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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Angie once again has trouble with vision blurring periodically. Jesse interrupts her and reminds her that she missed Natalia becoming a detective. Angie is upset but her work at the hospital has kept her busy. David interrupts Angie and Jesse and once again, reprimands Angie for spending money that the hospital doesn’t have. At the police station just as Jesse is about to give Natalia her badge, Iris arrives. Half-heartedly, Mayor Blanco congratulates Natalia on her accomplishment. At the hospital, Frankie tries to get Angie to join the party for Natalia, but she lashes out at him, then returns to the lab to do more research on her condition. The party is in full swing at Krystal’s when Angie arrives and hugs Natalia. When Natalia confides how Iris treated her, Angie gives Natalia some helpful advice, then asks Natalia for help in tracking down Ramon who she'd treated without proper protection. Angie goes back home, but has difficulty seeing herself in the mirror. Natalia calls Angie with information on the little boy. Angie finds Ramon sitting on a park bench and tries to talk to him, but he will not answer. When Ramon’s brother arrives to take him home, Angie realizes that he is blind. Jesse and Frankie have lunch in the park. Jesse tells Frankie that Angie had thought that she was pregnant. Jesse and Frankie toss a football around. Angie does tests on her eyes and finds out that she has a possibly incurable eye disease, which could just resolve itself or make her blind. Angie and Jesse make love at home.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Lily and Lucinda argue over the fact that Lily wouldnít use the information about Molly against her. Janet is alone at the ranch when Dusty comes to visit. Dusty wonders why Janet is now living at the ranch. Janet reminds Dusty what he did to her by pretending that the money came from her father and in fact it came from Dusty. Emily tries to talk to the guard about her innocence when Barbara comes to visit to let Emily know that Paul was going to the hospital to pick up Meg to take her back to Fairwinds. Emily doesnít believe her. Paul arrives at the hospital to pick up Meg and take her home. Meg surprises Paul by coming downstairs, wearing a sexy negligee that he bought her. Paul and Meg almost kiss when he gets a call to go out of town on business. Carly, Jack and Parker argue over the check that Craig gave Carly. Jack orders Carly to return the check. Carly calls Parker and plans to meet him at Java. Lucinda urges Lily to fight for Holden. Emily makes bail and is released from jail. Emily barges into Fairwinds and confronts Meg about her lies. Paul orders Emily out or he will have her arrested. Lucinda asks Lily to come to work with her at Worldwide, but she refuses. Craig asks Dusty to let him buy stock in Worldwide, but he refuses. Carly shows Parker the check and asks him to give it to her in invest. Jack offers to help Janet in her Lamaze class. Barbara and Emily have a run in at the Lakeview with Paul ordering Barbara to keep Emily away from Meg. Parker agrees to give Carly the money. When Dusty warns Lucinda about Craig, she comes up with a plan. Dusty tells Craig how much he needs to buy into Worldwide, but it is an amount far beyond what Craig is willing to pay. Craig asks Lily to go into business with Carly. Lily and Carly talk and agree to go into the perfume business. Emily confronts Meg at Fairwinds. Meg takes a handful of pills with a sip of tea. Meg tells Emily that she will tell the police that Emily drugged her again. Meg picks up a gun and holds it on Emily.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Marcus that he said he saw what he saw at the graduation party and now he is backtracking and desperately trying to cover it up. She wants to find out the truth and wonders why Marcus doesn’t want to find out what really happened. She thinks she is holding a bomb. Marcus tells her that her accusations that it was Brooke and Oliver out on the terrace making love is insane. Bridget visits Brooke and tells her that Nick left her and she really can’t blame him. Bridget doesn’t want Brooke to talk to Nick or do anything; just listen. She’s pregnant with another man’s child and she’s not sure she could even accept that. For once she realizes how it might feel to be in Brooke’s shoes. Stephanie stops in to see Ridge. She tells Ridge that Pam is back on her meds but that will take a while to kick in. She really fell head over heels in love with Stephen and he broke her heart.

Ridge doesn’t appreciate Stephanie bringing Steffy into her vendetta against Brooke. He thinks she is looking for a chance to bring the hammer down on Brooke. Stephanie claims Brooke is such a screw-up that she is just afraid she will do something again to bring scandal and hurt Ridge. Oliver tells Hope that he’s had girlfriends before, but not like her. She really blows him away and he doesn’t ever want to do anything to hurt her. She doesn’t worry about Steffy anymore and she knows he will never break her heart. Hope hugs her mom and tells her that she really is the best. Back at the studio, Oliver thinks back on the dance at the graduation party. Steffy shows up and fishing to fill in the blanks it doesn’t take her long to announce that she knows it was not Brooke and Ridge dancing, but him and Brooke and then making love on the terrace. Oliver drops a whole handful of disc, proving to Steffy that she was right.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Shane and Rafe talked about missing the women they love.  Carrie questioned Sami about living with EJ. Once again Kayla told Bo how he belongs with Hope and not Carly.  He said he loves Carly and guess who shows up? Hope wanted to talk to Bo before she said goodbye to Alice.  Sami tried to make excuses for why she's living with EJ, but Carrie didn't buy it.  Adrienne and Justin saw each other on the pier.  Bill and Jennifer told Mike that Alice died.  Mike wanted to go to the funeral.  Lexie said she couldn't let him leave.  Kayla and Adrienne talked about Stephanie and Nathan.  Hope asked Bo if he would sit with her and Ciara at the funeral.  Kayla wanted Adrienne to tell her what's going on with Stephanie.  Adrienne was about to tell Kayla about what Stephanie has done to get Nathan, but she changed her mind.

