Monday 6/14/10 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad lays the wedding gifts on the table as Liza waits for him. Tad tries to talk to Liza to get her mind off Colby and Damon. Liza interrupts Damon and Colby dancing. Damon takes a pic of Liza and remarks how great his phone works. Liza remembers Damon taking a pic of her partially clothed and knocks the camera out of Damon’s hand. Frankie, Madison, and Randi eat dinner together. Randi tries to match Madison up with another man. At the police station, David sees that Greenlee is seated in the interrogation room. Greenlee lets David know that the police knows about Erica. Ryan starts to accuse David of doing something to Erica. David is relieved to realize that they don't know anything. Jesse demands to know what happened to Erica. Greenlee asks to talk to David alone. In West Virginia, Jack questions the doctor about Erica. The doctor tells him that a “Jane Doe” was brought in with critical head injuries. When Jack sees her, he realizes it isn't Erica. Ryan warns Greenlee about David and urges her to tell the truth about Erica’s whereabouts. Tad and Liza dance when she sees that Colby and Damon are gone. David tells Greenlee about the dream that he had about Erica. Jack recognizes the man on the gurney as Erica’s pilot. Madison starts to talk to a man in the bar but soon finds out that he likes her dress and that he is “gay.” In the park, Colby tells Damon that she wants her first time to be special. Liza interrupts Damon and Colby. Damon lets Liza know that they are talking marriage. Jack questions the pilot about Erica and discovers they had not filed a flight plan, but does give Jack the coordinates of the crash. Jack and Krystal go looking for Erica. Jesse releases David and Greenlee. At dinner, Greenlee tells David that she wants to be alone tonight. At Fusion, Ryan walks in on Madison on the computer as she fawns over pictures of him. Ryan lets Madison know that Erica is missing. The camera shows Erica’s luggage. Damon sends Liza a pic on her cell phone. Liza abruptly leaves Tad.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Janet, Dusty, Parker, Jack and Carly are all nervously trying to find Liberty, who took off with Gabriel after his fight with Parker. Jack promises to find her with help from his officers, as Janet and Dusty head out by car; she is worried because the last time, Gabriel got arrested. Parker is beside himself with worry over this. Meanwhile, Liberty is with Gabriel at her dad’s grave. She is talking to him about his role in Craig’s arrest; Gabriel admits to lying about him hitting him, but he truly believes Craig deserves this. He wants to leave town because he doesn’t know what to do when Liberty presses him to tell the truth. Liberty admits that she would miss him if he left, as they kiss and head off to the Lakeview. Margo finds an unconscious officer and Craig gone, as she puts out an APB on Craig. Craig goes looking for Lucinda to force her to have Gabriel tell the truth; when she feigns ignorance, Craig ties her up, gags her and leaves after some few choice words. Faith finds Lucinda tied up and helps her out. Lucinda learns of Gabriel disappearing with Liberty, as she thinks it is a good thing. She tells Faith to go warn her mother. Lucinda goes to the police station to press assault charges. Carly tries to convince Parker to keep quiet and stay away from Gabriel, but Parker is tired of hiding the truth and tired of his parents arguing over him. Carly begs him to reconsider, as he is too worried about Liberty to think of anything else. A stunned Faith sees Liberty and Gabriel going upstairs to a room at the Lakeview. Liberty and Gabriel talk about taking their relationship to the next level, but she is concerned because of her past, as she admits to her unplanned pregnancy. Craig finds them there and tries to reach out to Gabriel. Gabriel won’t listen even as Liberty urges him to. Gabriel calls the police, as a saddened Craig leaves and runs right into Margo. Liberty and Gabriel have a long conversation about childhoods, fathers and not living with regret. Janet finds out Liberty was at Brad’s grave and is even more concerned, as Dusty tries to calm her, she gets cramps. At the hospital, Janet learns her baby is ok and it is a boy, as she and Dusty are overwhelmed with joy. Liberty calls a relieved Janet, who wants her to meet her