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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Angie loses her vision while discussing possible ways to cut the budget without cutting staff Jake notices and helps Angie remember that she wanted to reduce staff rotations. Angie tells David she will e-mail him a proposal by the end of the day and David promises Angie when will consider the proposal. Jesse thinks David is putting too much pressure on Aggie and asks Jake to be his eyes at the hospital. Angie goes to Frankie's apartment to cook him dinner since Randi is in Italy and has another vision loss episode which causes her to drop some broccoli on the floor but she hides it from Jesse and Frankie by apologizing for being so clumsy.

Ryan takes a drunken Green lee back home to the yacht club where she admits to Ryan that sometimes before she wakes up in the morning she forgets about the past year and expects to see him next to her. Ryan tells Greenlee she doesn't have to continue to put up with David making her unhappy. David catches Ryan in the room with Greenlee and she tells him that Ryan brought her home because she was drunk but senses that David doesn't believe her. David assures Greenlee he trusts her before she falls asleep. David vows that he won't let Greenlee slip away from him.

Madison gets jealous when Ryan tells her he will be late to pick her up for their trip to New York an she hears Greenlee talking in the background. Frankie advises Madison to be careful not to get hurt by Ryan because he still has feelings for Greenlee. Frankie also advises Ryan not to hurt Madison and Ryan is puzzled by Frankie's words. Madison asks why Ryan was with Greenlee and he tells her what happened making it clear that she can ask him whatever she wants and he will be honest with her.

Erica does some research on Caleb and finds out he graduated top of his class at Stanford law school and then he suddenly left his career. Erica tells Caleb she won't go away until he tells her about himself so Caleb shouts that Adam stole his fiancťe Sony from him while Caleb was working on a case for Adam. Caleb explains to Erica that Adam seduced Sonya and left him holding the bag for his case. Caleb was fired from the law firm and he took refuge on his mountain when Sonya died. Caleb tells Jack to sell Cortlandt Electronics to anyone except someone with the last name Chandler and send him the money after taking a commission for himself. Caleb wants to leave town tonight because he doesn't belong in Pine Valley. Erica encourages Caleb to rejoin society and work to Make Palmer's company a strong one to honor Palmer's memory. Caleb thinks that Erica is the one who doesn't want him to leave town.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Dusty takes Janet to Metro. They laugh about her eating for two and both admit they have missed each other. Jack and Carly come in; what a coincidence….they are all having dinner. Dusty invites them to sit with him and Janet even though it’s a bit awkward with small talk. Janet feels that Carly is upset at Janet’s new living arrangements when she hears that Gabriel is fixing up a place on the Snyder farm. They begin to squabble and Carly walks out so they can just talk about her behind her back. Of course Jack follows. At the door she tells him that she is tired and they should call it a night. He confesses that he wanted to tell her about the cabin, but it was never the right moment. He was feeling closer to her and didn’t want to lose that. He won’t be spending any nights under the same roof with Janet. She is having his baby but that is all. She says if they are going to be a couple again, then he has to let go of Janet. He tells her one more time that he does not want to get back together with Janet; he wants to be with Carly. He kisses her and wants to do more, but Carly puts the brakes on and says they can not do this. He wants to know what they have to do to get back together. She says they both have a lot to think about. Oliver and Luke play chess. Luke picks up on the word when Oliver lets slip that they are in a relationship……he doesn’t do relationships. Oliver says he needs to go talk to Bob and yes he is capable of doing this by himself…having an adult conversation with another adult. Kim tells Bob that they haven’t even sold to Invicta yet but Mona Cross is running around acting like she owns the place. Oliver interrupts and tells Bob that he will be making a big mistake by hiring the candidate they are discussing. Luke rushes up and apologizes, but says what Oliver is trying to say is that he wants his job back. Bob tells Luke that it is not appropriate for him to be here discussing this. He tells Mona that this has never set well with him and she is prejudiced just because Luke and Oliver are gay. Memorial is not for sale to Invicta. Luke and Oliver are happy to hear the news and plan to celebrate now that Oliver has his job back. Luke teases that he can thank him any time he wants to. Oliver says he could have handled this all by himself. He invites Luke out on a real date to a movie.....or they can skip the movie and just go back to his place. Bob tells Oliver that he wants to recommend him as his replacement as COS. He can work on his people skills and do just fine. Kim tells Bob that he has lost his mind.

