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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Everyone is shocked, but not as much as Erica, when Caleb bursts into the room. At the Chandler Mansion, J.R. is on the phone discussing business when Annie comes into the room, looking for something. Marissa also comes in and asks J.R. if they could take A.J. for ice cream. J.R. refuses to go with them in favor of calling board members for their support. At Fusion, David is on the phone with the agent from the SEC that he's bribing when Greenlee walks in. Palmer’s will states that Erica and Caleb will be business partners in running Cortlandt Electronics. Marissa calls Krystal to go shopping and is irritated when Krystal says she's busy. Sensing the urgency, Krystal agrees to meet Marissa. Marissa rushes out just as Tad is about to knock on the door. Tad is puzzled by Marissa’s attitude. Tad and J.R. discuss his marital problems and the fact that Dixie wouldn't be proud of his actions. Jack tells Caleb that Palmer wants him to change his name to Cortlandt and stay in Pine Valley for a year. Caleb insists that he has no use for Cortlandt Electronics and wants to return home. Greenlee and David arrive home to find out that they have been evicted. At the police station, they find out that Palmer bought Wildwind with the express wish to have them thrown out. Marissa tells Krystal that she wants to change her image for J.R., but Krystal counsels her not to try to be something she's not.. Marissa accuses Krystal of never being there for her and storms out. Annie goes to the hospital looking for Angie, so she can have a picture taken with her, donating money to the hospital in Palmer’s name.

Marissa models a new very short dress, and leaves a sensual message for J.R. to come see her, but when A.J. sees her, he's frightened by her appearance, so she takes all the make-up and gets back into her own plain clothes. After finding out that Palmer left Wildwind to Caleb, Jack and Erica help him move in. Greenlee and David move to a hotel where he chooses a small room with just one bed. J.R. mentions to Marissa that he is going away for the weekend to the beach house alone, but Marissa insists on her and A.J. going with him. Tad agrees to find the missing mechanic that David paid off, but wants Jesse to keep him posted about everything that happens. Greenlee and David make love. Erica tells Jack that she wants to get married before the end of summer.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Reid is on the phone, trying to eat breakfast when Luke comes to visit him. Katie and Chris kiss, but she pulls away from him. Katie asks Chris if he meant what he said. Casey interrupts them. Barbara stares at the torn up wedding invitation. Kim comes to visit Barbara and finds out that she is not going to Henry and Vienna’s wedding. Kim tries to encourage Barbara to go to wedding. Vienna and Henry lie in bed when he begins to ask her why she is isn’t showing yet. Chris informs him that Casey is not the father of Vienna’s baby. Katie tells Vienna that she planned a party for them at Metro.

Bob and Luke meet with Mona to discuss the new hospital wing. Luke decides to resign his position so that Reid will take his job back. Bob calls Reid who hangs up on him when he mentions Luke. At the party. Chris asks Katie to go to the wedding with him. Barbara goes into bathroom, crying and reprimands herself for thinking that Henry may want her. Casey intrudes on Vienna and Henry and apologizes to her for harassing her about the baby. Vienna and Casey discuss how they had made love at the hospital. Barbara reveals herself to Vienna and reprimands her for her affair with Casey. Barbara threatens to tell Henry the truth about Vienna’s affair with Casey. Vienna drags Henry out of the bar before Barbara can tell him the truth about Casey and Vienna. Reid visits Luke and tells him that he is going to stick around Oakdale. Luke and Reid clear up a lot of misunderstandings between them. At home, Vienna lets Henry know that she is not going to sleep with him tonight. They kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke is distracted while Ridge is going over changes with the models and designs. He tells her that he knows something is going on, but he doesn’t know what it is. He guesses it is about Stephanie and she quickly agrees. Then she tells him that Stephanie has trained Steffy as well and she is out to get her. She wishes there were things she could change as Steffy won’ cut her any slack. She confesses she has made an enemy of his daughter and she never meant that to happen. Steffy catches Hope and Oliver being lovey-dovey. She tells Oliver later that Hope is going to be devastated when she finds out what happened between him and Hope's mom later on. He tells her to stop it. This conversation is dangerous. He denies all she tells him about Ridge not wearing a hood so it had to be Oliver on tape….and later with Brooke. She tells him this is classic Brooke and she seduced him. Stephen tells Pam that he is so sorry for all the trouble he caused her. She cries that he should be. She was such a dummy for letting him be her first man. He used her like a pawn in his little game. She’d like to know now if he ever had any real feelings for her. He tells her that she is a warm and wonderful person and what they shared was very real. He was consumed with rage and revenge and yes he wanted to use her in the beginning.

