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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby catches J.R. and Annie kissing and is quite upset. David comes home to find Greenlee gone. Ryan and Madison spend quality time together in a hotel room in Manhattan. Ryan goes for ice and is surprised to run into Greenlee. Greenlee accidentally drops her folder and a picture of herself and Ryan falls out. To her horror, Colby realizes that J.R. is attracted to Annie. Downstairs, Emma tells Scott that her mommy and J.R. made Colby cry. Frankie calls Madison and finds out that Greenlee is in New York. When David taunts him about Randi's previous profession, Frankie tells him that he should look for his wife in New York in Ryan’s hotel room. Colby insists on telling Scott what is going on, but J.R. talks her out of ruining his life. Greenlee returns to the hotel room where David questions her about her conference in New York and who she saw there. Ryan and Madison kiss while lying on the bed when they are interrupted by a phone call from Annie. Annie lets Ryan know that Emma wants to talk to him, because she can't find the dress that Greenlee gave her for her birthday. Annie tries her best to relieve Emma’s worries about what she heard upstairs. J.R, assures Scott and Colby that the Chandler family will be stronger than ever, but they have a hard time believing his promises. Madison talks Ryan into going home to Emma. Scott gives Colby helpful advice concerning Damon. Annie refuses J.R.'s suggestion to be his mistress. J.R. refuses to marry her, so Annie decides to marry Scott, because she wants to remain a Chandler. David lets Greenlee know how much he loves her, but she begs off sex with a headache.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Iris claims to have changed her ways and tells Gwen and Will that she is clean and sober because she has found God. Gwen doesn't believe Iris but wishes that what she told her was true. When Gwen tries to call the police to tell them Iris is in town, Iris threatens to take Barbara to jail with her, because Barbara was also involved in the adoption scam that gave them Hallie. Iris and Gwen agree that if she leaves town now, Gwen won't call the police. Iris gives Will the first installment to pay Barbara back for the money Barbara gave to her. Gwen knows Iris isn't going to leave town until she gets whatever it is she wants, so she asks Will to call Paul and see if they can move into Fairwinds until they find Barbara. Gwen is right about Iris who calls the Wagon Wheel Motel to make a reservation.

Lucinda decides to speed up the pace of her plan to ruin Craig. She calls her friend Francoise to let her know because she doesn't want Lily to suffer too much and have time to heal from the pain. Lucinda feels badly about her plan when Lily tells her how happy she is about the new perfume company, since she has something positive to focus on that helps her keep her mind off Holden's wedding. Gabriel overhears Lucinda's call to Francoise and knows Lucinda wants to ruin Craig.

Holden warns Craig to stay away from Lily and keep her away from whatever shady business he is doing now. Craig tells Holden that he will stay away from Lily only if he wants him to do so, and besides Lily isn't Holden's concern anymore since he is marrying Molly. Molly and Holden make the final wedding plans but he is distracted because he worries that Lily is getting too involved with Craig. Molly tells Carly that Lily and Craig bumped into each other in New York. She worries that Craig is up to something since neither Lily nor Craig mentioned anything to her about running into each other in New York. Craig wants Gabriel to work with him once he has finished the cabin, but Gabriel thinks working with Craig is a bad idea. Carly thinks she has figured out what Craig is up to now and bursts into his hotel to confront him about his latest scheme.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge makes it clear to Steffy that she is not forcing Brooke or Hope out of the company. Brooke will return and Hope will only go away to college if that is her choice. Steffy is devastated and begs her dad to let her continue. She is so close to getting all the Logans out of the company. She sees how much they have hurt him. She needs him to be proud of her. He says he is, but he is not proud of her destructive behavior. He is not going to defend Brooke for that night. It was inappropriate behavior as she was a chaperone, but it was a simple case of mistaken identity. He’s more upset with Oliver as he had unprotected sex and he thought it was with Hope. Only four people know and Ridge wants to keep it that way. Aggie sits at the wheel of The Marlin and proclaims this is her first time on a boat; she’s a big landlubber. Nick hauls out the delivered pizza. She doesn’t want him to cry in his beer as he discusses Bridget and her baby. And she’s not buying it that he intends to be celibate the rest of his life. He informs her that some men do think of other things besides sex. And look at his track record; it is the kiss of death. Oliver quickly tells Brooke that Ridge confronted him, hit him in the gut but he deserved it and is okay.

Nick and Aggie speak of the night of her rape and how she has gone years without being touched or caressed. She’s not even sure she can be intimate with a man now. Maybe she will not know the right moment for her. Nick shows her that she can. He gently caresses her face, then kisses her face and finally on the lips. She enjoys it and kisses him back. Brooke is more happy than upset that Hope changed her mind and wants to stay in L.A. rather than go to Boston. She only wants her happiness. Ridge tells Steffy what she did was wrong and it did a lot of damage, but now she can rectify that. The video will be shown and Steffy will be in charge and welcome Brooke back. She tells him that she loves him and would do anything for him, but this! He says he is not asking her, he is telling her. Do not end up like her grandmother. Brooke is his wife and she must finally accept that. She cries that she is sorry that she let him down. He says it starts with forgiveness. He forgives her for the hurtful things she has done to Brooke and Hope. Now she must forgive Brooke.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope made up an excuse to Bo for why she was at the house.  She said that she wanted to pick up Ciara's video games.  She ended up kissing him.  Bo wanted to know what was going on with her.  Daniel wanted to know why Chloe lied about her annulment.  Charles blamed Chad for what happened to Madeline.  He kept blaming Chad for Madeline's death.  Bo wanted to talk to Hope about her behavior.  She wanted to talk to him about everything.  While Daniel and Chloe were fighting about her lie, she tried to get him to call Father Matt to find out the real reason why she lied.

