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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Liza and Damon try to mend fences between them and get along for a change. Liza tries to convince Damon into talking Colby into going to New York alone. Colby talks to Tad into investigating Damon to see who he had been seeing behind her back. Angie is in a room at the hospital, dictating some notes about her eyesight. Jesse comes in and interrupts her. Jesse questions Angie as to what is going on, but Angie refuses to tell him anything. Jake and Amanda make plans for a family/work trip/vacation to Italy. Jake sees Angie at the hospital and urges her to tell Jesse what is going on. Jake and Angie see a doctor about her eyesight.

Angie sees a doctor about her eyesight and learns that she could go permanently blind. Paul drops off some of Damon’s things at Tad’s home. Damon comes in and wants to know what Paul is doing here. Tad leaves Damon and Paul alone to talk and they begin to argue as usual. Tad comes in and interrupts Paul slurring Damon. Tad orders Paul out. At the Chandler mansion, Damon tries to talk Colby into going to New York alone. Colby can’t believe her ears. Liza walks in and overhears Damon talking to Colby. Tad hits Paul in the mouth. Paul presses charges against Tad. Angie comes home to find that Jesse is on his way to West Virginia to head up the investigation into Erica’s plane crash.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry feels he must do the right thing and marry Vienna because she is carrying his child but he is very nervous and decides to drink until his nerves go away. Henry admits to Paul that he is in love with Barbara and Paul advises Henry not to marry Vienna and tells him he can still be a good father to his child. Henry feels he owes Vienna this marriage because of all the pain she suffered when she lost their first child. Paul manages to get Henry to Al's diner for the wedding where Henry drinks champagne like a fish determined to go through with the wedding.

Barbara calls Vienna and tell her that she has proof she isn't pregnant and she will show Henry the proof unless Vienna leaves Oakdale today without marrying Henry. Vienna panics and Katie advises her to tell Henry the truth before Barbara has a chance to get to him. Vienna agrees and Katie tells Vienna she will take care of Barbara. Barbara gets into a shocking match with Emily when Emily tries to stop her from finding Henry to keep him from marrying Vienna. Barbara gets to the Lakeview but Henry is gone and while she is looking for her phone someone puts their hand over her mouth and drags her away. We later see Barbara laying on the floor of a darkened warehouse. Katie finally tells Chris that the reason that she wanted to help Henry and Vienna get married because she wanted to forget how much she missed Brad. Katie also tells Chris that Henry and Vienna being married won't bring Brad back to her. Katie tells Chris that once she realized that she stopped looking for Barbara and went to Brad's grave to have a good cry.

Bob and Kim worry that if Katie breaks Chris's heart because she isn't ready to have a relationship with him then he will leave Oakdale again. Vienna arrives at the diner and tells Henry she is more then ready to become Mrs. Henry Coleman today. The vows begin and the minister asks if there is any just cause for this couple not to be married.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke begs Steffy to reconsider. She knows she is not a cruel person and this would hurt both Hope and Ridge if they know the truth about her and Ollie at the party. She knows that she is not after Hope. It is Brooke, so she will do whatever Steffy wants. If she wants her to leave Forrester, she will. She will give up her position and never come back in the building. In exchange, Steffy will not go public with this information. Stephanie calls Steffy and tells her that she is dying of curiosity of what Steffy wants to tell her that is going to happen to Brooke. Steffy tells her that she is busy at the moment, but will tell her soon. Oliver and Hope kiss and he tells her that he loves her so much. She can’t get over the difference in Steffy. She used to be threatened by her all the time and now she is apologizing. He’s not sure Steffy has changed that much; she does have a lot of anger in her. Hope thinks that is pain. She’s not really a bad person, just hurt. Jackie catches Amber designing and Amber admits she is a bit rusty but she is anxious to jump right back into it. Owen tells Jackie that he’s going to go change from his Cabana Boy shoot. Amber tells Jackie that she has a real hunk there. Jackie admits that he is much more than that; not that there aren’t some obstacles but they are truly happy. Bridget walks in while Owen is changing. She apologizes and says she was just wondering if Nick was in…guess not as she would be the last person he’d want to run into. Owen says Nick loves her, so she just has to give this some time to heal. He starts to leave and she asks him please not to. He asks if she is okay. He hasn’t seen much of her despite the fact that she moved upstairs in Whip’s old apartment. Jackie wanted her close by; they both care about her. She thanks him and it makes her feel not quite so all alone. Jackie tells Amber that she won’t pry, but she has a feeling that she has had some troubles of her own. She’s come to the right place and will be welcome here.

