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AMC Recap Written by Patti G

Greenlee dreams of talking to Ryan about David and that Ryan was right about David hurting her. She wakes to knocking on the door. It is Bianca. Greenlee tells Bianca about drinking and Ryan driving her home. Bianca tells Greens about Madison and Ryan going to NYC, and Greenlee should be worried about Madison scoring big in many ways. David leaves a note for Greenlee telling her he will be back soon. She is thinking about Ryan. Madison and Ryan are in NYC, only one room is ready when they arrive. Ryan tells Madison that having one room when they both need to get ready for the party presents a problem. Ryan conveniently comes into the room shirtless. Greenlee arrives in NYC and is caught in Ryan’s room when he and Madison return. 

Krystal runs into Jack at her restaurant and he asks her to come to work regarding CE and the sale. Jack tells Krystal the truth about Caleb. Jack expresses his concern about Erica and Caleb’s relationship to Krystal. He does not trust him. Erica tells Caleb she does not want him to go but he tells her otherwise. She challenges him to stay and live up to Palmer’s challenge. Caleb continues to pack and Erica keeps on trying to get him to stay. She tells him to choose his own destiny, she is tired of talking. Caleb kisses Erica and she tells him this is not a game to her, she loves Jack. Erica calls Bianca for help. Bianca goes to Wildwind to deliver a message to Caleb from Erica. Bianca tells Caleb Erica is no longer interested in CE and he is free to do with it what he wants. Krystal arrives with dinner. She tells Caleb that if he needs to say goodbye to Erica before he leaves PV he should do it. Don’t leave with things undone. Bianca tells Erica she took Caleb by surprise and they say their good-byes. She explains why they are going away. Erica tells Bianca that maybe Kendall will be home by the time she and Jack return and they will all be together. Erica meets Jack at Krystal’s to discuss the wedding. She fawns all over him. They tell each other they have both hurt each other and made mistakes in the past and should they be rushing into the wedding. Erica wants to take their honeymoon first. Jack comes by to tell Greenlee he is going away, and does not know when they will be back and hopes they can fix things between them before he goes. They each admit to not liking each other’s partners. She asks him whether they can ever get past their differences. Caleb goes to see Erica at Fusion. Jack arrives and finds Caleb and Erica together. He is not too happy and wants Erica to leave. Jack tells Caleb he will take care of selling CE while he is away.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lily almost withdraws from the deal with Françoise when she learns it will take three quarters of a million dollars to make repairs to the factory before it is up to code. Craig tells Lily that he doesn't mind paying the money as long as the perfume is produced. Françoise takes a picture of Craig with his shirt unbuttoned standing nest to Lily and sends it to Lucinda phone Lucinda sees the picture on her phone and is determined to save Lily from Craig so she calls someone and tells them its time to come home. Lucinda meets with Anthony Blackthorn and tells him he must be more careful about what he tells Janet because she told Dusty that he was working with her. Anthony advises Lucinda to distract Dusty.

Lucinda asks Holden to go pick up Lily on the Worldwide jet because she worries that she may be involved with Craig. Holden tells her he won't do that because Lily can take care of herself. Holden calls Lily at the motel. Craig answers and tells Holden he met Lily at the airport last night and they found two rooms at the motel and decided to share a cab to the airport. When Holden goes to see her, Lily tells him that she met Craig while she was waiting for a cab they decided to share the cab and found two rooms at the motel. While Holden goes to taste food with Molly for the wedding, she shares her doubts and assures him Lily would never get involved with Craig. Lily is upset with Craig because he didn't tell her Holden called and what he told him. Craig persuades Lily not to reveal that he is the silent partner in her business until it's up and running. Lily insists that their relationship is strictly professional.

Dusty visits Janet with a framed print of the Mona Lisa to apologize for their fight, but she isn't happy that he is still suspicious of her friend Tony Blackthorn. Dusty is even more unhappy when Tony sends Janet a box of chocolate turtle candy. Dusty calls a P.I. to do a background check on Blackthorn even though Lucinda advised him not to, because it would anger Janet. Anthony advises Janet not to tell Dusty everything he tells her. Janet claims she didn't know that Anthony wanting to work with Lucinda was a secret. As Anthony starts to leave, Janet tells him not to call Dusty her boyfriend, because he isn't; they are still working on their relationship. Tony decides to accept Janet's invitation for coffee and chocolate turtles.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy asks Brooke if she is hearing her. She needs her to go to Donna to give those 12 ½% shares back to Forrester. It’s that or she will tell the world about that night at the graduation party. She doesn’t think she has much of a choice. At home, Brooke tells Oliver they have a problem. Steffy is still blackmailing her and she will have to tell Ridge the truth. Steffy will continue to blackmail her for years and years and she can not live under her thumb. Nick shows up and asks why all the long faces…..he is just a man showing up to work so they should all get to it. He announces that Owen is the father of Bridget’s baby but he’d like to keep that all to himself and not let the public know. He is back and is determined to make this company thrive… as usual, moving forward. Amber tells Bridget that she hopes they keep their past in the past and work together. Bridget tells Nick that she knows this is asking a lot, but she hopes he will give her another chance to make this right. Nick tells Bridget that they can not erase the past or make that baby his. He sees that glow in her face but remembers what put it there and it’s not him. He wants to be happy for her but thinks they have to move on.

