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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Colby and Liza are getting ready for Amanda and Jake’s wedding, as is everyone at Tad’s home. Amanda and her girlfriends are having a girl chat as she thanks everyone for standing by her. Jake makes a video of the wedding party as a special remembrance of this special day. Greenlee is at the wedding minus David. Jesse tells David that he will remain in jail. Erica, somewhere in West Virginia, walks down the mountains and realizes that this is Amanda and Jake’s wedding day and that she has to get home. Madison arrives at the casino and comes face to face with Ryan, who tells her that she looks fabulous. Liza tells Colby that Tad asked for them to have another chance. Ryan notices that Madison has different shoes on. Jake and Amanda arrive for their wedding. Caleb realizes that although Erica has been married 10 times, she still believed in the sanctity of marriage.

Jake and Amanda recite their own wedding vows. After the wedding, Greenlee calls David and hopes that he is home instead of in jail. Randi notices that Madison has different shoes on. Everyone congratulates Greenlee and Ryan for finding Amanda’s wedding ring. Everyone insists that Greenlee and Ryan have a dance. Caleb picks up Erica and carries her away. Angie almost faints while dancing with Jesse. Colby encourages Damon to ask Liza to dance. Greenlee tells Ryan that she wants to confess something about Erica.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Janet asks Dusty to help Liberty study for her finals. At Al’s diner, Liberty and Parker sit at a table, discussing her final exams, while Gabriel watches from outside the window. Lucinda sees him and pulls him away. The guard tells Craig that he is going before the grand jury. Molly goes to visit Carly and lets her know that she is marrying Holden. Holden tells Lily that he and Molly are engaged. At the police station, the sheriff goes to see Jack and shows him the CD of Silas and Molly making love. Lily asks Holden what the rush in them getting married. Holden asks for Lily’s blessing in his marriage to Molly. Lily gives him her blessing although it breaks her heart. Dusty asks Janet to lighten up about Liberty and her tests. Janet begins to panic when she realizes that Liberty will be going to school in New York. Liberty gets a text message from Parker to meet him, but then walks in on a surprise all-night study session with help from Dusty, Janet and Parker. Jack arrives at Carly’s and finds out that Molly and Holden are engaged. Jack sneaks and gives Molly the CD. Carly questions Jack about the CD and wants to know what is going on. Gabriel visits Craig and lets him know that he will never recount his story. Craig urges Gabriel to tell the truth, but he refuses. Lucinda finds out that Molly and Holden are engaged. Carly lashes out at Jack for helping Molly and Holden and wanting to throw Parker to the wolves.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie is distracted when Thorne needs some authorization on costume changes. She tells him that Pam has someone in her life that is changing and influencing her and not for the best. She just doesn’t want her sister to get hurt by some guy who has an agenda. Stephen greets Pam at the door to her place, with the room all aglow in candles, him in the kitchen and he hands her a glass of wine. He states that all her life that she has come in second place, and no more….not while he is in charge. She is surprised and asks if this is all for her. He corrects her that it is for “us”. She tells him about standing up to Stephanie, and that it didn’t go too well. He’s tickled that she finally got a backbone and is no longer the young, beautiful but submissive sister. He hugs her and says he could not be more proud of her. He convinces her that there is one other area where Stephanie controls her…..her medication which she does not need to make her own choices. Stephanie wants her on them so she will do her every bidding. He tells her they are a lie and getting rid of them will be proof. She holds his hand while he pours them down the drain. She wishes she had been strong enough to do that. Bridget feels super guilty when she has a sonogram with Jackie and Nick present and he quips that he hopes he turns out to look just like his old man.

Jackie leaves Bridget with Owen. She thinks they need to talk. Owen realizes that it is hard for Bridget to remain positive about this baby, but he admires her for wanting it to survive despite all the obstacles. Stephen explains to Pam that Stephanie will not understand this or even accept him living there or them seeing each other. He thinks he should leave. She grabs and hugs him and pleads with him not to. She will find some way to make Stephanie understand why he is there. He wonders what she could possibly tell Stephanie about their relationship. He kisses her which confuses her. He tells her they are much more than friends. He takes her strand of pearls and tells her they are a chain that is holding her back. Well no more….no longer just Pammy the sister, the daughter, the caretaker. He is setting her free. From now on she is his Pamela, the intelligent, beautiful woman with a mind very much her own. He kisses her passionately. Stephanie puts her key in the door and catches them. She demands that Steven take his hands off her sister. Pam shouts no.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer arrived in Salem.  She apologized for not getting there sooner.  Carly interrupted Bo and Hope while they were hugging.  Hope offered to leave, but Bo wanted her to stay at the house.  Nicole fantasized about kissing Brady.  Bo told Hope that he wanted to be there for her.  Hope asked Bo why he called her.  There was a shot of the divorce papers sitting on the table.  Carly saw Jennifer on the pier.  Bo managed to dodge telling Hope about the divorce papers and they talked about Alice. Nicole showed up at the police station to talk to Arianna.  Arianna went berserk and went off on her.