Craig tells Lily that it looks like according to the flip that he wins. He will give her the choice of pillows. He lies on the bed and she takes the chair and declares that it will be a long night. He’s the gentleman and changes with her. First boo boo, the lights go out. Craig is not afraid of that and tries to make the most of it, but when Lily discovers a mouse, well then he hides behind her. With a broom, he chases it under the bed. Lily mentions Holden marrying Holden and hopes this perfume venture works as she can not accept another failure. He guarantees her that Carlisle will not lose. She shouldn’t listen to Lucinda, just follow her gut and trust her own decisions. He breaks into the vending machine so they can have a few snacks to eat. She allows him to rub some ice on her back rather than get into that bathtub. He tells her that she has a beautiful back. She says he is barking up the wrong tree. They’re known each other for years and she is not sure why they never got together, but she’s finding him nice. She does remind him the reason they never got together was because he scarred her sister for life and slept with her mother. Ouch, he doesn’t want to hear anymore. He tells her those days of playing games are over and he just wants to help Lily now. Someone Janet used to know walks into Metro and she greets Tony….it was Tony Nero, now Blackthorn. He graduated from shoplifting to legitimate commodities and he’s in town doing business with Lucinda Walsh. They both compliment each other on how fine they look now. Dusty tells Janet that he better go run a check on him as he might be hustling Lucinda. His gut is telling him something. She was wrong about Ralph and he guarantees her that she is also wrong about Blackie, the back-home punk.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie and Ridge commiserate over the fact that Bill Spencer has his foot back in the door again with getting Donna the 12 1/2% of Forrester stock. She tells Thorne that it’s not Donna that she is worried about, but Bill who has that much influence over Donna. Brooke, Katie and Bill visit Stephen in jail. Pam is not far behind and they tell her how grateful they are that she told the truth and Stephen will be released. Alone Stephen thanks Pam for what she has done and says that he has no idea what he can do to repay her for what she has done. While telling everyone goodbye before she leaves for college, Hope is shocked to find that Brooke has resigned at FC. She asks Steffy outright if she had anything to do with his.

Pam tells Stephen that she is not looking for repayment. She will settle for his undying appreciation. He tells her that he is ashamed of a lot of things he has done, but he is not ashamed of his feelings for her. And he’d like a chance to prove it if that is not expecting too much of her. Stephanie visits Stephen. He wonders to what he owes this pleasure. She lays it out – she does not want him to have anything else to do with her sister, not so much an e-mail. She threatens that if even tries to contact her, he will wish he was back here in the safety of the jail. Brooke tells Hope that no one is forcing her to leave FC, this is her own decision. She should just focus on college now. Brooks cries but tries to assure Hope that she is happy for her. Later she tells Steffy that she hopes she is happy now; she got what she wanted. Steffy replies not quite. Donna has 12 ½% of the company. Brooke will get that back. She wanted the company to be Logan free, but now Donna is back in. She shouldn’t have to suck this up. Donna doesn’t deserve one cent much less 12 ½%. She won’t settle for this. Dollar Bill is a ruthless businessman so she knows that he will be after them. But Brooke can get those shares back from Donna. Brooke is shocked that Steffy is backing down on her word to keep silent and is blackmailing her again……just how many more times can she go to that well. Steffy spouts that Brooke needs to show some respect and get those shares or she will blow her secret sky-high and Brooke knows she is not bluffing.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin showed up at Bo's house.  Adrienne showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to see Hope.  Nicole was prepared to tell EJ's secret on television.  Justin told Bo that Hope isn't doing as well as she says she is.  As Nicole continued to tell EJ's secret, EJ interrupted her.  Justin told Bo that he is interested in being with her.  Bo seemed jealous.  Hope became defensive when Adrienne tried to confront her about Justin.  Abe went to the doctor because he can't sleep.  The doctor that Hope went to gave him sleeping pills.  The doctor told Abet hat he pills have different side effects on men and women.  Hope and Adrienne continued to have a heated discussion about Justin.  Carly walked in on Bo and Justin while they were talking about Hope.  She heard him say that he cares about Hope.

