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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse and Angie have lunch together, but Angie doesn’t’ have much of and appetite. Jesse surprises that Angie may be pregnant which surprises Angie. Jake and Amanda have lunch at the Yacht Club, but their desires get the best of them and they end up in the hotel room. Tad and Liza go to the Yacht Club for lunch. Colby and Damon also arrive for lunch. Colby suggests saying hello to Tad and Liza which Damon doesn’t like too much. Liza becomes ill and leaves. Damon catches up with her and with the help of his syringe, helps her to feel better. Tad, Damon and Colby take Liza to the hospital. Natalia tells Brot that she had made detective. The Mayor reprimands Jesse for his daughter being detective. Brot suggests that he take a leave of absence to help Jesse make the budget. Angie finds out that she is not pregnant. Angie suffers from blurred vision.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Carly is on the phone, trying to get Parker into college, but is quite put off when she finds out how expensive it will be. At the police station, Jack gets papers for him and Carly to sign, showing that the charges against Parker were dropped. At the diner, Janet is extremely happy that her baby is going to be a boy. Janet can’t wait to tell Jack that he is going to have a son. Dusty has the engagement ring in his pocket to give to Janet but keeps getting put off. Tom visits Craig in jail to discuss his trial. Tom suggests that Craig needs someone to be on his side. Liberty visits Janet at the diner, but is feeling miserable over Gabriel. Janet realizes that Liberty has it bad for Gabriel. Gabriel is at Lily’s home and is being fussed over by Lily, but Lucinda doesn’t like him being there. Carly apologizes to Jack for her remarks toward him concerning Brad. Janet tells Dusty that she wants to catch up with Jack to let him know about the baby. Dusty tells Janet to meet him at the Lakeview later. Janet wants to set up an appointment for Liberty to see the doctor to get some birth control pills, but Liberty refuses.

Liberty bumps into Gabriel at Old Town and is quite unnerved when she sees him just watching her. Lucinda pays Craig a visit in jail and claims to be trying to make amends. Lily interrupts Lucinda’s visit with Craig. Craig asks Lily for help. Dusty sets up a romantic dinner for himself and Janet. Janet runs into Carly in Old Town, but Carly is less than cordial to Janet. Dusty tells Jack about the baby being a boy. Jack argues with Dusty and reminds him that he knows that Dusty is the one responsible for giving Janet all the money. Janet overhears their conversation and ask Dusty if it is true about the money. Gabriel is packed to leave Lily’s when Craig comes in and asks him not to leave.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Mike Guthrie tells Katie that her father is using Pam. Bill tells him that he’s really trying his patience. He needs to know every detail that Mike knows. Mike finally spills that he sold a gun to Stephen. He’s clean and knows nothing else about it. But if they bring the cops in on this, their own father will be in more trouble. Bill reminds him if the gun goes off and someone gets hurt, Mike will be charged. They get information from the office that Stephanie and Pam are at Big Bear. They all head there. Stephen holds the gun on Stephanie and Pam. He tells Stephanie that the game is up. Stephanie reminds Stephen that he can’t shoot her and spend the rest of his life in jail. Stephen takes Pam into his arms and tells her it is all right. He’s not going to shoot Stephanie. It is Pam that was wronged. She is going to have the honor. He hands her the gun while Stephanie looks on in shock and disbelief. Steffy catches Oliver alone and she says he is being pretty obvious in that he can‘t take his eyes off of Bridget and Owen and Aggie. She knows that he’s thinking about the video where they made love. Aggie listens in on Bridget and Owen’s conversation about their baby. She goes directly to Nick and says she needs to tell him something. They go inside and she starts that she really cares for him. She respects him so much and cares for him so much and she has not been honest. She’s kept a secret from him…..a secret about his wife. She stammers that she saw his wife being unfaithful. She was making love with Owen.

