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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Tad’s home, Damon is surprised that his dad wants to adopt him despite his many faults. Paul Miller warns Liza about Damon and his many failures. Madison thanks Ryan for fixing her flat tire. Caleb has a visit from Bob, who wants to help rebuild his home. Caleb refuses his help. Damon refuses to let Tad adopt him. Colby talks to Liza about her relationship with Damon. Colby lets Liza know that she told Damon she loved him, but he didn't return the sentiment .Greenlee defends Erica against the agent from the SEC. Bob questions Caleb about the woman who fell from the sky on his house. Erica lets Ryan and Madison know that Fusion is being closed down. Madison offers to take the fall, but Erica refuses the offer. Erica suggests that they let David take the fall. Greenlee objects to this. Erica gives Greenlee an ultimatum whether it is David or the company. Bianca lets Greenlee know that David drugged her. Jack and David have a confrontation at the police station. Tad and Liza confess their love for each other. Damon reveals his true feelings toward Colby. Greenlee confronts David about his drugging Bianca. Ryan kisses Madison.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Liberty joins Janet at the diner and lets her know that she got a job in order to help pay the bills. Janet is against her working. Jack sits at his desk at the police station while Carly watches him. Tom and Craig walk into Jack’s office. Craig lets Jack know that the charges against him were dropped. Gabriel is on the phone with the bank and plans on making a deposit. Gabriel thanks Lucinda for the money. Lucinda and Molly argue over the fact that Lucinda found out that Molly killed Silas at close range. Carly comes rushing to see Molly, but finds out that the wedding was postponed. Holden catches up with Lily. Holden is against Lily blackmailing Molly into calling off the wedding. Holden pleads with Lily to let it go because things are over between them. Craig tries to reach out to Gabriel, but he still refuses help until Craig receives an insurance check. Janet lets Jack know that Liberty got a job in order to help pay the bills. Jack helps Janet move back to the ranch. Craig stops by Carly’s to give her her share of the insurance check. Carly checks on the check and finds it is legitimate. Holden barges into Lucinda’s office and confronts her about what she did to Molly and her postponing the wedding. Lily comes to see Molly and lets her know that she won. Lily tears up the sheriff’s report and tells Molly that she is free to marry Holden.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Soaking up the sun on the Rooftop after his workout, Oliver is awakened by Brooke. He tells her no matter what he does he can not stop thinking about that night. She warns him again that he must put that out of his mind. He says nothing works. He breaks out in a sweat when he wakes during the night and first thing you know it is morning and he’s had no sleep. She says it happened and there is nothing they can do that can change it. He’s got to quit stressing about it. Others will start to notice and question him. She advises that maybe he needs to take some time off and get out of town. She could get him some help with a therapist. She admits she is trying to be cool, but she’s really a wreck on the inside herself. She knows that both Stephanie and Steffy are after her to dig up something and make her look bad. Stephanie drops in on Steffy and grumbles of how they are going to get rid of those Logan girls. Steffy surmises that so much for the white flag; looks like the Forrester vs Logan war is back on. They get off on the subject of nutty Stephen and what he did and yet they both feel sorry for the family because of Beth dying. Stephanie confides that while she wasn’t that close to her mother, it does hurt to lose your mother. Steffy states that the family should have kept Beth always within their sight. But typical as with Brooke, they never take responsibility for what they do. Stephanie says they have to think about this one. Brooke is such a screwup that she is sure she will do something that will just hand it to them on a silver platter.

Hope has her girlfriends over and they look at the party videos. She calls Oliver since he is the king of putting videos together. Brooke gets Oliver to agree that they won’t tell anyone their secret. He excuses himself to Brooke and tells Hope that he will be right over. Brooke tells him to have fun at the pool party. Steffy meets up with Ollie and begs him to let her tag along to the party. She claims that she is a changed woman…she knows he’s with Hope and she won’t try to steal her man. This is the only way she can prove it. He tells her nope, it is best that she stay away. She shows up anyway. Hope tells Oliver that it is okay. They have actually called a truce and she no longer is paranoid or insecure when it comes to Steffy. As everyone is gathered around to watch the video, Hope says that is not her in the video dancing with Oliver as she was not in the room when Pose was playing. They are all guessing how that could be when Brooke steps in and says actually it was her dancing with Ridge…..same clothes and Marcus had given her Hope’s necklace and she had no pockets so had put it on. Steffy is fascinated as she listens. She grills Marcus later about what he saw. He tries to get out of it by saying he now believes Brooke’s version that it was her and Ridge. Steffy is skeptical and as she re-creates the scene, she has a lightbulb moment when she realizes it had to be Oliver and Brooke.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla and Kimberly showed up at Bo's house to surprise him.  Rafe and Shane were on a plane headed to Salem.  Carrie and Roman reunited.  The Hortons were devastated over the loss of Alice.  Sami told Roman and Carrie that she was going to make sure that Anna pays for what she did to Sydney.  Kimberly wondered what has happened to Shane.  Maggie got upset with Bill because he wanted to make sure she was okay.  Doug told Hope that Alice her and Bo to get back together.  Lucas told Kate and Will that he wanted to stay in Hong Kong for good.  Will was upset about that.

