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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica visits Caleb with his favorite whiskey and thanks him for saving her life. In the park, Ryan and Madison discuss their trip to New York. David and Greenlee kiss in their hotel room. J.R. is surprised when Annie arrives at the beach house. Annie tells J.R. about Scott wanting to buy Cortlandt Electronics for Chandler. A.J. comes running into the living room and wants to show J.R. his blue ribbon, but Marissa tells him that he is still at the beach house. A.J. wants to go visit J.R. David gets a call (supposedly) from the hospital and goes walk in the park. Frankie and Randi meet Bianca at Krystal’s and finds out that she is taking over Fusion for Erica. Annie opens up to J.R. about her life with her fist husband. Erica tries to get Caleb to sign over ownership of Cortlandt to her, but he sees through her little plan. In the park, Ryan hears David on the phone with the agent from the SEC.

Bianca rehires Madison for Fusion. Frankie offers to let Madison move in with him and Randi while her new place is being painted without checking with Randi. Madison is very grateful. David and Greenlee visit Caleb bearing a gift of cheesecake and the wish to buy back Wildwind. Erica lets Greenlee know that she is giving up Fusion and Bianca will be taking over. Greenlee feels she's won. Caleb questions David about the Chandler family. David assures Caleb he is trustworthy. Erica lets Caleb know that David and Greenlee sabotaged her plane and caused it to crash on his house. Caleb becomes angry and tells David that since he took Caleb’s house away then he is taking David’s home. Madison lets Ryan know that the Miranda Center is losing their backers thanks to David. Ryan warns Greenlee about David's scheme. Greenlee tells him that Erica is giving up Fusion.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, Jack and Lily discuss Gabriel being arrested for gambling. Lucinda meets with an old acquaintance for help. Lucinda wants the woman to offer to sell Lily and Carly a perfume factory that doesn’t’ exist. Carly organizes a list of things for Parker to take to New York with him. Parker asks Carly for help in getting an internship for Liberty in New York. Carly agrees. Craig offers to help get Gabriel out of jail, but he refuses his help. Liberty, busily paints on a chair, which Faith doesn’t like too much. Parker comes to visit them and tells Liberty about the internship in New York. Liberty is surprised that Parker would do that for her but refuses his help. Craig opens up to Jack and him know that Gabriel was trying to help Liberty in getting her money for college. Craig asks Jack to help Gabriel get a job. Jack agrees to let Gabriel help on Janet’s house, but Liberty disagrees. Parker senses that Liberty wants to stay in town because of Gabriel. Faith lets it out that Gabriel will be working on Janet’s house. Lucinda’s friend approaches Lily and Carly about buying the factory. Lily has reservations about it because of Lucinda’s involvement. Carly gives Lily some helpful advice before they talk to Francois again about the factory.

Parker lets Jack know that Liberty wants to stay in town because of Gabriel. Lily tells Craig about the perfume factory. Craig vows revenge on Lucinda over her involvement. Parker lets Carly know that he is going to New York. Jack and Carly argue over Parker. Gabriel visits Liberty and tells her about the gambling. Gabriel lets Liberty know that he was trying to earn the money to help her go to college. Liberty resents Gabriel’s involvement. Gabriel also lets Liberty know that Jack hired him to work on Janet’s house.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Brooke and Oliver that she is waiting. She offered them a very sweet deal. She offered for Brooke and Hope to leave with a scandal or with their dignity intact. If they take the deal, then Stephanie nor anyone else has to know. Accept her offer and no one will get hurt. Hope should not have to pass up this college opportunity. Brooke says she is still willing to quit Forrester’s, but just leave her daughter alone. Steffy is just using this horrible mistake to her advantage. Steffy points out that it was she that got this company back to it’s original form. She is tired of being shut out, of being disappointed and watching Brooke doing anything she wants and getting away with it. She can not risk her family and company being hurt again by Brooke. Brooke says she can’t do it. She can not force her daughter out. It’s her problem and she will deal with it. Oliver steps in and says Hope must never know. He begs Brooke not to tell Hope. Steffy wants to put a deadline on this offer. They need to make up their minds. Ridge thinks about what Brooke told him that she made a mistake, one involving Oliver. Stephanie stops by and wants to talk about Brooke since Steffy intimated Brooke was about to make another scandal. Ridge tells his mother to give it a break. He’s trying to keep peace between Steffy and Hope and he doesn’t need her to stir it up. He throws her out with her saying she doesn’t want him to be caught off guard. Getting ready for bed and looking at Brooke’s picture, he says whatever is going on with her, they will work it out. Aggie helps Hope get a special meal ready for Oliver at his bachelor pad. She wants to thank him for doing all he did for her graduation night. She knows it will be a special night.

