Monday 6/28/10 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack objects to Erica leaving the hospital but she insists on going anyway since she has to save Fusion. Angie watches Jesse sleep. Amanda and Jake eat breakfast in the park as she tells him that she cancelled her photo shoot in Italy. Jake objects and insists that they have taken a family vacation. Greenlee and David discuss her need to get Fusion re-opened as soon as possible. David offers her his help but she refuses. Bianca visits Greenlee at Wildwind to see if she has changed her mind and is going to turn David in. David listens to their conversation. Erica lets Jack know that she will never let a man control her. Greenlee tells David that she told Bianca she will not turn him in. Jesse orders Natalia to go to West Virginia and observe the investigation of the plane crash. At the hospital, Angie is in an exam room when she suddenly cannot see anything. By feeling around the wall, Angie makes her way out into the corridor where Jake realizes that she cannot see. Jake asks Angie what is going on with her eyes. Angie comes clean about the fungal infection she may have contracted. David goes to Fusion and tells Greenlee that he confessed so that she can get Fusion cleared. Greenlee doesn’t want him to do this but David insists  Jack and Erica cannot believe their ears that David would do this. Greenlee and David kiss. Bianca arrives at Fusion and is surprised that David’s confessed. Jack receives a text about Palmer’s last will. David meets with an SEC agent in the park who assures him that he will not go to prison, in exchange for a tidy sum in an island bank account.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie is feeling guiltier about involving Chris in her scheme to help Vienna. She tries to get Chris to talk and spend time with her, but he is not interested. Vienna and a stunned Henry think they hear Barbara in the middle of ‘entertaining’, but she is really tied up. Afterwards, Henry can’t get that out of his mind and finds himself outside of Barbara’s room. Allison and Casey continue to plot how to find out who the father of Vienna’s baby is. Allison will go talk with Vienna under a guise of the hospital and Casey agrees begrudgingly to talk with Chris. Vienna is more desperate to get pregnant and is very suspicious when Allison has questions. Allison finally admits as to why she is there and Vienna assures her in a heartfelt ‘admission’ that Casey is not the father of her baby, as Allison tells her that she believes her. Casey talks with Chris about his predicament and Chris hides his shock when he finds out the tests he allowed to be changed by Katie are regarding Casey. He races over and angrily confronts Katie, as Vienna shows up and wants him to promise not to say anything. Chris is furious, as he stomps out. Vienna is so scared her world is going to collapse before she gets pregnant, as Katie thinks this might not be worth it anymore, but Vienna assures her that Henry is her only future. An increasingly unbalanced Meg is holding Emily at gunpoint promising her plan is going off without a hitch. Emily pleads for her life and for Meg to think about Eliza, but Meg has it all planned – Emily drugged her and in her altered state, she shot her dead. Henry knocks and when he keeps hearing strange noises from Barbara’s room, he is able to get inside and finds Barbara tied up. After she explains what happened, they rush to Fairwinds. Meg and Emily wrestle for the gun, as Meg is more under the drugs effects, but Meg shoots at Emily when Paul, Emma and a man in white rush in. Meg is confused as to why Emily is alive and Emily doesn’t understand how Paul knew to be there. Barbara and Henry rush in, as Paul explains that he knew all along Meg was drugging herself and he had to do it this way. Meg thinks a pillow is Eliza, as Paul tries to field angry questions from Emily and Barbara. Henry takes Barbara home where she is upset that Paul didn’t trust her to let her in on his plan. Their conversation turns to Henry wanting her to move back in to the Lakeview; soon they are in a heated kiss. Barbara finally gently pulls away and Henry leaves; outside the door, he pauses before he leaves while Vienna watches him nearby. Meg is taken to the hospital where she becomes emotional about being without Paul and Eliza, as Emma just wants her to get healthy. Allison happily tells Casey that he is not the father of Vienna’s baby, but when he finds out that this opinion is only due to Allison taking Vienna’s word, he is bothered and wonders if Allison wants him to find out the truth after all. Katie goes to apologize to Chris again after Vienna urges her too. Chris isn’t interested and is bothered how Katie could do that to Henry and to Casey. Katie admits that there isn’t even a baby – that does not make it better for Chris. Allison tries to get Chris to stop when he is ready to race out the door to tell Henry. She kisses him passionately, but Chris isn’t swayed that much – or at least he pretends not to be. She then sweetens the deal by offering to go to a hotel with him with all that entails. Chris seems to look interested now. A furious Emily and Paul talk about how he kept the knowledge of Meg drugging herself to himself. Emily is enraged that he would lie to her, have her arrested and let her go through all she did while Meg held her. Paul is hoping that she understands he did what he had to do. Emily doesn’t even barely understand, as she slaps Paul hard across the face.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Ollie that she was right; it was him out on the terrace with Brooke having sex. He’s been a naughty, naughty boy. And she intends to find out every juicy detail. Whether it was intentional or mistaken identity, it was shameful just the same. She wants Brooke gone and out of the company. It will be the best thing for her family and for her dad. Brooke is waiting in the steam room when Ridge comes in and she removes his towel. She’s cleared his schedule for the next 30 minutes…..or more if he wants to go longer. Later he needs to know if it’s him or just the steam room. She was like this just before the night of Hope’s graduation party only they did not get to finish it then. Stephanie meets with Bill, Katie and Donna. Considering that Stephen seriously was going to try and kill her and what he did do to Pam, she is willing to set that aside and make a deal. She will go to the court and plead for his leniency if Donna will set aside her claim on Eric’s Forrester shares. Take it or leave it. It’s up to them. She can see that their father is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law or not.

