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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. and Annie lie down on the grass as they kiss in the park. Marissa and A.J. visit Krystal at her place. Marissa lets Krystal know about A.J. getting a bee sting. At the hospital, Jack sees to Erica’s every need. Ryan and Emma surprise Erica with a visit .David and Greenlee discuss her Fusion launch party that she is planning despite everyone’s protests. Bianca walks up behind them and asks where her invitation is. Bianca warns Greenlee that she will never get away with what she did to Erica. Ryan asks if Erica saw Greenlee yet, but Erica tells him only briefly. Outside of Erica’s room, Jack tells Ryan that Erica doesn’t know about Greenlee’s involvement with her disappearance. In the park, Annie separates herself from J.R., afraid that Scott and Marissa will hate them. J.R. tells Annie about seeing Trent's widow and son in the hospital, which made him realize he wants to be there for his family. Annie asks J.R. if he thinks that it could ever be real between them. Ryan asks Annie what is going on when she is late picking up Emma. When Bianca finds out that Jack and Erica are engaged, she whispers in Jack’s ear that she will keep his secret. Erica wants to know what all the whispering is about. Bianca lies and tells her that they are only trying to protect her. Although Bianca tries to stop her, Madison visits Erica and tells her about the Fusion party, then helps her get ready to bolt from the hospital. When Ryan hears what she did, he heads to the Yacht Club to protect Erica. Marissa gets J.R. to come home by telling him his son needs him. She is suspicious when she finds a leaf stuck to the back of his shirt. At the Yacht Club, David drugs Bianca to keep her from revealing what he and Greenlee did to Erica. J.R. is happy when Marissa agrees to return to his bedroom. After Krystal delivers food for Erica, Jack takes it to her room and finds her gone. Greenlee and Erica come face to face at Fusion.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Bob and Reid sit at a table at the Lakeview Hotel. Bob apologizes to Reid for making him make a decision between his job and Luke. Luke and Noah meet up at Old Town. Luke lets Noah know about the meeting at the hotel with Bob and Reid. Molly is at the ranch by herself. At home, Lily talks on the phone to Tom about Craig. When Holden walks in, Lily abruptly hangs up. Holden lets Lily know that she didn’t have to hang up because of him. Lily tells Holden know that she is letting both Gabriel and Craig stay at the ranch so that they will become closer. Holden and Lily begin to argue as usual. Katie has Jacob in for his check up with Chris. The situation between Katie and Chris is awkward as usual. Mona joins Bob and Reid for their meeting. Katie lets Chris know that she still wears her wedding ring because she still loves Brad. Lily and Holden argue over his impending marriage to Molly and about the evidence that she saw them destroy. Molly walks in and tells Lily if she needs to know anything to ask her herself. Luke stops by Lily’s and lets her know that things between him and Reid are over. Lily feels bad for him.

Luke joins Bob, Reid and Mona for the meeting. Molly becomes hysterical as she talks to Lily and leaves. Bob gets an emergency call from the hospital and has to leave. Bob interrupts Katie and Chris. Bob tells Chris to concentrate on his career. Katie comes home to find Reid, sitting on the sofa. Reid asks Katie what is wrong with him. Katie tries to offer him reassurance as best as she can. Molly and Holden go home to the ranch where she tells him that she cannot marry him. Holden assures her that things will be fine and they plan to marry that day. Reid meets up with Bob at the hospital and tells him that he quits. Reid goes to tell Luke the news but finds him reminiscing with Noah. Chris visits Katie and lets her know that he will keep her secret, but he will stay away from her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick blasts that Jackie’s husband had sex with his wife, and he defies any of them to say something to make that right. Nick won’t even let Owen defend himself. Nick demands that Bridget tell him what all of his means. He laughs at them as to what planet they are on. He wants Owen to look him in the eye and tell him that he will stay with his mother when Bridget has his baby. He tells his mother that they both were betrayed, but they both are going to have different ways to deal with it. Hope tells Oliver that is why she loves her necklace. It makes her think that he is always with her. She felt naked without it at the graduation party. The more she mentions the necklace, the weirder Oliver feels. But he promises her that he will give her the best of everything. He wants to know more about her when she was little. She says she and Brooke are really nothing alike as she is a goody-goody and her mother is known as the sexy scandal queen, at least in the tabloids. Brooke tells Ridge that her dad needs help. He got all mixed up in his head and moved in with Pam. He wanted her to shoot Stephanie. Now Stephanie is more determined than ever to bring the Logan’s down. Ridge swears there is nothing his mother can dig up on Brooke that will tear them apart.

