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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Due to the national holiday celebration on July 5, ABC rebroadcast older episodes of AMC, OLTL, & GH today.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Henry and Vienna’s wedding begins and Henry is having trouble hiding his fear and confusion, as Paul tries to offer support. The few people at the wedding all seem to be wondering if Barbara is going to crash the party. However, there are a couple of people – namely Vienna and Emily who seem confident she won’t. Barbara awakens in a party supplies warehouse groggy from the chloroform. She finds a ‘friend’ and sounding board in a lifelike toy clown, as she speculates who did this to her; she goes down the list rehashing each scenario involving Vienna, Katie and then Emily. Henry finally gets through the wedding, as a shocked Katie and Chris realize Vienna did not tell Henry she is not pregnant. A furious Katie tries to talk with Vienna, but she blows her off. Katie becomes even more incensed when Vienna acts like this wedding was God’s plan. Henry is worried about Katie’s strange behavior towards Vienna, but he assumes it is because she is missing Brad. Barbara worries that she will be left where she is forever if it is Emily, who kidnapped her. She wonders if Paul was involved. He can’t be, she tells herself – even if Emily has him wrapped. She cries for the fact that Henry is married and her window of love with him may have closed. Kim is worried about Barbara, as Emily makes snide remarks. Later, Paul leaves a message for his mom inviting her to lunch the next day because he was proud how she handled the wedding, but he is also worried about her. Vienna continues to take her Chinese fertility powder, as she is almost caught by Henry. Chris takes Katie home, who is down in the dumps after realizing because of Vienna’s lies, her best friends marriage is set to implode and at also being referred to as the ‘only unmarried woman at the wedding.’ She wonders about her wedding ring but can still not bring herself to take it off. Vienna continues her charade on her wedding night by only cuddling with Henry in the dark. Little does she know though that Henry is happy with only that and seems miles away as he holds her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that she got carried away the night of the party and she thought Oliver was him. She thinks they are talking about the same thing, but while she is trying to explain Ridge admits it was him…….he was the one who set up the Yankee Daddy gig and he did not tell her as he knew she could not keep a secret from Hope, so he let Oliver take the credit. Oliver catches Steffy just as she is going into Ridge’s office to confront him. He tells her that she can not do this. He closes the door and says she will crush her dad. She is a better person than this. She lays out her conditions to keep her secret from Hope. Brooke and Hope both have to leave Forrester’s. He has to convince Hope to go back east to college. She does not belong at Forrester. And Oliver has to agree to give him and Steffy a chance to see if there is something there. He is aghast that he would actually have to start dating her. But those are her terms, non-negotiable. Whip asks if there is anything he can do to help. Bridget says she is not sure she can save her marriage, but she needs to try. She tries to call Nick, but he sees who the call is from and ignores it. He’s on the boat and indulging in booze and smoke.

Ridge wants to hear the rest that Brooke is trying to tell him. She slowly starts over and says this was not intentional, but she must tell him before Steffy does. She says no one is perfect and she would never do anything to embarrass him, but fate always seems to step in. She’s trying to blurt it out when Oliver walks in. He says he knows he is interrupting, but this is important. Ridge tells her to deal with Oliver first then he will come back and wants to hear exactly what is bothering her. Oliver tells Brooke that she doesn’t have to confess to Ridge as Steffy is ready to make a deal. Bridget comes aboard The Marlin. She can’t believe that Nick is back to that disgusting smoking habit. She vows that she misses both him and Jack so much. She says they will never get things straightened out if they don’t talk. She wants them to do that. She notices he has taken off his wedding ring and there are papers to dissolve the marriage. She begs him not to do this. She says she is not going to give up on their marriage. He has every right to be upset with her because she broke her vows, but she never stopped loving him. She might not be able to make up for it, but she wants to try. He ignores her and she cries if there is anything she can do. Hope does a photo shoot and Rick tells her that she meets with his approval. Steffy comes in and wants to speak with Hope. She tells her she knows she loves it here, but that is all going to end. Brooke hugs Oliver. She can’t believe he managed to get through to Steffy. She doesn’t like the condition of sending her daughter away, but they have no other options. If Hope finds out it will kill her and she will hate them both. They can not let Hope find out. They have to protect her. They have to accept Steffy’s deal. It is the only way.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe confronted Nicole about what she's up to.  Shane continued to convince Kimberly that he is through with his life in the ISA.  Chad tried to pick a fight with Will.  He implied that Madeline can make things happen and Sami can't do it.  Arianna got a lucky break. She was able to finally get out of her cell and see a judge.  Brady hired someone to find his money clip.  Nicole showed up at the courthouse with a cameraman so she could get footage of Arianna's arraignment. Madeline continued to tell Kate to keep her secret from Stefano.  Arianna was freed on bail.  Nicole was worried because she thought about EJ's message to her.  He told her how he had proof of what she did.

Brady showed up at the courthouse and found out that Arianna was able to get out on bail.  Will and Chad seem to be interested in being closer to Gabi.  Chad seemed jealous when Will helped Gabi with her bikini top.  Arianna continued to give Brady a hard time.  He kept trying to convince her that he wanted to be there for her, but she rejected him.  She also gave Brady back his ring. Shane told Rafe that he and Kimberly are going back to Los Angeles together.  Rafe called his boss to request that he doesn't get sent away on any assignments any time soon.  Kate agreed to keep Madeline's secret.  Will overheard one of Madeline's secrets.  He heard Madeline refer to herself as a wh*re.  EJ warned Nicole that she was eventually going to report her own story.  He walked off and that was it.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Due to the national holiday celebration on July 5, ABC rebroadcast older episodes of AMC, OLTL, & GH today.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Due to the national holiday celebration on July 5, ABC rebroadcast older episodes of AMC, OLTL, & GH today.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

J.T. visits Mackenzie in the hospital and helps her to put on her shoes. Lily visits the twins and talks to them. Neil watches from outside the window. Cane joins Neil in watching Lily with the twins. At “Restless Style”, Billy finds out that Adam was transferred to a prison. Malcolm and Devon arrive for the photo shoot. At the coffeehouse, Chloe and Abby have a talk about Abby being on the cover of “Restless Style.” At the hotel, Owen holds a press conference concerning both Adam and Nick. Victor and Michael walk in and hear Owen’s comments. Abby approaches Daniel to talk to him about her photo shoot, but he still doesn’t want any part of it. Paul visits Patty and questions her about her confession. Adam is put into a cell with Nick. Nick welcomes Adam home. At “Restless Style” Abby is introduced to Lars. Chloe tells Malcolm and Devon to go along with what Abby wants. Abby’s photo shoot begins. When Billy sees what Abby is doing, he puts a stop to the photo shoot. Lily lets Mackenzie know her innermost feelings concerning the twins and her own death. Owen asks to talk to Patty alone which Paul objects to. Victor visits Nick and Adam in their cell. Mac visits the twins with Lily and Cane. Adam’s lawyer arrives. Nick makes bail. Lily’s stem cell infusion begins. Billy visits Adam for an exclusive, but Adam demands to see Rafe.

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