Brooke can’t believe that Steffy is going to Stephanie with this. She will turn this into a major scandal. Not only will it hurt Brooke, Ridge and Hope but the company as well….the one she fought so hard to control. She really doesn’t think Steffy wants to give that up. And she doesn’t have to as Brooke will give her what she wants. She can have it all, just don’t tell Stephanie. Steffy wonders why she should do that. Brooke says because it was nothing malicious; just a terrible mistake. Steffy says her dad needs to know. Brooke says it will ruin Hope’s life. Steffy replies that she won’t do that; Brooke already has that honor. Brooke calls her heartless and cruel just like her namesake. Later Ollie drops in on Steffy and she says she knows this is going to complicate his life. She tells him that Brooke has agreed to resign. He says he talked to Hope but did not tell her the truth. He still hoped to avoid that. Steffy says the truth has to come out and Brooke has to be stopped. He doesn’t see what telling Ridge is going to accomplish. Steffy says he deserves to know what Brooke has been up to. Someday he will thank her. Owen tells Bridget that Nick loves her and he will come home. He needs this alone time to gain some perspective. She conveys that everyone should have a friend like him. He’s about the only one keeping her sane right now. Amber is curious how Jackie met Owen. Jackie said she literally parasailed her way into his life and made a damn fool of herself, but he proposed to her and then the fun really began. She admits she adores him and will never let him go. Amber almost interrupts Owen when he places his hand on Bridget’s tummy and they discuss the baby. She tells him it feels so good to laugh a little. Brooke paces in the office when Hope comes in and gives her a big hug. She’s just appreciating her mom and she states that she knows about her secret meeting with Ollie. She knows they must be working on some project. Thank God for Ollie. He knows how important Brooke is and is on her side. Hope tells her that she is the perfect mom. Brooke hugs her and says she hopes she will always feel that way. Ridge finds Brooke in a very down mood and realizes that she has been under siege nowadays from Steffy. Even his mother tried to tell him that Brooke would be in another scandal soon and he told her to put a lid on it. She’s just consumed with clinging to the mistakes of the past. He’ll have a talk with Steffy too. She’ll have to accept that Brooke has grown and changed. She is not some scandal waiting to explode his life. Her animosity is not acceptable and has to stop. Slowly Brooke says perhaps Steffy is right. Part of the reason Ridge loves her so much is her spontaneity, but she would never hurt him knowingly in any way. But something happened….a mistake….of mistaken identity with Oliver…graduation night….the happiest night of Hope’s life….Pose was playing and then there was that damn jacket…the lights, the music, the masks. She still doesn’t understand how it happened, but he’s going to have to forgive her one more time. She thought it was Ridge, but it was Oliver.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

"Days of Our Lives" is pre-empted today due to Wimbledon tennis coverage.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth sits at Shirley's bedside and waits for her to wake up. She thanks Nikolas for paying for the surgery and apologizes for treating him so badly. Patrick and Lisa get drunk celebrating their successful surgery on Shirley's brain cancer. Patrick walks Lisa home and kisses her when they get to her place.

