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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby tries to lure Damon to New York by getting him tickets to a baseball game plus a musical gig. Damon and Colby kiss, and she promises there will be a lot more of that when they're in New York, but he still refuses to go with her, because he can't leave Tad right now. J.R. and Scott discuss Chandler business when Annie walks in. Scott lets J.R. know that Annie is the head of Public Relations. Tad and Liza visit Caleb. Caleb demands to know what happened to Dixie. Liza is outraged that Caleb isn't more sensitive to Tad's loss. Krystal warns J.R. not to break Marissa’s heart. Marissa walks in and tells J.R. that she is moving back into their bedroom and she is once again wearing her wedding ring. Jack and Erica discuss their wedding plans at the Yacht Club. When they try to dance, however, they step all over each other's toes. When Erica looks up, she sees Caleb coming in for his meeting with Scott and J.R. Erica interrupts them and pulls Caleb away for a talk.

As head of PR for Chandler Enterprises, Annie joins the meeting with Caleb, Scott and J.R. Though he insists it was an accident, Liza gives Damon fair warning if he ever tries to kiss her again, she'll rip his lips off his face. Tad witnesses an awkward moment between Liza and Damon. Erica offers to figure out a way to sell Cortlandt Electronics the right way, but Caleb refuses to work with her and shouts that he won't stay in Pine Valley one minute longer and will sell to the Chandlers. Annie hugs J.R. over the good news. Scott twirls Marissa around over the news that Caleb may sell to them. Damon tries to explain to Colby why he wasn’t’ going to New York. Colby lets Damon know that she lost her spot in the fashion firm. Colby doesn’t mind because she will get to spend more time with Damon. Caleb yells there's a gas leak to get all of Krystal's customers to leave, so he can pump her for information. After Erica informs Jack that she tried to get Caleb drunk so he'd sell the company to her, he asks if something happened between them on that mountain.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul is glad to see Gwen. Will, and Halle return to Oakdale and will tells Paul he is very worried about Barbara since she was supposed to come baby sit for Halle but never showed up in Carbondale. Paul explains to Will that Barbara went on a cruise to the Caribbean to try and forget about Henry who broke her heart. Will is worried and suspicious because Barbara would never miss an opportunity to baby sit Halle while he and Gwen went on vacation. Gwen and Will decide to spend the night in Barbara's room at the Lakeview and head back home tomorrow. Gwen and Will use the time in Oakdale to catch up with Casey <Alison, and Paul although Gwen attitude towards Paul is not a good one because she can't forgive him for Switching her baby that died with Jennifer's baby. Gwen does promise Will that she will try and be nice to Paul. Barbara continues to talk to Chuckles the toy clown who talks to her using Henry's voice. Barbara almost gets free when she finds a crow bar and breaks the lock on the warehouse door but when she opens the door she finds a brick wall. Barbara's kidnapper arrives and gives her more chloroform to put her to sleep.

Katie tells Chris she doesn't want him to leave town but she isn't ready to give herself to him even though she does admit she wants to be with him sometimes and she likes him a lot. Chris is understanding and they both agree to take their relationship very slowly. Henry is heartbroken when Vienna lies to him and tells him she lost the baby and he tells Vienna that it is his fault because he told her about his feelings for Barbara. Katie is angry at Vienna for telling Henry such a cruel lie instead of telling him the truth. Vienna explains to Katie that she couldn't take the stress of lying to Henry and she didn't want him to leave her. Vienna is so desperate to keep her secret that she begs Chris to tell Henry that she miscarried but doesn't need to have an operation to take out the remains of the baby. Chris refuses to continue to help Vienna with her lies but then Vienna tells Chris that if he doesn't help her Henry will find out Katie was also in on her lie and Katie will lose her best friend. Katie finds Henry mourning the loss of his child at the Lakeview bar and he shares with her how he blames himself for being so focused on his feelings for Barbara that he didn't take care of Vienna. Katie can't take the guilt anymore and tells Henry that Vienna didn't lose the baby because Vienna was never pregnant.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that it is not too late to pull out of this leaving the company. Steffy catches Oliver and wants to be sure that he broke up with Hope last night. He begs her not to go through with this. Even if Brooke leaves and he breaks up with Hope and she leaves town, and he and Steffy start dating at her request, that doesn’t mean all will turn out like she wants. Steffy tells her grandmother that Brooke will resign today. She can’t force her out of all their lives, but she will leave the company and it will be Forrester’s again. Jackie hears Bridget and invites her to come down and join her and Owen for breakfast. She tells them she saw Nicky last night and while he is in a bad place right now but she thinks once the baby is here that he will see how committed Owen is to her and he will accept the baby. Hope tells Oliver that she did not see Brooke last night, but she has thought it over and she knows he only wants what is best for her, so yes she will go to Boston to college. Except for Felicia, the entire group gather’s in Ridge’s office and Brooke makes her announcement. She states that she loves the company but matters have become unacceptable lately and for the good of the company she is leaving. She asks them not to try and change her mind.