Stephen continues to tell Pam that things changed for him after getting to know her. He hoped it did for her too to know that she did not have to cater to anyone else and could lead her own life. And if he weren’t there in jail perhaps they could share it together. Seeing her now, he doesn’t feel quite so lonely any more. She tells him she is going to make some lemon bars tonight. Hope walks in and overhears her mother talking to Ridge about Steffy. She assures her that she and Steffy have a better relationship now and she is not pursuing Ollie. And she knows that Brooke and Ridge are indestructible, so she has nothing to fear there. Steffy can not break them up. Brooke tells Ridge that she just wishes Steffy could accept her and her shortcomings. Ridge says she may not feel like she is perfect, but she is to him. She wants him to know how much she will always love him. Steffy tells Ollie that he doesn’t have to admit it is true; it is written all over his face. She can’t believe after all she has done over the years, with Deacon, that Brooke is doing it again. Her grandmother was right about her all along. Oliver says she needs to think of all the lives she will hurt if she goes to them about this. This is not a joke no matter what Brooke has done in the past. She vows that she will put a stop to this. She will go to her grandmother and make this public. She watched Brooke using her sexuality and took her father from her and tore the family apart. She wants her gone. Pushed into a corner, Ollie admits it was a mistake, a case of mistaken identity. He begs her for the sake of everybody, including her father, not to tell anybody about this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ wanted Sami to admit that she loves him the way that he loves her.  She told him that she didn't feel the same way.  He didn't believe her. He believed that she was lying.  Shane continued to reach out to Kimberly, but it was to no avail.  Kimberly didn't want to listen to it.  Melanie wanted to know why Philip didn't want to keep Pocket.  Nicole visited Chloe at the hospital.  Nicole wanted to know why Chloe didn't marry Daniel.  Chloe went on and on about Carly ruining her life because she was going to tell Daniel the truth.  Shane showed up at the pub to give Kimberly a letter. Philip told Melanie that he has been keeping track of what Pocket (his son with Mimi) has been up to now.  Sami continued to deny her feelings for EJ, but he was determined to prove that she has feelings for him.  He was about to kiss her, but Arianna called EJ and interrupted them.  He did give her a peck on the mouth before he left the mansion.

Carly hinted to Daniel that something is wrong with Chloe.  Once again Carly managed to avoid telling Daniel the truth.  Nicole convinced Chloe not to tell Daniel anything about her affair.  Chloe screamed that Carly knows that she slept with someone else just as Daniel walked in her room.  Kimberly read Shane's letter and found out that he is leaving the ISA.  Daniel asked Chloe if she would lie to him.  She claimed she wouldn't lie to him.  Carly walked past Chloe's room and saw Chloe and Daniel kissing.  Shane said he just wanted Kimberly to know he was leaving the ISA and he was going to leave her alone.  Kimberly stopped him.  Nicole was in the middle of spilling the beans about working with Dr. Baker when Rafe walked up on her while she was on the phone.  That was how it ended.  Unfortunately, Days Of Our Lives will not be airing on Thursday (July 1) and Friday (July 2) because of tennis.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Luke has a chat with Lucky about his future with Tracy. Nikolas agrees to pay for Shirley’s medical expenses. Posing as a homeless man, Franco asks Diane for some money. Dante fears that Jason is a flight risk. Maxie wants to spend time with Spinelli but he’s busy preparing for Jason’s homecoming. Maxie agrees to go out with Matt one last time. An ankle monitor is placed on Jason. Elizabeth is worried about Shirley’s operation. Lulu asks Spinelli to keep a close eye on Jason. At a press conference, Claire speaks of Jason’s release from Pentonville. Lisa and Elizabeth convince Steven to lift Patrick’s suspension so he can perform Shirley’s surgery. Luke says goodbye to Lucky, Lulu, and Ethan before he goes on vacation. Sam and Spinelli both daydream about Jason’s return home. Franco is back to tagging in alleys. Lisa and Patrick scrub in for Shirley’s operation but are interrupted by Steven, who says that the cancer has spread. Jason and Dante are surprised to find Ronnie at the penthouse. Tracy tells Lucky, Lulu, and Ethan that Luke took ten-million-dollars out of her bank account. Franco is keeping a close eye on Jason.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Blair warns Ford to stay away from Langston. Eli reveals to Tea that he knows about her cancer. Todd assures Dani that Bull will not hurt Nate. When Tea sees Todd consoling Dani, she thinks Todd told Dani about Téa’s cancer. Bull increases his ransom demand to $500,000 Blair and Eli go into the cabana to have sex and find Nate and Bull in there and Blair recognizes Bull as the man that returned Starr's phone at her graduation. Bull says he is Nate's father. After she and Eli leave, Blair sees Todd at the country club.

