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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica is in Pine Valley Hospital with all her family around her. Jake asks Angie what is wrong with her that she is preoccupied with staring at an empty chart. At the Chandler mansion, Annie is on the computer reading that Erica is alive and had been in West Virginia getting Palmer’s new will. David assures Greenlee that they are in the clear when it comes to Erica, but she still has her doubts. Angie tells Jake that she thought she was pregnant, but the tests showed otherwise. Scott leaves the mansion to find out what is in Palmer’s will. At Fusion, Greenlee plans a “launch party” for her new line of cosmetics despite the fact that Randi is against it. At his cabin, Caleb cannot keep his mind off Erica. At the hospital, Erica dreams of Caleb, but awakens to find Jack beside her. When Jack proposes to her. Erica hesitates before giving an answer. Jake interrupts them. Scott and Annie come to the hospital in order to snatch Jack’s bag, containing the will, but J.R. interrupts. He is there at Angie's behest to visit Trent's wife who just had his baby. She reminds J.R. to honor those who've died by cherishing every moment of our lives. Caleb finds a letter from Jack with a large check enclosed for his destroyed house but tears it to shreds. Erica tells Opal about mountain man Caleb. When Annie slurs Greenlee for her part in Erica’s disappearance, Greenlee urges her to go to the Psych ward for a new straight jacket. Jack and Bianca also yell at Greenlee for being at the hospital and refuse her flowers. Erica becomes angry when she sees Greenlee in the hall but calms down when she sees her leaving. David advises Marissa to use A.J. to keep J.R. When she gets a call informing her that A.J. got stung by a bee, Marissa decides to pick him up and go find her errant husband. At the park, J.R. apologizes to Annie for not appreciating enough her bone marrow donation, but it results in a kiss between the two. Erica accepts Jack’s proposal of marriage.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Janet finds out that her ‘inheritance’ came from Dusty and is livid. Janet lights into him about how he handled this all wrong by lying and trying to control her. Carly charms the insurance agent into thinking that the fire was an accident by Gabriel’s hand. Parker almost blows her story. Lucinda is horrified to find out that Lily is allowing Craig to stay with her at her house as well as Gabriel. Craig goes after Gabriel to try to talk, but he isn’t interested and even decides he is going to leave town to get away from him. Craig talks with an insurance agent about the fire and is put off by all the personal questions directed at Gabriel. Craig is fuming when he learns Carly sent him his way. Meanwhile, Lucinda tries to manipulate Faith into helping possibly frame Gabriel for drugs – if they get some. They can get rid of them all. Jack happily tells Parker that he will be a big brother. Parker and Jack have a talk about how much family means and how Parker wants them to stay together. He wants Jack and Carly to stop worrying about being such great parents because they already are. Jack admits to needing Carly, as Janet comes in to share her news; she is bummed when she finds out Jack already knows he is having a son. Jack defends Dusty’s motives a little, but Janet doesn’t know if she can ever trust him again. Craig comes to take Johnny for ice cream and a sleepover surprising Dusty because he thought he was in jail. Craig appreciates what he did, but their deal was only while he was in jail. Carly and Parker talk about him getting his money back, but he isn’t interested. Craig is furious when he confronts Carly and promises to stop her. However, they come to an agreement when Carly poses the idea about the electrical malfunctioning because of a mistake. Craig and Carly agree to claim the firs started accidentally from electrical work so they can collect. Janet and Jack happily talk about their son-to-be and the possible names. Their fun is interrupted when Dusty shows up. Janet and Dusty talk about their relationship and she explains sadly how she can’t be with him anymore; she can’t have him control and fix her life; she wants respect. Dusty pleads with her to reconsider, but Janet is set to give up the apartment and his money and make her own way. Jack privately talks with Hal’s photo hoping his son will turn out to be like Parker. Gabriel and Parker get into a verbal sparring, as Parker wants him to stay away from Liberty, while Gabriel taunts him about his supposed ‘hooking up’ with Liberty. He was going to leave town, but now he thinks he won’t and with all the money, he has (as he flashes it), he will be able to charm Liberty even more. Parker is incensed and heads home where he tells a thrilled Carly, who has been on the phone trying to get loans, that she is right – money is important and he wants to get it back.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie tells Owen that she is glad that the baby shower is over. She’s worried about Nicky. Nick confronts Bridget and asks her to tell him that Aggie was lying and the baby isn’t Owen’s. Slowly Bridget tries to explain. It was the night Aggie lost their baby and she just wanted to run away. He still can’t believe it. This is not like Bridget to have an affair. And not with his mother’s husband! She knows it doesn’t excuse anything. And now she feels extraordinarily horrible. Nick rants that maybe Bridget had an excuse, but Owen let it happen. Brooke, Katie and Bill come flying through the door at the cabin and berate Stephanie over what has happened. She gladly tells them that daddy is over there on the floor. She picked up the gun and shot him. Bill wants to call the paramedics and Stephanie says she will. She tells Jerry that she had a home intruder and she had to wing him. She looks at Stephen and tells him the paramedics and the sheriff is on the way, so he is not to die before they put him in jail. The girls rant about this and she points out that she shot him in self defense. He is the one who broke into her home and brought the gun. He had hurt her sister and she did not like that. She’s a great shot. If she had wanted to she could have killed him. They both know the truth and so does Pam. Stephen admits that he wanted Stephanie gone and once more she wins.