Bill says there is no guarantee the judge will go along with Stephanie’s pleas so Donna might be giving all of this up for nothing. Donna needs time to think; she can not give them an answer right now. Stephanie says okay but just remember that the longer the decision takes, the longer Stephen stays in jail. Ridge laments that their love life is always exciting because Brooke always follows her heart, never holding back. But he doesn’t know where her fascination for the mask comes in. She confesses that no matter what happens that her heart will always be on his side and his only. Steffy tells Ollie that he’s a good guy who always played by the rules. Perhaps he thought Brooke was Hope and it was a case of mistaken identity for him. But Brooke might have known and used him. He states again that what she thinks happens didn’t, so just drop it. Steffy manages to question her dad if he had any alone time with Brooke the night of the party. He admits that he didn’t. She says to herself, of all the years that Brooke has bothered them. Now she owns her. She knows that was Brooke and Ollie on the terrace.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe showed up at the DiMera mansion to surprise Sami.  Bo flashed back to a memory of Alice.  Some of the Hortons and Bradys were at Alice's house and talked about told times.  Kimberly had a flashback about Alice giving her advice about her relationship with Shane.  Shane showed up at Bo's house to see Kimberly. Kate was at the cemetery and said goodbye to Alice.  Bill showed up too.  Carrie said goodbye to Lucas.  Kayla tried to talk Hope into realizing that she and Bo should work things out.  Everyone at Alice's house watched Tom and Alice's wedding.  Bo and Hope seemed affected by watching the wedding.

Shane tried to explain to Kimberly why he was gone for so long. Kimberly was too upset to listen.  Hope overheard Ciara telling Theo about the wallets she found.  Ciara also told Theo how she saw Hope hugging a man.  Hope was upset with her about that.  Chad wanted to know why Mia left town.  Madeline didn't tell him the truth.  She wanted to make sure he didn't know her other secret.  Ciara stood up to Hope after Hope told her not to make up stories.  Hope overheard Bo tell Roman that he was going to take a closer look at the mugging case.  Hope jumped to the wrong conclusion and assumed he was taking over her case.

