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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Greenlee hides in Ryan's room and listens as Madison and Ryan almost make love but they are interrupted by a call from the front desk saying their second room is ready. Madison goes to get the key and Ryan knows Greenlee is in the bathroom because he smelled her perfume. Greenlee doesn't want to reveal to Ryan how hurt she is by what almost happened between him and Madison so she tells him she came all the way to New York to thank him for driving her home when she was drunk. Madison comes back to Ryan's room and Greenlee tells her that she wanted to come to the convention herself, because it was too important to Fusion for it to be left to just an assistant. Once Greenlee is gone, Madison and Ryan start to make love again while Greenlee wipes away a few tears as she stands outside the door of Ryan's hotel room.

Angie is discouraged because the experimental medicine she is taking for her eye infection isn't working, so she asks God to let her know what the purpose is behind her vision loss because she doesn't understand why this is happening to her, since she uses the gifts God gave her to heal people. It is becoming harder for Angie to hide her vision loss from Jesse, but she still doesn't tell him the truth. Angie gets knocked down by a young man because she can't see where she is going and she sits down on the ground and cries, because she doesn't know how she will get home. David informs Jesse that he is still suspended, because Mayor Blanco had to cancel their meeting. Jesse warns David to leave Angie and Frankie alone, because if he does anything to them, there is nothing he won't do to protect them since he doesn't have to worry about his badge anymore.

David advises Marissa to do whatever she has to do to fight for her marriage and not let anyone stand in her way. Marissa is very stressed out by her marriage and studying for the bar exam but she is determined to take David's advice despite a warning from Scott not to do things the David Hayward way.  JR tries to tell Scott and Annie that Annie isn't ready to negotiate with Tucker, a client who requires special handling. Annie is determined to prove to JR that she can handle any businessman. JR goes to the yacht club and watches Annie's meeting with Tucker. He tries to explain to Annie why she should be careful with Tucker, but she won't listen. Tucker gets Annie in his room and tries to force himself on her while she screams. JR bursts in the door of Tucker's room.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry demands an annulment from Vienna despite her repeated explanations and pleas for him to forgive her. Henry tells Vienna that she never knew the meaning of the word love if she could fake a pregnancy and then tell him she miscarried the baby that never existed. Henry tells Vienna that if she doesn't give him an annulment, she will drag her through a very nasty divorce in court. Henry is most hurt by the fact his best friend Katie lied to him and took Vienna's side when she decided not to tell him that Vienna wasn't pregnant. Henry tells Katie that he will never forgive her and never wants to see her again.

Barbara's condition worsens in the warehouse when she develops a fever and hallucinates that she is Ann Boleyn and Henry is King Henry the eighth and she manages to save herself from being beheaded by telling King Henry how much she loves him and that she would never betray him.

Margo officially declares Barbara a missing person and Will suspects that Emily knows where Barbara is. Emily manages to get suspicion off herself and put it on Vienna. A Lakeview employee finds Barbara's cell phone on the stairwell and gives it to Will who gives it to Margo. Emily tells Paul that she promised to accept Barbara because she is part of his family. Paul apologizes to Emily for thinking she had something to do with Barbara's disappearance, but he still doubts that she is telling the truth. Henry frantically searches for Barbara after Will tells him that Margo declared her missing. Henry can feel in his bones that Barbara is in trouble and suspects that Katie helped Vienna hide Barbara to keep her from telling him the truth before the wedding. Katie swears to Henry she didn't do it, so Henry goes into the hotel spa where Vienna is having a massage. Grabbing her, Henry demands to know what she Vienna to Barbara.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge wants to hear more from Brooke. Let’s hear about this bad mistake. She just hopes that he can forgive her. She’s telling him now because if she doesn’t, Steffy will. That is why she had to resign at Forrester. Steffy threatened to reveal a scandal about Brooke. Ridge says he thinks they can get past almost anything if she will just tell him what she is hinting at. She starts with the night of the party, reminding him of the loud music, the identical jackets and dresses and Hope’s necklace she was wearing…..and she wanted to finish what they couldn’t earlier in the day in the steam room. Ridge is still clueless as to what she is trying to clumsily say. Hope kisses Oliver and says this separation is going to be a lot harder than she thought. With Taylor back home from a conference, she greets Steffy and is happy to hear she was responsible for it being a Logan free zone now. Steffy deserves the new office that Stephanie shows her.

