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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David and Greenlee wake up in bed together. Madison sees Ryan running in the park and pretends to hurt her ankle so that he will help her. David and Greenlee see Ryan and Madison together. Colby gets the internship in New York. Liza suggests that they have some girl time together, but Colby says she will be living with Damon. Damon is on the phone at home when Tad walks in and answers the door. It is Jake and Amanda bringing breakfast. Amanda sees a pic of Liza in her undies and threatens to expose Damon. Damon tells Amanda what really happened. Amanda agrees to keep his secret as long as Damon deletes the pics.

At the Yacht Club, Tad and Liza discuss the adoption of Damon. Tad relives some past escapades with Liza. Colby asks Damon to move in with her in New York, but he refuses to go with her because of Tad. Greenlee tells David that no one matters but him. They hug and kiss. Ryan asks Madison to accompany him to New York and she accepts. Colby asks Tad to investigate Damon to find out who he is seeing.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Chris tells Casey that he knows for a fact that Casey is not the father of Vienna’s baby. Vienna comes to Katie for help in getting rid of Barbara. Emily is still kind of upset with Paul after what he pulled on her concerning Meg, but Paul surprises her with a diamond ring which makes things a little better between them. Henry is asleep on a table in the Lakeview dining room when Barbara comes in and finds him. Thinking that he and Vienna broke up, Barbara tells him that it is for the best. Henry asks Barbara what she is talking about. Vienna and Katie arrive at the hotel and find Henry talking to Barbara. Vienna calls Henry to get him away from Barbara. Casey asks Alison to accompany him to Henry and Vienna's wedding. Emily shows Alison the ring that Paul bought her and is surprised to learn that Alison has been spending some time with Casey. Henry arrives at Paul’s and is completely beside himself with worry over the wedding ceremony. Paul helps to relieve Henry’s worries.

Henry goes to the cemetery to have a talk with Brad when Katie arrives. Barbara follows Vienna to an herbal business in Old Town. Barbara questions the owner about what Vienna purchased, but he refuses to tell Barbara anything. The man gives Barbara his business card so that she will know what Vienna purchased. Vienna goes to pick up her wedding dress and Barbara once again follows her to the dress shop. Barbara finds out that Vienna is not pregnant at all.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey tells Alison that a doctor assured him that he isn't the father of Vienna's baby. He doesn't mention that Chris was the doctor because he doesn't want to get him in trouble. Casey thanks Alison for her help and asks her out on a date and Alison accepts the invitation. Alison later gets a letter from Mick asking her if they still have a chance at a relationship because his treatment is working and he is getting better. When Alison asks for advice about the letter, Emily tells her to burn it, forget about her past, and look to the future. Alison is burning the letter at the hospital when Casey walks in, so she tells him about Mick's letter and that she is burning it to put the past behind her and look forward to the future.

Emily forgives Paul and thanks him for the ring he gave her but she tells Paul she will never be able to forgive Barbara for almost ruining their marriage. Paul asks Emily to try and be tolerant of Barbara and understand that she was hurt when Henry went back to Vienna. Henry asks Paul to be the best man for his wedding and Paul is honored to be his best friend and get to know his brother better. Paul helps Henry get wedding rings at the last minute because he forgot to buy them. Henry also tells Emily not to be so harsh to Barbara. Barbara and Henry agree to still be good friends after he marries Vienna.

Katie fins Henry at Brad's grave and persuades him to marry Vienna because she thinks what he feels for Barbara is just desire. Vienna buys some herb pills that are supposed to help her with infertility but she is unaware that Barbara is watching her and is curious why Vienna is buying pills to help her with infertility. Barbara goes to Fashions to give Vienna one hour to tell Henry the truth about Casey but Vienna has already left the store. Barbara notices that fashions has surveillance cameras to prevent shop lifting so she looks at a DVD of the dressing room activity and sees Vienna get undressed and try on her wedding dress and she also tries on a pregnancy pillow. Barbara is shocked to learn that Vienna isn't pregnant.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Ollie that she doesn’t shock easily, but mistake or not even she is shocked at what Brooke did. She is putting a stop to it today. During a Cabana Boy shoot with Whip directing Jackie and Owen, Amber waltzes in. Whip hugs her. He introduces her to Jackie and Owen. Amber is curious why Whip asked to see her. She tells Whip and Jackie that she is sort of at loose ends right now. Whip says perhaps they can help her with those loose ends. Hope asks Steffy if she has seen Ollie. Steffy tells her that she might check with her mother. Ollie goes straight to Brooke and confesses that Steffy knows. She had too much evidence and he couldn’t lie to her anymore. Brooke is shocked, but tells Ollie not to panic on her now. Steffy is out to hurt her, but unfortunately Brooke won’t be the only one it will hurt. It will impact Hope as she trusts her. She has such a promising future and now this. She states that it is in her hands now and she will have a talk with Steffy. She will not let her destroy her life and Hope’s as well.

