Wednesday 6/16/10 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/16/10 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Madison lets Ryan know that Greenlee fired her because she was more concerned about Erica than Fusion's image. Jack and Krystal are in the cabin previously occupied by Caleb and Erica. Caleb searches for his dog and blames Erica for his disappearance. Erica is down in a hole, yelling for someone to help her. At the hospital, David denies the accusation that he did something to harm Erica. As they discuss the hospital, David threatens to fire both Angie and Frankie. Seeing Erica’s picture in the trash at Fusion, Bianca asks Greenlee if David would kill for her. Greenlee denies trying to hurt Erica. When David finds Ryan with Madison in the park, they begin to argue. Ryan attacks David by grabbing him around the neck. Madison tries to separate them. In pushing Madison away, Ryan knocks her down. Jack shows Krystal the engagement ring that he is going to give Erica. Erica prays that someone will find her and that her children and grandchildren will be protected. Someone grabs hold of Erica’s hand and pulls her up out of the hole. Ryan apologizes to Madison for knocking her down. Madison tells Ryan to go and look for Erica. Jack practices his proposal to Erica on Krystal. Ryan comforts Bianca over the disappearance of her mother. Jesse warns David not to threaten Angie. Greenlee finds out that Ryan choked David. As she takes her own blood pressure, Angie has blurred vision. Jesse persuades Angie to have dinner with him. Greenlee sees the marks on David’s neck where Ryan choked him. Bianca asks for Ryan’s help in seeking justice for Erica.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Alison gives Casey the latest report on the whereabouts of Vienna’s unknown doctor. In the hotel room, Henry gets ready for a meeting. Vienna is suspicious of the meeting and Henry leaving her alone. After Henry leaves, Vienna takes a pregnancy test to see if she is pregnant. Chris sneaks into Katie’s apartment to look for his wallet, but is surprised by a scantily clad Katie. Paul acts indifferent to Emily about Meg. Barbara comes in and wonders what they are arguing about. Paul finds out from Emily that Barbara ordered a tox screen on Meg. Meg sneaks the methadone bottle out of the tissue box just as Emma walks in. Meg quickly hides the pills. Paul defends Barbara against Emily. Paul assures Barbara that he will get to the bottom of this matter. Henry and Casey meet for drinks. Casey finds out that Henry and Vienna are back together. Vienna catches them together and wants to know what happened with his business meeting. Henry leaves abruptly for his meeting. Vienna asks Casey what is going on. Paul visits Meg. Casey tells Vienna that he was looking into her doctor’s visits and her supposed doctor who doesn’t exist. Emma questions Paul about his giving Meg the methadone pills. Meg sneaks out of the hospital room with the bottle of pills. Paul denies Emma’s accusations. Katie gets a visit from Vienna who asks for Katie’s help. Katie urges Vienna to come clean with Henry just as he arrives to talk to Katie about Vienna. Emily has Eliza in her arms while Meg watches them. Vienna confronts Henry about Mr. Cobbler. Vienna and Katie urge Henry to take Jacob for a walk. Henry talks to Jacob about his troubles with Vienna. Barbara walks up and wants to know who Henry is talking to. Casey and Alison bond and almost kiss until she pulls away. Katie asks for Chris’ help with a friend. Emily sees a bow in Eliza’s hair that Meg purchased for her and that Emily had hidden in a drawer. Vienna watches Henry with Barbara. Vienna confronts Henry about losing him to Barbara.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie knocks on the door and Stephen has to hide the gun and the photo of Beth that he has been holding. A tear falls as he says he is about to do something today; he’s going to take action….something that he should have done years ago and Stephanie and her sister wouldn’t be a problem now. Katie inquires why he is there. He tells her it is more involved than it looks on the surface. Katie says they have nothing in common. Stephen differs; Stephanie has manipulated both him and Pam. Katie realizes he is consumed with his hatred. He claims that he will not let Pam be subjected to Stephanie’s abuse one more day. Against her will, Pam is dragged to Big Bear Cabin by Stephanie. The whole office saw it and Pam feels humiliated. Stephanie tries once more to explain that Stephen is not in love with her; that he is using her. She accuses Stephanie of not caring for her; has always used her for her entire life. Stephanie tells her that Stephen has brainwashed her and she sees now that Pam will do anything he asks. Owen and Jackie discuss Bridget’s baby and how they will have more problems to face. He says one day at a time. Nick interrupts Bridget as she tells Owen and Jackie that she needs to tell Nick the truth. Aggie and Whip want to give her an impromptu baby shower tonight. Bridget pleads tiredness and tries to get out of the shower, but Aggie leads the way in insisting.

