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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad and Liza arrive back at his home where they make plans for the evening only to have them ruined when they find Damon on the sofa. Tad asks Liza to join Damon in watching the movie, but she's not enjoying it. At the hospital, Jack asks Frankie where Erica went. At Fusion, Erica traps Greenlee on the elevator so that she can tell her exactly what she thinks about what she did to her. While Greenlee squirms, Erica promises her she'll feel even worse when she's trapped behind bars. Tad receives a call and leaves Liza with Damon. David sits by Bianca until she wakes up and realizes that he drugged her in order to keep her silent. At the Yacht Club, Ryan tells Jack that Erica knows everything. Madison walks up to join them. Jack reprimands Madison for informing Erica about what Greenlee did. Madison runs out but later makes up with Ryan in the park when she needs his help changing a tire. Bianca promises David that he will pay for what he did. An agent from the SEC cancels the party for Fusion. When Erica finally lets Greenlee off the elevator, they find agents from the SEC there who have closed Fusion’s doors. After telling Paul Miller that he's Damon's biological father, Tad speaks of how well Damon is doing and how he wants to adopt him. Paul is only too glad to hand Damon and his troubles over to Tad. Liza asks Damon to destroy her naked pictures, but he refuses. At the bar, Liza runs into Paul who tells her that Tad will be surprised to learn just what Damon is capable of. Jack finds out that David drugged Bianca. Erica tries to reach out to Greenlee by asking her to share Fusion. Bianca urges Erica and Greenlee to work together to save the company. Agreeing with her daughter, Erica resolves to send Greenlee to jail later.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Luke and Noah sit at a table in the diner, reminiscing about the past when Reid walks in and sees them. After Luke and Noah both see him, Reid leaves abruptly. Noah encourages Luke to go after him. Luke catches up with Reid and starts to ask him why he left. Reid assures him that they won’t have to be running into each other too much anymore. At Al’s diner, Bob lets Kim know that Reid quit his job as head of the wing at the hospital. Reid lets Luke know that he is leaving town. Molly refuses Holden's proposal, but he talks her into marrying him today. Holden tells Molly to let him handle all the arrangements and all she needs to concentrate on is what to wear. Holden meets with a man to help with the wedding. Lily is surprised by a report that a messenger brought her concerning Silas’ murder. Lucinda reads the report and tells Lily that Molly murdered Silas while he was sitting down and at close range. Lily wonders what to do. Lucinda advises her to stop the wedding between Holden and Molly. Lily has her doubts about confronting Molly about the information. Molly gets a call from Kim about a job in Chile. Molly turns down the job by telling Kim that she and Holden are getting married today.

At the hospital, Noah finds out that Reid quit his job and is leaving town. Molly, in her wedding gown, gets a visit from Lily who tells her about the sheriff’s info. Lily gives Molly some helpful advice about her marriage to Holden. Molly leaves Holden a letter telling him that she cannot marry him. Molly tells Kim that she has all her things together and is going to Chile. Holden catches up with Molly at the television station and asks her what is going on. Molly lets him know about the visit with Lily. Noah tells Luke about Reid quitting his job and leaving town. Luke catches up with Reid at Katie’s.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Oliver that he is so over-thinking this. He's accusing her of having forbidden sex with him. She would not do this, just not care what would happen afterwards when the family found out. She admits it is still very hard for her to talk about the Deacon situation. This is not the same. They are not having an affair. He reminds her how many years she has been making love to her husband…… the way he looks…… where she would fit into his arms. She should have known. She explains they were both wearing masks, the music, he was wearing the same jacket Ridge had. It all happened so fast, but it was a fantasy she thought she was with her husband. It was not a calculated move on her part and he must believe that. Ridge checks in with Hope and wants to find out if her mother has come back. He tells her that her granddad was not exactly blameless in all of this. He did go there with a gun to shoot Stephanie. He’s still in the hospital and no visitors yet. She wants to go over to Forrester. She knows Oliver had a late night shoot. She is worried that she revealed too much about Brooke. And she doesn’t know how her mother could have done that to Bridget or how Bridget could ever have forgiven her….she knows she wouldn’t. Ridge explains to her why he loves her and why the tabloids love Brooke. She has no defense against her feelings. She says things and does it; she feels it and does it. She is emotionally generous. She forgives easily. She trusts people that she shouldn't. Hope is happy that she and Steffy are going to be friends again.

