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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad is on the phone when everyone starts to arrive for Damon’s party. At the Chandler mansion, J.R., Scott and Annie discuss the impending deal between the Chandlers and Caleb. Scott tells J.R. to focus on Marissa and helping her pass her bar exam. Annie asks Scott to marry her, but Scott doesn’t give her the answer that she expected. J.R. checks on Marissa and urges her to take a break when Colby comes in and interrupts them. Colby lets Marissa know that J.R. said he was going to get the Chandler family back on stable ground. Liza confronts Damon for stealing money from Krystal’s cash register. At the Yacht Club, Marissa confronts J.R. about lying to her about rescuing Annie from Tucker. Annie goes to the Yacht Club where Scott surprises her with a wedding proposal and ring. Tad walks in to Krystal’s and finds out from Liza that Damon stole money from Krystal’s cash register. Damon rushes out without giving Tad an explanation.

Damon tries to talk to Colby and offer encouragement, but she is quite put off by his sudden interest in her problems. All she wants to do is go see her dad in NYC. After Liza informs him that Damon kissed her, Tad is quite surprised that she didn’t tell him this before now. Damon promises to go with Colby to New York to find Adam, but she's afraid he'll disappoint her again. J.R. and Marissa congratulate Scott and Annie on their engagement. As J.R. watches as Scott and Annie dance, Marissa comes down the stairs and sees them.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Molly models dresses for Holden. Lily comes home and then looks at a picture of herself, Holden and Faith. Faith comes out of the bedroom carrying a dress bag. Faith asks Lily to go with her to the dress shop to be fitted for her bridesmaid dress. Carly visits Craig in his hotel room and wants to know why  he hasn't told her that he met with Lily in New York. Carly accuses Craig of using Lily to make her jealous. Craig denies the accusations. Jack keeps Janet company at the diner while she keeps busy doing chores. Jack notices that Janet calls Tony Nero “Blackie” and wonders why. Lucinda tells Lucy that it is time for her to come home. Lily and Faith run into each other at the dress shop. Faith begs Holden to hang around to see Faith in the dress for the wedding. Holden questions Lily about Craig.

Lily is just about to tell Holden how she feels when Molly interrupts them. Dusty tells Jack and Janet all about Blackie. Dusty continues to tell Jack about how Blackie helped Craig buy into Worldwide. Lily goes to Carly’s home to discuss business, but instead of talking perfume, Carly wants to discuss Craig. Lily resents Carly’s interference in her life. Lily lets Carly know her feelings for Craig. Holden and Molly meet with a minister about their wedding. Sierra arrives in Oakdale.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke asks Ridge about talking to Steffy and he tells her that her secret is safe…. that Steffy understands now and it’s over. Brooke realizes now she should have told Ridge right away. By keeping it a secret, it gave Steffy power. Steffy can’t believe that she is having to do this video tribute to Brooke. She commiserates with Oliver. He tells her that her dad punched him in the gut. She knows the feeling; she felt like that is what she got too. She feels badly for her dad as she knows this will not be the last time that Brooke will blindside him; he never sees it coming. Liam works solo on the video and has a few problems. Justin comes in and insists on seeing what Liam is working on. Nick asks Aggie if he is moving too fast. She tells him that she trusts him completely and she needs him. She needs to put herself in his hands and just let go of the past. He slowly takes her dress off and tells her that she is beautiful.