Jackie tells Owen that it is ridiculous what Nicky said that Owen would leave her for Bridget. She knows that could never happen for him to leave a marriage of passion and go to a loveless one. Hope tells Ollie that Boston is not that far away and they will get through this. Stephanie tells Brooke that she doesn’t know what Steffy has on her, but she is grateful that the company is back in her family’s hands. Forrester Creations is no longer Brooke’s concern. Steffy tells Brooke that she did the right thing. Oliver calls and tells Brooke that it is done. Hope is going away to college. He will date Steffy for a few months, but he will always love Hope. Brooke gives Ollie’s announcement to Steffy. She tells Brooke that she is sorry but now the company is Logan free the way it should be. Brooke is on the dock and looks at the FC logo and has memories of the past while both Stephanie and Steffy watch from above.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Carly called Chloe and wanted to talk to her about Daniel, but Chloe didn't want to talk to her. She wanted Carly to leave her and Daniel alone.  Carly wanted to go to her apartment to talk to her.  Nicole called EJ to bait him.  EJ didn't fall for it.  He hung up on her.  She called back and threatened him.  She wanted him to meet in a public place so they could talk.  While Philip and Melanie were at the hospital, Philip ran into Stephanie.  Stephanie thought he was up to something because he was so jumpy.  Caroline was upset with Maggie because she didn't listen to her warnings about Victor.  Daniel wanted to give Chloe a Christening gown that was in his family.

Maggie tried to set Caroline straight about what's going on with Victor, but Caroline still seemed upset.  Victor ended up showing up at the pub and told Maggie that Caroline was really upset with him and not her.  Stephanie and Nathan saw Philip and Melanie at the beach.  Victor put Caroline in her place because of how mad she was that he was with Maggie.  Melanie told Philip that Chloe is pregnant.  Nicole told EJ how she knows that EJ paid Anna to kidnap Sydney.  That's how the show ended.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason and Dante are disappointed that they watched Karen's house all night and Franco didn’t show up. Forensics found nothing on the 66 roses that Franco sent Maxie. Spinelli catatonically bangs on his computer keyboard and goes off on Dante when he talks to him. Dante asks Jason to fix Spinelli and leaves. Carly goes to the penthouse and tells Jason that Franco told her that they are all connected to him and that he mentioned that Michael was a prize in prison. Jason tells her that Franco is messing with her to get his attention. Franco enters the abandoned Lockland Mansion on Country Road 66 and begins removing the covers from the furniture. He puts his monkey toy on the fireplace mantle and tags the wall above it with Co77x. A man named Wilhelm von Schlagel arrives and says he is thrilled that they will be working together. Franco tells him that the exhibition will be in the mansion. "Willie" observes that he doesn’t see any art. Later Franco looks at pictures of Maxie, Lulu, and Carly and wonders which one to choose. Franco watches Jax and Lulu playing with Josslyn in the park. When Lulu leaves and Jax is packing up Josslyn's things, Franco goes to her stroller and asks her if she remembers him.

