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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Liza manages to get Damon to unzip her dress which she promptly removes down to her undies. Hoping to be found by Colby, Liza comes on to Damon until she hears Tad knocking on the door, yelling to be let in. At the casino, Jake and David get into a fight so Jesse has to separate them. Jake presses charges against David who threw the first punch. The women arrive just in time to see David get arrested by Jesse. Greenlee, thinking that David is being arrested for Erica’s murder, blurts out that it was an accident. Amanda finds out that David smacked her wedding ring out of Jake's hand. After Jake punches him, David presses charges which results in them both being taken to the police station. Everyone else at the casino searches for Amanda’s ring. Dressing quickly, Liza reluctantly lets Tad in while Damon hides. Tad asks Liza to be his date at the wedding and for another chance to date her. Quickly agreeing, Liza urges Tad to get some rest and sees him out the door. Damon confronts Liza about her coming on to him and wanting Colby to walk in and catch them. Showing her pictures he just took of her unclothed, Damon threatens to tell Colby and Tad. Jake begs for just five minutes alone with David when he tells him he's finally done reacting to his meddling. Spotting her at the police station, David thinks that Liza is there for him but is surprised to find out that she is representing Jake and Amanda who called her first. Liza is quickly able to get Jake a bail hearing, but Jesse tells David he'll probably have to spend the night in jail. David finally gets to make his phone call. The bachelorette party breaks up with Krystal going with Amanda and Jake going home with Tad. With David incapacitated, Angie happily institutes some much-needed changes at the hospital. While Frankie and Randi go get a metal detector, Greenlee and Ryan happily collaborate to find Amanda’s wedding ring in the air vent. Ryan is glad to finally get a glimpse of the real Greenlee until she leaves to go to her husband.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Luke is on the computer, looking at a pic of himself and Noah, when Bob comes to visit to tell him about the meeting with Mona Cross. Bob wants to get Noah to join them, but Luke has his doubts. While Noah is having his examination, he asks Reid when fell for Luke. Reid tells him almost immediately. Emily and Paul argue over who was drugging Meg with methadone. Paul takes Meg’s side over Emily. Meg holds the pill bottle in her hand when Alison comes in. Meg asks Alison to help her. Barbara lets Paul know that Emily said that Meg belonged in a psych hospital. Reid blasts Noah for his treatment of Luke. Luke catches up with Noah at Old Town and asks him to join the meeting with himself, Bob and Reid and Mona. Noah refuses. During the meeting, Mona asks to talk to Noah. Noah shows up at the meeting. Meg hides the methadone bottle in a tissue holder. Meg asks Alison for help. Emily denies drugging Meg. Noah fires Reid as his doctor. After the meeting with Mona, Noah hits Reid. Luke takes Reid to the hospital.

Paul lets Emily know that he doesn’t believe her. Barbara offers Meg her help in winning over Emily. Emily begs Alison for help in finding out who ordered the tox screen. Alison reveals to Emily that Barbara ordered the test. Meg plays on Paul’s sympathy for her. Bob catches Luke and Reid in a very compromising position and gives Reid an ultimatum; it's either Luke or the hospital program.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam plies Stephen with pancakes and starts fawning over him about lunch that she is leaving in the fridge. She quips that her mother must be rolling in her grave with her living with a man…..even if it is not in sin….still it counts. She doesn’t want him to go. He realizes it has been drilled into her head that she should hate him and now it hasn’t turned out like that. This life her mother and sister have put her in is a cage and she needs to break free of it. He assures her that he will be there when she returns home. Ridge assures Stephanie that it was a great party and Hope will remember it for the rest of her life. The house is fine perhaps just needs some re-waxing of the floors and the carpets cleaned. He asks if they made martinis and danced and did they perhaps share a bed. She refuses to answer that, but does tell Ridge they did discuss Brooke and she is glad all is going well and they are happy. Brooke has a talk with Oliver and wants to know if he knew everybody there last night with a mask on. She insinuates that Steffy might have slipped in although he insists that she didn’t. If Steffy had crashed, she would have wanted everyone to know, not hide the fact. Hope shows Katie and Brooke some videos of the party night. Steffy questions Oliver about the night and wonders if the earth moved for him as well. Stephen looks at the lace and then a photo of his wife and swears that what happened to her will not happen to his daughters. Mike knocks on the door. He tells Stephen that if he is sending Stephanie to her grave, he has a right to know what is going on.