Suddenly Nick doesn’t want to hear any more. His wife had an affair. It was with his mother’s husband; the son of a bitch used her. It stops tonight. Stephen admits he thought he was justified, but he realizes now that he went about it all wrong. Stephanie tells them not to have too much sympathy as if things had gone the way he wanted, Stephanie would be dead and Stephen would be in prison anyway. Pam wants an explanation. Stephen says he started off putting the blame on her as he had with Stephanie, but then it changed. And he is sorry that he hurt her. Pam tells Stephanie that she is sorry too that she put her through all of this. Stephanie says it is all right. The sheriff is coming and Stephen will pay. Oliver and Aggie discuss the night and she’s just glad that his life is so complication free. Little does she know that all that is on Oliver’s mind is graduation night and that horrible fiasco of having sex with Brooke, his girlfriend’s mother. Nick bursts in and interrupts Jackie and Owen’s loving night. Nick shouts that Jackie needs to know what her husband has been up to. He punches Owen in the chops. He tells him that he was right about him all along and he should have kicked his ass a long time ago. Nick is shocked when Jackie tells him that she already knows what happened between Owen and Bridget, but she forgave him. Nick thinks they have all lost their minds. Jackie tells him that he has to forgive and get past this impossible situation. Brooke stays behind at the cabin when the others leave. She tells Stephanie that she needs to have some compassion. Her father hasn’t been the same since her mother died. Oliver calls and wants to see her. She says it is a bad time, it will have to be later. Stephanie chuckles – Ridge loves Brooke but he thinks she has changed. Stephanie knows she will do something again and then he can peel back that mask and find who she really is.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nathan and Melanie had a run-in at Alice's house.  Lucas and Allie saw Sami at the pub.  Madeline had a flashback about her box being empty.  Kate and Stefano watched Madeline's tape.  Once again Chloe was going to tell Daniel the truth, but she didn't.  She chose to tell him that she wanted to get married right away.  Bill told Maggie, Laura, and Jennifer that Alice didn't have much time left.  Melanie got a little too close for comfort and she almost kissed Nathan.  When they started to talk about being friends, Stephanie called.  Stefano and Kate found out what was on the tape.  Madeline was trying to have sex with a congressman that Stefano hit and killed.

Daniel decided to give Chloe what she wanted and he agreed to marry her that night.  Madeline wanted to meet on the pier to talk.  Madeline demanded that Stefano give her back her stuff.  He refused to do it.  He said he holds the cards now.  While Stefano was with Madeline, Kate was looking through Madeline's things.  Melanie tried to reason with Daniel to keep him from marrying Chloe so soon, but he wasn't having it.  Kate found something on Madeline in one of her envelopes that shocked her.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Spinelli tells Sam that Dante got Michael released from prison. Maxie shows Jason a photograph she received from Franco. Brook Lynn offers to keep Michael company while Lulu and Dante have some alone time together. Michael is happy to see Carly, Jax, Kristina, Morgan, Josslyn, and Molly. Dante informs Sonny that he needs to stay away from Michael. Lisa and Steven run into Patrick and Emma in the park. Olivia asks Lulu to speak to Johnny on her behalf, but she refuses to help. Maxie confides to Spinelli about her visit to Pentonville. Spinelli is horrified to discover that Franco sent a picture to Maxie. Luke is surprised to find that Tracy has already hired a lawyer. Tracy announces that she has controlling interest in the casino. Tracy orders Luke to leave the Haunted Star. Sam poses as Brenda so she can have a conjugal visit with Jason. Alexis and Sonny talk about Kristina’s relationship with Johnny. Michael wishes that Kristina wouldn’t speak harshly about their father. Dante interrupts Michael’s return home. Brook Lynn shows up at Johnny’s place to convince him to stay away from Kristina. Sam and Jason make love in the conjugal visiting room. Dante and Michael return to the loft. Patrick wants Lisa to assist on a surgery. Alexis pays Johnny a visit; she tells him to leave Kristina alone. Brook Lynn figures that Carly will pay her $10,000 since Michael has been released. Sonny shows up at Dante’s apartment to see Michael.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and James are stuck together. And Hannah just happens to run into Bull who can see that she ahs taken a picture of Starr and James together. At that point, she knows she has "leverage" for getting Cole to believe that Starr is cheating on him and lying to him although she is not. Jessica is worried that she could have tried to kill Ford until Brody informs her that Ford has named Hannah. Right then, Kelly concludes that she is not interested in Reed and he goes back to London. Todd and Tea are still keeping the secret from Dani that she is dying and Dani is with Nate wanting to help him keep the money he's taken from James' brief case so that his (Nate's) mom won't lose her house.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

When she encounters Michael in the courtroom, Jill tells him about her mother’s death and how hard it is on her. She then divulges that she and Lauren are half-sisters, but no one else knows. Cane’s lawyer walks in and interrupts their conversation. Mac lets J.T. know that she cannot understand why Cane is doing this. Neil and Malcolm arrive at the courtroom for the hearing although they are both divided on this issue. Kevin comes to visit Jana to bring her some of her things, but finds her in bed with Ryder. Kevin becomes angry and hits Ryder. Kevin orders Ryder out so he can talk to Jana. Jana lets Kevin know that she cares about Ryder and wants to be with him. Kevin accuses her of falling for Ryder. Frank tells Owen what is going on with the police smuggling into the jail to sell to the prisoners, but Owen doesn’t’ believe him without proof. Frank refuses to supply proof as he fears for his life behind bars. Mac and J.T. appear in court. Mac tries to get Cane to drop the case, but he refuses. The testimonies begin with Cane and Mac. The judge is just about to render her decision when Lily and Olivia walks in. Lily asks to testify and tells her side of the story to the judge and she sides with Mac. Everyone becomes angry when they find out that Jill was the one who called Lily to tell her what is going on. Chance and Heather go back to her place and find it ransacked. Owen announces to Chance that he will be getting a new partner. Kevin meets up with Alison at the bar. Chance and Heather meet his new partner.

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