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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda is practicing her Italian when Jake comes in and interrupts her. Angie’s eyesight becomes worse and she cannot see anything in the apartment. Angie stumbles around in order to find the phone when Jesse calls. Jesse is confronted by the Mayor and David about his trip to West Virginia. Ryan tells Greenlee about David bribing the SEC agent sot he won’t have to serve any jail time. Angie calls Jake for help. Amanda tells Jake that she is passing up on going to Italy for the photo shoot, since he can't go with her. The Mayor suspends Jesse for using taxpayer's money to go away. Greenlee doesn’t believe Ryan’s accusations. Madison, in only a towel, walks into the living room just as Frankie comes in the door. Randi shows Amanda her clothes for the photo shoot, but Amanda suggests that Randi go in her place. Jake comes to help Angie rearrange the furniture so she won't trip over anything when Jesse walks with all his belongings from work. Ryan breaks his date with Madison to investigate David further. Greenlee confronts David over his lies. Realizing his mistake, Ryan stops by Frankie’s to pick up Madison for their date. Randi walks in just as they are leaving and isn't happy to find out that Madison is crashing on their sofa. David and Greenlee argue over what he did. David accuses Greenlee of trying to find an excuse to get out of their marriage. Greenlee denies it. Jesse and Angie discuss his suspension from the police department. Ryan and Madison go on a picnic. David lets Greenlee know that she is the love of his life, then shows her the blueprints for their new house.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Katie sits at a table in Alís Diner when she sees Chris outside talking to a woman. Katie immediately goes outside to see what is going on. At Fairwinds, Emily wants Paul to try on a sweater for their Christmas card. Kim interrupts them and wants to know if they heard from Barbara. Barbara sits alone with the clown and thinks that he is talking to her. Vienna and Henry have finished making love when he sees red splotches all over her. Henry begins to panic and wants to call the doctor. Vienna tries to put him off by telling him to go to the pharmacy to get her medication. Vienna gets up and Henry notices that the baby is lopsided. Henry feels that they have been making love too often. Chris introduces Monique to Katie. Katie takes an instant disliking to Monique. Barbara finds some firecrackers in hopes of making an explosion in order to draw attention. Paul, Emily and Eliza have their Christmas card. Vienna calls Katie for help. Katie tells Chris to do what he wanted to do because he was going to do that anyway. Henry catches up with Paul and Emily and asks about Barbara. Emily advises Henry not to look for Barbara.

Barbara finds firecrackers in a box and lights them. A doctor gives Vienna medication for her rash. Paul notices that Kim is really worried over Barbara. Katie urges Vienna to tell Henry the truth. Chris asks Kim for advice about what to do about going to Haiti. Kim asks him if this has anything to do with Katie, which he denies. Kim gives Chris helpful advice about Katie. At the hospital, Vienna lies to Henry and tells him that she lost the baby. Chris tells Katie to tell him not to go to Haiti.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that her leaving Forrester doesn’t take any sense. She doesn’t want him to fight her on this. He says he has to fight her because he knows something else is going on. She sees he won’t let up so she says she will tell him. It is time that he and Steffy run the company. After all she got it back from Bill Spencer and handed it to him. He thinks this is too bizarre that she is giving up as she has never done that before. He thinks it has something to do with Stephanie and Steffy hounding her. She says she only wants him to be happy, no more drama. And that’s all it will ever be if she stays. He tells her that she belongs at Forrester. He knows she doesn’t want to leave and he will not let her go. She continues to say that she has to leave. She needs peace so she begs him to let her go. Oliver holds Hope and tells her that he thinks she needs to call the recruiter back and tell her that she will accept the scholarship. She doesn’t understand why he’s done this 180. He tries to explain that sometime things happen that you don’t anticipate and life takes you in a very different direction and this is one of those times. He tells her that he loves her, but he doesn’t ever want that love to hold her back. He knows what this college will mean to her future for the rest of her life. He’d do anything for her even if it hurt like hell as long as he knew it was best for her. She guesses that he is trying to protect her by keeping her away from Steffy. He replies that it’s not running away, but running toward something. He says he was so sure that he bought tickets already to take her to Boston. Everything is going to be okay; he won’t love her any less when he is away from her. She says that she will have to talk to her parents first, especially her mother who will take this pretty hard. Nick is tying knots in a rope when Jackie comes aboard. She quotes “they say when you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on”. He advises her that his marriage is over and he’s dealing with it and moving on. He advises her that she should watch and take note as she will have to deal with the very same thing very soon. Nothing would make him happier. She says she has no intention of divorcing her husband. They have worked through that night and they will continue to work through the rest of it too. He tells her that she better open her eyes. He’s going to leave her for Bridget and she knows it. Bridget walks down the stairs of her loft and finds Owen exercising in his living room. She smiles and tells him not to stop, exercising is important. He tells her yeah especially her now that she is pregnant. She claims that she is trying to do everything right. She needs some advice now and came down to talk to his wife. Owen asks her not to leave. He’d be happy to look over the baby catalogue with her…unless she is uncomfortable being there alone with him.

