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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Liza and Tad's relationship continues to be strained by their disagreements over Damon. Liza wants Tad to realize that Damon is a trouble maker while Tad believes that with time and love, Damon will become a responsible young man. Colby is confused and wonders why Damon isn't happy that she is staying in Pine Valley for the summer. Damon and Colby start to make love but he stops and tells her that he promised to take Tad to lunch. Tad tells Damon during their lunch about his biological father Ray Gardner and how he learned that violence never solves anything. Tad also explains to Damon that he understands how overwhelming it is to get used to being adopted by a loving family after coming from a family background of abuse and neglect. Tad makes it clear to Damon that he will always be there to protect him. Liza is upset to find Colby trying to break into Damon's room and search his things. She advises Colby that if she doesn't trust Damon, their relationship will never last. Liza picks up Damon's bottle of ADHD medication and puts it in her purse. Damon apologizes to Colby and brings her flowers and they make plans for the summer. Colby tells Damon it is very important for her to know she can count on him, because her family is so crazy. Damon promises Colby that she can count on him.

JR and Annie struggle to fight their feelings for each other and work together at Chandler Enterprises since Annie is the new head of public relations. JR decides it's best to stay away from Annie but she insists they must find a way to work together. All she wants to do is contribute to the company and feel like she is a part of the Chandler family. Marissa is angry when Scott tells her that Annie is the head of public relations at Chandler Enterprises. Krystal worries when Marissa decides to take David's advice and make sure Annie never comes near JR again.

Caleb meets with JR at the Chandler Mansion and tells him that he doesn't want to sell him the company, because the Chandlers are all alike. They just take what they want and don't care who gets hurt. Erica is surprised to see Caleb get so angry and asks him why the Chandlers elicit that reaction in him. Caleb refuses to talk to her about it. After Jackson senses a connection between Caleb and Erica, she is honest and tells Jackson she doesn't know why she and Caleb have this connection, but she wants to deal with it before she and Jack have their romantic wedding and honeymoon on a yacht.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Will is worried about Barbara and decides he is going to go talk with Jack, as he and Gwen both don’t notice an obvious clue that Barbara did not leave on her own accord – her passport on the floor. Craig reminds Lily that Carly can’t know that he is involved in the financial backing of Carlisle Fragrances when he convinces her to ask Carly to go to NYC to sign the contract papers. Holden interrupts Craig and Lily to ask Lily to help him with preparing the kids for the wedding; Lily valiantly tries to hide her pain as she agrees to help with the kids as the wedding approaches. Carly and Jack make a date, but it is interrupted by Molly, who wants to talk wedding. Carly shares with Molly her cautiously optimistic feelings about she and Jack. A surprise visitor – Gwen and Hallie – interrupt their talk, as Carly is thrilled, as she and Gwen catch up. A guilt ridden Katie finally admits to Henry that Vienna was never pregnant. Henry is confused and in disbelief at first, but then he realizes what Katie is saying is the truth, as he orders her to leave him alone and heads off to find Vienna. Katie bemoans to Chris how she lost her best friend and Vienna lost her husband. She worries how Henry will take this since he won’t let her be there for him. Chris gives her unwavering support, which Katie really appreciates. Henry plays coy at first with Vienna, as he bides his time, but then he can’t take it anymore when he finds Vienna’s pregnancy pillow. He rages at her about her lies, deceit and worst of all claiming they lost yet another child. He orders her out of his life, as Vienna begs and pleads with him to forgive her. Henry won’t hear her pleas. Vienna calls Katie and blames her and tells her that she no longer wants her help ever again; she won’t lose Henry to Barbara. Henry ends up going to find Barbara at her room, but she doesn’t answer and Vienna finds him there and pleads her case again – even blaming Barbara, which further enrages Henry. Her tearful pleas fall on furious deaf ears. Jack promises Will that he will look into Barbara’s mysterious disappearance. Ethan wonders why Holden isn’t marrying his mom instead of Molly, as Molly and Holden look unsure as to how to explain it. Holden is able to handle it and later assures Molly when she tries to back out of having a big wedding, that whatever she wants they will have. Lily calls Carly and asks her to go to NYC to sign the contracts; they decide to make it a girl’s day away too. Carly goes to tell Jack of her plans, as the two seem to get even closer, as he shares how proud he is of her. Katie tries to offer her support to Henry, but he won’t answer the door. Chris follows her and again shows her amazing support, as she is very much touched. Henry calls Barbara and leaves her a message telling her how his life is exploding and how he needs - and loves her. Meanwhile, alone, Vienna vows to win Henry back no matter what. When Hallie throws a ball and Gwen goes to retrieve it, she finds Barbara’s passport on the floor. Will and Gwen become increasingly alarmed after this.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As they play chess, Bill tells Katie that this is going to be a hell of a day. First and foremost he says he is going to take care of her father and sisters; she is not to worry. Jarrett calls and Bill tells him that he is paid to do what he says, so just do it. Eric and Stephanie tell Ridge and Steffy that he thinks Donna will accept their offer and walk away from Forrester. Stephanie tells Ridge that she knows he is caught in the middle of this, but it is for the best that Brooke walks away and they get control of the company again. But Stephen tells Brooke that he doesn’t want her walking away from Forrester. She wants him to take the deal, but he doesn’t want to rely on Stephanie. He is not going to accept that offer. He thinks Bill will come through for them. Pam surprises Stephen with a visit and some lemon bars. Jarrett is there to look on. Pam tells Stephen that she is worried about him. A man like him does not belong behind bars. He tells her that his daughters is all he has left in this world, so he has to provide for them and make sure they are safe. Bill tells Katie and Brooke that he knows what he is doing and they will just have to trust him. Stephen will be out of jail very soon.

