can't stand living in that house with Annie constantly staring at her husband. Greenlee meets with Ryan and Emma in the park and brings her the embroidered Cinderella dress. Emma is thrilled. Back at the hotel room, David looks at the picture of Greenlee and Ryan then places it in the trash can. Madison advises Greenlee to let Ryan be happy. Ryan thanks Greenlee for coming through for Emma. J.R. and Caleb argue at Krystal's about Cortlandt Electronics. Caleb vows never to sell the company to a Chandler. Annie takes A.J. to Krystal’s to meet Marissa, but she's not there. A.J. is upset seeing his father screaming at a stranger. A.J. asks J.R. why grown-ups are always fighting. J.R. introduces A.J. to Caleb. J.R. talks to Caleb that grown-ups shouldn’t argue. J.R. tells Annie about the fight that he had with Marissa. David finds Ryan at the park and screams at him to leave his wife alone. Suddenly Ryan grabs at his head he collapses.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Lucinda and Sierra discuss the plans that Lucinda has for getting Craig reunited with his daughter. Sierra doesn’t believe that Lucinda is trying to make amends with Craig. Craig visits Lily to find out what is troubling her. Lily lets him know that there was a water leak in their perfume factory and it would cost another $100,000 to repair it. Craig tells Lily that he will foot the bill. Holden and Molly discuss their wedding vows and what each one will say. Molly reads Holden’s vows to her. Holden takes them away from her and tells her that she isn’t supposed to read them. Craig offers Lily assurance that Carly will not find out that that he is the “silent partner” in their perfume business. Lily sees Carly watching them and she kisses Craig. Carly intrudes on Lily and Craig.. Lily and Craig agree to meet later for dinner. Carly realizes that it is serious between Lily and Craig. Molly finds out that Holden is reworking the vows that he spoke to Lily to speak to Molly. Craig offers to take Johnny to the library to read to him when he sees a friend of Johnny’s. Craig makes a call to Blackie for more money. Jack overhears their conversation and asks Craig why he is getting money from Blackie. Lucinda works to reconnect Lucy with Dusty. Lily notices some pics that Carly intended for Molly. Lucinda calls Francoise to step up their plan to bring Craig down and away from Lily. Craig sees Sierra and they discuss old times, and the affair that Craig had with Lidia. Lucinda lets Lily that Sierra is home. Carly tells Holden about Lily and Craig, but Holden lets her know that all that matters is Molly and the children. Sierra calls someone. Lucinda and Craig have a confrontation over Sierra being in town. Lucinda urges Lily to go to the bridal shower. Craig agrees to let Johnny spend time with Dusty. Lily arrives for bridal shower and bumps into Holden outside.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie is shocked when she hears that after all these years and them getting rid of the Logans, now Ridge is going to welcome Brooke back, no questions asked. He tells her it is over, no bomb, no scandal, it is over. He won’t change his mind. Hope drops in on Steffy and tells her that she hopes that since she is not going away to college that they can work together like old times and be friends again. Brooke overhears this and speaks with Steffy herself. Steffy states that she is lucky that her dad is so forgiving. Amber finds Rick exercising on the rooftop and they have a good quick reunion and wish each other well. Justin tells Liam not to worry about the Steffy video. He will handle it although Liam wants to return this sensitive piece to Steffy. Justin says Bill is out of town, and Bill used to own this company so doesn’t Liam want to help him get that back. Enough said, just let Justin handle the video.

Rick tells Amber that it’s really good to see her. He didn’t realize his much he had missed her. She kisses him. Hope tells Stephanie and Ridge that she hopes they can put in a good word about her so that she and Steffy can work together. She knows how much Stephanie’s word means to Steffy. Ridge would like to see that too; end this tension rather than create more. Steffy tells Brooke that perhaps this tribute she is working on can be the beginning of a new era. Brooke says she will support her here at work, but Steffy will have to meet her half way. Steffy hugs her dad and says she knows what she has to do now….no more drama. She promises him that she will never ever do something like she did with Bill Spencer again. Ridge tells her that he is very grateful that she is doing this tribute to Brooke and also proud of her for handling this whole situation so well. He says that she had the power to cause a lot of havoc, but she didn’t use it. Now that night will be buried forever. Justin plays with the video and smiles at the new results.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope was about to strike the matches and set Bo on fire, but she blew the flame out.  Daniel showed up at Bo's house just in time.  Rafe overheard EJ and Nicole talking about a secret.  He debated on whether he should say something.  Hope had briefly decided not to light Bo on fire, but she convinced herself that Bo doesn't care about Ciara and lit the match again.  Daniel knocked on the door and that stopped Hope from lighting Bo on fire.  Daniel walked in Bo's house and found him on the floor.  Hope was hiding in the kitchen and she was going to kill him.  Chloe talked to Carly about Daniel.  Sami had a fantasy about kissing Rafe and he ended up at the DiMera mansion.  He wanted to know where EJ was going and who he was supposed to be meeting.  Nicole talked to Dr. Baker about how she was in the clear as far as EJ is concerned.  She didn't tell him how she knows she's off the hook.  The police were about to show up at Bo's house and that was another way that Bo was spared.  