Thomas stops in to see Steffy and she reveals there is no Hope For The Future. This time tomorrow the last of the Logans should be gone. Nick lashes out at Jackie that Owen is a taker. He understands why she thinks Owen loves her. He should. Thanks to her he’s rich, he’s famous, he’s respected, he has a career and a credit rating and nobody can take that away from him. But he has a commitment to this kid and that is just going to grow just like his commitment to Bridget. He’s a simple guy. He wants what he wants and he finds out who has it and he falls in love in order to get it. Nick says Bridget is going to need someone too so that is why he told her to go for it. He realizes his mother thought this was her last stop but it’s Owen’s first. Life is just beginning for him and it will be with Bridget and their baby so Jackie better star facing that fact. She’s livid. She says she can take him lashing out at her because she knows he’s in pain, but she is not going to let him diminish what she and Owen have. It is very real, and what he said about Owen and Bridget, the less said the better. Owen asks Bridget if she has told anybody that he’s the father of the baby. She confesses she has only told her mother. She hasn’t had the nerve to tell her dad or the rest of the family yet. She’s probably the last person that anyone would think this would happen to. He hugs her and tells her that she is handling it like any strong woman would. Brooke tells Ridge that she’s just been through so much lately with her mother’s death and her father in jail. Of course she doesn’t want to leave Forrester but she asks him to please not make her explain it anymore. This is something she has to do. She really just wants and needs his support on this. He says of course she has that. Her commitment as a wife and mother, always putting other people’s needs first….that’s the part of her that he knows so well and he knows that is why she is leaving. The phone rings and it’s Steffy. He tells her it is not a good time. He gets permission from Brooke to tell Steffy the news that Brooke is leaving Forrester. Thorne calls so while Ridge talks to him, he hands the phone to Brooke as Steffy wishes to speak to her. Steffy tells her that for tomorrow she will have everybody in her dad’s office and Brooke can make her announcement then…but remember that Hope has to be out too. She doesn’t expect Brooke to understand but this is what she needs. The phone goes dead……Brooke picks up the Victory photo and hugs it to her chest.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole continued her search at the mansion. Stefano ran into Lexie and Theo at the pier.  Stefano wanted to take Theo sailing.  Abe saw them together.  Sami and EJ were getting playful on the beach and things got messy.  Sami spilled salad dressing on EJ's shirt and she was tempted to check him out.  While Nicole was searching the mansion, she saw her sonogram.  She flashed back to when she was pregnant.  Gabi and Will showed up at the beach and Will gave Sami a hard time.  Vivian showed up at Chloe's apartment and demanded to know why She didn't kill Carly.  Carly and Melanie talked about Chloe.  Chloe said that she was glad that she didn't go through with killing Carly.  Nicole continued her search at the mansion but she didn't find anything.  She tried to sneak to another room downstairs, but her plan was ruined when Stefano arrived.  She had to hurry up and hide.  Stefano didn't see her.

Chloe finally put the pieces together and realized that Vivian paid the nurse and the motel clerk to lie to Chloe.  Gabi sang a song to Sydney that Rafe used to sing to Grace.  It made Sami think of Rafe.  EJ wanted to know why Stefano interrupted his picnic wit Sami and the kids. They were talking and Nicole overheard how EJ didn't have any proof on her.  Chloe threatened to tell the police what Vivian did to get her to kill Carly.  Vivian called her bluff and reminded her about her role in the plan.  Carly saw them fighting and got involved.  EJ made the biggest mistake of his life when he and Stefano talked about him kidnapping Sydney.  Nicole heard that confession and taped it.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ethan tells Johnny he will quit if he tries to retaliate against Sonny. Johnny says he won't a little too easily for Ethan to believe it. Johnny explains that Sonny is expecting him to hit back and doing nothing will throw off the pace and make Sonny do something stupid. Ethan advises him as a gambler that luck always runs out and Johnny will end up dead. Olivia goes to see Johnny. They make love and then she breaks up with him, telling him she loves him to much to watch him die. Lucky asks Sonny how far he will go to keep Kristina safe, observing that Johnny will do anything to make Sonny pay for Claudia's death. He says Sonny has to avoid becoming emotionally involved because it will result in more violence. Sonny reminds him that he brokered the peace between the families that is keeping Port Charles quiet and says Johnny is going to make it fall apart. Lucky asks Sonny to let the cops handle Johnny and adds that Dante is still looking for a reason to take Sonny down. Sonny tells Lucky that he appreciates his concern but it isnít his problem. Lucky goes back to the station and tells Claire that he thinks Sonny did it. Claire tells him that Sonny has been hitting on her and she is going to play along to get close enough to get what she needs from him. Lucky warns her not to fall for Sonny. Claire goes to Pozzulo's to apologize to Sonny. Kristina goes to see Sonny and tells him that he wins because she is no longer seeing Johnny but it isnít because he told her not to see him; it is because she doesnít want him to die. She warns her father that he will never see her again if he does anything else to Johnny. Sonny tells her that she is going to learn respect. He tells her that she will have a curfew, he is taking away her credit cards, and she will come to his house for dinner every Tuesday and every time she defies him or lies to him, she will lose another privilege.

