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AMC Recap Written by Patti G

David and Greenlee have an uneasy meal at the Yacht Club, then she goes to Fusion where she finds out that she is not invited to her father's wedding. Although Jack assures her the list is not finished, Greenlee insists she did not want to go to the wedding anyway. They argue about whether Greenlee and David caused the airplane crash. Greenlee leaves angrily. David calls her on her cell repeatedly, but she is not picking up. When they run into each other at the park, Ryan tells David he has ruined Greenlee’s life and his lies will soon catch up with him. David insists that his marriage is very secure. Still avoiding David's calls, Greenlee goes to Krystal’s for a drink or three and runs into Ryan. Although Greenlee insists she is fine and does not need his help, she almost falls off her stool. Ryan won't let her drive and takes her to her room at the Yacht Club.

Frankie runs into David and tells him he knows about being on the top of the list for layoffs at the hospital. At home, Randi tells him all about her plans for the photo shoot in Italy. When Frankie informs her that he is about to be laid off, Randi offers not to go away, but he won't hear of it and tries to put a good spin on being laid off. Later, Madison assures him that the hospital board won’t let David fire him. Frankie questions Madison about her relationship with Ryan and what she wants to happen. She thinks their NYC trip might take their relationship to the next level. While having dinner with Ryan, Madison is all excited about the trip, but Ryan is worried about Emma who is upset about him leaving. After Madison promises Emma that Ryan will bring her back some gifts from the trip, she is ok with it.  

Erica wants to get Caleb out of her head. She tries to draw him out and find out what is wrong with him, but he feels he does not owe her an explanation to his mood and feelings. Although Caleb says he is done talking and just wants to go home, Erica keeps going. Caleb suggests that Erica is afraid he is going to mess up her perfect life with Jack. Meanwhile, Jack tells Bianca he will be married and honeymoon on a yacht. Jack returns to his room and finds Erica and Caleb together. After Caleb leaves, he wants to know what he walked in on. Erica talks about Caleb’s anger with the Chandlers and her need to help him, but Jack questions her motives. Jack gets a call that he and Erica need to get to Fusion right away. Bianca is upset that she is on the No-Fly list and won't be able to see her children, so Jack arranges for Miranda and Gabrielle to come to Pine Valley. Erica and Bianca are very happy to see them and thank Jack who then leaves them to catch up. Bianca asks Erica if her relationship with Caleb is upsetting Jack. Erica assures Bianca all she feels for Caleb is gratitude to him for saving her life and they formed a bond; nothing more to it than that. Erica assures Bianca she would never risk what she has with Jack for anyone. Once alone, Erica starts an online search on Caleb. At Wildwind, Caleb looks at a picture of his dog and tells himself how much he misses him. Jack shows up to ask him what he wants from Erica. Caleb suggests that Jack keep Erica away from him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty goes to Al's and tells Janet he is sad that Craig won't allow him to see Johnny because Craig is mad at him since he didn't talk to Lucinda and persuade her to let him buy into Worldwide. Dusty leaves and Janet sees Johnny walk by outside and she persuades the nanny to let her take care of Johnny while she does some errands. Janet calls Dusty and he gets to eat chicken nuggets with Johnny. The nanny calls Janet to tell her Craig has to take an emergency business trip and he has given Johnny permission to spend the day with his aunt Janet. Dusty and Janet take Johnny to the movies and before Janet takes Johnny home Dusty asks Janet to dinner at Metro to thank her for helping him spend the day with Johnny. Janet hesitates a bit but then agrees to have dinner at Metro with Dusty.

Carly is excited about her trip to New York with Lily but then parker arrives and tells Carly that he has gotten a very good offer to shoot a commercial today for a sportswear line. Carly tells Parker he can't do the shoot because she won't be able to go with him. Jack talks to Carly alone and persuades her to allow Parker to do the photo shoot and she calls Lily to cancel her trip to New York. Parker is thrilled that Carly changed her Mind and he can do the photo shoot. Carly is thrilled when Jack wants to go with her and Parker to watch the shoot. Jack is impressed as he watches Carly negotiate Parker's contract and pick an outfit for him to wear for the commercial. Faith is impressed watching Parker do the commercial and after the shoot parker teaches Faith some tennis unaware that she already knows how to play. Parker discovers he has been hustled and playfully chases Faith around the tennis court. Jack invites Carly to a quiet dinner at Metro so they can have a long overdue talk about their relationship and she accepts his invitation.

Liberty and Gabriel have a fight while fixing up the cabin because Gabriel doesn't think that Parker has any talent. Liberty is really looking for an excuse to go to see Parker do the shoot because she got jealous earlier when Faith told her she was going to watch Parker do the shoot. Liberty arrives at the country club and watches Parker and Faith laughing as Parker chases Faith around the Tennis court and wonders why she even bothered to waste her time to come watch Parker shoot the commercial.