Lexie told Charles that it wasn't Chad's fault that Madeline died.  Madeline was on medication before the fall.  She suffered from aneurysms.  Carly's call interrupted the progress Bo and Hope were making.  Hope seemed back to normal, but she wanted to kill Bo again after the phone call from Carly.  Lexie and Stefano tried to console Chad.  Chad didn't want to hear anything Stefano had to say.  Hope planned on putting her sleeping pills in Bo's cup to knock him out.  Stephanie and Adrienne talked about Stephanie's relationship with Nathan.  Daniel and Chloe fought again when she told him she wanted to wait a month to get married.  Hope put more pills in Bo's coffee and he was about to drink it.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Helena is outraged to hear that Nikolas and Elizabeth have named their baby boy Aiden. Helena questions whether she should come forward about Aiden’s true paternity. Johnny wants to have breakfast with Olivia. Olivia pulls away when Johnny kisses her. Olivia refuses to be with Johnny if he continues his vendetta against Sonny. Claire informs Sonny that Dante and Jason are tracking Franco in Los Angeles. Claire wishes that Sonny would follow Judge Carroll’s wishes by staying away from Michael. Michael has a nightmare about Carter. Michael starts choking Lulu by mistake. Steven is concerned that one of Robin’s HIV patients is getting preferential treatment at the hospital. Steven and Patrick bicker over Lisa. Steven has a feeling that something’s going on between Patrick and Lisa. Michael tells Carly about his community service. Maxie tells Matt about her breakup with Spinelli. Maxie wants to date Matt but he refuses to be her rebound guy. Sonny confides to Lulu about his worries concerning Michael and his community service. Sonny asks Steven to get Michael an orderly job so he doesn’t have to do road work. Skye lets Carly know that she’s after Jax. Jake and Cameron visit with Aiden. Johnny and Brook Lynn take a ride on his speedboat but they have no idea that Olivia is lurking nearby. Michael shows up at the hospital with a burnt hand. Michael tells Robin that he got into a fight with one of the road work guys. Robin doesn’t understand why Carly is insistent in having Patrick run more tests on Michael. Michael tells Sonny about the fight and his hand injury. Nikolas and Elizabeth can’t find Aiden in the nursery. Helena is acting suspicious. Lisa confronts Patrick in the locker room. Lisa wants to continue having sex with Patrick. Carly overhears Lisa and Patrick talking about their one-night-stand.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Layla catches her mother ready to burn Evangeline's will that clearly directs that Evangeline does not want to be kept alive by any artificial means. But her mother tells her that she still cannot be certain what her daughter would want. She and Cristian are still torn without being able to ask Evangeline. Meanwhile, having no suspicion about Eli, Kelly congratulates him on his engagement to her cousin and asks for his legal help in finding her mother's killer. He tries to talk her out of going through with it. But she is ready to proceed and asks him to help her. Meanwhile, Mrs. Williamson (Layla's mom) calls Eli and appears to be looking for Bennett Thompson (the person whom Kelly believes killed her mom).

Viki and Charlie confess to David and Dorian that Viki was faking coming on to David and Charlie faking with Dorian. And the reason they did that was to get Dorian and David out of their lives and admitting that they are in love with each other (Dorian and David). Langston is surprised when she finds out that Starr was on the run and got to know Ford's brother. Natalie and Jessica go to the hospital and get tests run to find out why they are both sick when they assume they've gotten food poisoning from David's muffins. The doctors conclude that the reason they are sick is that they are both pregnant.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nikki is on the phone when Victor comes downstairs. Nikki wonders how the children will react to the news that Nikki and Victor are getting married again. Victoria comes to visit Victor and Nikki. Nikki invites Victoria to dinner that night. Billy is busy at work at “Restless Style” when Daniel comes in and begins to reprimand him for his treatment of Abby. Abby finds out from Jack that she has clout at Newman Industries that could enable her to get her reality show produced. Sofia and Malcolm, in bed, wonder what Neil’s reaction will be when he finds out that they are engaged. Malcolm receives a call from Tucker wanting him and Sofia to come into the office. Nick visits Adam and Skye and realizes that they are using the Newman name to begin a new business venture. At “Restless Style”, Nikki asks Billy what his intentions are toward Victoria. Victor asks Victoria why she hasn’t told him that she saw Tucker and Ashley in Japan. Victoria become angry and tells Victor to handle his business himself. Tucker asks Sofia to move to Genoa City permanently. Victor warns Victoria about her involvement with Billy.

Nick continues to harass Adam and Skye for using the Newman name to launch a new business. Victoria pours out her heart to Nikki about her feelings for Billy. Victoria finds out that Nikki went to visit Billy. Abby confronts Victor about her trust fund and why he won’t give her her money. Abby lets Victor know that Newman Industries is as much her company as it is his. Sofia has doubts about moving to Genoa City. Daniel sees Abby in the stables where they end up making love. Billy urges Victoria to go to the dinner with her parents. Victoria invites Billy to join her at the dinner. Nick joins Victor and Nikki at the Athletic Club dining room. Nick lets Victor know what Adam and Skye are doing. Victor is quite put out when Victoria walks in with Billy. Billy backs out of the dinner, but not before giving Victoria a big kiss. Victor tells Victoria and Nick that he and Nikki are getting remarried. Abby rides in on her horse and pulls off her robe in front of everyone.

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