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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. remembers his talk with Annie in which he proposed making love again to get her out of his system. Marissa interrupts him and asks about Scott and Annie. Scott and Annie are in bed, kissing. Scott receives a phone call from J.R. which he ignores. Bianca visits Opal to ask her about Erica. At Krystal’s, a reporter questions Greenlee about Erica’s disappearance and the influence it will have on Fusion. Jack wants to continue looking for Erica in the dark, but Krystal talks him out of it. Caleb stands by Erica. When Greenlee asks for her help, Opal refuses. Scott asks Annie to move into his bedroom at the Chandler mansion. Annie joins J.R. in the living room and tells him that since she slept with Scott, J.R. is out of Annie’s life for good. Bianca comes face to face with David and demands answers as to where Erica is. David refuses to tell her anything.

J.R. asks Marissa to move back into their bedroom, but she refuses. J.R. suggests that they call a truce to their differences and try to be a family. Bianca allows Greenlee to help with the search for Erica but refuses David’s help. Caleb takes Erica back to the cabin. Erica spies Jack’s things inside the cabin. Erica yells for Caleb just as Jack and Krystal come running back to the cabin. Jack and Erica are happily reunited. Krystal comes face to face with Caleb. Caleb watches as Jack carries Erica away from the cabin. Bianca vows to find out who set Erica up for stealing money from the Miranda Center.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Chris and Katie meet at the hospital to follow through with their plans to change Vienna’s medical records. Bob gives Reid an ultimatum whether it would be Luke or the medical wing that he would be giving up. Emily searches Meg’s room for the bottle of methadone pills. Paul searches through Emily’s attaché case and finds the pills. Barbara starts to search Emily’s briefcase, but Paul stops her. Meg orders Emily to leave her hospital room as she screams for the nurse. Luke arrives to join Bob and Reid for the tour of the hospital. Luke asks Reid what is wrong. Reid is reluctant to give him an answer.

Paul confronts Emily about the methadone which he found in her attaché case. Emily denies using them to drug Meg and puts all the blame on Barbara. Barbara visits Meg to let her know what is going on with Emily and the methadone pills. Bob finds Katie and Chris in the medical records room and wants to know what is going on. Chris makes up a lie that he is helping Katie with a story. Chris threatens to change the info back, but Katie begs him to leave it alone. Katie promises to stop her matchmaking. Bob tells Luke that he forced Reid to choose between the hospital program or his relationship with Luke. Kim, hearing Bob’s declaration, blasts him for his decision. Paul orders Emily out of his home. Reid gives Luke his decision, but Luke makes it easy for him and walks out of Reid’s life. Emily visits Meg again and demands to know how she got into her home to put the bow into Eliza’s hair. Paul walks in and pulls Emily away from Meg. An officer walks in and arrests Emily for drugging Meg.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephen drives to Big Bear. In his mind he talks to Beth and says tonight Stephanie will be out of their lives. Pam cries to Pam that she’s in love; the best time she’s ever had in her life and she does not need the refill pills. Stephanie knows otherwise and leaves to go pick up the pills. She tells Pam to stay put. Pam calls Stephen and begs him to hurry. He tells her he is almost there and after tonight that Stephanie will not be a problem to them again. Katie and Bill drop by the office and tell Brooke that their dad is living with Pam and is involved with her romantically. Brooke agrees that whatever is going on, it needs to stop before someone gets hurt. Stephen joins Pam at the cabin, but she wants him to take her away. He says no, they must stay and face this once and for all. Pam has to take a stand and make Stephanie really listen to her. She is the only one who can stop her. Jackie thanks Taylor for throwing this baby shower for Bridget. Oliver tells Aggie that people make mistakes, so cut Bridget some slack. She only slept with Owen that one time. This baby is Nicks as she would not keep something like that from him. Aggie is still worried about Nick’s feelings and thinks there is something just a little off tonight with Bridget. Brooke, Katie and Bill are at Pam’s but no Stephen. Mike Guthrie knocks on the door and Bill tells him that he is not going anywhere until Mike tells them how he is mixed up with Stephen. Mike confesses that Stephen is out to get Stephanie Forrester and she is afraid that he will use Pam to do it.