Carrie and Sami talked about Sami's love life.  Sami was willing to give up, but Carrie talked her out of it.  Kimberly got really upset that Shane hasn't been in contact with his children.  Roman walked in Bo's house while Kimberly was ranting to Bo and Kayla.  Abe showed up at the Horton house an offered his condolences.  Lucas wanted Will to stay with him, but Will wanted to stay in Salem.   Maggie told Bill how she was sick, but she's back in remission.  Kayla told Bo that she didn't like the idea of him being with Carly.  Bo straightened her out by letting her know what happened with Hope.  Sami kept going on about how great EJ is and Carrie wondered if Sami is in love with EJ.  The show ended with Alice's voiceover reciting something that she wrote.  Doug, Julie, Hope, and Jennifer hugged each other.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maya suggests that Ethan invite Luke to stay at "his" penthouse, which is really Johnny's place. Ethan, Lucky, and Luke try to persuade Maya to get Luke into the Quartermaine mansion to talk to Tracy. Luke begs Tracy for mercy and asks her to marry him for real. She calls the police and they arrest him.

Carly receives a photo from Franco addressed to Josslyn. Dante tries to convince Claire to release Jason and use him as bait to flush out Franco. Jason talks to Sam on the phone and promises her that as soon as he is out of prison, the two of them can go away together. Claire informs Dante that her superiors agree that Jason is the perfect bait so they are releasing him into Dante's custody. She tells him that if Jason runs, Dante could go to prison for aiding & abetting and obstruction of Justice. Alexis asks Jason to convince Johnny to back away from Kristina. Jason tells her that she needs to Kristina to back off because Johnny is just going along with what she wants. Sam tells Kristina that choosing to be with Johnny is going to get him killed. Johnny goes to visit Jason. Jason tells him that he doesn't believe that Johnny would touch Kristina, but he warns him that if Johnny and Sonny have a war and Sonny ends up dead, Kristina will blame herself and never get over it. Sonny loses his temper and forbids Kristina from seeing Johnny again. Kristina dares Sonny to go ahead and hit her. When Johnny sees Kristina crying, he suggests that what she really wants is for her father to say he loves her. Kristina admits to him that she was always jealous of the attention her brothers got from their father. She tells him that she wants her father to lose everything. Sonny tells Max and Milo that they need to end Johnny's attachment to Kristina and make sure nothing ties it to Sonny.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew is acting out by reminding Nate he's a cabana boy at the resort. Destiny takes him aside and tells him he needs to move on and get over Dani. However, while talking to Daren, Matthew is able to find out that Nate has a ton of money found in this back pack that he could not account for. Matthew then overhears Bull who is looking for the kid with the money and tells him he thinks he can help him find him. Meanwhile, Starr and James go to a car dealership and she tries to get the dealer to give her $50,000 that James needs instead of the car her dad wants to buy for her. Charlie concludes that Dorian lied about an interview she needs him to attend with her so that it will prevent him from spending the day with Viki. David also suspects Dorian and is getting along a lot better with Viki. Dorian proves she was not lying and Charlie apologizes for falsely accusing her. But Viki refuses. Meanwhile, Hannah is working on Cole, having him believing that Starr is cheating on him and she is determined to get Cole to be hers. Rex, Gigi, Layla and Cristian are in the park talking about both couples' futures together.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Victoria tells Nick what happened in Japan and how Tucker and Ashley as well as Billy were there. Sharon and Adam come face to face. Adam still professes his love for Sharon, but he thinks that this is all a set up just as what happened at the cabin. Sharon tells Adam that she was afraid that she would never see him again. Adam hears a noise outside and starts to leave, but Sharon begs him not to go. Sharon tries to get Adam to turn himself in, but he refuses. Victor and Skye play poker with the winner taking Adam. Everyone gathers at the hospital for the birth of Mackenzie’s babies. Mackenzie delivers the twins. Victor wins the poker game. Skye tells Adam that she won and plans to meet him at their favorite place. When they meet at the helicopter, Victor and Sharon come face to face with Adam. Adam tells Skye to run while Victor catches up with Adam. Cane and Lily introduce the family to the twins.

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