Tuesday 6/15/10 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/15/10 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack and Krystal search for Erica in the West Virginia woods. At the Chandler mansion, Marissa and Scott find out that Erica is missing and that she had been in West Virginia to find out about Palmer’s will. Scott imagines talking to Jack about his feelings for Annie. Marissa interrupts and asks him what he said. Greenlee and David arrive at Fusion to lay the groundwork on how to get through the Erica situation. Madison suggests that they go out looking for Erica. Caleb carries Erica back to the cabin and puts her on the sofa, then he doctors her ankle despite her protests. After Caleb pours whiskey down her throat, Erica lets him know that she is a recovering alcoholic. Jack worries that they will not find Erica in time. Madison continues to slur her over Erica until Greenlee fires her. When Annie lets J.R. know that she is with Scott now, he asks her if she loves Scott. J.R. suggests to Annie that they sleep together again. Jack finds some things that belong to Erica.

Greenlee asks Randi if she want to discuss Erica and Randi nods her head, “No.” Erica gets the upper hand on Caleb and his rifle. She holds the gun on him until she manages to get out of the cabin. Krystal spies a fire and they head in its direction. Jack and Krystal find the cabin deserted. J.R. promises to stand by Marissa. Scott tells Annie he loves her as they make love. Greenlee thanks David for standing by her. Bianca confronts Greenlee.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, Gabriel confesses to everyone that Craig did not hit him the night of the fire, and that he hadn’t even see Craig at all. Everyone begins to question why Gabriel suddenly changed his mind. Margo asks Gabriel who had put him up to this, but he takes the full blame. Parker asks Faith where Liberty is. Faith remembers seeing Liberty with Gabriel. Carly comes in to the squad room and wonders if Gabriel is even telling the truth now. Margo insists that Gabriel take a polygraph test. Jack and Carly fight over his interference in this matter. Carly leaves the room in a huff. Faith tries to get Parker interested in watching movies, but his mind is on Liberty. Craig is relieved that the assault charges against him were dropped, but his happiness is short lived when he finds out that the arson charges still stand. Carly comes home to find Parker with Faith. Jack comes home and tells Parker the good news about the charges against him. Lucinda visits Craig in jail to tell him that she is going to make the charges against him stick and he will going to jail for a long time. Craig vows revenge on Lucinda when he gets out of jail. When Margo visits him. Craig asks her to let him make one call. Gabriel ignores Craig’s call. Carly and Jack argue that he hasn’t changed since his brother’s death.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke says it was clearly a state of mistaken identity. They must deal with it. She’s happy to hear that he told no one; he didn’t brag to anyone. He asks the same of her and she tells him that she tried to talk to Ridge, but then realized it was not him on the terrace so she said no more and doesn’t think he is suspicious. They both want to forget about this, but not sure they can. Pam is in bed with Stephen and wanting to go Round #2. She’s ecstatic and says it sure beats making lemon bars. She could do this every day; heck she could do it two times a day. Stephen thinks to himself that he is doing this for Beth; to protect their daughters. Katie is shocked when Stephanie calls Katie in and tells her that her father is out of control. He’s living with Pam now and taking over her life to do things she normally wouldn’t. Katie doesn’t believe it. She says her dad is still mourning their mother. He would never do something like this. But Pam walks in and announces that she and Stephen are in love….so yes they are carrying on. Hope looks for Brooke. Rick tells her that he saw her with Oliver…..never a good thing with mom and boyfriend huddled together. Mike visits Stephen and wants to know what the plan of attack is on Stephanie.

Mike tells Stephen that he knows that he is not going to do the nasty himself. He’ll have someone else do that for him; he wants details. He thinks he knows who it is and just wants to make sure they don’t trace the gun back to him. Pam doesn’t realize what all the big fuss is. Stephen has changed her for the better and it’s none of their business. She doesn’t want them to ruin things for her. Stephanie gives Katie the address so she can go see for herself. Brooke says Hope can never know. It would destroy all their relationships. Oliver needs to put it out of his mind. This is her daughter’s safety they are talking about. He must not slip up again even when Hope says she is ready. He must hold out. Hope interrupts their conversation and wonders why her mother is there at Oliver’s. Brooke stammers that she just wanted to talk with Oliver about his relationship with Hope. She just wants to love and protect her. She feels better after talking with Oliver. Pam tells Stephanie that it has taken her this many years to find a man. She wishes Stephanie could be happy for her. She is not going to give him up, not even for Stephanie.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