Lisa and Steve welcome Robin back from Africa. Afterwards, Steve lambasts Lisa for flaunting her relationship with Patrick in Robin's face. He tells her that he isnít stupid, he knows that he was a means to an end but not that she has Patrick's attention he had better not see it affect patient care or he will have to reevaluate her place at the hospital. Carly invites Steve to lunch to make Jax jealous. Later Patrick warns Lisa not to mess with him. Lisa tells him that his secret is safe with her. Lulu warns Maxie that when Matt and Spinelli get sick of her games, she will lose them both. When Spinelli arrives at Maxie's apartment and enters the open door, he sees Maxie and Matt kissing, turns around, and leaves. Lulu comes home right behind him and sees the kiss too. She informs Maxie that Spinelli saw it. Nikolas and Elizabeth go to see Shirley, who is awake and enjoying a sample of everything from the Metro Court restaurant and she informs Nik that she charged it to him. Elizabeth declines to take any of the food Shirley offers and is surprised that Shirley has children when she mentions her own pregnancy. Shirley says her affairs were a lot like Elizabethís and that is why she never brings them up. She tells Elizabeth that she left her husband and children to marry her first love and her children don't want to involve her in their lives. Elizabeth goes to the Police station to talk to Lucky and finds him in a lip lock with Maxie.

BONUS GH Recap Written by Carrie

Robin returns back to work. Lisa is being overly nice to Robin which irks Patrick. Patrick confronts Lisa about their one-night-stand. Patrick makes it clear that Robin can never know that he slept with Lisa. Jax and Skye try to make Carly jealous. Jax is irritated to see that Carly is catching up with Steven. Ethan tells Johnny that he should stop going after Sonny. Johnny decides to end his vendetta against Sonny. Kristina refuses to have anything to do with Sonny. However, Sonny threatens to take away Kristina's credit cards if she doesn't spend time with him. Spinelli and Lulu witness Maxie kissing Matt. Lulu informs Maxie that Spinelli saw the whole thing. Maxie is trying everything to convince herself that she doesn't like Matt. Claire tells Lucky that she is going to let Sonny seduce her so she can bust him. Lucky warns Claire not to fall in love with Sonny. Olivia and Johnny have sex one last time before she tells him their relationship is over. Elizabeth and Nikolas seem to be on good terms. Elizabeth discovers that Shirley is a mother but she isn't speaking to her children. Shirley admits that at one time, she left her husband and kids for another man. Elizabeth is startled to see Maxie kiss Lucky. Claire apologizes to Sonny for accusing him of planting the bomb in Johnny's car. Sonny figures he can work his charm on Claire.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr accidentally gets James shot. At the hospital, they are worried but hope he will pull through. She calls his brother, Robert Ford who reveals that he abandoned his younger brother but wants to be there for him now. Blair is ready to marry Eli. Nobody suspects anything. Kelly is still trying to find the mysterious Bennett Thompson who killed her mother. Hannah asks Eli to represent her in the case where she's being accused of trying to kill Ford and pushing Marty. She admits that she falsely accused Todd of pushing Marty but she did not do it herself. She reveals to Eli she knows he did it. Tea reveals to Dani for the first time that she is dying. Dani is devastated. Blair and Todd both try to console them both.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon visits Adam in jail who is overjoyed to see her. Sharon tells Adam that she won't be so happy when he finds out why she is there. Nick and Phyllis prepare to go out and hold their heads up high since he was cleared of all charges. Nikki is proud of Victor for going after Adam in order to clear Nicholas. Owen appears before the judge and asks that Patty be committed to a psych hospital for the criminally insane indefinitely. Paul objects. Abby is prepared to see herself on the cover of “Restless Style” but is quite surprised when she sees that Billy tricked her and she isn’t naked at all. Victoria confronts Billy about the article in the magazine about Nick and Adam and Sharon. Sharon demands answers from Adam on how he could tell her one thing and do such things against her. The press conference begins with Victor making a statement to the press. Paul defends Patty in court until she stands up and tells him that she is guilty.

Abby and Billy argue about the cover of “Restless Style” and how he betrayed her. Paul and Patty argue in the courtroom over the fact that she hated finding out that Emily and Jack were engaged. Sharon lets Nick know that she went to see Adam. Owen holds a press conference about Patty and her confession to killing Richard Hightower. Victoria complains about Billy to Nikki. Adam’s hearing begins with him acting as his own attorney until Skye shows up and tells the judge that Adam is innocent. Phyllis lets Nick know that there is no “us.” Nikki gives Abby helpful advice concerning her nude photos and her reputation. Victoria informs Victor that she loves Billy. Nick cannot believe that he and Phyllis are over as she leaves their home.

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