Pam says she is not afraid to confront Stephanie. Stephen tells her that she is beautiful and strong and if she stands up to Stephanie she will astonish herself. She can do this. All Stephanie does is take and take and take and now she wants to take Pam’s life away from her. She will walk through that door any minute. He will be there with her right beside her; freedom for her from all the misery Stephanie has caused her. Aggie watches as Bridget slips up to Owen and asks that he meet her upstairs. They need to talk. Aggie notices when he follows. Nick tells Aggie that he appreciates them all coming. She hugs him and says she only wants this baby to be the answer to all his prayers. Bridget tell Owen that maybe she is just paranoid, but she keeps thinking Aggie knows something. Aggie sneaks up to the room and overhears Owen call it “our” baby. Stephanie returns and is not surprised to find Stephen there. She says Stephen must leave. She doesn’t want him to hurt Pam. She jerks Pam by the arm and says they are leaving. As they argue, Stephen pulls the gun and aims it at them. He says no one is going anywhere.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lexie called Maggie to tell her that Brady was in the hospital.  EJ had bad news for Arianna.  Chad told Madeline and Charles that he doesn't plan to go away to school.  Nicole lied to Brady about why he fell off the wagon.  Instead of telling him that she set up Arianna, she blamed it on stopping him from marrying Arianna in Santo Domingo.  Will found out that Sami's townhouse is finished and she's not leaving the mansion.  Will ripped into Sami again because she wants to stay at the mansion.  Mia and Gabi ran into each other outside of the pub.  Mia tried to apologize to Gabi because Arianna was arrested.  Gabi ripped into Mia because of the way she treated her.  Nicole realized that Dr. Baker was responsible for what happened to Brady.  Kate impersonated Madeline to get into her safe deposit box.

Julie tried to talk some sense into Sami about getting involved with EJ.  Chad overheard Mia confess to Gabi about being in love with him.  Brady explained to Maggie and Victor that he has been sober and he was set up.  Nicole confronted Dr. Baker about drugging Brady.  While Kate was looking in the safe deposit box, Madeline showed up at the bank.  Madeline conveniently couldn't find her key at first.  She also got a shock.  It turned out that someone was already signed in to look in the box.  Kate was in the room.  Kate managed to take everything out of the box and get out of the room before Madeline could see her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kristina and Johnny pretend to be a couple to annoy Sonny. Ethan invites Maya to Johnny’s apartment and pretends it is his place. Johnny comes home and plays along. When Maya leaves, he tells Ethan about what happened with Sonny and Kristina. Ethan concludes that they will have to move fast, before Sonny comes after Johnny. Sonny summons Olivia to his office and tells her that Johnny is screwing Kristina and therefore she needs to understand that Johnny has to die. He summons Alexis to his office and tells her about seeing Johnny and Kristina together. She wonders why he didn’t drag her away from Johnny. He says that would have proven her case that he is abusive. He tells her that Johnny point out that Kristina is a consenting adult. Alexis refuses to believe that Johnny and Kristina are having sex. Sonny says that if Johnny is having sex with Kristina, he is dead. Kristina goes to Johnny's apartment and asks him what he is doing Friday. He tells her he won't be pretending to be her boyfriend because that was a one-shot deal. She picks up a half-empty wine glass from the table and sprawls on his sofa. Olivia comes in as Johnny is leaning over to take the wine from Kristina.

Michael wonders if Dante is honest about caring about him. Michael tells Jason that Sonny wants him to go to college but he knows no college will accept a convicted killer. He says his only option after prison will be to join Sonny’s organization. Jason tells him that he will find himself back in prison if he follows his father’s example and that he doesn’t have to follow in anyone's footsteps; he can make his own. Claire goes to see Jason. She shows him the picture that Dante received and says it matches an actual crime scene in Chicago. She asks him to tell her everything he knows about Franco. He tells her that he will help her put Franco away, but she has to get Michael out of Bentonville first. Dante tries to convince Judge Carroll to reverse Michael's sentence. He goes home and has sex with Lulu all over the apartment. Afterwards, he tells her about the deal he made with Judge Carroll. He says Michael can’t have any contact with anyone associated with Sonny's business and he will have to live with Dante. Lulu tells Carly about Jason killing Carter. Carly goes to see Michael. He makes her swear not to tell Sonny that he couldn’t handle Carter himself.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Right after Starr's graduation, James tells her that the guy who is chasing him is now after her now that he's found her purse. Now that James has discovered that the money he put in the briefcase is gone and doesn't know where it is, he's worried that the guy could come after him or Starr. Meanwhile, Nate has taken the money and is talking to Dani wondering what to do about it. Dani notices that her mother is totally engrossed in Todd and wonders why. Little does she know that Tea is dying, Todd has just discovered that and is by her side willing to help her. Meanwhile, Cole gets released on bail. Hannah acts like the "Friend" who cares about him more than Starr. But he's disinterested in her. When she's alone with Marty, she reveals that she is capable of taking drastic measures to anybody who prevents her from having her "chance" with Cole.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Victor gets a package from the United States. Nick, Michael, Phyllis and Sharon gather in court for Nick’s trial. Adam imagines that Sharon found him. Skye urges Adam to let her play in one more poker game and they will be set for life. Victor calls Sharon to come to Sao Paulo to help lure Adam out of hiding. Jill and the boys stand vigil outside Liz’s room. Jill feels resentment toward the boys. Katherine sits beside Liz’s bed. Mr. Wan tells Victor about the poker game, but the stakes will be higher than before. Victor agrees to the terms of the game. Mr. Wan informs Skye about the game and where it will be held. Katherine tells Jill, Snapper, and Greg that it is time. Jill talks to Liz a few moments before Liz flatlines and is gone. Katherine invites the family back to her home. Jack and Nick are against Sharon going to Sao Paulo.

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