at the Lakeview, ASAP. Parker sees Faith and wonders why she is acting strangely; he asks her if she knows anything about Liberty and Gabriel. Lucinda is leaving the station when Craig is brought in; Craig accuses Lucinda of paying off Gabriel to lie, as Jack questions her later, which aggravates her. She is leaving in a huff when Liberty and Gabriel come in to talk with Jack. Carly is worried about Parker when he doesn’t pick up. She calls Jack, who tells her that Gabriel is at the station with Liberty. A nervous Carly races over. With Liberty by his side, Gabriel confesses that Craig did not hit him or even see him the night of the fire, as a shocked Margo, Craig, Jack and miffed Lucinda look on.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge confides to Eric that things couldn’t be better between him and Brooke. Eric hopes that things can now be better since Stephanie has admitted she can accept her now as the best thing in his life. Pam cries that Stephanie will never accept Stephen since he is a Logan. She wants him to leave. Brooke is crying on the rooftop having just come to the realization it was Oliver, not Ridge, that she had sex with on the night of the graduation party. Oliver finds her but then they are quickly interrupted by Rick so Brooke tells Oliver to meet her at his house pronto. As she is rushing out, Hope gives her a huge vase of flowers for being at the party and looking out for her and Oliver. Stephanie explains to Eric that Stephen is claiming to be in love with Pammy and her lemon bars. She thinks it is all part of some revenge. Pam says she likes Stephen a lot, but she can’t stand the fact that Stephanie is mad at her. He states that Stephanie never once appreciated what Pam gave up to take care of her mother all those years. And she has taken Pam like this piece of clay and molded her like she wanted. He won’t let that happen anymore. Pam will do just what she wants to do from now on; she can do that. He will see to it.

Oliver relives graduation night and is sickened by the mistaken identity. He thought Brooke was Hope and Brooke thought he was Ridge. Hope tells her mother how grateful she was for the good night she provided. She is so lucky to have her looking over her. She knows all about the controversial past in the tabloids, but to her she is just a really good, loving, caring mom. Stephen kisses Pam and tells her that he knows how confused she is, but it’s not too late. There is much for her to discover and he will be there with her in the next magical part of her life….a woman who deserves love. He breaks the string of pearls and tells her that the chain is broken and she will never be trapped again. He asks her to come with him. Stephanie calls Lt. Baker and says she thinks Stephen Logan is on a rampage and she is afraid her sister will be caught in the fire. She’s like him to come by and talk. He does but there are no grounds that he can hold Stephen on. He hopes the Lemon Bar Bandit will be okay. Stephen leads Pam to the bedroom and silently tells Beth to please forgive him. She tells Stephen later that she is all his; she will do what he wants, not what Stephanie wants. Brooke goes to see Oliver and says he must know why she is there. Slowly she explains the details to Oliver and cries what has she done….once again destroying her little girl’s life with her first love.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Melanie told Philip that she wanted to give Chloe flowers.  Daniel overheard them and he was happy that Melanie was willing to give Chloe a chance.  Carly wanted to talk to Chloe once again.  Rafe and Shane continued to plan their escape.  EJ and Sami thought about their kiss.  EJ wanted to talk about it, but Sami wanted to run away.  Nicole and Dr. Baker talked about the muggings.  Nicole wants him to lay low so that EJ won't see him in Salem.  Brady questioned someone about the next poker game.  he wanted to find out who took his money clip.  The guy told him that a game was happening that night.  Daniel and Melanie had a heart-to-heart talk about Chloe.  Vivian showed up in Chloe's room and demanded to know what went wrong with the plan.  Brady continued to play the Scooby-Doo detective and wanted to investigate the poker party.  Dr. Baker chose to do what he wanted and stay in Salem.  He wants extra money so guess where he was headed.  He was headed to the poker party.