Jackie tells Nick to stop. She knows the pain is overwhelming, but it was absolutely clear that he and Bridget were going to raise this child. That night was a mistake and they will not repeat it. She wants him to raise this baby just as they always planned. She will not turn her back on Bridget or Owen. She does not want him to either. This baby could be a blessing to him, to all of them. He doesn’t quite see it that way. He tells Bridget that he knows he has caused her some pain in the past. He was prepared to go to his grave to not do that again. But this he can not handle. He walks out.

Oliver is shocked when he hears the details of Hope’s birth with Deacon Sharpe being her bio father although he was married to Brooke’s other daughter, Bridget, at the time. Hope doesn’t want him to think bad things of her mother now. Brooke would be the first to admit she was out of control back then. When alone, he calls Brooke and tells her they need to talk. She admits it’s been a bad time, but she will meet him at his place as soon as she can. She meets him and says he needs to put all of his out of his mind. He says it is messing him up. He needs to ask her a question. Something like this happened before….something forbidden. She is insulted when she thinks he is suggesting that she knew the difference. She honestly believed that she was making love to her husband. Hope can’t find out; this would tear her world apart.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melanie went to Chloe's room to try to find out why she wants to get married to Daniel so fast.  Kate discovered Madeline's other secret. Jennifer wanted to make a photo album as a tribute to Alice.  The Hortons were talking about Alice.  Lucas and Philip spent time with each other.  Lucas wanted to apologize for being a downer at the wedding.  That didn't really matter to Philip because his mind was elsewhere.  He was thinking about his conversation with Chloe.  Maxine (hospital nurse) wanted to know why Daniel and Chloe are rushing the wedding.  Stefano and Madeline came to an agreement about the rest of her things.  Kate debated on whether she should tell Stefano about Madeline's secret.  Madeline threatened to beat Chloe down if she hurts Daniel.

Philip told Lucas that he was going to Daniel and Chloe's wedding.  The Hortons continued to reminisce about Alice.  Caroline, Kayla, and Stephanie bonded at the pub.  They also talked about Alice.  Lucas got a chance to talk to Will.  Chad told Madeline that he is going to Salem University.  Madeline went to see Mia.  Carly wanted to see Chloe's chart and Maxine dropped a bomb on her: Chloe and Daniel were getting married.  Maxine interrupted the ceremony because the Justice of the Peace had a phone call.  Mike called Jennifer to let her know that he's in Salem.  Carly walked in on Daniel and Chloe while they were waiting for the Justice of the Peace. Carly had an announcement to make.  Chloe looked horrified.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Patrick is suspended from work for punching Steven. Kristina wants Alexis to mind her own business when it comes to her relationship with Johnny. Carly convinces Brook Lynn to continue with their scheme to destroy Dante and Lulu. Sonny’s brief reunion with Michael is cut short when Dante tells him to leave. Sonny and Dante argue over Michael’s living arrangements. Maxie tells Lucky about Franco’s photograph. Steven thanks Nikolas for coming to his rescue after the situation with Patrick. Lulu badmouths Sonny in front of Michael. Lisa follows Patrick to Jake’s. Patrick tells Luke about his suspension, whereas Luke vents about his break-up with Tracy. Lulu asks Carly to talk to Sonny about Michael. Brook Lynn appears at Johnny’s house claiming that her car battery is dead. Patrick wonders how he ended up a “good guy”. Claire is thankful that Maxie came forward with the photograph. Sonny and Olivia run into each other on the pier. Sonny is troubled by the fact that he can’t see Michael. Michael and Dante have a chat about Sonny. Claire talks to Ronnie about Franco’s obsession with Jason Morgan. Olivia hopes that Sonny can make changes in his life.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Tucker plans to attend a meeting and wants Ashley to accompany him. Although Ashley has doubts, she agrees to go. Abby and Daniel argue over the secretive video that she made with her camera, which was posted on the internet. Abby denies having anything to do with it. Lauren finds out that Kay didn't attend the hearing with Mackenzie. Lauren and Kay discuss the fact that Jill may be her half sister. Lauren doesn’t believe that her father would do such a thing. Abby admits that she took the footage of them swimming. Daniel vows to find out who stole the video and posted it on the internet. Tucker’s business meeting doesn’t go as planned. Tucker asks Ashley to find out what she can from Billy about the Mitukoshi deal in Japan. Lily has her say in court. Cane drops the lawsuit. Lauren still doesn’t believe that Jill is her half sister. Jill and Lauren agree to a DNA test. Cane and Lily spend quality time together. Mac agrees to go through with the amnio to save Lily’s life.

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