Marcus watches as Steffy shoots her bedroom shots. He comments that she has some very lovely shoulders for the shoot to rely on. He knows why Brooke picked her to carry on the tradition. Steffy fishes for more information about Hope and the party. Marcus advises her to move on as Oliver has all he wants. He won't say anymore, but he knows what he saw. Steffy takes that to mean that Oliver and Hope have had sex. Brooke tells Oliver that she knows he is troubled about what happened. She thinks that he probably does not think she is a monster and believes her about this. Sex is not what most people think. They think it is a feeling that is within their body. But it's more like being in a silence at the center of everything. Your mind and your body fill up and there is no more wanting as you have everything that you want. His feelings were real, but they were for somebody who wasn't even there. She tells him that he is a good person and they can't keep blaming each other or themselves. Sometimes wanting to be honest is just selfish. Right now no one has been hurt. But if Hope finds out, they could both lose her and Brooke even her marriage. Hope goes to Forrester and Steffy can't help but taunt her about landing Oliver by using sex. Hope sets her straight that she and Oliver are not sleeping together. Steffy is embarrassed and doesn't know how she jumped to that conclusion. Marcus tells her that she has too big a mouth. But he defends what he said earlier. He saw Oliver come to the party, dance with Hope and he saw them go outside. He turned the corner and saw plenty. It had to be Hope as she had on the magic necklace. Brooke tells Oliver that this must not fall into anyone else's hands. They would not understand. It must be their secret forever.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Carrie showed up at the DiMera mansion and saw Will and Sami.  Carly was about to drop a bomb on Daniel.  Carrie wanted to apologize to Sami for Anna kidnapping Sydney.  Sami didn't blame Carrie for what happened.  Chloe and Philip wanted to stop Carly from telling her news.  Lexie got a blast from the past at the hospital.  Mike was admitted into the hospital because he was in an accident.  Brady continued to defend Arianna to Nicole.  Nicole was trying to convince Brady that Arianna shouldn't hurt him this way.  Madeline tried to get Mia to leave Salem.  Madeline made sure that Mia was accepted into the school of performing arts.

Carrie and Sami apologized to each other for everything that they've done to each other.  Carly finally let the cat out of the bag.  She told Chloe that she's pregnant.  Brady told Nicole that he and Arianna are finished.  Brady told Nicole that she should do a tribute to Alice Horton.  Chloe wasn't convinced that she was pregnant.  Chloe thought that Carly made up the fact that she was pregnant just to stop the wedding.  Carly denied that and said she would have told Daniel the truth if she wanted to stop the wedding.  