Stephen tells Mike that he has no right to anything; he’s a clown. He doesn’t owe him any explanation. And he is not sleeping with the enemy; he is just staying with Pam. Later he daydreams about Pam actually using the gun and shooting Stephanie. Pam tells Stephanie that she is entitled to a life so she doesn’t have to explain if she is dating someone or if she is sleeping with him. She is asserting herself now and Stephanie can call the carpet cleaning people herself. Stephanie huffs okay, she won’t ever ask her to do another favor for her again. Brooke giggles and tells Katie that she had anonymous sex with her husband while they were wearing a mask….yes in front of prying eyes out on the porch up against the wall. Katie laughs that she is a bad bad girl and she doesn’t need to hear any more. Brooke confesses that her husband is not stuffy at all although he is playing coy and not admitting to anything today. It was a hot, very steamy, erotic night….one she will file away in her memory for a very long time. Oliver walks in and hears just a bit of the conversation, enough to wonder what else he should know.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stephanie found out that she's not pregnant.  Julie and Maggie talked about Alice's health failing.  Hope walked in on them talking.  Melanie wanted to know why Carly was fighting with Chloe. Chloe woke up and she kept saying that she ruined everything.  Abe and Theo showed up at Bo's house to pick up Ciara.  While they were there, Bo was looking for Ciara's homework and Abe saw the divorce papers.  Maggie had a flashback of Alice.  Ciara told Theo that her "treasures" were stolen.  Bo and Abe talked about Bo's marriage to Hope being over.  Abe's not sure it is over after all. While Hope was talking to Maggie and Julie about Alice, she realized that she wanted to tell Bo.

Chad, Will, and T were talking about Kate and Madeline's past.  Julie had a flashback about Alice.  Stephanie told Caroline that Nathan is the one for her.  Stephanie told Caroline about the plan to keep Nathan.  Chloe asked Carly if she was going to tell Daniel the truth.  Stefano and Kate were talking about what they were going to do about Madeline.  Hope went to Bo and hugged him because of Alice's failing health.  Carly walked in the house and saw Bo and Hope hugging.  Philip and Chloe were talking about their affair and Daniel walked in the room.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lulu and Dante make love at his apartment. Lulu tells Dante that Brook Lynn is his new neighbor. Brook Lynn shares stories of Dante during breakfast with Sonny. Carly runs into Jax outside of the yoga studio. Jason continues to show Michael some defense moves. Neither Nikolas nor Ethan want to help Lucky locate Luke and Tracy. Luke fears that Tracy won’t get medical attention in time. Steven and Lisa talk about the trial results for an experimental drug. Elizabeth stops Shirley from selling her jewelry at the hospital. Diane is worried about Spinelli’s frame-of-mind. Dante shows Lulu how to correctly swing a baseball bat. Elizabeth wants to be financially independent of Nikolas. On her way to Crimson, Lulu runs into Sonny. Carly intervenes on Lulu’s behalf. Patrick and Liz both want to invest money in regards to the experimental drug. Michael realizes that Jason is going after Carter. Dante is surprised to see Brook Lynn at his doorstep, wearing only a towel.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Starr meets an attractive young man named James in the park. Hannah takes a picture of them. Todd has someone digging up dirt on Hannah's past. Marty goes to see Todd and asks him if he pushed her down the stairs. He tells her Hannah did it and that he is going to find proof. He says he suspects that Hannah put Ford in the ICU too. Hannah goes to see Ford in the hospital and she tells him she isn’t sorry and that he got what he deserved. Langston and Hannah have words when Langston goes to see Ford in the hospital. She also tells him she is sorry. A nurse goes into Ford's room and says only Family can visit. The man that Starr was talking to in the park reveals that he is Ford's brother. Marty runs into Hannah outside of Ford's room at the hospital and asks her if she still wants to schedule therapy. Hannah says she worked her problem out on her own. Marty presses her for details until she finally cuts to the chase and asks her if she tried to kill her and Ford. Markko goes to jail on suspicion of Ford's murder. Cole reveals to Markko that he knew about Langston and Ford but didn’t say anything because Langston said she was ending it. Markko’s parents hire Tea Delgado to defend him. When they visit him in jail, Aurelia tells him that she can't believe he tried to kill a man. He says he wouldn’t and he didn’t try to kill Ford. Langston goes to the police station and confesses to John McBain that she is the person that tried to kill Ford.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Emily tells Michael that she finally weaned herself off the drugs which had been forced upon her in the hospital. Lauren, Jack, and Paul join Emily and Michael. Michael gives Emily good news that he is going to get her medical license back. Adam lets Skye know that the poor guy didn’t know what hit him. Skye realizes that Adam is still hung up on Sharon. Phyllis shows Sharon a condo, but Sharon has second thoughts about renting it. Gloria and Jeff arrive and wonder what Phyllis is doing there. Phyllis evicts Jeff and Gloria. Victor lets Nikki and Nick know that Skye is not dead but is in this with Adam. Shaw comes back to the bar to look for his wallet but runs into Victor, who demands to know all about Skye. Victor has to threaten drowning Shaw before he opens up and tells Victor what he wants to know. Nick jeopardizes his freedom to go looking for Adam and Victor. Emily finds out that Jamie is the one who was forging her signature on the prescription. Nikki and Nick meet with Russ, where they find Skye’s telephone number on his phone. Nick calls and talks to Skye. Adam tells Skye that they have to leave tonight. Sharon agrees to rent the condo on a month to month basis. Victor and Shaw go to the boat to look for Adam.

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