A guard wanted to help Rafe and Shane get out of jail.  Vivian and Nicole chatted it up about Brady.  Well, Vivian put Nicole in her place about Brady loving Arianna.  Stefano found out about Alice and told EJ.  EJ wanted to tell Sami.  Sami had another fantasy about Rafe.  This convenient fantasy was about Rafe not being wiling to go back to Sami.  That will make it easy for Sami to be with EJ.  Philip didn't want Chloe to tell Daniel that she cheated.  He was worried that the truth would come back to haunt him. Dr. Baker saw Brady at the poker game and told another player that he is a cop.  Dr. Baker wanted the player to drug Brady.  Philip convinced Chloe to go through with the wedding. Stefano made sure that Rafe was taken care of while he was in jail.  Daniel and Chloe were about to get married when Chloe stopped it just as Carly walked in the room.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sonny and Claire discuss working together to take Johnny down. Claire is worried that Sonny will kill Johnny. Kristina and Johnny talk about a plan to anger Sonny. Dante receives a black-and-white photograph in the mail. Carter tells Jason that he is an acquaintance of Franco’s. Michael witnesses Jason killing Carter in the prison’s shower room. Tracy wants nothing to do with Luke after finding out they are not legally married. Nikolas releases Tracy and Luke from Helena’s dungeon cell, per Lucky’s request. Lulu leaves the loft to help Maxie with a crisis. Carly thinks that Patrick has a crush on Lisa. Jason tells Michael to keep quiet about Carter. Johnny refuses to help Kristina with her scheme. Lucky and Nikolas argue over Elizabeth. Lucky locks Nikolas inside the dungeon cell. Sonny warns Olivia to leave the MetroCourt restaurant before he confronts Johnny. Johnny tells Sonny that he has no intentions of backing off from his vendetta. Dante pays Jason a visit in Pentonville. Dante shows the photograph to Jason before the warden walks in. While awaiting Dante’s return, Lulu overhears Carly and Brook Lynn arguing in the hallway.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Blair catches Todd in the hospital snooping around medical records after he's asked Tea what's up but has gotten no answer. After he demands to know what is going on, Blair admits to him that Dani is dying. He does not accept that and wants to pay for a doctor who will not tell them Tea is going to die. But Blair tells Todd he has to accept there's nothing he can do except make peace with Dani. Dani is with Nate. Matthew is alone and depressed after Dani has told him she does not want to be more than friends with him after he's told her he loves her. David finds him and motivates him to find a better option so he calls some lady friends to be his and Matthew's dates for the night. Ford's brother, James gets Starr to drive him away from a man who's after him. He seems harmless but has a briefcase hidden with tons of bills. Dani and Nate find it and take the money out of the briefcase. He later discovers that the money is gone and is devastated. John is trying to figure out who tried to kill Ford. Ford is awake and talking but does not have a clue any more than John does. Meanwhile, Jessica tells Kelly she's afraid that she assaulted Ford when she was with him and saw him as Mitch.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Nick lets Phyllis know that Jack and Victor are on their way to Brazil to find Adam and Skye. Phyllis tells Nikki that Sharon is still in love with Adam. Phyllis also tells Nikki that she doesn’t trust Sharon. Abby and Daniel are in the swimming pool asleep when Phyllis and Nikki find them. Abby makes her exit while Phyllis lashes out at Daniel for being in a compromising situation with Abby and in Victor’s pool. Victoria and Billy meet up with Tucker and Ashley in a hotel in Tokyo. Jill asks Kay if her mom, Liz, is here yet. Jill gets a call that Liz was taken off the plane by the paramedics. Jill and Kay rush to the hospital to check on Liz. Snapper orders tests on Liz. Liz asks Snapper what is wrong with her. Snapper tries to tell her not to worry. Jill rushes in to see Liz, but is surprised to see that the doctor is none other than her brother, Snapper. Victoria finds out that Tucker wants to steal a share of “Beauty of Nature.” Ashley asks Billy to keep her posted on the story that he is doing. Abby apologizes to Nikki for being caught in the swimming pool with Daniel. Victoria meets with Mr. Yonioshi about Newman business. Ashley and Tucker also meet with Mr. Yonioshi. A woman tells Daniel about a video that she saw of Abby making love to a guy in the swimming pool on her father’s estate. Liz tries to reveal info about Jill to Snapper.

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