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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. bursts into the hotel room just in time to protect Annie from being attacked by Tucker. Angie sits on a bench outside of Krystal’s restaurant, because she cannot see. She calls Jake for rescue. Jake makes an excuse to Amanda that he has to go see a patient at the hospital. Scott gives Marissa encouragement about her classes and also about J.R. and Annie. An agent from Social Services makes a surprise home visit to Tad concerning the adoption of Damon. Damon comes rushing into Krystal’s to find Colby sitting at a table waiting for him. Colby becomes quite upset when she finds out that Damon forgot their plans for the night. Tad answers all of the social worker's questions about his life, until they realize that the woman thinks that Damon is a 9-year-old. Tad and Liza both point out that Damon is 19. The agent makes her apologies and leaves. Scott is quite upset when he finds out that Tucker attacked Annie. Annie seeks comfort in Scott’s arms, but her mind is on J.R. At home, Angie feels guilty that she is making Jake lie to Amanda.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie finds J.R. in his bedroom and asks him why he protected her from Tucker. Marissa talks to Tucker and finds out that J.R. barged in like a wild man to protect Annie. Colby asks Liza for advice concerning Damon. Liza is quite surprised when Tad talks about forever with her. J.R. admits to Annie that he feels something for her. Knowing that the call came from Angie, Amanda confronts Jake as to why he lied to her about where he was going. Jake reveals that Angie is having personal problems which he can't share. Colby gasps as she catches Annie and J.R. kissing.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Casey and Allison become closer, as they look after Hallie. Casey is unsure at first, but he then quickly kisses Allison before he heads back to work, as both of them look happy because of this. Henry demands to know what Vienna did with Barbara, as she swears she has not seen her and would not hurt someone even as ‘hateful’ as Barbara, but Henry doesn’t believe her and promises they are going to the police. Vienna tries to convince Henry they still belong together, but he tells her that he hates her and his only interest is finding Barbara. Vienna runs away from Henry by locking him in the room. Allison admits to Margo, who is at the station with Will and Gwen, as to what she knows about Barbara and Vienna’s last talk. Will is furious and is not sure that Katie isn’t still protecting Vienna. Margo and Will go to find Vienna, as Katie heads home and is slightly pleased to find Chris has called her many, many times to check on her. She tries to tell herself that Chris is better off without her though. Meanwhile, Kim is worried about why Chris is leaving Katie so many messages. Chris admits to what happened with Katie, Henry and Vienna, as Kim is furious. She is upset with Katie for being selfish and Chris for not telling her about Barbara since she is family. Chris defends Katie and admits to how worried he is for her. Will and Margo find Henry, as he tells them that he is sure Vienna knows something about Barbara, but Will wants him to first explain about he and Barbara. Henry explains their relationship, which Will is suspect about at first, but then he seems to see how much Henry cares for Barbara before Henry races off promising to do anything to find her. Gwen shares with Allison the latest with Vienna/Henry/Barbara. Allison is stunned to hear there was no baby ever, as she tells Gwen about Casey and Vienna. Henry then goes to find Katie and ask her what she knows about Barbara, as she explains that she knows nothing. Henry doesn’t know if he believes her, so he searches her house, as Katie continues to plead for his forgiveness. Henry admits that he believes that she is sorry, but it doesn’t make any difference. A towel-clad Vienna begs Casey for help, as she tells him that Henry tried to kill her. Casey finally agrees to help Vienna, but Allison finds him first and explains Vienna was never pregnant and may be involved with Barbara going missing. When Margo shows up, Casey and Allison bring her to the room where Vienna was, but she is gone now. Will and Gwen arrive back at Barbara’s and Gwen recognizes a smell in the air – it is Barbara’s perfume. A hopeful Will calls out for his mom hoping she is back, but out comes a smirking Iris instead, playing with Barbara’s perfume bottle. Will and Gwen are shocked to see her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that she’s never been so terrified in her life.....that she would lose him when he heard the truth. He says it is all over now and she’s every man’s fantasy of being more than ready in bed, so maybe this is just part of the downside. But he is worried that Oliver thought Hope was ready for sex. Now is not the best time for Brooke to tell him that Oliver is a wonderful guy. Brooke fills Ridge in that Steffy is blackmailing Oliver too and he has to drop Hope and start seeing Steffy. Rick finds out that Steffy has his old office. She dismisses him as she doesn’t need to see him. He wonders if this campaign against Brooke and Hope has anything to do with his hurting her in the past. She says no, she is not playing those games anymore. Oliver tells Hope that he feels really bad in talking her into going away to college.