The attorneys meet and each have their say. Justin states that they could accept Stephanie’s assurance that she will see that Stephen receives little or no prison time, but there is no guarantee that will happen. Donna still deserves her 12 ½ percent. Bill tells them that they decline the offer. Brooke wants them to cut her losses and accept it so their dad can get out of jail. Justin says as Donna’s attorney he says no deal. Bill calls Brooke and Katie aside and says Donna deserves this and he just needs a little more time. Stephanie tells them time is running out….either they accept it or it will be off the table. Pam tells Stephen that they have to get him out of here. He’s sorry that he has to put her in the middle of himself and her sister. He gave her nothing compared to what she gave him and he hates to see her so upset. As he is locked up again, he tells himself that there has to be some way that he can get out of here. He will be the winner and Stephanie the loser so she will never hurt her again. Brooke tells Bill to stop playing Russian roulette with their father. Eric and Stephanie want to know why he is stalling….why he is playing hardball…..she will make sure her father is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and he can rot in prison. Bill has an ace up his sleeve. Pam walks in and tells them that she never would have shot her own sister and Stephen certainly is not a cold-blooded killer and was not going to kill her either. He does not belong in jail. Stephanie is livid that Bill is using her sister again for his own agenda. He says the complexion of this case has changed dramatically as it was not attempted murder. And it was 6-gun Sally there with an itchy trigger finger. Stephen should be freed from jail. “Eric, Stephanie, Ridge……it has been a pleasure doing business with you.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Carly told Chloe that she would only stay quiet about the affair if the baby is Daniel's.  Melanie told Philip that Chloe is pregnant.  Sami saw Rafe at the beach.  Nicole confronted EJ about what she heard him telling Stefano about kidnapping Sydney.  Carly offered to do a paternity test to find out the father of Chloe's baby.  Daniel warned Vivian to stay away from Chloe, Carly, and Melanie.  He told her she would pay if she didn't listen.  She refused to listen to that.  Nicole told EJ that she was going to make him pay for what he did.  EJ tried to call Nicole's bluff and that backfired on him.  Nicole told EJ that she did have proof. The rug was snatched from under him when Nicole played the proof for EJ.  He couldn't say anything.  Vivian showed up at Maggie's house to see Melanie.  Philip went to Chloe's place and asked her when she was going to tell him that she was pregnant.

