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AMC Recap Written by Mary

When Liza goes to Tad's with adoption papers, Opal advises her not to get between him and his son. Liza finds Damon’s phone and sees that her half naked pics are still on it. Damon arrives at the police station and jokingly admonishes Tad for getting arrested. J.R. and Marissa discuss a trip to the beach house when Annie comes in. Erica calls Caleb, but he refuses to pick up the phone. Erica leaves him a message that they need to discuss Palmer’s wishes about Cortlandt Electronics. At Fusion, Erica considers leaving to do other things. Bianca arrives and announces that she and Reese want to move back to Pine Valley. Both Jack and Erica are glad when Bianca offers to take over Fusion for Kendall. Scott and Annie visit Caleb to discuss buying Palmer's company, so Scott can hide the fact that he stole the nanotech project. Caleb wants to know where Adam is, so Annie and Scott tell him what has been going on. J.R. calls Liza to come to Tad’s aid. When Liza confronts Damon about the pics still being on his phone, he assures her he won't show them to Tad. When Caleb considers selling, Scott realizes that he cannot buy Cortlandt Electronics without J.R. Scott finds out from Marissa that J.R. left town and is eager to reach him. Annie goes searching for J.R. at the beach house. Damon and Tad sign the adoption papers and celebrate with Liza and Opal. Caleb and Erica meet up in the park and begin to argue as usual over Palmer's company. Caleb doesn’t want any part of it, but Erica insists that they do as Palmer asked. Jack interrupts them. At the beach house, J.R. dreams of both Marissa and Annie. Annie arrives at the beach house. Damon asks Liza to congratulate him, and when she hugs him, he kisses her.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty and Carly are tired of waiting for Jack and Janet to make up their minds and make their feelings known to them. Jack tries to patch things up with Carly, but she makes it clear that she won't keep a candle burning in the window for him while he is building a cabin for Janet and nesting with her. Carly decides to concentrate on her perfume company that she is starting with Lily which the ladies decide to name Carli (pronounced like the word lie). Dusty is worried that Janet is letting Jack build her a permanent home because he is fixing up an old cabin on Emma's property for her but she insists it is only until after the baby is born. Liberty persuades Jack and Janet to hire Gabriel to help with the cabin. Lily promises Craig she won't tell Carly that he is investing in their company. Lucinda is happy that Lily is getting into a new business so she can keep her mind off Holden. Lily turns down Lucinda's offer to invest in the company because she wants to do it on her own.

Liberty tells Gabriel about the job she got for him but he doesn't want her charity. Liberty persuades him to think about the job offer. Liberty tells Gabriel that she can't quit her summer job at Fashions because she needs the money to help with her college tuition. Gabriel decides to close his bank account and use the money to play poker so that he can give the money to Liberty for college. Craig gets a new investor Anthony Blackthorn to help him raise the rest of the money that Lucinda wants to let him invest in Worldwide. Dusty and Lucinda worry when they hear the news and wonder where Craig got all that money. Anthony Blackthorn calls a mysterious boss after his meeting with Craig. Craig is so happy that things went well for him today that he asks Lily out to dinner and she accepts his invitation. Jack calls Craig to inform him that Gabriel was arrested because he was caught in an illegal poker game.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Owen gives Jackie a bubble bath scrub and she laments that she would do anything to keep her good relationship with Nick. He turned out to be more the parent and Jackie the child. Bridget shouts at Nick that she can let him give up on them. She begs him to put the papers away and give it more time. He owes her this. He tells her that fact comes before feelings now and the fact is he can never live with raising another man’s child. She suggests they need to get past this moment and see what the future might be. He sneers that her future is not with him, but with the father of her baby. He has no doubt that Owen loves his mother, but things have changed now. Steffy tells Hope that she should have just stayed away and built her own life, not just be a hanger-on. This is like an extension of her grandfather’s house and Hope is not a bad person, but she should never have been a part of it. She might share her mother’s house with Steffy’s father, but not here. Brooke tells Oliver that she doesn’t see they have any other choice. She knows that he and Hope love each other and if it is meant to be then they will get back together. No one will understand if she tells Ridge the truth. It will bring up old problems and scandals in the past and Steffy will still use it to destroy her. Steffy walks in. (with something this explosive and sensitive, why can’t they lock the door!)