Hope has one request of Oliver. While she is away at college, she wants him to stay away from Steffy. She admits that she trusts him and knows that he would never hurt her, but she doesn’t trust Steffy. Stephanie tells Steffy that she is so proud of her and she has a gift for her. It’s a lovely diamond brooch. Steffy deserves it for doing something that Stephanie always wanted but could not accomplish. She got her out of the company. Perhaps in time Steffy can get her out of her dad’s life as well. Ridge is beyond shocked when he hears Brooke’s confession that she thought Oliver was Ridge and Oliver thought it was Hope……and they had sex outside on the terrace. That was most inappropriate……having sex with anyone but especially her daughter’s boyfriend. She says she knew this was going to cause a scandal, the one thing she promised would never happen again. So Steffy blackmailed her and she had to get Hope out of town and leave FC to keep that from happening. He says only his Logan could get herself in this kind of mess. But she will never lose him. She says she loves him and he is truly her Destiny!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Madeline didn't like Chad calling her a prostitute (not his exact words) and slapped him.  Hope told Carly that she did not yell at her.  Stefano suddenly ended up at the hospital.  Brady continued to get Nicole to tell him EJ's secret.  Nicole said that she loved him and couldn't take the risk and tell him.  Bo was concerned that Hope has become a different person.  Hope explained the weird comment she made about not being herself.  She tried to blame it on feeling like a different person whenever she's around Bo.  Hope also told Carly that she admired her for what she did to Lawrence.  Madeline tried to apologize for hitting Chad, but he was still upset about her secret.  Bo told Adrienne that he should have held out longer before being with Carly.

Nicole kissed Brady.  Carly told Bo about Hope's strange behavior.  Nicole lied to Brady about the secret.  She just said that the DiMeras had shady dealings.  Stefano ran out of insulin so he went to the hospital.  Stefano wanted to know why Kate called Madeline.  Brady told Nicole that he wanted to be friends, but he fantasized about her later on while he was on the beach.  Arianna showed up on the beach.  Madeline explained to Chad that she was a hooker because she needed money and that she didn't do it long.  Nicole told EJ that she wouldn't tell his secret.  She has a price, but she didn't reveal it.  Madeline tried to stop Chad from leaving (he was on the steps).  He snatched away and she fell down the stairs.  Hope told Dr. Baker about her plan.  She wants to kill Bo.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Claire compliments Sonny on his restraint when Jax left with his kids. He says he wasn’t going to prove that he is the time bomb everyone thinks he is. She tells him he could change that image by getting out of organized crime. She says the target will be off his back and neither mobsters nor law enforcement will be after him. He tells her that she doesn’t wear naďveté well. He asks her how many successfully retired mob bosses she has encountered. She tells him not to choke on the power that compels him to stay in the mob. Alexis invites Sonny to go with her to meet the girls at the country club. Molly is uncomfortable at the country club because people are staring at them. Kristina says they think she is responsible for getting Keifer killed. Kristina tells Sonny about her new study partner, Taylor. Warren enters the club and tells Alexis that he turned Nikolas's name in to the SEC for attempted coercion, that their court date has been moved up, and that Kristina's deposition will be next week and that. Sonny tells Warren to contact Alexis's attorney if he has anything of a legal nature to discuss.

Lucky asks Maxie out and she decides to be a good person so she reveals that Elizabeth is in labor. She is surprised when he still wants to go out. After the concert, he takes her back to Crimson and she thanks him for insisting on taking her. She suggests that he go to the hospital to check on Elizabeth, but he tells her he has no interest in checking on his ex when she is in labor with his brother's baby. He says he might now know what he wants, but he is very clear on what he doesn’t want. The ID number on Elizabeth's hospital wristband ends with -66. Dr Lee wants to stop Elizabeth's early labor. Elizabeth and Nikolas apologize to each other. The medication doesn't take effect so Dr Lee says she will have the nurses for the delivery. Lucky goes to General Hospital and watches Nikolas and Elizabeth through the window. Lisa is annoyed that Patrick didn’t return her call about a consult and she tells him that it like being in high school for him to duck her because they had sex. Robin comes up and gives them a progress report on Elizabeth. Lisa tells her about the consult that Patrick turned down and Robin tells him that he should go for it.

