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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack is on the phone with Krystal making sure that everything will go as planned for the reading of Palmer’s will. At the hospital, Erica dreams of Caleb then awakens to find Bianca sitting by her bed. Bianca asks Erica why she was whispering Caleb’s name in her sleep. At the Chandler mansion, Scott reads a letter that Palmer’s will is being read today. Annie worries what the will will say. J.R.. and Marissa meet for breakfast and discuss the reading of Palmer’s will. At Tad’s home, Krystal notices how nice Opal looks in her white dress that she wearing to the reading of Palmer’s will. Erica finds Bianca’s plane ticket and realizes that Bianca is going home. Caleb receives a letter from Jack telling him that Erica is no longer liable for the damage to his home. Krystal goes to the hospital to let Erica know how much Jack loves her, because she's worried that Erica is not into the relationship 100%. Erica resents Krystal’s interference. J.R. and Marissa arrive home to find out that Annie is going to the reading of Palmer’s will. Krystal meets with Jack and Opal at the Yacht Club. Krystal lets Opal know about the memorial to Palmer that she and Jack prepared just for this occasion. Outside, Marissa and Annie have a confrontation about J.R. and how Marissa will not sleep with him until he proves he's worthy of her. While fighting over the cell phone, Marissa and Annie knock the Palmer's memorial plaque to the ground and break it. Marissa and Annie repair it with chewing gum and nail glue.

Jack begins reading Palmer’s will. Opal is happy to discover that Palmer wanted her back and sent her a letter which included her engagement ring. Bianca also gets a letter from Palmer telling how much her mother needs her. Bianca tells Erica that she is going to fly the girls over for a visit and will help her prepare for her wedding. Erica is thrilled. Palmer gives J.R. Dixie's shares of Chandler, so he and Scott are now equal partners. Scott gets a picture that his father Stuart painted. J.R. goes outside to read his letter and finds two keys to a beach cottage that Dixie always loved. Annie joins J.R. and finds out about the cabin. When Marissa joins them, J.R. tells her that he wants to go home to spend time with her and A.J. Erica and Palmer’s nephew, Caleb, gets equal ownership in Cortlandt Electronics company with Erica. A man’s rough voice is heard from within the club, and Erica is more than a little surprised to find out that it is Caleb Cooney.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

It's a day of heartbreaking choices for the residents of Oakdale today as Henry promises Vienna he will marry her tomorrow and puts his baby ahead of his love for Barbara, because he wants to be a good father to his child. Henry tells Barbara that he hopes she can find happiness with a man who can love her. Barbara is heartbroken and goes to her room at the Lakeview to cry.

Barbara moves out of Fairwinds because she can't live there as long as Paul and Emily are together. Barbara also tells Emily she will try to make a life for herself and not be involved in Paul's life although she doesn't make any promises to Emily. Paul plan to expose Meg works and after a painful good-bye to Paul at the hospital Meg leaves to get treatment at a hospital in Washington D.C. Meg finally realizes that Paul really loves Emily and she is determined to get treatment and get well so she can come home and be a mother to Eliza. Barbara tells Emily that she is pathetic for staying with Paul and letting him know that he can hurt her and she will never leave him. Barbara tells Emily she has given Paul all the power over her. Paul pleads with Emily not to leave her he promises that he won't hurt her again. Eliza awakens and its is looking at Eliza's face while Paul holds her that persuades Emily to stay and she and Paul share a kiss.

Katie is prepared to sleep with Chris to persuade him to keep Vienna's secret and Chris accepts and they go to a hotel in Bay City. Katie trembles while Chris holds her and he tells her she doesn't sleep with him. Chris does persuade Katie that she has to tell Henry the truth because she is his best friend. Katie is about to tell Henry the truth when Chris stops her and makes up a lie for Henry. Katie isn't happy that Henry and Vienna are rushing their wedding and getting married tomorrow. Katie talks to Chris at the hospital later and Chris tries to persuade her to take her marriage to Brad off the pedestal so that she can try to let someone else in her heart. Katie tells Chris he knows nothing about her marriage to Brad or how much she loved him. Katie cries and tells Chris she misses Brad very much and Chris apologizes for his comments and Katie dries her tears. Katie wonders why Chris kept her from telling Henry the truth. Chris tells Katie he lied for her sake and then he gives Katie a kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy keeps watching and going over the video from the night of the party and she is sure that is Brooke and Ollie. She questions her dad more about the party with everyone in masks so it was hard to tell who was who. Brooke tells Ollie that she is positive no one saw them that night. Someone is just yanking his chain. He shouldn’t get all freaked out about this. He needs to hold it together. She tells him she knows how to handle Steffy. She’s handled people like her all her life. And Stephanie absolutely must not find out about this. Donna and Katie visit their dad in jail. He hears about Stephanie’s offer to grant him leniency. He’s against it. Donna deserves Eric’s money. Bill tells them Stephanie is the villain here, not Stephen so she is just trying to see to it that Eric keeps his shares and Stephen stays in jail. There is no guarantee that anything else will happen even with Stephanie’s word. Steffy confesses to Stephanie that she doesn’t have proof yet, but when she does that Stephanie will be the first to know. Brooke will not only be thrown out of the company, but out of her own family as well.