Hope gets a call from the Boston College that is offering the scholarship, but she declines again. She just can not leave L.A. right now. Rick gets a text message from Amber so he realizes she is back in town. Bridget tells Nick that she doesn’t want to fight. He says there is nothing to even fight about. She needs to sign the papers and if she doesn’t do it now she will just have to do it later. He keeps at her until she does. She takes off her rings and leaves them too. He tells her to take care of herself and the baby, do whatever the doctor says. She goes to Owen and Jackie’s and tells them the sad news. Steffy tells Oliver and Brooke that they can save all of them a lot of time. So just cut to the chase and tell her if they are going to accept her offer. Do not do this to her daughter. She can get her degree with her head held high or she can live in the scandal. She thinks this is extremely fair. She needs an agreement.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate agreed to keep Madeline's secret.  Will walked in on them while they were talking about Madeline being a whore.  Victor went to Maggie to talk about starting a foundation.  He wanted to invite her to dinner, but she refused.  Bo saw the divorce papers when he was helping Ciara look for her crayons.  As if she were reading Bo's mind, Hope showed up at the house.  Nicole went to Dr. Baker and declared that she was going to stop EJ for good.  Nicole wanted Dr. Baker and his partner to take out EJ.  Vivian showed up at Maggie's house when he was trying to convince Maggie to go out to dinner with him.  Hope and Bo were discussing Arianna's case.  Hope gave Bo some pretty convincing reasons for why Arianna would hurt men.  Bo thought that Hope might feel the same way about men and that she is too close to the case.  Kate and Madeline continued to talk about the past and Stefano was at the door.

Jennifer tried to convince Carly that Bo and Hope are connected and that Carly will get hurt. Will didn't seem to like seeing Chad and Gabi talking at the beach.  Maggie wanted Victor to leave her house and she wanted Vivian to stay.  Nicole tried to bribe Dr. Baker to get dirt on his partner.  Carly walked in on Bo and Hope while they were talking about their divorce.  Hope wants to go through with the divorce.  Maggie put Vivian in her place about why Victor wanted to talk to her and not Vivian.  Vivian was not happy about it.  Vivian and Jennifer had a run in at  the pier.  Carly claimed that she would "step back" so that Bo and Hope could make sure they want a divorce.  Carly also told Bo about the strange way Hope has been acting.  Will and Chad got into an argument over Gabi.  They also fought over their mothers. Will ended up telling Chad that his mother is a whore.  Ciara told Justin that Hope had his wallet.  Hope jumped out of bed because she was ready to get back to mugging again.  That was how it ended.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sonny shows up just as Johnny's car explodes. Johnny pushes Kristina out of the way. Johnny accuses Sonny of setting up the car bomb. Sonny tells Mac that the Lopez brothers are to blame. Alexis gets a call that Kristina has been admitted to the hospital. Steven informs Alexis that Kristina will be okay. Alexis slaps Johnny. Michael overhears Sonny and Max talking about their involvement in the car bomb. Alexis asks Sonny if he was involved in the car bomb. Maxie is scared to be in the same room with Franco. Franco tells Maxie to say hi to Jason. Jason and Dante speak to Karen, supposedly Franco's mom. Karen says that she doesn't have a son. Later on, Franco pays a visit to Karen. Jason, Spinelli, and Dante are shocked to find out that Maxie spoke to Franco. Jax and Skye talk about his marriage to Carly. Patrick realizes he made a mistake by sleeping with Lisa. Patrick and Lisa show up at the hospital to check on Shirley's condition. Patrick returns home and finds that Robin has returned from Johannesburg.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dani hides in Todd's vehicle unseen in order to save Nate from Bull. Todd has the money for Bull but he still wants to kill people. Meanwhile, John is ready to arrest Hannah for the assault of Ford and for killing Marty's baby. But she protests she did not do it. When then see that Ford has falsely accused her. The assailant is Eli. Ford tells Eli if he threatens him, then Ford can make trouble for him by exposing him as Bennett Thompson, the suspect who may have killed Kelly's mother and other crimes. At that point, Blair reveals to Kelly that Eli has proposed to her. They both believe that Eli is a great man and have no suspicion about him. And when Hannah is at the police station in need of legal representation and has no clue who framed her for assaulting Ford, she calls Eli and asks him to represent her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Paul visits Patty in the psych hospital and tries to get her to tell him if she killed Richard, but all she can ask is for him to keep Adam away from her. Sharon comes to the jail expecting to find Nick, but finds out that Adam was the one who had been wanting to see her. Billy eats dinner and remembers his talk with Adam in which he asked to talk to Rafe. Victor encounters Billy at the Athletic Club dining room and gives him fair warning not to write a story about Adam and Nick in “Restless Style.” While Jack and Emily cuddle, she remarks that she is glad that she got her license back. J.T. carries Mackenzie out onto the patio. Mackenzie is suffering from depression after giving birth to the twins and giving them to Cane and Lily. Cane and Neil sit by Lily’s bedside in the hospital. Neil lets Lily know that he sold Indigo to Jeff and Gloria and ended his relationship with Ashley. Billy calls Rafe for a talk. Sharon gives Adam five minutes to tell her what is on his mind. Sharon gets a call informing her that Patty confessed to Richard's murder. Paul visits Emily and Jack and lets them know that Patty confessed to killing Richard. Adam denies that he killed anyone. Billy asks Rafe to represent Adam. Victor asks Emily to talk to Patty against Jack’s wishes. Mackenzie reminisces about the past with Billy and that she may never have children of her own. Emily and Paul visit Patty but don’t get much information out of her. Cane visits the twins. Billy talks to Sharon and decides to use a photo of her in his article about Nick and Adam.

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