Ridge tells Brooke that he forgave Steffy and he told her that she needs to forgive Brooke too. He hopes when she puts together this tribute to Brooke that she will have a whole new appreciation of what Brooke did for Forrester. Justin listens to the conversation accidentally taped between Steffy and Ridge. This is something that should not be gotten out. Justin tells Liam that he will take care of it. After they make love, Aggie tells Nick that it is such a relief that the dark hole she was in is over. He gave her something to reach for….something beautiful and positive. She waited for so long that she wasn’t sure she was ready. He tells her that she doesn’t owe him anything. There is a reason they are both here tonight; they needed each other. Brooke lays in Ridge’s arms and says they are the perfect match….a Logan and a Forrester. Sometimes they lose sight of that, but no more. Ridge says he told Steffy that she doesn’t have to force Hope or Brooke out to make a place for herself. He thinks she understands that now. Brooke says still it must be hard for her when she heard that Ridge forgave Brooke. She is saving her reputation…..if this ever got out, it would be disastrous. Ridge says only four people know and the only way it can come out is from Steffy and she is not going to do that. No one will ever know what happened between her and Oliver. Meanwhile Justin listens to the entire taped conversation.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami showed up at Rafe's office to drop off his mail.  Rafe wanted to know the real reason why she was there. While she was there, Sami let Rafe know that Marlena decided to sell the townhouse so she is staying at the DiMera mansion permanently.  Hope wanted Bo to drink the drugged coffee.  Rafe was not happy that Sami wanted to stay at the mansion.  Sami ended up telling Rafe that EJ loves her and she wants to give him another chance.  Nicole showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to pump Brady about his feelings for Arianna.  Nicole's bubble burst in her face when he told her that he still Arianna and wasn't ready to be with someone else.  Nicole wasn't really happy about that.  Bo and Hope talked about what went wrong in their marriage.  Hope wished that Bo had fought harder for their marriage.  He tried to take some responsibility for what went wrong, but Hope wanted him to do more.  Arianna wanted to fire EJ as her attorney because he has too much on his plate and she thought that she would be sidelined.  He tried to talk her out of wanting to get a new lawyer.

Bo asked Hope if things would be better if he broke up with Carly and let Hope and Ciara move back home.  That made Hope decide to stop him from drinking his coffee. Bo wanted to know why she wanted to stop him from drinking the coffee.  She tried to tell him that it was too cold.  Hope  thought that he wanted to make their marriage work so she didn't want him to finish the coffee.  It didn't matter because Bo had finished the coffee.  Bo asked her if she wanted to move back home. That made Hope really upset and she returned to Nighttime Hope.  Bo wanted to prove that their problems are not Carly's fault.  Hope went ballistic and blamed Bo for everything that went wrong in their marriage.  Once again Bo tried to take some of the blame, but Hope was still upset with him. Bo started to feel woozy while Hope was fighting with him.

EJ was able to convince Arianna to keep him as her attorney. Brady told Nicole that he just wanted friends with her.  He didn't want anything more right now.  Nicole walked off because she didn't like that answer.  Sami and Rafe continued to fight about EJ.  She wanted to move on with her life, but she was upset that Rafe might be doing the same.  Nicole saw EJ on the pier and let him know that she intends to blackmail him for the rest of his life.  Dr. Baker tried to talk Hope out of setting the house on fire with Bo in it.  Hope was not willing to listen.  Nicole wanted EJ to prove that Arianna is innocent as fast as he could.  She didn't tell him why she wanted him to do that though.  Rafe wanted Sami to tell him how she feels about EJ.  She wouldn't say one way or the other. Later on, Rafe showed up at the pier and heard Nicole and EJ talking.  Hope poured gasoline on Bo and was about to light the matches. That's how the show ended.  