Shane told Kimberly that he was in prison and he thought about her.  Some of the people who arrived in Salem for Alice went back home.  Kate hinted to Madeline that she knew her other secret.  Rafe wanted to know why Sami was still staying at the DiMera mansion.  Hope had one last goodbye at Alice's house.  Mike left his hospital bed to say goodbye to Alice.  Kimberly wasn't buying Shane's explanation and she wanted him to leave Bo's house.  Rafe and Sami continued to discuss her living arrangements and he planted one on her.  The show ended with Rafe kissing Sami.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sonny tells Luke that Johnny will die in a car bombing. Luke brings up Lily’s death. Kristina walks in on Olivia and Johnny making out. Kristina storms out when Johnny defends Olivia. Lulu is irritated to hear Brook Lynn praising Sonny in front of Michael. Dante and Jason discuss the plan to lure Franco out of hiding. Dante refuses to give Jason a weapon to defend himself against Franco. Patrick asks Steven and Lisa to look at his sprained hand. Lulu apologizes to Michael for badmouthing Sonny. Olivia and Johnny argue over Sonny. Claire tells Jason that he can’t have a gun when he’s released from Pentonville. Lulu speaks to Sonny on Dante’s behalf. Patrick and Lisa run into each other at Jake’s. Brook Lynn wants to know more about Johnny. Lulu and Dante have an argument about Sonny. Lulu tells Olivia that Dante is stubborn. Patrick follows Lisa home. Dante feels regret about his argument with Lulu. Michael fears that Franco will kill Jason if he’s unprotected. Jason considers running so Dante will have to go to prison. Patrick kisses Lisa.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

James and Starr are on the run and he's ready to chop up the car and liquidate it into $50,000 for Bull. Meanwhile, Bull pulls a gun on Nate after Matthew has tipped him off on how to find the guy who took his money. Matthew talks to David and confesses what he did. He has a change of heart and wants to apologize to Dani. But when he goes to talk to her, she gets a call from Bull who tells her she must come up with the $50,000 or he'll blow Nate's brains out. And Dani snaps at Matthew, convincing him that David is right and he's going to let Dani and Nate suffer the consequences and wash his hands to both of them. Jessica and Brody are getting closer. Natalie has passed her forensics exam and is ready to work at the station with John and the cops. She is ready to help him find Cole and Hannah. The local police chief finds Hannah but she escapes before he can find out what she's going to do next. While Starr and James are on the run, they appear to have an accident in the car and run off the road.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

At the Abbott house, Jack tells Emily and Paul that Phyllis held her own in court against Owen. Jack asks Emily if Jamie is going to turn himself in. Jamie comes into the room and assures them that he is ready to go. Emily notices that Jamie is shaking, but he assures her that he has been clean for 24 hours. Paul offers Jamie his help with people at the police station. At the insane asylum, Patty is painting when she sees a woman walk into the room, carrying a doll which she pretends is a baby. The woman drops the doll and starts to cry that she has killed her. Patty comes to her defense and tells her that the baby is fine. A woman walks up to Patty and tells her how good she has been doing here. Victor, Sharon and Adam are on their way back to Genoa City. Victor instructs Adam as to his testimony in court. Nikki talks to Victoria on the phone and tells her that she hopes that Victor gets back to town with Adam in tow. Phyllis walks into the room and blames herself that Nick may go to prison because of her testimony in court. In the courtroom, Michael tells Nick about the character list that he has to question to show Nick’s good character. Nick has doubts about the character witnesses and wants to be put on the witness stand himself. Emily blames herself for Jamie being on drugs. Adam lets Victor know that the evidence they have against him is only circumstantial. Sharon urges Adam to tell the truth in court. Nick threatens to fire Michael if he doesn’t let him testify in court on his behalf. Phyllis complains about Nick always going to Sharon’s defense. Nikki asks Phyllis if she is going to leave Nick. Phyllis assures her that she wouldn’t leave him during the trial. Paul visits Patty and finds her doing really well. Emily asks Jack to find a lawyer for Jamie which he has already done. Jack and Emily kiss. Adam lets Sharon know that he intends to tell the truth in court, but it may be something that Victor will not want to hear. Nick testifies in court and denies killing Richard. Victor escorts Adam into court. Patty tells Paul that Adam threatened to ruin her life if she didn’t help him. Sharon and Phyllis have a run in. Adam panics when Sharon isn’t in court to help him. Adam pretends as if he is having a panic attack in order to get sympathy.

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