Jackie tells Bridget to stop worrying about Aggie. She does not know the secret and that is safe with just them. Nick doesn’t believe Aggie and wonders why she is doing this. He’s even more stunned when she says she saw it for herself. And tonight she overheard that the baby is not Nick’s but Owen’s. Just go ask Bridget. Nick returns poolside while Taylor is praising Bridget for creating this brand new life for Nick. She wants to give a toast to Nick and Bridget and their symbol of love. As Aggie looks on, Nick tells Bridget he wants to go back to the office and talk. He waits until he gets back to the office to do any talking. He tells her that she was right about Aggie all along. She’s insane; she needs help. He confides that Aggie told him about an affair with Owen. He wants her gone and out of the company immediately. Bridget is stunned and can’t say a word. He sees her crying; he sees her face and begs her to tell him it’s not true. Stephen tells Pam that it is all right. After tonight it will all be over. Stephanie begs her not to listen to Stephen. Meanwhile Stephen convinces Pam that they can never be together again as long as Stephanie is in the picture. She needs to take back her life now. Pam walks closer to Stephanie. Stephanie holds out her hand for the gun and tells her that she will always protect her as long as she is alive. Stephen is still saying that Pam needs to shoot now. Stephanie takes the gun from Pam’s limp hand. She turns and aims and shoots Stephen in the shoulder and he falls to the floor. With a smile on her face, she walks closer to him and points the gun right at him and says, “say hello to Beth.” Another shot?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla and Melissa arrived in Salem.  Arianna and Brady were arguing because she thought he fell off the wagon.  Chloe wanted to know if Father Mat was going to tell Daniel about her affair.  Brady wanted to go to the police station to talk to Arianna.  Father Matt told Chloe that he wasn't going to reveal her secret.  He also told her that she got lucky because he's leaving to go on a retreat.  Stephanie talked to Kayla about her relationship with Nathan.  Nicole found out that Chloe was in the hospital and went to see her.  Daniel and Melanie went to Alice's house.  Daniel wanted to talk to Maggie about her illness.  Daniel told Maggie that she is in remission.

Kayla and Melissa reunited at the pub.  Brady was upset with Arianna for not believing he was drugged.  He is not sure if they have a future even though he wants to help her.  Nicole figured out that Chloe cheated on Daniel.  Nicole wants to help Chloe.  She also didn't want Daniel to know she was there.  Guess who showed up at the hospital?  Daniel was at the hospital.  Nicole's advice for Chloe was for her to marry him today.  Lucky for Nicole and Chloe, Daniel never made it to the room while Nicole was there.  When Melanie was about to leave Alice's house, she ran into Nathan.  Daniel finally showed up in Chloe's room and she wanted to get married after all.  Daniel questioned her change of heart.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis and Sonny are afraid Johnny will try to seduce Kristina. Alexis says it is her job as Kristina’s mother to explain the consequences of Kristina’s bad choices. Sonny says that since the guy that beat Kristina is dead, she can’t take her anger out on him so she is redirecting it to Sonny because Johnny has convinced her that Sonny and Keifer are the same. Alexis tells him she will take care of it and Sonny is to keep his thugs away from Johnny. Sonny says he will give Alexis the opportunity to handle it, but if she fails, he will do whatever is needed to stop Johnny. Olivia warns Kristina that she is setting herself up for a world of hurt. Ethan takes Kristina home. Olivia asks Johnny if Sonny told her the truth about what he saw. Johnny admits that Sonny saw him talking to Kristina on Baker Street and that he said the legal age of consent is 17, but anything beyond the scope of the conversation, Olivia can choose to believe what she knows about Johnny or believe what Sonny wants her to believe. Olivia tells him that he is worse that what he set out to destroy. Olivia storms off. Kristina tells Ethan that she and Johnny were just putting on an act to torture Sonny. Ethan says her charade will end with Johnny or Sonny dead. He asks her if that is what she wants. Kristina said she hadn’t thought about the possibility of anyone dying. Ethan says Kristina doesn’t need to be anywhere near the revenge and violence that motivates the adults in her life. Alexis comes home and tells Kristina that Johnny Zacchara is another bad choice because he is 10 years older than her and a criminal. Kristina points out that Sonny being a criminal didn’t stop Alexis. Ethan asks Johnny if everything is ok with Olivia. Johnny says Olivia isn’t coming back. He says Sonny got to her first and there was no changing her mind. Ethan encourages him to tell Olivia the truth about Kristina’s game. Johnny says it was inevitable because Olivia has all of his heart but he only has the pieces of hers that don’t belong to Sonny. Olivia goes back to Pozzulo’s and tells Sonny that she saw Kristina at Johnny’s apartment and she now believes that he is capable of using her to get revenge on Sonny. Sonny says he hates to see Olivia hurting this way. Olivia says Johnny wants Sonny to come after him and he doesn’t care if he dies in the process as long as Kristina despises Sonny for it.