Stephen tells Katie it will be best if Katie and Bill will just walk away from this and let him deal with it. He is only trying to protect them. Everything Stephanie has done to this family will be made right. Katie realizes what grieving can do to a person, but this doesn’t make any sense. Pam admits to Stephanie that she does not need the pills anymore so Stephen poured them down the drain. Stephanie goes to the car to get her phone so they can order some re-fills. Pam calls Stephen and cries that Stephanie has kidnapped her. She wants to keep her there until she calls things off with Stephen. She begs Stephen for his help. He puts on the black gloves, picks up the gun and tells Pam that it is her turn finally to be free of Stephanie. He will be there to help her. “Stephanie Forrester, prepare to die.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Carly offered to go see Alice with Bo.  Chloe lied to Daniel and told him that there was a problem with her annulment with Lucas.  Nicole had great timing again because she found Brady on the pier.  Kate thought that Stefano didn't care about her children.  He wasn't jumping on the couch and cheering when she told him that she spoke to Lucas.  He wanted to tell her about the plan to get to Madeline's stuff at the bank.  Daniel wanted to know what Chloe told Father Matt to make him not want to marry them.  Caroline looked like she was jealous when she saw Victor holding Maggie's hand at the pub.  Stefano tried to convince Kate that she is not wanted at Alice's house.  He had a point since Bill and Laura were there.  Nicole tried to help Brady after she found him passed out on the pier.  She thought he fell off the wagon.  While she was helping him they almost kissed.  Daniel came up with a solution to Chloe's lie.  He suddenly had a friend who was a priest and he could marry them.  Chloe dodged the bullet and said she wanted to have Father Matt marry them.  He gave in to what she wanted.

Bill got the shock of his life when Kate (his former mistress) showed up at Alice's house.  Caroline was mad at Victor because he married Vivian.  Brady tried to hit officer Conway and was about to be arrested when he passed out again.  Victor reminded Caroline about the time he tried to be with her and she rejected him.  She claimed that she didn't want him.  He told her that he married Vivian for Bo.  Nicole told Bo that Brady fell off the wagon because she couldn't be Arianna's alibi.  Laura confronted Kate when she saw her with Bill.  Laura told Kate that she wasn't welcomed at Alice's house.  Chloe yelled at Carly again about her affair.  It was the same fight they've been having.  Brady woke up after being passed out.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Ethan wants to get paid for helping Johnny. Johnny and Ethan talk about Kristina. Michael receives visits from Sonny, Sam, and Lulu. Lulu wishes that Dante would stop blaming himself for Michael’s incarceration. Dante tells Lulu that Michael was attacked in Pentonville. Steven gives the word that Tracy will make a full recovery. Luke urges Tracy to give their relationship a chance. Unfortunately, Tracy doesn’t want anything to do with Luke. Helena flirts with Luke at the hospital. Edward and Maya have a chat about her uncle Justus. Dante shows Claire the photo that Franco sent him. Elizabeth announces to Steven that she is investing in the experimental drug company. Nikolas has no regrets of evicting Helena from Wyndemere. Nikolas is bothered to hear about Liz’s investment, as well as her hopes to win back Lucky. Sonny shows up at the Davis home to see Kristina but she isn’t home. Dante pays a visit to Judge Carroll in an attempt to have Michael released. To impress her, Ethan brings Maya to Johnny’s place, claiming it is his own. Sonny is shocked to find Kristina and Johnny holding hands in town.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Tea tells Todd that her tumor isnít shrinking so she isnít going to go to any more medical appointments. Todd tells her that he can't allow her to die. Charlie is jealous about Viki hiring David Vickers. Destiny shows up at Matthew's house and is appalled to see two prostitutes there. Later, she is amused when Matthew reveals that he paid the prostitute NOT to have sex with him and to keep it mum.

James Ford meets Markko when he is having breakfast at the Buenos Dias Cafe. Markko is clear about his hatred for Ford, so James claims that he doesn't know Ford. Starr goes to the Buenos Dias and apologizes to Markko for not telling him what she knew about Langston and Ford. The man who has been chasing James Ford shows up at Markko, Cole, Langston, and Starr's apartment to return Starr's purse. When Langston leaves, he ransacks the place. After he discovers the money isnít there he calls James from Starr's phone and threatens to kill Starr if he doesn't get the money. Darren sees Nate at school with the backpack full of cash. Nate says it is prop money for the play. Darren tells him that the play has been cancelled. He offers to throw the "prop" money away. When Matthew and Destiny arrive at Starr's graduation and see Dani there with Nate, Matthew decides he can't stay. Starr tells him that she understands. Langston and Starr graduate. Markko goes to the ceremony. Langston apologizes for everything. The man that has been chasing James kidnaps Starr.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Victor loses big to Mr. Wan as he planned. Adam lets Skye know that all the money in the world will not do them any good if Victor catches up with them. Skye invites Adam to join her in the game. Estava confronts Skye and Adam and tells them that their little scam is over. Estava also tells Skye that they are no longer welcome in his hotel. Ashley and Tucker both speak fluent Japanese. Ashley is surprised that Tucker can speak Japanese. Jill asks Snapper how Liz is doing. Jill prays that the lab results come back good. Greg assures Jill that the results will be good. Snapper finds out that Liz has Wegener’s Disease. Jack tells Victor that Nick’s trial begins tomorrow. Estava confronts Skye about her cheating the local patrons. Estava asks Skye and Adam to leave his hotel. Adam insists on leaving before Victor finds them. Skye insists on staying in the game. Victor raises the stakes in the game. Jack joins the game. Ashley accuses Tucker of hiding who he really is. Tucker tells Ashley to forgive the people who wronged her. Katherine, Greg and Snapper try to console Jill. Skye comes to see Mr. Wan. Jack and Victor see Skye in Mr. Wan’s office. Skye finds out from Mr. Wan about a new patsy who loses big bucks gambling. Jack calls Michael. Jack decides to go home for Nick’s trial. Adam tells Skye that Jack is in Sao Paulo.

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