EJ managed to take the microphone from Nicole and convinced the audience that she was the liar and that she was lying about her news.  EJ got lucky when Nicole's show was pre-empted for coverage about a leopard having twin cubs.  Bo tried to convince Carly that he wasn't jealous of Justin wanting to be with Hope.  Sami gave up waiting to hear what Nicole was going to say and left the pier.  Brady still wanted to hear her secret, but she didn't want to tell it.  EJ wanted to take Sami and the kids out of town to avoid Nicole.  Hope got quite a view when she saw Bo and Carly at the hospital.  Nicole told Sami that EJ is lying to her.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Kalup Ishmael performs at Jake's. Everyone claps in approval of his version of "Route 66". Jason and Dante realize that Kalup's song is a clue from Franco. Lulu worries that Franco is in town. Sam pulls a gun on Franco when he shows up at Jason's penthouse, posing as the delivery man. Jason is worried when he finds Sam later. Sam wishes she would have shot Franco but fears it would have sent Jason right back to prison. Sonny finds out that Lucky is flying to Argentina to find the man who installed the car bomb. Sonny worries that the car bomb could be traced back to him. Carly and Jax argue in front of Skye. Over dinner, Michael tells Carly that she should give Jax another chance. Carly asks Jax to join them in a family activity which he graciously accepts. Skye appears jealous. Maxie confides to Matt that Spinelli's love isn't enough for her. Maya comes clean to Ethan about an ex-boyfriend, one who died from a gunshot wound. Taylor brings Kristina home after her freak-out in the library. Kristina agrees to try another study session with Taylor. Dante frets over Franco's next move. Nikolas confronts Helena about her mistreatment toward Elizabeth. Nikolas and Elizabeth are getting along fairly well. Sonny kisses Claire but she quickly pulls away. Brook Lynn sings "Before He Cheats" at Jake's, eyeing Johnny the whole time. Franco tells Kalup that he should sing a more depressing song next time.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Todd goes to court. Tea gets the judge to drop the charges against Todd because Hannah has proven to be an unreliable witness. Dani thinks Tea was awesome. Todd asks Tea to marry him. Blair accepts Eli's marriage proposal. Jack isn't happy about it. Eli will be representing Hannah. At St. Annís, Marty asks Hannah why she said she pushed her down the stairs. Hannah pretends to be schizophrenic and replies that she does what she is told. Marty thinks Hannah is hearing voices in her head. Nora asks Marty if she can prosecute Hannah but Marty isn't sure yet. Eli later goes to see Hannah and tells her that he will keep her out of prison as long as she sticks with the mentally unstable act; otherwise, she will go to prison and things will get ugly for Cole. Cole admits to Starr that the reason he is angry is that she didnít come to him when she was in trouble. Cole goes to St Ann's to ask Hannah to tell him the truth because he doesnít believe she pushed Marty.

Ford tells Langston that he misses her and he can't let her go. Markko hears her telling Ford to leave her alone, so he comes to her rescue. Langston asks Markko if he can forgive her. He admits that he still cares for her. They kiss. Nate goes to the hospital to apologize to James. Ford tries to attack Nate, but James tells him to leave Nate alone. Dani goes to the hospital to apologize to James but Nate tells her that she might not want to go in there.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Sharon threatens to escape Nickís overprotective nature, by leaving Genoa City. Adam has become a humanitarian; thanks to Skye who feels it will help his case. Paul and Nina get reacquainted and a unexpected visitor come knocking on Paulís door. Ryder is up to his old tricks again and Jana realizes this when the cops are looking for him at the GCAC. Heather admits her feeling for Chance and things heat as they take it to the bedroom. Victor is not sure that Meggieís visit is on the up and up.

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