Claire tries to convince Jason to help her put Franco away. Jason gives in and tells him all the weirdness that he went through with Franco. He says that the last thing Franco said was that if Jason killed, Franco would kill too. Clair wonders if Jason has killed anyone. He tells her that he killed Carter in self-defense and that Carter’s last words were “Franco says hi and wants to play again” Claire thanks Jason for his help and tells him she is going to trace the origin of Carter’s relationship with Franco. Dante realizes that the apartment will be a little crowded when Michael moves in. He tells her that part of Michael’s release agreement is that he won’t be able to see Sonny. Later Brook Lynn taunts Lulu about the damper that Michael’s presence will put on her romance with Dante. Michael tries to persuade Carly to stop trying to blame people for his prison sentence. Carly goes to see Spinelli for a progress report on her plan for revenge against Dante. She tells him that Michael is losing his innocence and starting to remind her of Jason. The warden and Dante inform Michael that he is going home, but Michael doesn’t want to leave without Jason. Jason tells him to go and not to look back. The county clerk calls Carly and tells her that Michael is being released today. Carly races home to tell Jax and Morgan. Dante takes Michael to Carly’s house and then goes to see Sonny and tell him that Michael is out of prison but that he can have only minimal contact with Sonny.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cole and Langston both try but fail to find Starr. She's with James while Bull (the guy who's hunting him down for the money) has Starr's phone. James finally breaks down and tells Starr that he has been forced to help his father work in a chop shop to steal cars and has been abused as a child. So he has been on the run. And that's why he has taken the money from Bull. He tells her that he was hoping to finish school and start a legitimate business with his older brother who got a scholarship and has been working as a teaching assistant until he got assaulted. Hearing that, she figures out that Ford is his brother. She then trusts and wants to help James after hearing his story. Ford is awake and seems to know what is going on. Jessica wants to find out if one of her alters might have tried to kill him. But he won't tell her. John goes to talk to him. Hannah indicates to John and to Marty that Todd Manning might be correct in his theory that she pushed Marty and framed Todd for it when they see irrational behavior in Hannah.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick calls Sharon and leaver her a message for her to call him. Phyllis defends Victor’s motives for wanting Sharon in Brazil. Jack arrives and tells Nick that Sharon is in Brazil. Sharon tells Victor that she wants to help lure Adam out of hiding. Adam lets Skye know that if Victor tracks him here then Victor will find out about Skye being alive. Adam suggests leaving Brazil, but Skye wants to stay for the game. Snapper and Katherine discuss the memorial service for Liz, but Snapper tells her that Liz wanted her body donated to research. Katherine tells Snapper that Jill had deserved to know the truth as to who she really is. Jill visits Lauren and lets her know that she is Lauren’s half sister. Lauren doesn’t believe it that her father would keep such a secret from her. Jill lets Lauren know that Neil Fenmore is her father. Phyllis tries to calm Nick down about Sharon, but an argument erupts between the two. Phyllis lashes out at jack for also defending Sharon. Nick calls Victor and demands that he send Sharon home that he needs Sharon home. Jill arrives back at Katherine’s just in time to say good-bye to Greg and Snapper. Lauren tells Michael about Jill being her sister. Nick and Phyllis continue to argue over Sharon.

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