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Jason and Dante arrive at the Los Angeles art gallery, where they find a miniature scale model of places in Port Charles. Jason finds out from the gallery owner where Franco is storing installation pieces. Jason and Dante find a tagged crib at the location. Michael doesn't want Sonny to worry about the fight he got into. Sonny runs into Kristina at the hospital. Elizabeth and Nikolas have no idea where Aiden is. Carly overhears Lisa and Patrick talking about their one-night-stand. Robin finds Helena trying to leave the hospital in a hurry. Brook Lynn and Johnny share the afternoon at the beach. Brook Lynn kisses Johnny. Warren wants Kristina's medical records released but Epiphany won't comply. Olivia confronts Warren about his badmouthing Kristina. Lucky is shocked to find out that Aiden is missing. Robin and Carly have an argument. The hospital is locked down. Lucky stops Helena from leaving the hospital premises. Maxie has a chat with Shirley about her love life. Shirley fears that she will be dying soon. Shirley asks Maxie for a favor. Kristina runs into Warren during the lockdown. Warren accuses Kristina of lying about the abuse. Michael and Olivia have a talk in the hospital lobby. Sonny and Alexis talk about Kristina's progress. Alexis is impressed that Sonny stood up to Warren Bauer at the country club. Robin and Lisa have an awkward conversation in the break room. Carly tells Patrick that she knows he slept with Lisa. Before Warren can slap Kristina, Michael enters the room. Helena tells Nikolas that Aiden is not the Cassadine heir. Helena proclaims that she's innocent of kidnapping Aiden.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Todd and Tea tell Daniela that they are getting married and Daniela accepts it gracefully. Daniela goes to Dr Evans to ask him about new medications that might help her mother. When he tells her not to trust information she finds online, she tells him that he is being negative because he doesn’t want them to find out that another doctor is better. Todd and Tea finally make love. Gigi receives an acceptance letter from Llanview University. John McBain overhears Eli discussing Ben Thompson. Eli follows Rex to Rodi's and eavesdrops on Rex and Gigi discussing whether they can afford for her to go to college. John intercepts Eli as he tries to follow Rex out of Rodi's. Charlie and Viki are disappointed that their plan to reconnect David and Dorian didn’t work and that Dorian fired Charlie but decide it is a good opportunity to take a vacation. They think Jessica and Natalie are both sick because they ate David's muffins but the twins discover they are both two months pregnant. Natalie realizes that either Brody or John could be her baby's father and Jessica recalls that either Brody or Ford could be her baby's father. Jessica ignores Brody's calls. Natalie runs into Brody at Rodi's and he can tell that she is acting oddly around him because they hooked up. Jessica runs into Ford and when she tries to bring up the topic, he insists nothing happened. Jess goes to Kelly and tells her that she is pregnant and isn’t sure if Brody is the father. Gigi surmises by Natalie's behavior and refusing a drink that she must be pregnant. Natalie confides to Gigi that she isn't sure if John is the father.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Paul is busy at work when he gets a call from Nina. They make plans to meet in a few moments. Christine comes in and joins Nina. Victor tells Victoria and Nick that he and Nikki are getting remarried. Abby comes riding into the club on her horse and drops her robes. Abby remarks that the “Naked Heiress” rides again. Everyone is mortified by Abby’s actions. Victor hurries to cover Abby up while he orders Daniel to stop filming Abby. Chloe and Chance arrive back at the Chancellor mansion, but he is preoccupied. Chloe tries to make love to Chance, but all he can do is remember making love to Heather. Chance lets Chloe know that he has to go back to the police station. At the police station, Heather tells Ronan that she wants to go home, but he insists he has work to do. Kevin brings the rest of Chloe’s things to the mansion and lets her know that he misses her. Kevin gives Chloe the latest update on Ryder and Jana and that he may lose the coffeehouse. Nina lets Chris know that she is meeting Paul. Chance walks into Jimmy’s and sees Nina and Christine sitting at a table. They exchange pleasantries before he joins the fellow officers, sitting at another table. Chance begins to question the officers about the search for drugs at the jail. Ronan gets tipped off that Chance has been asking questions. Victor destroys Daniel’s camera. Chance arrives at the police station and offers his support to Heather. Ronan gives Chance fair warning about his investigation. Chance lets Ronan know that he will never stop investigating.

Kevin and Chloe, on the computer, search for evidence on where Ryder and Jana could have gone. Abby is arrested and becomes hysterical at the thought of having to stay the weekend in jail. Chloe meets up with Heather and Ronan at the coffeehouse. Chance also arrives. Chloe and Chance make plans for later while Heather watches their every move. Ronan gets a call from Christine. Chance is arrested for possession of drugs.

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