Lily persuades Craig to come with her to New York and advice her before she signs the contract. Lily signs the contract with Françoise. Françoise tells Lily that they will have to stay in New York because all of the baggage handlers are on strike and all flights leaving New York have been cancelled. Lily isn't happy when she learns that she will have to spend the night in the same hotel room with Craig since there are no more rooms available. Françoise calls Lucinda to tell her that Lily signed the contract but she becomes worried when Françoise informs her that Lily brought Craig along with her and they looked very chummy. Françoise also tells Lucinda that Lily and Craig are stuck in New York because all flights leaving New York have been canceled due to a baggage handlers strike.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Bill that it is disgusting that he is using her sister this way. She advises Pam not to say another word. Bill is using her just as Stephen is. She can not believe Pam is standing there making excuses for Stephen. They argue, with Pam still saying that Stephen meant no real harm and he has apologized so she does not think he belongs in jail. Hope visits Stephen. He tells her this is no place for her. He’s in jail for now, but he will get out. He’s not giving up. This will work out. She tells him about leaving for college, but that nobody is forcing her out at Forrester. Stephen tells Hope that it sounds like Oliver is a valuable asset to her by advising her to go to Boston. She’s not worried about the long distance romance.

Bill tells Brooke and Katie that Stephanie can not guarantee squat. She can plead for leniency but that is all she can do. They tell Stephanie they still won’t sign. Bill is smug as Mr. Clayton rules in Donna’s favor; she will get 12 ½% of FC whose stock must be turned over forthwith. Eric tells them that it is not the percentage but the principle. He swore to them that Bill Spencer would not get his hands on the company again, and now he probably will. Stephanie declines Pam’s lemons bars and tells her one more time that Stephen does not love her and has nothing but contempt for her and all the other Forrester’s. Pam declares that he deserves a second chance. Bill visits Stephen and tells him that orange is not a good color on him. Pam came through for him and they have her testimony on record. He is prepared to post his bail. He doesn’t know whether the things he said to Pam were genuine or if he said them just to get out of here, but it worked. They make a good team. Now he needs Stephen’s help. They do not want Donna to become vulnerable again to Eric. It may only be 12 ½% but it is a start to get his foot in the door. He wants Stephen to persuade Donna to sell that percentage to Bill. He intends to get FC back in his hands.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe told Philip that he couldn't tell Melanie the truth and Daniel caught the end of the conversation.  Melanie invited Arianna and Brady to the beach without the other knowing.  Sami wanted to know why Nicole wanted to meet with her.  Philip lied to Daniel and told him that he found out about the baby.  Daniel seemed to accept the explanation that he gave him about what he walked in on between them.  Sami thought that Nicole wanted to get her to turn on EJ.  EJ jumped at the chance to agree with Sami.  Daniel wants Chloe to stay away from Philip.  EJ tried to call Nicole's bluff again.  He told her that her audio proof was inadmissible and he will say that Nicole set him up.

Daniel and Chloe ended up fighting because he wanted her to stay away from Philip.  Brady and Arianna talked about why they are having problems. Nicole tried to attempt to expose EJ again.  She called her crew to show up at the pier to film her exclusive.  Brady and Arianna's conversation went nowhere because she was convinced that he has a connection with Nicole.  She decided that she was done with the relationship.  Chloe agreed to stay away from Philip.  Melanie wanted to move to a mansion with Philip.  EJ tried to get everyone to leave the pier, but it didn't work.  Sami wanted to hear what Nicole had to say and that's how it ended.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Kristina agrees to follow Alexis and Sonny's rules but she's not happy about it. Sam is glad to hear that Kristina is taking responsibility for her decisions. Spinelli comes clean to Lulu about his revenge scheme against Matt. Carly is thankful that Spinelli didn't tell Lulu about the vendetta against Dante. Spinelli is making progress in the plot to destroy Dante. Dante and Jason show up the old mansion but there's no sign of Franco. Jason finds a flier about Kalup Ishmael, a performance artist. Elizabeth and Nikolas are on the same page about their baby. Tracy fears that Brook Lynn is back to wreak havoc. Kristina is introduced to her new study partner, Taylor. Ethan asks Maya to take a look at his injured hand. Matt and Maxie share some beers at Jake's. Franco pays Coleman to book Kalup Ishmael for the night. Sam asks Carly and Spinelli to leave so she can spend some time with Jason. Maya asks Coleman's advice on men. Helena harasses Elizabeth at work. Jax tells Carly about the incident with Franco in the park. Carly is tired of Skye hanging around Jax. Kristina freaks out in front of Taylor. People gather at Jake's for the night's performance. Sam is scared when Franco shows up at Jason's penthouse.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

David is trying to win Bo over but Bo tells him he has to find another place to live. He then goes and charms Viki and Dorian is provoked. Viki then invites David to stay at her home which further infuriates Dorian. John and Brody are suspicious of Hannah's most recent confession that she tried to kill Ford and pushed Marty and her appearing to have a mental breakdown right after talking alone with Eli, and knowing she previously had a different story and appeared completely different beforehand. They suspect Eli. But Blair has no suspicions and is ready to accept his marriage proposal.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Adam fight over Sharon; while Jack and Phyllis falls into old habits but stop themselves in the nick of time. Billy and Victoria play house. Tucker and Ashley give into their attraction. Nikki and Victor's romantic interlude is spoiled by Meggie's unannounced visit from Canada. Daniel and Abbey get closer as he attempts to paint the Naked Heiress. Skye and Adam get busy when he returns from his tirade with Nick at the church.

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