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AMC Recap Written by Mary

The wedding reception for Amanda and Jake continues. Colby and Tad watch Damon and Liza dance. Angie feels faint, but Jesse is right there with her. Natalia lets David know that he is stuck in jail. David reminds Natalia of the law. Jack and Krystal dance and discuss Erica’s whereabouts. Greenlee almost confesses to Ryan about Erica, but runs out before she will tell him anything. Ryan asks Greenlee what had she done. The judge reminds Natalia of the law and David’s rights. Madison watches Ryan leave with Ryan. David arrives at the reception and finds out that Greenlee had left with Ryan. At Fusion, Greenlee tells Ryan about the airplane. Jack listens to Greenlee’s confession.

Jake and Amanda thanks everyone for coming to their wedding. At the hospital, Angie checks on a patient. Jesse questions Greenlee about Erica’s airplane. Jack and Krystal go looking for Erica. Colby tells Damon that she had intended on catching the bouquet. Tad and Liza decide to give their love another chance. David is brought into the station and is surprised to see Greenlee there. Greenlee informs him that the police know everything about Erica. Jake and Amanda make love.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

It is a a happy but tense day for Liberty's family and friends as they gather for Liberty's graduation and Liberty gives the closing remarks in which she thanks Parker, Brad and Janet for all their help in getting her to this day. Liberty also tells her family and friends how much she loves them. Jack and Carly are tense because jack still wants to get to the truth about what happened the day of the fire and Carly fears Jack's search for the truth could land Parker in jail.

Carly asks Gabriel to stick to his story when he is questioned by Jack and Lucinda pays Gabriel money to get out of town before Craig's hearing because Lucinda is scared since Craig told her that he knows that she told Gabriel to lie to keep him in jail Gabriel takes Lucinda's money and doesn't show up at Liberty's graduation. The grown ups have a party to celebrate Liberty's graduation while Liberty's class has a party at the Lakeview.

Gabriel arrives at the Lakeview and he and Parker get into a fist fight because parker accuses Gabriel of lying about what happened the day of the fire in order to keep his father in jail. Parker also tells Liberty that Gabriel came by his house earlier and told him to keep Jack off his back for his own good. Liberty tells Gabriel and Parker that they have ruined her Graduation day and leaves with Gabriel following her. Liberty goes to Brad's grave to tell him that everything has been messed up since he died. Gabriel arrives to say good-bye and Liberty figures out that Parker was right about everything he said about Gabriel earlier at the Lakeview. Liberty tells Gabriel to stay and tell the truth and get to know his father because Craig isn't perfect but he is alive and she wishes that her father could be with her now.

Craig fakes a heart attack and punches a guard in order to escape from jail and once free he heads straight to Lucinda's office and demands that she straighten out the mess with Gabriel or he will become the monster she has always accused him of being.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope wants to see the video made at the graduation party but Oliver’s not in the mood for it. She feels like she has let him down. She admits she is getting close and when she is ready, she will tell him she is ready. She takes the video to share with her mother. Brooke surprises Ridge at the office by wanting to don the masks again and relive the party. He hasn’t a clue what she is talking about and she claims he is ignoring her. She tries to seduce him by saying he makes her feel like a kid again. Just put on the mask and lock the door…..better yet put on the mask and not lock the door, maybe it would be more fun if someone did walk in just like they could at the party. She is stunned when he doesn’t have any memory of what she is talking about. Stephanie is livid that Stephen is the man that Pam is seeing….he is using her….taking advantage of her. This is a sick joke. Pam says it is better that Stephanie knows now and to know how happy Stephen makes her. She is a whole new woman. Stephanie asks Stephen to leave so she can speak with her sister. He informs her that he can just go to his room as he lives there with Pam now. Stephanie tells him to pack his bags and leave Pammie alone. He tells Pam that he likes what they have started here and he won’t go if she wants him to stay. Pam asks him to please stay. He tells Stephanie that Pam is another one of Stephanie’s victims but no more.

Despite Stephen’s protests, Stephanie tells her sister that Stephen is conning her. Pam questions Stephen if this is about revenge. Hope shows Brooke and Ridge the video and admits it was sort of crazy that night. Ridge was running late and admits he missed a lot. He wasn’t there when they played Pose. He discovered he and Oliver were dressed alike. Suddenly it dawns on a sickening Brooke that her partner on the porch…..the one she had sex with must not have been her husband, but Oliver. She realizes Oliver could have mistaken her for Hope because she was wearing the necklace. She rushes out and needs some air. Stephen tells Pam that Stephanie has every right to be skeptical because everything happened so fast. Stephen continues to lash out at Stephanie, but tells Pam that is not what is attractive to him about her. It is her laughter and her innocent ways. This is her chance. Pam tells Stephanie that she is not going with her, she is staying and Stephen is staying too. Stephanie’s last words before leaving is that she knows he is going to do something and when he does she is going to nail him to the cross.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Bo tried to reach Hope to stop her from finding out about the divorce papers.  Unfortunately, he was too late because Hope already saw the papers.  Maggie chastised Bo about putting Hope first and luckily he stood up to her.  He let Maggie know that he did put Hope first and he wanted to get to Hope before it was too late.  Hope and Jennifer were talking about the pending divorce and Hope actually told Jennifer that the divorce was her idea.  Melanie visited Arianna in jail and they talked about Brady.  EJ and Nicole argued on the pier about her schemes.  Victor gave Brady a money clip.  Brady wasn't too accepting of Victor's gift or his help.