Oliver tells Steffy that he’s only agreeing to this because he loves Hope so much. Brooke offers that this is going to take some time to work out. Steffy says she only has until tomorrow. Hope must go to college back east and Brooke needs to tell Ridge that she is leaving Forrester. Stephanie stops in and Steffy tells her that she worked some of her magic and without giving her any details she tells Stephanie that both Brooke and Hope are out. Hope welcomes Oliver home....he's a little distant. She tells him that her college counselor called again. He thinks it is amazing they are still holding the position open and tells her that he thinks she should accept it. Brooke returns home to Ridge in bed, candles aglow, a romantic setting. He kisses her and says they did not get to finish their conversation so now she can tell him what was wrong. He can’t believe she is being a worry wart. She can tell him anything. He needs to know what has been bothering her so much. She blurts out that she is leaving Forrester. It’s for the best. He says that is ridiculous. He’s finally in charge of the company and they have the best years of their lives ahead. She says she can not take it anymore…all the infighting. He says he will talk to his mother and Steffy; he is not going to let her do this. He wants to know why she is doing this….the truth.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Caroline wanted to know how deeply involved Sami is with EJ.  Ciara told Justin that Hope had different wallets. Justin went up to confront Hope as she was getting ready to mug again.  A police officer broke up Will and Chad's fight.  Will told Chad how his mother was a hooker and Chad didn't like it.  Sami was trying to convince Caroline that she is only at the mansion for the kids. Hope had to come up with excuses for why she was up when Justin confronted her about the wallets.  EJ and Stefano almost got into it about EJ setting up Sydney's kidnapping.  Stefano is concerned that EJ might do something to give himself away.  Nicole tried to pump Sami about what EJ might have on her, but it didn't do any good.  Adrienne showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to look for Justin.  Ciara told her that he was upstairs in Hope's room.  Adrienne went up to Hope's room and saw Hope and Justin hugging.  

Chad demanded that Will tell him why he called Madeline a prostitute.  Chad wasn't convinced that was true. Will told him it was true and that he should ask Madeline if he didn't believe him. Sami invited EJ to go with her and the kids on a picnic.  Stefano threatened Nicole and let her know that EJ had the goods on her.  Hope managed to sneak out of the Kiriakis mansion while Justin and Adrienne were in the living room. Nicole found out that she was being followed and she fixed him.  She screamed and ripped her shirt so the cops would show up. The plan worked and she got rid of him.  Nicole broke into the DiMera mansion and started snooping around.  Chad asked Madeline about her past.  Hope indicated to Dr. Baker that she plans on getting rid of Bo. That's how the show ended.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Patrick is surprised to find that Robin has returned from her Africa trip. Robin acknowledges that she and Patrick need to work on their relationship. Patrick keeps mum about sleeping with Lisa. Michael agrees to keep quiet about Sonny’s involvement in the car bomb since it would devastate Kristina. Sonny tells Alexis and Claire that he isn’t to blame for Johnny’s car explosion. Kristina is released from the hospital. Alexis forbids Kristina to see Johnny. Kristina reluctantly agrees to stay away from Johnny. Jax and Skye share a kiss to make Carly jealous. Carly yells at Olivia for not fixing the problem of leaking pipes at the Metro Court. Carly and Jax talk about Morgan’s upcoming adoption. Jason, Dante, and Spinelli listen as Maxie recalls her strange conversation with Franco. Maxie mentions that Franco brought her 66 roses. Dante and Jason wonder what the roses symbolize. Franco and his mom talk about his latest artistic pursuits. Karen has no idea that her son is a psychopath. Dante informs Lulu that Franco showed up at Crimson. Lulu fears that her loved ones are in danger. Spinelli wishes that he could keep Maxie safe. Olivia is shocked to hear about the car bomb. Olivia confronts Sonny but he denies being involved. Franco pays Carly a visit at the Metro Court restaurant. Franco implies that something bad happened to Michael in Pentonville.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