Melanie told Nathan that Stephanie stopped taking her birth control pills.  That confession blew up in her face because he already knew about it.  Well, he knows what Stephanie told him.  He ended up telling her to mind her business.  Jennifer showed up at Bo's house and spoke to him and Hope.  While Jennifer was at the house, she found a surprise.  She found the divorce papers while Hope was upstairs.  Carly overheard Daniel calling Father Matthew so he and Chloe could get married that night. EJ accused Nicole of framing Arianna.  Bo told Caroline how he was glad that he didn't mention the divorce papers to Hope. That plan is moot now because while he was telling Caroline that he didn't want Hope to know about the papers, Jennifer showed them to Hope.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke asks Tracy to marry him again, but he slips and says "for real." Johnny makes Ethan his lieutenant. Skye asks Ethan to be a positive male figure for Kristina to help her trust men again. Something in Molly's book sets Kristina off and she tells her little sister that nothing about a slap is sexy. She later visits her father and tells him that he is abusive and he will never change because he can't admit he is wrong.

Carly tells Sonny that Michael wouldn't be in prison if he had grown up with AJ Quartermaine. Carly goes to see Johnny and asks him if it is true that he and Dante are not on good terms. Lulu finds Dante breaking into Brook Lynnís apartment while Brook Lynn watches wearing Danteís shirt and nothing else, but accepts her explanation that she locked herself out when she chased the cable man. When she returns the shirt freshly washed and ironed, Lulu tells her that finding reasons to show up half-naked on Danteís doorstep is going too far. Dante comes home in time to overhear Lulu telling Brook that she isnít sharing him.

Sonny goes to see Jason and asks him is he knows whatís going on with Carly. They both agree that Carly not visiting Jason is an indication that she is up to something. Michael tries to discourage Jason from killing Carter. When a guard takes Jason somewhere, Carter is lurking outside Michael's cell.  

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Charlie offers Dorian support and sympathy and Dorian caresses his face when she thanks him. Jack is on hand to take a candid photo of it. Todd deletes the picture and tells Jack that he is too young to tangle with Dorian and win. Charlie confronts Dorian about trying to kiss him, but Dorian denies it. He offers to introduce her to a friend, but she says she isnít interested. He assumes she is still into David Vickers and tells her that he is back in town. Viki finds David Vickers doing yoga naked in her yard. He tells her that he is in town to stay with Matthew while Bo and Nora are on their honeymoon, but he had to come see Viki when he saw a steamy picture of Charlie and Dorian in the Banner. He suggests that they take some sexy pictures of their own. Viki says nothing is going on between Charlie and Dorian, but then Todd sends her the picture that Jack took. Viki loses her temper and pulls a stack of pictures out of a drawer. She says she trusts Charlie but Dorian's constant sidling up to Charlie is starting to get on her nerves. He tells her that he understands, and that is why he hasnít told Dorian that he is in town. David and Viki practice a yoga technique (with their clothes on) in the yard to help Viki relieve stress. Viki screams, "Oh David" just as Dorian and Charlie arrive.

Dani tells Starr that she and Matthew broke up because she kissed another boy. Todd tells Starr that he was close to having a relationship with Dani until Hannah ruined it and that Hannah is going to pay. He tells her that he thinks Hannah is the person that tried to kill Ford. He says they need to find someone that has seen her crazy streak so they can discredit her. Starr suggests Ford. Marty asks Hannah if she tried to kill her and Ford. Hannah says Marty would have to be crazy to believe that. Hannah goes to see Cole in jail and tells him that Todd convinced Marty that Hannah pushed her down the stairs and hurt Ford. Markko tells his parents that he can't believe that they think he killed Ford. Langston confesses to attempting to kill Ford. John tells Markko that he is on his side and tells him that he wants to work with him to explain away the evidence. Markko tells him he can explain about the shoeprints in Ford's blood. He tells him that he went back to Ford's apartment to confront him and found on his bed covered in blood. He says he thought he was dead so left and didnít say anything about it. John tells Markko that someone else has confessed, so he takes him to the interview room where Langston is writing down her confession. Ford's brother James visits him in the hospital. He tells him he has to pull through because he needs him. He tells him that he messed up and Ford is the only person he can tell because he can't hear him, but before he can spill his secret, Ford opens his eyes.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Chloe and Chance have breakfast together as she marvels at her engagement ring. Chloe doesn’t like the idea of Chance being a bodyguard for Heather as she interrupts them. Jana comes to the coffeehouse looking for her cell phone and gives Kevin back his house key. Jana lets him know that she is moving out. Nick tells Phyllis that he is going to Ottawa to try to find Victor, but Phyllis tries to talk him out of it. Nikki tells Jack about Adam and Skye being alive. Victor has Shaw tied up as they arrive on the boat. Victor tells him that he wants to be taken where Shaw took Adam. Shaw’s friends arrive. Jack arrives just in time to stop Nick from leaving. Sharon lets Nikki know that she is leaving the ranch. Nikki tries to talk her out of it for her own sake and because Adam may be alive. Chance says good-night to Chloe as he leaves with Heather. Heather and Chance arrive at Nick to stop him from leaving. Adam quickly packs to leave Sao Paolo.

Jana comes to see Ryder along with a bottle of bubbly. Adam and Skye don’t know what to do next. Heather demands Nick’s passport and driver’s license for his own protection. Chloe and Kevin discuss their love lives. Nikki visits Phyllis to tell her that she knows Sharon is leaving the ranch. Nikki reminds Phyllis that Sharon’s life may be in danger because of Adam. Ryder and Jana have drinks together and then make love. Heather tries to get cozy with Chance. Sharon calls Adam but when he answers the phone, she doesn’t say anything. Jack arrives at Meggie’s place and inquires of Victor. Shaw and his friends walk in to celebrate the death of an old friend. Victor finds that there is water leaking into the boat.

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