Hope leaves Oliver alone for a few minutes and Ridge goes down to the pool to have a word with him. In no uncertain terms he tells Oliver that Hope will never hear of this and he is not to come within six feet of his wife unless she initiates it. He reams Oliver for two things – not using a condom and having sex outside so anybody could see. He advises that Hope will never tell Oliver when she is ready; Ridge will tell him. Then he punches him hard in the stomach.....glad they had this little talk. The new computer expert, Liam, looks at Steffy’s computer which might have been corrupted. Steffy slips off into a fantasy daydream where Ridge gives her Donna’s share in the company and a Vice Presidency plaque for her door. Ridge walks in and wants to speak with Steffy alone. He tells her that Brooke never went to Donna. She came to him. He tells her that he knows everything and blames himself for this. He states that he is not leaving Brooke. He thought they were all adults and she and Brooke and Hope could work through this. His judgment is the only one that counts and he will not let her blackmail Oliver and Brooke anymore. It’s over; she better understand.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad snatched away from Madeline while they were on the stairs and she fell.  Nathan gave Stephanie a present.  Melanie told Philip that she wanted to give Chloe a baby shower.  Philip didn't like that idea.  Roman showed up at Bo's house and he told Roman about Hope's behavior.  Dr. Baker questioned Hope about wanting to kill Bo. Nathan gave Stephanie a bracelet.  Philip tried to convince Melanie to wait to throw Chloe a shower.  Hope asked Dr. Baker if he was in love with her. He said that he is falling in love with her.  Chad checked on Madeline to see if she was okay.  Philip showed up at Chloe's place.  He wanted to confront Vivian, but Chloe didn't want him to do that.  Chloe dropped a bomb on Philip.  She told him Father Matt knows about their affair.  

Daniel saw Father Matt at the pub.  Melanie saw Nathan and Stephanie together on the beach. Father Matt told Daniel that there was no problem with Chloe's annulment.  Chad managed to get Madeline to the hospital.  Charles showed up at the hospital and Chad told him what happened.  Daniel confronted Chloe about how Father Matt said there was no problem with her annulment.  Bo showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to see Hope.  Hope was at their house to "surprise" Bo.  Charles thought that Chad had something to do with what happened to Madeline.  Lexie told Chad and Charles the bad news.  Madeline didn't survive the surgery.  Bo ran into Hope on her way out of the house.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Elizabeth gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Aiden. Elizabeth and Nikolas bond with their new son. Warren Bauer makes a scene at the country club. Sonny implies that something bad could happen to Warren if he doesn't back off. Kristina and Sonny have a talk about Kiefer. Spinelli tells Dante that he doesn't trust him. Claire can't believe that Jason is back in Pentonville because of a prison violation. Jason receives a photograph from Franco while in prison. Franco watches a video of himself and Jason. Carly and Jax agree that the boat ride was fun but they still need to time to heal. Skye asks Jax to help her with accessing Alcazar's accounts. Sam worries about Spinelli's vendetta against Dante. Lulu fears that Dante could be killed by Franco. Claire is able to get Jason released from prison. Maxie and Lucky have a heated argument at the hospital. Lucky apologizes to Maxie, but stresses that they don't have a romantic future. Jason and Dante board a plane headed for Los Angeles.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Viki puts her plan into motion with David and Charlie, with Dorian. But it seems that Dorian and David are not ready to admit that they want each other. Markko announces to Langston and later to Cole and Starr that he is moving CA to attend film school at UCLA. Langston cries but knows she has to let him go. Cristian and Layla find out that her mother refuses to take her sister, Evangeline off the life support system and Layla can sense that her mother is hiding something. She goes and finds out that her mother is ready to burn a living will that Evangeline wrote that specifically directs what she would want if something like this happened to her. Natalie and Jessica are both sick after eating David's muffins. But Viki somehow knows that nothing has happened to her daughters that she should be worried about.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Phyllis and Jack meet up at the coffeehouse to have a cup of coffee and small talk. Phyllis lets Jack know how well she and Summer are doing since her split from Nick. Phyllis shows Jack the cover of Restless Style with a pic of Daniel and Abby. Daniel and Abby see each other in the lobby of the Athletic Club. Abby asks Daniel to be part of her reality show. Kent walks in to join them. Jill is on the phone with Morgan, discussing her lawsuit against Lauren. At Fenmore’s Boutique, Lauren gets served with papers which shows that Jill is suing Lauren for half of the Fenmore estate. Outside of Victor’s door, Tucker and Ashley discuss their plan of action against Victor in order to get Jabot’s foothold into Japan. Victor is on the phone when he hears a knock on the door. It is Tucker and Ashley. Tucker confronts Victor that Victor had bribed one of the top government officials in Japan in order to keep his company on top in Japan. Tucker blackmails Victor that he will release this information to the press unless Victor agrees to let Jabot get its foot in the door in Japan. Victor refuses to let Tucker manipulate him. Phyllis blames herself for Daniel being in this situation with Abby. Kent breaks the news to Abby that there will be no pilot. Kent also tells Abby that he has another project and will be leaving town. Neil and Katherine await Tucker’s arrival, but is surprised when Sophia arrives which is an associate of Tucker’s. Sophia finds major discrepancies within Chancellor Industries. Sophia recommends some changes be made in Chancellor Industries format. Daniel catches up with Phyllis and Jack at the coffeehouse. Phyllis confronts Daniel about the article in Restless Style. Phyllis also questions Daniel about the video that had been made of him and Abby. Angrily, Abby confronts Victor about him not giving her her trust fund and that is why she had lost her reality show. Lauren visit Jill and is shown a copy of her father’s will.

Ashley asks Jack for help with Victor. Jack comes up with a plan and tells Ashley to ask Tucker over for a meeting. Jill and Lauren argue over the will until Katherine has to separate them. Neil questions Sophia as to what her role is with Tucker. Jack pitches his idea to Tucker and Tucker reluctantly agrees. Malcolm and Sophia meet and we find out that Sophia is Malcolm’s fiancée. Phyllis tells Daniel that he is planning on asking Ashley for a job at Jabot. Jack finds out that Abby is planning on selling Brad’s home until Jack comes up with a better idea.

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