David, Viki, and Charlie watch Fourth of July Fireworks at the country club. David's presence annoys Charlie. Dorian congratulates Charlie on getting the grant for the greenhouse project and tells Viki that she and Charlie will be spending a lot of time together. Viki says that is ok because she will be busy training David for his new job at the Banner. Viki and Charlie laugh at Dorian and David while they argue about why they broke up. Rex rents a Cabana for the night to celebrate with Gigi.

James and Todd are fighting Bull, while Dani, Nate, and Starr stay out of the way. Starr picks up a gun, aims at Bull, and shoots, but she accidentally shoots James. They rush him to the hospital. Dani asks Todd who James is and he informs her that James is the kid whose money Nate stole. Tea wakes up on the floor, dials Todd's number, and passes out again while it is ringing. Blair stops by to check on her and when she doesn’t answer the door, she has the hotel Manager open it and finds her on the floor. Tea is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Tea asks Blair to call Todd but she doesn't have to because she runs into him in the hallway and tells him what happened. Blair wonders what Starr and Dani are doing there and they tell her that Starr shot James. Dr. Evans tells Tea that she has an infection and that with a strong antibiotic she will feel better in a couple of days. Dani overhears Dr Evans telling Blair about Tea's results and demands to see her mother. Tea prepares to tell Dani the truth about her brain tumor.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis and Daniel arrive home to find Nick not there and only a note from him. Nick and Sharon spend quality time with Faith. Billy gets a call from Abby about some new info for her cover on “Restless Style.” Billy lets her know that he is not interested. Rafe walks in and tells Billy that he is not taking Adam’s case. Heather and Chance arrive home. Chance receives a call that Ellis is being transferred to a prison. Chloe eavesdrops on Chance and Heather. Ronan catches her and tells her that there is an easier way. Ronan advises Chloe to wire-tap Chance and Heather. Chance walks out of the room and catches Ronan and Chloe. Chloe tells Chance that she wants them to discuss wedding plans. Sharon lets Nick know that she saw Adam at the jail by mistake. Sharon orders Nick to go home to his family. Abby gives Billy pointers on her cover for “Restless Style.” At the coffeehouse, Sharon asks Rafe why Billy asked him to defend Adam. Victor lets Michael know that he is getting the Governor and the Attorney General involved in this investigation. Victor feels that Owen has a vendetta against Victor and his family. Nick arrives home to Phyllis and Summer.

Billy and Abby argue over her cover story. Ronan finds out that Ellis escaped from police custody. Chance becomes upset over Ellis’ escape. Michael lets Owen in on the fact that Victor is bringing the Governor in on this investigation. Heather and Ronan get on the phone to try to obtain information on Ellis’ escape. Ronan calls his informant and tells them that Chance is all worked up over Ellis’ escape. Victor tells Phyllis and Nick his plans for Owen. Abby stops by Daniel’s apartment and asks him to paint her portrait, nude. Daniel refuses. Sharon confronts Billy about the article that he is writing for “Restless Style” about her, Nick and Adam. Ronan listens to Heather’s and Chance’s conversation about Ellis. Abby and Daniel celebrate.

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