Rafe told Sami that EJ and Nicole are hiding something.  Sami didn't want to believe him.  Roman told Daniel that "someone" called an ambulance.  Hope overheard that piece of information.  Rafe was upset that Sami didn't believe him and he left. Hope confronted Dr. Baker about calling the ambulance.  He tried to warn Hope that she could go to prison for killing Bo.  She didn't care.  Carly found out that Bow as admitted in to the hospital.  Rafe was at the pub and Nicole showed up too. Hope continued to yell at Dr. Baker and then she decided to finish the job.  Sami asked EJ about who he met earlier.  EJ managed tot ell Sami what she wanted to hear and she believed it.  Chloe talked to Father Matt on the pier.  He talked to her abut her situation.  Rafe searched through Nicole's things while she was in the kitchen with a waiter at the pub.  Hope was able to sneak in Bo's room and warned him that she was going to finish him off.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Johnny doesn’t want to continue making out with Brook Lynn because he is still in love with Olivia. Dante and Jason look for Franco in a Los Angeles alley and they find a video of Carter receiving instructions from Franco about what to do to Michael in prison. Jason destroys the DVD and tells Dante that he should kill him for putting Michael in that position in the first place. Dante observes that Jason is reacting exactly the way that Franco wants him to. Franco keeps Wilhelm in the dark about the details of tonight's performance art but he alludes to blowing it up. Franco's exhibit includes photos and videos of Jason from Franco's last trip to Port Charles. When Jason and Dante arrive at the Museum, Franco appears on the jumbo screen and announces that nothing will be as it appears and that one person will not survive.

General Hospital is on lockdown because Elizabeth and Nikolas baby, Aiden has been kidnapped. Elizabeth, Nikolas, and Lucky accuse Helena of taking baby Aiden. Shirley goes to visit Elizabeth and Elizabeth takes her back to her room. Later Elizabeth discovers that Shirley has died in her bed. Robin wonders about the friction between Patrick and Lisa. When Lisa's answers are full of innuendo, Robin tells her it won't work because she knows Patrick wouldn’t cheat on her. Patrick discusses his relationships with Carly. She tells him not to be too hard on himself because everyone makes mistakes but insists that he must never let Robin find out that he slipped. Michael punches Warren Bauer to prevent him from hitting Kristina and a fistfight ensues. When Ethan and Lucky break it up, Warren insists that Lucky arrest Michael, but everyone in the room says they didn't see an assault occur. Warren goes on a shooting spree, hitting Ethan, Mac, and Maya before turning to Michael and Kristina, who are sitting on a couch with nowhere to go. Nikolas and Lucky find Aiden's empty crib in an operating room and Franco appears on the television monitor.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nate's mom carries her secret that she has two other sons. She goes to see James without revealing to him who she is and assures him that she will take care of his shotpail bill. Assuming that she is Nate's mom and a stranger to him, James is grateful and receptive to her but confused for why she apologizes and believes what happened to him is her fault. He then informs Robert Ford that "that woman" is Nate's mom, having no clue that she is also his and his brother's mom. When Robert Ford hears that, he is shocked to find out that their mom has another son. Tea and Todd talk about all of the fun things that she wants and needs to do before she dies. And they invite Dani and Nate to come with them to the Empire State building. Both Natalie and Jessica find out they are pregnant and are both worried; Natalie that it could be Brody's and Jessica that it could be Ford's. Natalie has no way of finding out who her baby's father is. Kelly has an idea to clarify to Jessica whether she slept with Ford the night in question so she invites him over and informs him that Jessica has Hepatitis C. Ford does not appear worried. Kelly and Jessica are both assured that that must mean that Jessica never slept with Ford. However, he secretly goes to the clinic to get checked out for Hepatitis C as soon as he finds out.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack and Emily wonder if Ashley knows that Abby is in jail. Emily tells Jack that Patty deserves to have her diary back. Adam and Skye marvel at the rise in the stock prices and how Skye can figure it right down to the number. Adam tells Skye that he has a meeting with Vance. Patty dreams that she has a cat and she follows it down the rabbit hole. Chloe paces the floor at the police station when Nina comes in. Nina cannot believe that Chance is arrested again for drug possession. Heather and Ronan walk in to join them. Christine also joins them. Chance makes his statement to Owen about what had happened. Chance involves Ronan in the conversation. When Paul visits Patty, she insists she did not kill Richard. Paul calls Emily for help. Jack is against Emily getting involved with Patty again. Ronan lets it out that Chance slept with Heather and thus, gets Chance suspended. Emily arrives at the hospital to talk to Patty. Adam is told by Vance that he could walk in a few weeks. Nina blasts Ronan for his actions against Chance. Christine tells Nina to stop it.

Paul lets Christine know that he doesn’t want her near Patty. Jack warns Adam that he will not get away with what he is doing. Adam watches Owen and Emily. Chloe offers Chance assurance that everything will be fine. Ronan grabs Heather by the arm which results in Paul hitting Ronan. Christine sees everything. Between Christine and Ronan, they fill Paul and Heather in on what has been going on. Chance tells Chloe that they need to talk. Chance admits to Chloe that he cheated on her with Heather.

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