Natalie and John look for evidence at Hannah's grandparents' cabin and find Cole's cell phone battery, a strand of hair, and a condom wrapper. They conclude that it seems unusual that Cole would sleep with Hannah. John finds out that a bus driver dropped Hannah and Cole off in Maryland. Layla and Cristian wake up in Maryland in the hotel room next to Hanna and Cole's. Cole decides to go back to Llanview. Cristian sees him in the hallway and promises to keep quiet about seeing him. Ford calls Layla and asks her what the police are doing to find Hannah. She tells him she is on vacation and he'd better be out of her apartment when she returns. Layla tells Cristian that Ford told her that Hannah attacked him. Cristian shares with Layla in confidence that he saw Cole. Cole discovers that his cell phone battery is missing and that Hannah's "lost" phone is in her purse. Hannah admits that the police aren’t after him but are after her because they think she attacked Ford. He asks her if she did. Ford reads a note that someone left him lamenting that Ford lived, but saying he is in charge now anyway and instructing to follow his instructions because he will be watching him. Ford then gets a call from someone and confirms that he told the cops that Hannah attacked him even though it was a lie.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Adam is in the psych hospital, talking to his doctor. The doctor urges Adam to spend time in the sunroom. After the doctor leaves the room, Adam searches for a way out of the room through the air vent. An orderly comes in to take Adam to the sunroom. Victor and Michael meet with Owen to try to get Nick out of jail, but Owen wants proof that Nick didn’t kill Richard. A nurse at the psych hospital commends Patty on how well that she is doing. Faith comes in with her doll and pretends that it is asleep. Patty talks to Faith about her baby. Adam watches Patty’s every move. Adam steals Faith’s doll and Patty’s pen. Adam sticks the ink pen in the doll and tells Faith that Patty had killed it. Faith lashes out at Patty for killing her baby. Chance and Ronan have a confrontation over which one is better qualified to do their jobs. Sid walks out of the room with Frank Ellis and is introduced to Ronan. Heather, Ronan and Chance go in to question Frank. Frank refuses to tell Heather and Chance anything. Ronan takes over the questioning of Frank and is very abusive toward Frank. Chance has to separate Ronan from Frank. Ryder is on the phone when Jana comes to visit him. Ryder promises to make things better for Jana. Chloe asks Kevin to rent a room, but Kevin has his doubts, but Kevin finally agrees to rent Chloe a room.

In talking to Dr. Bower, Patty denies hurting Faith’s doll. Adam listens and finds out Patty’s room number. Jana brings Kevin some money that she owes him. Ryder breaks into a woman’s apartment. Patty remembers her conversation with Adam in the hospital in which he had forced Patty to help him escape. Ronan meets secretly with Simon. Kevin shows Chloe the apartment. Patty hears Adam’s voice coming through the air vent.

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