The Hortons, Bradys, and Carvers etc. went to the cemetery after the service (the service wasn't aired).  After the service, Bo, Caroline, and Kimberly watched Justin hug Hope.  Caroline told Bo that Hope should have been in his arms.  Alice's family and friends made speeches at the service.  Mike thought about Alice while he was still in the hospital.  Shane showed up at the service and hid behind a statue.  Shane surprised Kimberly at the service.  She was upset with him and walked away.  Rafe showed up at the DiMera mansion to surprise Sami.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Johnny refuses to use Kristina to get to Sonny any longer. He is concerned that Kristina's logic reminds him of Claudia's. He asks Ethan to explain to Kristina why pretending to be involved with him is a bad idea. Kristina doesnít see anything wrong with their pretense. Ethan agrees with Johnny that he and Kristina need to talk about it. Kristina tells Ethan that it is as if Johnny is part of her therapy because she feels so empowered when she sees her dad's head about to explode. He asks her how her power will feel when Johnny or Sonny is dead because of it. Olivia tells Brook Lynn that she thinks it is over between Johnny and her because of his hatred for Sonny but that in retrospect, she isnít so sure that she should have broken up with him but should have tried to stop him. Olivia storms into Johnny's penthouse. He braces himself for the backlash, but instead, she kisses him and they make love in the living room and Kristina walks in on them.

Brook Lynn goes to Dante's apartment and chats with Michael. Lulu overhears her telling him that he can convince Dante that his dad isnít such a bad guy. Jax thanks Carly for coming to him with her concerns about Franco. He asks her if she hates him. She tells him she is still mad at him but that she understands why he wanted Sonny out of their lives and she agrees with him on that point. She says Michael would have come forward eventually anyway because he is incapable of sitting on such a big lie. Claire goes to Johnnyís apartment and proposes that they work together to put Sonny away. He tells her that he doesnít want to work with her, but that he is poking at the beast to entice Sonny to retaliate in the illegal way that she is looking for. Sonny plans Johnny's demise. Max warns Sonny that Anthony Zacchara will retaliate by taking out one of Sonny's kids. Sonny goes to see Jason and tells him that he is planning to take out Johnny because he is stealing his suppliers and taking advantage of Kristina. He tells Jason to take care of Anthony. Jason says the guards are watching him and Anthony is in a different section of the prison. Jason suggests that Sonny leave Johnny alone for now. Sonny says he can't do that. Sonny finds Luke at Lucky's house and warns about the hit on Johnny so Luke can keep Ethan safe.

Sam and Jason fantasize on the phone about going away together. Dante doesnít agree to the terms of Jason's release. He says he won't risk his badge on hoping Jason won't run. Dante tells Lulu about Franco's pictures. Michael walks in on Lulu and Dante making out in the living room. Dante tells Lulu and Michael about the plan to release Jason into his custody. They all agree that Jason will help catch Franco and then he will run to avoid going back to prison. Dante agrees to take Jason into his custody anyway. Dante goes to Pentonville with Jason's release paperwork.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew overhears Bull talking on his phone about "some kid who's stolen his $50,000 with his girlfriend, the Manning girl" and assumes he's looking for Nate who is with Dani. So he helps Bull to find Nate. Meanwhile, James is with Starr scrounging to find a way to get the $50,000 and afraid both their lives are in danger if Bull finds them and they do not. So, they conclude the only way to accomplish that is to steal the car that Todd has intended to buy Starr for graduation. Todd and Blair go to the police station where John cannot locate Starr. They later go to the dealership and find out she's apparently stolen a car and has a young male accomplice with her. They see the photos and are baffled as to who the strange boy may be. Meanwhile, Hannah has dragged Cole to her family's cabin in Delaware and has convinced him that Starr has dumped him for another guy. James believes he's "successful" in getting Bull what he wants and calls him. Bull is not angry with James now that he believes he's found the kid who's stolen his $50,000 who is Nate.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Everyone begins to arrive at the courthouse for Nickís murder trial. Owen wishes them good luck because they will need it. Phyllis and Nick hold hands as they await for court to begin. Victor and Adam come face to face outside of his bungalow in Sao Paulo. Sharon tells Adam that they need his help in clearing Nick of murder charges. Adam refuses. Emily and Jack walk into the living room of Jackís house. Emily marvels at how beautiful the garden is. There is a knock on the door and Emily opens it to Paul and Jamie. Emily hugs Jamie. Jill visits Lauren to let her know that they will be sending the DNA results over as soon as they are ready. Lauren isnít too thrilled to see the test results. Jack orders Jamie to come clean about the prescription pad mess and tell the police the truth. Nickís trial begins. Adam starts to walk away from Victor, Skye and Sharon when the police fire a shot into the air. Adam stops. Jill gets the lab results which shows Jill is a Fenmore. Lauren lets her know that things havenít changed. Nikki testifies in Nickís trial and lets the jury know about the night that Adam and the Newmans were at the cabin. Handcuffed, Adam gets on the helicopter with Sharon and Victor.

Jill is still at Fenmore when Lauren comes out of the back. Lauren asks her if she is still here. Jill asks Lauren if she wants to discuss the DNA results. Lauren lets Jill know that there is nothing to discuss. Lauren also tells Jill that she is not part of her life. Emily and Jamie discuss the prescription pad that Patty gave him. Phyllis is called to testify and is harassed by the D.A. Paul tries to convince Jamie to help Emily. Emily tells Jamie that she will help him. In Sao Paulo, Skye looks at a pouch full of money. After her testimony, Phyllis seeks comfort in Jackís arms. Victor, Sharon and Adam are on their way back to Genoa City. Lauren walks into the courtroom and tells Michael that Jill is her sister. Jill calls a lawyer.

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