When Bo finally found Hope at Alice's house, they talked about the divorce papers.  Marie showed up in Salem to see Alice.  She reminisced with Jennifer and Maggie.  There was a flashback of Marie and Alice from years ago. While Bo and Hope were talking, Hope's pills fell on the table.  Bo looked at the table and saw the pills.  She claimed that she won't be taking them anymore.  She, Doug, and Julie were going to take turns being there for Alice.  Bo offered to help them and Hope accepted his help.  EJ told Nicole that he was determined to find out how she was involved in the muggings.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu tells Brook Lynn to back off of Dante. Brook Lynn denies wanting anything more than friendship from Dante. Dante listens to the conversation from the elevator and when the coast is clear, he tells Lulu that he likes it when she is territorial. Carly goes to Johnny and tries to enlist him to help him with her revenge against Dante. He tells her that he doesn't like Dante, but he turns down her offer, he says Sonny is the one who got his sister killed and he doubts that she would go along with his revenge against Sonny. Kristina confronts Sonny about being verbally abusive. She says no one stands up to Sonny and vows that she will. She goes to Johnny and proposes to help him get even with her dad; she suggests that they pretend they are together.

Tracy is angry upon finding out that she and Luke are not legally married. He tried to convince her that he loves her and wants to marry her when they get out of their cell on the Cassadinesí island in Greece. Lucky goes to the Cassadines' island looking for Tracy and Luke. Nikolas runs in to Lucky and tells him that Helena is also missing and that he will search the island. Then he has security escort Lucky off the island. Jason tells Carter to leave Michael alone. Carter tells Jason that in Pentonville, Jason is the newbie and Carter is the one with the power. Jason tells Michael that he is going to have to kill carter because it is the only way to get him to stop torturing Michael. Carter attacks Jason in the shower. During the fight, Jason gets Carter's shiv away from him and stabs him. As he lays bleeding on the floor, Carter tells Jason that Franco says hi.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Langston is at the police station writing a formal confession when John McBain brings Markko into the interview room. John and Brody leave the room and listen to the intercom. They hear Langston and Markko tell each other that they are innocent. John releases them both. Markko tells Langston that they are done. Starr offers Todd a ride home from the hospital, but he says he is going to wait for Ford to wale up so he can talk to him. He wonders why Tea hasnít called him. Tea is in an appointment with Dr Evans. He tells her that her tumor has not gotten any smaller. Todd goes into the hospital and Starr gets in her car to leave, but her car wonít start. Todd gets off the elevator and sees Tea taking a pill. She tells him she is taking prescription medication for migraines. When Tea leaves, he sneaks a look at her medical file. Ford's brother James is about to tell about some trouble that he is in when Ford opens his eyes. James tells Robert that he is in the hospital because someone tried to kill him. A man comes to the hospital and asks a nurse if she has seen James. James comes out of Ford's room and sees the man, so he runs. When he gets to the parking garage, Starr asks him to help her start her car, so he does. When the man finds him in the parking garage, James tells Starr to get in the car and tears out of there. John goes to the hospital to ask Ford what happened to him.

Charlie and Dorian walk in on David and Viki doing a yoga session that makes Viki scream out Davidís name. Viki says it isnít what it looks like. David says it is. He shows Dorian the pictures of her and Charlie that Viki has on her desk. Dorian says they are working in those pictures. Viki shows Dorian the picture that Todd sent her and asks what she is working on that makes it appear that she is about to kiss Charlie. Viki tells Dorian that she trust Charlie, but she doesnít trust her. Viki hires David to even the playing field. Jessica thanks Brody for giving her life back. She goes into Todd's office and finds Kelly in Todd's chair. Kelly says she has been working there for a while. She says she is working on the Robert Ford story and the guy seems like a snake that preys on vulnerable women. Jessica tells Kelly about repressing the memory of Mitch Laurence trying to have sex with her. She is about to tell her about the night with Ford that triggered her memory, but Todd calls Kelly and interrupts the conversation. Kelly rehires Jessica as a reporter for the Sun.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Daniel calls Phyllis to let her know that he was served with divorce papers. Abby cannot believe how dark it is after dark. Abby invites Daniel over for a swim. Abby gets a call from Kent. Ashley meets Tucker and finds out that he is going to Tokyo on business, then he asks her to accompany him. Billy visits Victoria in her hotel room in Tokyo. Billy tells Victoria that “Restless Style” is going global. Meggie tells Shaw that she is closed. Victor begins to panic as water gushes in. Sharon talks to Adam on the phone. Adam lets her know how much he loves her. Abby joins Tucker and Ashley and encourages her to go with Tucker. Sharon asks Adam where he is, but he refuses to tell her. Victor calls for help. Adam tells Skye that they are so messed up. Jack buys Shaw a drink. Abby and Daniel go in swimming. Jack finds Victor on the boat, just in time. Phyllis finds Nick with Sharon and finds out that Sharon had talked to Adam. Nick realizes that Sharon still has feelings for Adam. Skye goes to the judge and gets herself and Adam protection. Victor and Jack decide to go to Sao Paulo. Billy and Victoria run into Tucker and Ashley. Sharon calls Adam, but finds that the number has been disconnected.

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