Dante tells Jason that the song route 66 begins in Chicago and the first crime scene photo that Franco sent was in Chicago. Jason agrees that it could be relevant. Spinelli says the second crime scene was in St Louis. Dante concludes that Franco is following the pattern of the song until he discovers that the third photo was not from Joplin, MO but from Flagstaff, AZ, which comes later in the song. He says the song could just be a trap. Dante suggests that Franco may be leading up to giving Jason another choice that he can't cheat him out of. Jason thinks Franco is leading them to Los Angeles where the song ends. Jason asks Spinelli if he can find any record of Franco spending time in Los Angeles. Ronnie comes to the Penthouse and says he has an update for Dante, but Dante has already left. Ronnie suggests that since "Dante" figured out that Franco is heading to LA, they won't need Jason's help any more so he cuffs Jason and takes him back to Pentonville. Franco goes to see Lulu at Crimson. He sees Lulu trying to sneak a call on her cell phone and he tells her to call Dante so he can hear her die. She puts down the phone. He gives her an envelope to give to Dante with the message that it is from Barstow. After Franco leaves, Lulu calls Dante and tells him to meet her on Baker Street right away. Dante and Claire both go there. Dante tells Claire about the relevance of the song "Route 66" and that makes Lulu remember to give the package to Dante. Dante and Lulu return to Jason's penthouse. Dante asks Spinelli where Jason is and Spinelli tells him not to pretend he doesn’t know. Spinelli says Ronnie came to re-arrest Jason after Dante tipped him off about Jason having a gun. Dante says he didn’t do that. Spinelli asks Lulu how many people Dante has to betray before she sees that he isn’t worthy. When Jason goes into his cell at Pentonville, an envelope on his bed contains a photograph of Franco's two cymbal-clapping toys. Franco talks to someone on the telephone and tells them that he wants the glass case that is in the exhibition because he thinks Mr. Morgan will get a kick out of it.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr goes to see James in the hospital and brings him some food. She tells him that she just wanted to be courteous since she got him shot. But he tells her he knows there is more between them than that. Right then, we see that Nate's mom is also the mom of Robert and James Ford. When she is going to apologize to the "boy" whom her son got shot, having no clue that he's James, Robert stands guard outside the door, reveals that he never wants to see his mom again nor let her near his brother after she abandoned them and left them with their abusive father. Nate meanwhile reveals to Dani that the only family he's known is his mom. He has no interest in meeting his father who left his mom when she was pregnant with him. Yet she seems to know that he might have a family he knows nothing about. Meanwhile, Viki and Charlie put their plans into motion where she has David believing she's leaving Charlie and wants him, and Charlie is leaving Viki for Dorian. Blair and Eli are with Todd and Tea. The two men argue. Tea reveals that Eli's brother, Ross, is still alive. Blair and Tea are friends and confident of their situations although Tea is dying.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Katherine is overjoyed to see Christine. Paul apologizes to Nina for Christine interrupting their lovemaking. Nina mentions going out of town for the weekend, but Paul tells her that he has a case he is working on. Victor asks Nikki to marry him, but she is reluctant to give him an answer. Meggie interrupts them. Chloe comes into work and tells Billy about a story idea that she has concerning Kevin and Ryder. Heather cannot believe that her apartment was bugged. Ronan tells Sid that he wants Chance off the case. Chance and Heather come up with a plan to trap Ronan. Chloe tries to assure Billy that she and Delia are safe in the safe house. Victor assures Nikki that he loves her and wants her to marry him. Chance and Heather come up with a story to trap Ronan. Chance calls Billy to give him an exclusive. Michael asks Paul for help in investigating Meggie’s story. Christine calls Michael to let him know that she is back in town. Chris and Ronan meet. Victor tells Meggie that he will not let anyone interfere with his family. Ronan advises Billy not to publish anything that Chance has to say. Billy asks Ronan how he knew that Chance was going to give him a story. Chance walks out and arrests Ronan. Sid orders Chance off the case. Heather doesn’t like the idea that Ronan will be her bodyguard. Paul visits Christine and reminisce about the past. Nikki accepts Victor’s marriage proposal. Meggie goes to Fenmore’s to get herself some dresses and charges them to Victor.

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