Carrie saw Mike at the hospital and they talked.  Brady visited Arianna at the station.  Arianna apologized for not believing him.  Mia wanted to say goodbye to Will and Sami.  She also wanted to thank them.  Jennifer went to the hospital to see Mike.  EJ and Nicole argued once again.  Mike demanded that he leave the hospital to see Alice before it was too late.  Unfortunately, he was too late.  Maggie told Jennifer that Alice died.  Carly did an ultrasound on Chloe and confirmed what she said.  Chloe is pregnant.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Patrick shows up for work but Steven refuses to lift his suspension. Luke moves in with Lucky. Luke figures that Tracy will want him back eventually. Tracy is miserable without Luke. Diane tells Jason that she can’t get him released from Pentonville. Claire shows up at Dante’s loft to talk to Michael about Franco. Elizabeth is annoyed that Nikolas gave flowers to Shirley. Lisa confides to Patrick that Steven was wrong for not allowing him to come back to work. Carly and Jason talk about Michael’s release from prison. Michael is adamant that he doesn’t know anything about Carter. Lisa betrays Patrick by telling Steven that he did the right thing. Nikolas wants to work things out with Elizabeth. Lucky and Ethan think that Luke and Tracy are over. Jason divulges to Carly that Franco has sent photographs to Dante and Maxie. Diane and Max are relieved that Michael’s home. Alexis talks to Jason about Kristina’s fascination with Johnny. Johnny makes it clear to Kristina that he isn’t going along with their scheme. Sam interrupts their conversation. Michael spends time with Carly and Josslyn. Carly is horrified to find that Franco has mailed her a black-and-white photograph. Claire and Dante agree to team together to use Jason as bait to capture Franco.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Ford asks Todd if they are done now that he has identified Hannah as his attacker. John tells Todd that Hannah's involvement in Ford's attack has nothing to do with Marty' case and that Todd is still a suspect. John issues a press release and an APB on Hannah. Marty is worried about what Hannah might to do Cole. Blair is worried that Hannah might have Starr. Hannah takes Cole to her grandfather's cabin to show him that Starr is there with James and when they find the cabin empty, she sends him to a local diner to ask around while she plants evidence in the cabin. She listens to his phone messages while he is gone and discovers that Ford named her as his attacker. She calls Ford and demands to know what he thinks he is doing. Cole later finds Starr's diploma and a condom wrapper that Hannah planted and she offers sympathy.

Charlie throws lemonade on David Vickers when he sees him sunbathing naked in the yard at Llanfair. Charlie wants to take Viki to the cabin for some alone time, but Dorian arrives and announces that they have a meeting with a philanthropist about a grant for building a greenhouse next to the municipal building so Viki tells Charlie that he has to go to the meeting and that they can go to the cabin another time. Starr and James are at Viki's cabin. Starr plans to sell her car to get the money that James owes his father. James walks in on Starr when she is in her underwear. She yells at him, but then they clear the air. When they are ready to leave, they notice someone is coming into the cabin. Starr hides and James hits the intruder with a fireplace poker. Starr comes out of hiding and is horrified that James knocked out David Vickers.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Skye asks Adam how she looks as she gets ready for the poker game. Sharon tells Adam to come out wherever he is. Nick gets Faith to sleep just as Phyllis comes downstairs. Phyllis tells Nick that Michael is on his way over so she will fix some sandwiches. Lily, while looking at the computer screen, suggests Asher as a boy’s name. Cane doesn’t like the idea of the baby being named Asher Ashby. Lily admits she is only kidding. Cane confronts Lily about him receiving her will in the mail and that it said that she wanted him and Mackenzie to raise the children. Lily apologizes for Cane finding out about the will that way. While at Katherine’s, Mackenzie has a sharp pain in her abdomen. J.T. and Katherine see to Mackenzie’s comfort. Billy stops by bearing gifts for Delia. Billy finds out that Chloe took Delia somewhere with her. Mackenzie has another sharp pain and is rushed to the hospital. Judge Medeiros arrives to accompany Skye to the poker game. Skye voices her opposition to the judge accompanying her. Michael tells Nick and Phyllis that D.A. Pomerantz subpoenaed Victor to testify at Nick’s hearing. Victor stops by Sharon’s and lets her know that they have to get back to Genoa City as soon as possible .Sharon wants to stay in Brazil to lure Adam out, but Victor refuses to let her stay. Victor orders her to pack and wait for him by the plane. At the hospital, the doctor tells Mac that she is in labor, but that she is giving her medication to slow down the contractions. Billy stops by Lily’s and Cane’s to let them know about Mackenzie. The police arrive at Nick’s to escort him back to jail because he is a flight risk and his bail has been revoked. Victor joins the poker game.

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