With a long face, Bridget tells Jackie that it is really over with Nick. Jackie hugs her and tells her how sorry she is. Nick tells Aggie now he is one of the misfits as well. As fellow misfits they should have dinner. Oliver wants to know just what Brooke is going to tell Ridge. She says she has to tell him the complete truth. Maybe he will be the one person who can get through to Steffy. Stephanie tells Steffy that she knows she will get those shares back and beat those Logan girls at their own game. Her last night in L. A., Hope goes swimming with Oliver and listens to a disc by Jason Castro. Before they join them, Brooke tells Ridge that she needs to speak with him. It’s important; it could affect the rest of their lives. She admits that every time she wants to tell him this that he seems so wonderful and she closes up. It’s about Oliver and it’s not good. He wonders if it has anything to do with Steffy. She admits that she is holding something over her head. Brooke cries that she made a terrible mistake and she just hopes Ridge can forgive her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne tried to warn Justin about Hope.  Hope approached Carly when she saw her with Bo. EJ yelled at Johnny when he went in his room.  Nicole wanted to warn Sami about what EJ did.  EJ apologized to Johnny for yelling at him.  EJ walked in on Sami and Nicole while they were talking.  Bo wanted to talk to Hope about confronting Carly.  Chad wanted to get some information about Maddie from Kate.  Kate didn't tell him anything.  Bo and Hope got into a heated discussion about his relationship with Carly and how Hope walked out on him.  EJ continued to push his luck with Nicole and she told him that she enjoyed watching him sweat.  Nicole showed up at the Kiriakis mansion.  Sami wanted EJ to tell her what Nicole wanted.

Brady wanted to know what Nicole has on EJ.  Sami demanded to know what EJ was hiding.  He lied to her and told her about what happened to the townhouse.  Bo was concerned about Hope's behavior.  Adrienne showed up at Bo's house because she wanted to talk about Hope.  Chad talked to Madeline about her past.  She tried to convince him that people are going to lie to him about her past.  Hope saw Carly outside of the pub and she was friendly to her.  Hope took her pills before she left the mansion.  Chad told Madeline that he knew she used to be a hooker.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Claire thinks Sonny is at the police station to see her. Lucky tells Sonny that he thinks he planted the bomb in Johnny's car. Claire assures Lucky that she isn’t falling for Sonny. They make a bet on the outcome of her scheme. She suggests that he repair his personal life before he advises her on hers. Lucky calls Maxie. Maxie asks Jason for advice about Spinelli. Spinelli tells Maxie they are over. Carly asks Jason if she should get back together with Jax. Spinelli says he might be the better person to ask since he just broke up with Maxie. He tells her that if she loves Jax she shouldn’t make him wait any longer. Jax gives Skye an expensive gift. Maya can tell that Skye still has feelings for Jax. Sonny goes to the Metro Court to meet Diane but Jax tells him he can't come there on the chance that he might run into his kids. Sonny accuses Jax of stealing his kids and Jax says he is protecting the kids from Sonny. Carly, Michael, Morgan, and Josslyn meet Jax at the Metro court to go out on Jax's boat. Skye is disappointed. Claire sees Sonny watching the kids from afar without letting them know he was there.

Elizabeth and Nikolas return to Wyndemere after taking their kids on a play date. Elizabeth has abdominal and back pain so they rush to General Hospital. Dante accidentally pulls his gun on Michael and is astonished by Michael's lack of reaction. Dante takes Lulu to work intending to stay and protect her from Franco but she assures him that she and Maxie will be ok together. Maxie tells Lulu that Spinelli broke up with her but she still loves him and she knows no one else will ever love her as much as he did. She says she wants to figure out what is wrong with her that makes her always want something new. Maxie mentions kissing Lucky and Lulu tells her to leave her brother alone because he is still fragile from his break up from Elizabeth and Maxie is an emotional bulldozer. Maxie leaves Lulu alone in the office and goes to General Hospital to talk to Robin but Robin is tending to Elizabeth. Franco goes to Crimson and startles Lulu.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Destiny has a talk with Matthew about his listening to David and not wanting to confess to his parents that he almost got Nate and Dani killed. Viki and Charlie have a plan regarding Dorian and David. They need to get them out of their lives. So Charlie tells Viki she needs to seduce David while he seduces Dorian. They both put their plans into motion not certain of the outcome. Blair is ready to accept Eli's marriage proposal and at the same time, Todd proposes to Tea Meanwhile, Ford is attempting to bond with his brother and warns him to stay away from Starr Manning. But James and Starr clearly do not intend to stay away from each other regardless of their circumstances. Markko announces to Langston that he is moving to attend UCLA. She is heart-broken that he is gone and that she ruined their relationship by being with Ford.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Christine (Cricket) returns to find that Paul has moved on with Nina. Chance and Heather do the do and also find the bug that Ronin has planted. Chance wants to tell Chloe but stalls. Ryder is in trouble and Jana goes to Kevin for help. Victor proposes to Nikki and asks Paul to investigate Meggie. Nikki tells Meggie Victor is off limits.

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