Claire tells Sonny that her apology was just an apology and she is still going to take him down eventually. He invites her to stay for lunch but she says it would be inappropriate and leaves. When she goes back to the station, she tells Lucky that everything is going according to her plan. Lucky still thinks it is a bad plan. Michael tells Dante about Johnny and Kristina's near-deadly experience. Max picks up Michael after his appointment with his parole officer and takes him to see Sonny. He tells Sonny their visits can't be so obvious in the future. Sonny agrees. As Sonny explains that choosing a method to deal with Johnny was just business but that what almost happened to Kristina will haunt him, Claire enters Sonny's office. Lisa continues to pretend she is going to tell Robin about her tryst with Patrick. When he confronts her about it she says the only Robin will find out that they had sex will be if he gives it away. Robin brings Patrick a folder with a note inviting him to the supply closet. When he is reluctant to make love, she demands to know what is wrong with him. In the Metro court restaurant, Skye tells Jax that if he looked at her have the amount of time that he is looking at Carly, Carly might get jealous. Meanwhile at another table, Steve tells Carly that this is the second time in 48 hours that a woman has used him to make another man jealous. She tells him that she and Jax are getting divorced; she just isn’t going to hand him over to Skye, but she eventually admits that she still loves Jax. Spinelli tells Jason that he saw Maxie kissing Matt and that he is breaking up with her. Maxie kisses Lucky as a test and confirms that he is still the best kisser. Elizabeth sees the kiss and calls Maxie a slut. Maxie finds it ironic that the woman calling her a slut has three babies by three different men. She asks Lucky to tell her that he isn’t getting back with Maxie after what she did. He tells her that it is just as pointless to rehash what happened with Maxie, as it is to rehash what happened with them. He walks away without finding out why Elizabeth was there in the first place. Elizabeth goes to find Nikolas and invites him to be in her Lamaze coach. Lulu asks Dante to promise that he will never play hurtful games with her and tells him about Maxie and Spinelli. Dante says that explains Spinelli's mood.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew confesses to David that he is responsible for almost getting Nate and Dani killed since he approached Bull, informed him that Nate had the money, and told him where to find him. He is ready to confess to his police commissioner father and turn himself in, but David urges him not to do that and promises to keep the secret from him. Meanwhile, Dani is distraught to find out her mother is dying and talks to Nate. Tea and Todd argue about how he will parent Dani when she is gone, but he decides he wants to be supportive to both of them. The cops drop the charges against Todd after Hannah admits that she falsely accused him of pushing Marty and did not see him do it. She talks privately to Eli, however, and admits that she knows he did it as well as trying to kill Ford. He warns her that she does not want to mess with him. Cole and Starr talk about James and they want to get back together, but she reveals that she has to make certain that James is ok while he's in surgery.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Victor cannot believe his ears when Victoria tells him that she loves Billy. Nick lets Nikki know that Phyllis left him. Phyllis arrives on Sharon’s doorstep and tells her that she left Nick and wants her apartment back. Heather finds out from Owen that Skye Lockhart is back in town. Owen makes Heather the lead counsel in the murder case. Adam asks his attorney, Vance, if he can get him bail. Nick vows to Nikki that he will bring Phyllis home. Billy asks Victoria out on a date. Billy takes her to an arcade. The judge sets Adam’s bail at $500,000.00. Sharon tells Nick that Phyllis is at the condo. Skye insists to Adam that she will pay his bail if he will agree to marry her. Allen Cook asks Victor for an interview about Abby’s article in “Restless Style.” Phyllis refuses to take Nick back despite his efforts to reconcile with her. Sharon arrives at Victor’s and lets him know that Phyllis ordered her out of the condo. Adam and Skye arrive at Victor’s to announce that they got married.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya

Heather takes on Adam and his big time lawyer and loses; Adam is released on bail. Skye gives Adam an ultimatum; marry me or else. Abby‘s still riding her Naked Heiress wave, but Victor is enraged when he is told about the sex tape. Billy and Victoria go on their first “real” date, much to Victor’s chagrin. Phyllis tells Nick that she has really thrown in the towel; she also throws Sharon out of the penthouse.

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