Whip, Jackie and Owen tell Amber that they are in a bit of a dry spell and they’d like to persuade her to come to work with them at Jackie M. Amber is thrilled but overwhelmed even though they tell her there is no guarantee. It might only be for a month or two. She gushes that she has had problems with Bridget in the past, but she knew today was her lucky day. She accepts. Oliver tells Hope that he doesn’t know what the future holds, but he never wants to lose her. She says he won’t. Brooke has Steffy come to her office and locks the door. She gets right to it. She can’t believe that a daughter of Ridge’s could be so cruel. She wants to know what Steffy plans to do. Steffy states only to let the world know up close and personal what Brooke is really like. Brooke repeats her mantra – what happened was an accident. She offers that Steffy’s need for revenge is so great that she doesn’t care who she hurts, even her own father. Brooke reminds her that she will also hurt her own sister. Steffy says Hope will have pain, but it will be even greater if she finds out later. Brooke tells her that yes she has made mistakes but so has Steffy. This will wreck apart innocent lives. They don’t deserve this. Finally Brooke begs her not to do this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

"Days of Our Lives" is pre-empted today due to Wimbledon tennis coverage.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick and Lisa operate on Shirley’s brain cancer. Elizabeth thanks Nikolas for paying for Shirley's surgery and they both admit that they miss the connection they used to have. Lucky sees them talking and walks away. Luke's children try to talk Tracy into giving Luke another chance. Lucky asks Ethan if he thinks Luke invited him to Monte Carlo to keep him out of trouble. While Sonny is giving instructions to his men for blowing up Johnny, Johnny comes into Pozzulo's and taunts Sonny about Kristina. Olivia tells Sonny that Johnny and Kristina are only pretending to have sex to get a reaction out of him. He tells her that is just as sick as if they were really having sex. Olivia tells Sonny that the best thing for him to do is nothing. Johnny wants Ethan to go to the pier with him but Ethan tells him he has to do something for Luke. Alexis hosts a dinner for Sam, Kristina, Molly, Michael, and Sonny. Sam announces to Kristina, Michael, and Molly that Jason is home. Michael tells her that when Franco is caught, she should run away with Jason so he doesn’t have to go back to Pentonville. Kristina sneaks out to go see Johnny. Olivia goes to Johnny's penthouse. Max takes a bomb expert to rig Johnny's car.

Franco lurks outside of Jason's building. Maxie blasts Dante but Carly tells her to cut him some slack because it was his idea to get Jason out of prison. Later Carly tells Jason that she is not going to stop her vendetta against Dante and Lulu. Jason asks her to drop it because neither he nor Dante can be sidetracked from their mission to find Franco. When Jason tells Spinelli that they have work to do, Dante says he is going home because he doesn’t want to know about anything illegal that they may do with Spinelli's computer. When Dante exits Jason's building he sees a suspicious looking man loitering outside, he draws his gun and tells the man to freeze.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

James is ready to leave Starr and meet with Bull. But she's worried about what could happen and doesn't want to leave him. He doesn't want to put her in danger. Each feels responsible for the fact that Bull is endangering him. And they end up kissing. Cole finds out that Hannah has been running from the cops after being accused of trying to kill Ford and that she lied to him that he would find Starr or James at her family's cottage in Delaware. He then concludes that she probably lied about witnessing Starr's father pushing his mother down the stairs and causing her to lose her baby. But she protests that she had to do what she did because she loves him. Todd wants to help Dani and they are keeping the secret about Bull from Tea. Tea prepares her case to defend Todd in court. But she collapses on the floor when she's practicing her speech. Bo and Nora return from their honeymoon and David is passed out on the couch when he was supposed to pick them up at the airport. Matthew is worried that his parents will never trust David to be around him again with all the mischief David has gotten him into. But the two of them clean the place from top to bottom and impress Bo and Nora. But are they really going to buy that David is a responsible individual?

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

In the hall of the apartment building, Chance and Heather run into Kevin and Chloe. Chance finds out that Chloe is moving into the building. Chance gets the feeling that Chloe doesn’t trust him and that is why she is moving in. Chloe tries to give him and explanation that they could spend more time together this way. Sharon visits Nick in jail and the conversation comes around to her fight with Phyllis and how Phyllis is feeling after testifying on the stand. At the Psych hospital, Patty hears Adam’s voice through an air vent and begins to scream. Dr. Fowler shows Victor and Michael to Adam’s room and is about to go in when he hears Patty scream. Victor goes into Adam’s room and sees him rocking back and forth. After Kevin goes to bed, Chloe sneaks out of the apartment to eavesdrop on Chance and Heather. Kevin catches her and pulls her back into his apartment. Dr. Fowler lets Adam know that he will be released back into the custody of the police.

Heather opens up to Chance about her relationship with Adam. Michael and Victor meet with Owen about Adam. In the sunroom, Patty finds a mask of a kitty cat and wonders how it got there. All the while Adam watches Patty’s reaction to everything. Dr. Fowler and an orderly try to calm Patty down. Kevin and Chloe spend some quality time together. Patty comes into the sunroom and sees that everyone is wearing masks. Patty, once again, goes berserk. An awkward situation arises between Chance and Heather when the sheet between them falls, revealing him in his shorts and her in her nightgown.

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