Vivian tried to convince Melanie that she and Philip should move back to the mansion.  Gabi interrupted Rafe and Sami when they were talking about how their relationship is over. EJ snatched Nicole's recorder and stepped on it and broke it.  Vivian implied that Melanie's marriage may not be so happy after all.  Chloe told Philip that Carly would only keep quiet if Daniel is the father.  Nicole told EJ how she had more copies of her proof and then he caved.  He wanted to know her price.  She said she didn't have one.  Daniel walked in just as Chloe and Philip were talking about the baby.  EJ was about to go after Nicole when Sami showed up on the pier. Sami pretty much saved Nicole's life for the time being.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Patrick refuses to have sex with Robin in the supply closet. Claire finds Michael visiting Sonny at the office. Claire agrees to keep quiet about seeing Michael. Sam tells Jason about Johnny's car bombing and her suspicions regarding Sonny. Jason agrees to speak to Sonny about it. Jax and Josslyn have a run-in with Franco in the park. Jax is sickened that Franco is hovering near his daughter. Jax calls the police but Franco runs away. Lucky asks for Johnny's statement regarding the car bombing. Johnny is confident that Sonny's to blame but he can't prove it. Lucky interrogates Ethan about doing a favor for Luke the night of the bombing. Lucky thinks that Luke was looking out for Ethan. Sonny tells Jason that he is putting his children in danger. Jason fears that Sonny is getting too close to Claire. Ronnie advises Dante to keep an eye on Jason. Franco tags the old mansion's interior. Spinelli finds out where Franco is hiding - a mansion on County Road 66. Claire returns to Sonny's office to retrieve her bracelet. Sonny and Claire enjoy a candlelight dinner until they are interrupted by Johnny. Patrick and Robin make love but it appears he's thinking about Lisa. Lisa is ignoring Steven. Mac finds a lead regarding the car bombing. Lulu wonders what Spinelli is talking about when he mentions a revenge plot. Dante and Jason arrive at the mansion.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Blair is ready to give Eli an answer to his marriage proposal. Little does she know, however, what he is up to. He meets privately with Hannah, telling her she will regret it if she crosses him and names him as the assailant for both Ford and of Marty. He tells her he can get her "immunity" if she confesses to both crimes. And he has her appear for Marty, John and Nora as though she's emotionally disturbed and not responsible for her actions. Meanwhile, while James is recovering, everybody can see that he and Starr have feelings for each other. His brother, Robert Ford, warns him not to get mixed up with Starr and Cole asks her about her feelings for James.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Adam’s reign of terror continues in Genoa City as he brings his new bride Skye, to the GCAC, where the whole Newman clan is present. Words are shared between him and Daddy Dearest and once again he is publicly disowned by Victor; who also demands that the citizens of Genoa City deny him service at any of their businesses. Sharon slips away to a church to make a chilling confession that she has feelings for Adam, after Nikki tells her to leave Nick alone. Vickie also tells Nick that she can sympathize with Phyllis, because she sees what she has been competing with and, thinks that Nick needs to figure it out. Meanwhile Billy and her are in love and proving it in one of the GCAC’s guest rooms. Billy and Cane arrange for Lily to get away from the hospital at a local arcade (reserved for them) where Devon, Roxy, JT and a postpartum Mac await their arrival. Mac asks JT to take her to the twins, but it does not help her feel better. Jill who now is pleased as punch to be a Fenmore ruins a meeting for Lauren with a top designer. Lauren angrily protests once again, that Jill is not her sister and Jill meets with her lawyer as she decides to go along with the suit. Wonderful timing because her lawyer just found out about Neil Fenmore’s will.

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