Pam visits Stephen in jail. She says what he did was cruel because she really believed him and thought he cared about her. She doesn’t want to hear his explanation. He’s glad she learned some things about herself. And so did he. Previously he thought she was some monster. He can not justify his actions. He did have kind feelings for her and he is sorrier than he can ever say. Now it is Brooke that is panicking. She tells Ollie they must stand their ground. It would be terrible again if Bridget found out; if Hope did. Ollie assures her that he doesn’t want to mess up her relationship with Hope and certainly not with Ridge. Steffy drags Marcus into the office and shows him the video, but he will not confirm her suspicions. He tells her that her idea is ludicrous. Whether she likes it or not, that was Brooke and Ridge on the terrace. He had been wrong before when he thought it was Hope simply because she was wearing the necklace. Ridge finds Ollie and Brooke together and he praises Ollie again for making the party so special and for nailing it. Brooke tells Ollie that it doesn’t matter that it was one crazy night and they made one stupid mistake. It could cost them so much. Ridge catches Steffy still looking at the video. She asks more questions and finds out that Ridge hates hoodies and he never wears one, not even with the jacket he wore to the party. Steffy is positive now. She has caught Brooke red-handed. She is so out of here or she will tell her daughter.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The episode picked up from Monday's.  Sami and Rafe kissed after talking about EJ.  Kate told Madeline how she knows her secret.  Carly paid her respects to Alice.  Jennifer saw her at the cemetery.  EJ walked in on Sami and Rafe kissing.  Daniel reminded Chloe that she's pregnant.  Chloe flashed back to being with Philip.  She wanted to know how far along she was.  Philip was acting guilty after Melanie overheard him trying to call Chloe.  Rafe told Stefano and EJ how he saw Anna while he was gone.  Stefano was intrigued and wanted to know what Rafe found out from Anna.  Gabi told Arianna how Rafe was back in Salem.  Chloe was worried that her baby may be Philip's and not Daniel's baby. Rafe told Stefano and EJ that he got a confession out of Anna, but she escaped.  Stefano called him an idiot.

Madeline wanted to make sure that Kate didn't tell Stefano her secret.  Jennifer visited Alice at the cemetery.  Kayla and Stephanie talked about Stephanie's love life.  Stephanie asked Philip if he did anything wrong when she saw him at the pub.  She warned him that it will come out eventually.  Carly confronted Chloe again about what she's doing to Daniel.  Chloe tried to call Carly's bluff and told her to tell Daniel that he may not be the father of the baby.  Rafe visited Arianna at the hospital.  Kayla reminded Philip how he gave up his son.  Unfortunately, Melanie was at the pub and overheard them talking.  EJ told Sami that he loved her.  She didn't say anything and that was how it ended.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lisa and Patrick share a kiss. Patrick realizes that he shouldn’t be at Lisa’s place so he quickly leaves. Maxie and Lucky talk about Franco’s photograph. Luke and Ethan talk about going to Monte Carlo but Ethan is busy helping Johnny. Ethan comes clean to Maya about Johnny’s apartment. Maya tells Ethan that she already knows the truth. Dante and Michael speak of Jason’s release from prison and its impact on their futures. Olivia and Lulu agree that Dante won’t change his mind about Jason. Patrick apologizes for hitting Steven and offers to buy him a drink. Brook Lynn is happy to see Olivia and Kate fighting over Coleman. Lulu and Dante make up. Michael wishes that Kristina would stop hating Sonny. Lucky and Sonny have a chat about Michael’s childhood. Elizabeth hears word that Shirley’s cancer has spread to her brain. Elizabeth presents Shirley with a book on jewelry. Sonny and Alexis agree to a family dinner at her home. Sonny is thankful to have an alibi for Friday night.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dani confides in Todd about the trouble that she and Nate are in after Tea has left them alone. Todd confronts Bull. Meanwhile, James and Starr have crashed the car that they need in order to get the $50,000 that he needs. And he assessed that the car's value is worth nothing. At that point, she wants to help him so that he does not have to go back to his abusive father in Ohio. Meanwhile, his big brother, Robert Ford is in the hospital calling Langston hoping to win her back. But she tells him they are through forever. Rex goes to talk to Robert Ford about the briefcase and his father's business card but doesn't get any information. Viki finds out from Gigi that she wants to go back to school and pursue career goals beyond being a waitress and finds out that Gigi is afraid to have Rex or Shane know that she is applying but not get accepted into schools. Dorian and David argue while he is friends with Viki and she is friends with Charlie.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Everyone begins to gather at Katherine’s for the party. Nina is reunited with Chance and gives him a hug. Nina is also glad to see Heather. Chloe and Chance hug and kiss. Chance and Chloe announce that they are engaged much to Nina’s regret. At Indigo, Jeff gives Gloria a framed edition of their marriage license although they are divorced. At the bar, Neil talks to Ashley about being there for Lily’s twins. Neil breaks up with Ashley. Abby asks Tucker for financing toward her reality series, but he refuses. When Abby complains that Tucker didn’t want to finance her project, Daniel tells her to get over herself. Billy and Jill discuss Liz’s death. Jill also lets Billy know that she knows who her real family is. Katherine tells Nina to give Chloe a break. Chance asks to talk to Nina just as Ronan arrives to talk to Chance.

Neil offers to sell Indigo to Jeff and Gloria. Ashley leaves the bar with Tucker. Billy tells Chloe that they are definitely over. Kevin tells the family that Jana is with Ryder now. Paul notices that Heather watches Chance’s every move with Chloe. Chloe finds out that Heather is moving to a new apartment. Chloe is completely beside herself when Heather, Chance, and Ronan leave together. Jeff and Gloria are overjoyed that they are the new owners of Indigo.

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