Maxie receives roses at work. She thanks Matt when he arrives, but he admits he didn’t send them. She then surmises that they must be from Spinelli, which means her plan worked. Matt wonders if that is still what she wants. More bouquets of roses arrive. She tells him that she belongs with Spinelli so Matt leaves. Dante stops a man outside of Jason's building and the man runs. Dante chases him, only to discover that it wasn't Franco. Spinelli finds Franco's mother. He discovers that Franco is originally from Bensonhurst and that his mother changed her name to Anderson and moved upstate not far from Port Charles. Spinelli wonders if Jason hates Dante any less since he arranged for Michael’s release from prison because Franco will find a vulnerability if he has. Jason tells him that he is not going to be Dante's friend but he has to work with him. When Dante returns and tells them about the homeless man, Jason shares the lead about Franco's mother living in Woodstock. Dante is amazed that Spinelli found her when Interpol couldn’t. Spinelli strongly suggests that Dante stop worrying about procedure and focus on getting to Franco before he gets to their women again. Lulu goes to Jason's penthouse and Spinelli tells her that Jason and Dante went to Woodstock. She asks him if he thinks Jason will take off. He says Jason would never betray his friends and leave them at Franco's mercy. Maxie surmises that Spinelli is suggesting that Dante did that. She tells him that she hates being on opposite sides. He tells her that she will discover soon enough that her faith in Dante is misplaced. Maxie tells him that the flowers he sent Maxie were beautiful, but he says he didn't send them. More roses arrive at the studio but this time Franco delivers them himself. Dante and Jason arrive at Karen Anderson's house in Woodstock. Dante introduces himself as a police officer and says he has questions about her son. She says she doesn’t have a son.

A Demolition man rigs Johnny's car and anything within a 20-foot radius to blow up when Johnny disarms his keyless alarm. IN Johnny's penthouse, Olivia tells Johnny that she told Sonny that his relationship with Kristina is a farce. Kristina leaves the family dinner at the lake house after telling Alexis that she has an SAT prep class but she goes to Johnny's house. She accuses Olivia of trying to break her and Johnny up to get closer to Sonny. Johnny asks Olivia to leave so that he can talk to Kristina. He tells Kristina that he doesn't want to see her destroy herself in her quest to make her father notice her. He tells her their charade needs to end. She agrees, starts crying, and asks him to take her home. Sam arrives at the lake house and informs Alexis that no one is in the building where the test prep is supposedly occurring. Molly admits that Kristina went to see Johnny. Sonny runs out of the lake house and calls Max from the car on the way to Johnny's place. Max tells him that the demolition man is already gone and they can't disarm the bomb. Sonny arrives in Johnny’s parking garage just as Johnny presses the remote button to disarm his car alarm. The car explodes.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian hosts a 4th of July party. She wants to help Langston get over Ford and herself get over David. But both men appear wearing skimpy trunks with the American flag print and compete for the hot body recognition. Meanwhile, John finds Hannah while she's with Cole and confessed that she lied to him about Todd pushing his mom down the stairs in order to break up him and Starr. But are they really certain that she pushed Marty or that she tried to kill Ford? James and Starr are together wondering what to do regarding Bull. Each wants to protect the other and is worried about being responsible for the other's being in danger. Meanwhile, Todd goes to meet Bull. Dani sneaks into his vehicle although he tells her she must stay home. But it looks like Bull wants to kill people.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Adam tells a man in the Psych hospital that his family wants him dead. A woman comes in and tells Patty that it is time for her meds. Adam calls out to Patty from the air vent that he is coming for her. Patty calls out, “Who are you?” Michael calls out for Gloria. Lauren asks Michael if Neil gave him a holiday. Ashley and Tucker meet to celebrate the 4th of July. Tucker shows Ashley the video of Abby. Abby and Daniel make plans to go to the Chancellors for the barbeque. Victoria calls Billy and plans to meet him at his trailer to watch some “Father Knows Best” shows. Everyone begins to gather at the Chancellors for the barbeque. Jill also arrives at the party with her friend, Morgan. Ashley lets Kay know that she and Neil broke up. Gloria announces to everyone that Jeff purchased Indigo for her and they are going to change the name. Nikki and Kay notice that Jill is paying Morgan money. Adam continues to harass Patty into believing that she killed Adam by plunging a pen into his heart. Ashley confronts Abby about the video that she made with Daniel. Abby makes a spectacle of herself at the Chancellors by stripping naked to help save the otters. Katherine kicks Abby and Daniel out of her house. Jill announces to everyone that she changed her name to Jill Fenmore. Patty screams to the woman that she will confess that she killed Adam. Adam is arrested.

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