A poker player drugged Brady's drink.  Rafe fought off the guard that Stefano hired to take care of him.  Anna finally woke up.  Chloe interrupted her wedding to Daniel.  Needless to say, Daniel wanted answers.  A man showed up in Anna's hospital room.  He is going to make sure that Anna keeps quiet.  Rafe was able to overtake Stefano's henchman.  Chloe wanted to talk to Father Matt and confess to him. Brady passed out at the pier.  Rafe and Shane got out of their cell and planned their escape.  Sami jumped on EJ (not literally) when she thought he was keeping something from her.  It turned out that EJ knew that the townhouse was ready.  He dodged the bullet by using Alice's health as an excuse for keeping it from her.  Chloe told Father Matt that she had an affair with Philip.  Sami talked to Jennifer about what's going on with her situation with EJ.  

Chloe asked Father Matt to talk to Carly and asked her not to say anything about the affair.  Father Matt knocked the wind out of Chloe's sail when he refused to talk to Carly.  Father Matt ran into Daniel and he said he could perform the ceremony.  Anna tried to leave the hospital and got a surprise.  Dr. Baker put alcohol on Brady to make it seem as if he were drinking and not drugged. Bill and Laura arrived in Salem.  Daniel asked Chloe why Father Matt refused to marry them.  EJ made the "sacrifice" and told Sami that she could move back to the townhouse.  Sami decided to stay at the mansion. Luckily for Anna, her surprise visitor missed her.  Rafe showed up in Anna's hospital room, but she was gone.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Kristina tells Alexis that she refuses to attend another therapy session with Sonny. Molly is surprised to hear of Kristina and Johnny’s scheme to anger Sonny. Carly confronts Brook Lynn on Lulu’s behalf. Lulu tells Carly that Dante would never cheat on her. Carly apologizes to Brook Lynn for speaking up. Skye informs Ethan about Luke and Tracy’s imminent break-up. Ethan is irritated when Skye asks Jax for help concerning Alcazar’s money. Ethan and Maya flirt with each other. Steven and Lisa enjoy a private moment in her hotel room. Olivia convinces Johnny to give their relationship another chance. The warden wants to put Jason in solitary for Carter’s stabbing death. Michael tells Dante that Carter caused his bruises but maintains that Jason is innocent. Jason changes the warden’s mind so he is able to return to Michael’s cell. Jason is annoyed that Michael told Dante about Carter. Carly and Brook Lynn talk about making Lulu jealous. Carly wants to have dinner with Jax but he already has plans with Skye. Michael asks Jason to teach him some more self-defense moves.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

David arranges for Matthew to go out with him and two "lady friends" in order to get him over Dani. Yet, Blair confronts David for serving Matthew champagne and Gigi and Rex are able to see that David has hired prostitutes. Meanwhile, Dani appears to be interested in Nate. He convinces her that he needs the ton of money they found in the briefcase for his mom. She returns home to see Todd with her mom after he's convinced Tea that he will not give up and believe she's going to die. Yet they do not tell Dani the news. Jessica privately tells Kelly that she might have been the one to assault Ford. It's possible that she does not remember what happened and Tess or Bess came out when she remembered what Mitch was going to do to her. John notices they are having a secretive conversation and asks Natalie what she might know about it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Kay orders Jill to go into Liz’s room and be the daughter that Liz deserves. Liz makes Snapper promise that he won’t let Jill know who her biological parents are. Nick assures Sharon that Adam will not bother her again. Phyllis comes in and lets Michael, Nick and Sharon know that she got a subpoena from the D.A. Michael gives Phyllis pointers on her testimony. Skye models a new dress for Adam, but he tells her that they have to watch their money. Skye leaves to go to the casino to advance their winnings. Jack and Victor arrive in Brazil and start inquiring about Adam and Skye. Victor asks Estava about them, but he refuses to divulge any info. Kay senses that Snapper is hiding something about Jill. Snapper refuses to tell Kay anything. Nick begs Michael to let him testify, but Michael refuses. Michael and Phyllis go to the Athletic Club so that Phyllis can tell him everything she remembers about the night of the dance. Phyllis becomes confused when Michael questions her about Richard, and Adam and wants to get home, because Sharon is alone with Nick. Liz receives roses from Greg. Snapper lashes out at a nurse over Liz. Kay senses that Snapper is hiding something about Jill’s biological parents. Kay urges Snapper to tell Jill the truth. Sharon tells Nick that she tried to call Adam. Adam imagines talking to Sharon. Skye wins big at the tables while cheating. Jack gets a lead on Skye’s whereabouts. When Jack and Victor arrive at the room, Adam and Skye are gone. Liz has her biopsy.

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