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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Everyone begins to gather at the Yacht Club for the rehearsal dinner except for Amanda and Jake who are in the park kissing. They can’t seem to get enough of each other. Although Jake wants to make love, Amanda pulls away. Ryan hugs Ruth who asks about Greenlee and if she will be there. Ruth notices that Tad is looking at Liza who is on the phone with the stripper, confirming what she should do. Krystal blows the whistle on Jake and Amanda and orders them to the dinner. At Wildwind, David assures Greenlee that Erica will be found. David urges Greenlee not to go to the rehearsal dinner, but she insists. Colby confronts Liza about reading her text messages. At the hospital, Jesse and Angie are getting ready to go to the dinner when David interrupts them. David reprimands Angie for her actions and treatment of the boy who had been brought in. Greenlee arrives for the dinner much to Ryan’s delight. The women and men split up and go their separate ways; the men to the bachelor party and the women to the bachelorette party. When David arrives for the bachelor party, Ryan tries to force him to leave, but he insists on staying. Jesse intervenes to try to make David leave. David still insists on having a drink. Jake tries to talk David into leaving.

Tad interrupts the bachelorette party. Jasmine, the stripper, comes on to Damon until she sees Jesse arrive and then she leaves. Liza finds out that Jasmine had been busted by Jesse previously, and she wasn’t going to let it happen again. Liza decides to take matters into her own hands and tries to get Damon to unzip her dress. Damon has doubts about it, until she tells him that something is biting her. When Damon helps her unzip her dress, Liza strips down to her undies and cozies up to him. Tad arrives. Amanda and the girls crash the bachelor party just in time to see David arrested.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey tells Tom that he may have gotten someone pregnant and Tom promises to help Casey legally claim his child if he does turn out to be the father of the baby. Alison sees Katie an Vienna talking and suggests Casey asks Katie about her conversation with Vienna. Casey doesn't want to take Alison's suggestion so Alison checks the hospital computer to determine the last time Vienna saw a doctor and she discovers that Vienna hasn't seen a doctor since she lost her baby last year.

A desperate Vienna gets information about artificial insemination and Katie hears Vienna talking to a nurse and advises Vienna not to go through with her plan. Katie thinks it is best to let nature take its course but Vienna is afraid she will lose Henry if he finds out she isn't pregnant. Henry has a panic attack as he sits in the park and remembers the child he and Vienna lost last year. Barbara helps Henry through his attack and he shares his fears with Barbara that Vienna will lose the baby she is carrying. Barbara tells Henry that the baby will be fine and he shouldn't let their past relationship keep him from committing to Vienna because she has already accepted that he is going to marry Vienna Henry and Barbara say good- bye to each other and wish each other happiness. Henry brings a bag full of gifts for Vienna and apologizes to her for being so scared and anxious . Henry tells Vienna he can't wait to marry her and be a father to their child and then they make love.

Chris tells Katie he has feelings for her and he can't stop thinking about the kiss they shared. Katie tells Chris she doesn't want to fall in love again so Chris decides to quit the show and leave Katie alone since it is what she wants him to do to leave her alone.

Paul and Barbara both accuse Emily of drugging Meg although Emily swears she didn't do it. Paul believes Meg and so does Barbara. Meg smiles as she listens to everyone argue in the hospital hall way and then she takes the methadone pills out of her purse. The pills are the same ones found in her system and the ones that were taken from the hospital a couple of days ago.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The bed is shaking like an earthquake and Ridge wakes to Brooke giggling and moving to the beat of the music. She states she can’t get that song out of her head. And she wonders while they have been kinky before in the past, why they never did what they did last night that way. She starts to turn Ridge on and reminds him how good last night was with the masks, they should try that again. They are interrupted by a phone call about a meeting Ridge must get to. Steffy and Hope bicker about the night, but Hope does thank Steffy for getting her necklace back to her through Marcus. Steffy announces that it won’t be much fun to throw herself at Oliver if Hope isn’t clinging to him like seaweed. Whip wants to hear all the details about the party from Oliver. He’s in a down mood and doesn’t even want to think about it. One minute you think you know what you want and the next you find it is nothing like what you thought it would be. Hope also can tell by his demeanor that something must have gone wrong last night.

Oliver tells Hope that last night was very confusing with the masks and the music and the necklace. He had all these feelings built up inside. She apologizes for not being there for him last night. She realizes now that he thought last night was their special night. He tells her it is okay. He would do just about anything not to lose her. Brooke goes on and on that she liked last night, and she doesn’t understand why Ridge can’t seem to talk about it. He agrees they have never made love while wearing masks. She is the wild, unconventional one; he’s the respectful one. Ridge tells Hope that he actually is happy that his girl is dating someone he can approve of. Hope and Steffy put on a mock verbal catfight for Ridge. When he finds out it was a joke, he is glad they are not going to compete for Oliver any more. Oliver sees the masks at Forrester’s and relives last night. Brooke catches him and he admits he’s there just to return the jacket from last night. When she realizes it is the same one Ridge wore, she tells Oliver not to go. They need to talk about last night.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe got on the elevator and stopped Carly from being on it.  Carly got out, but Chloe was caught on it instead.  Gabi read Brady the riot act for "betraying" her sister.  She saw Brady and Nicole hugging.  Victor wanted Vivian to tell him what was going on with her.  He believed she was up to something.  Chloe was left unconscious when she fell down the elevator shaft.  Rafe and Shane tried to escape their cell by overtaking a guard at the police station, but were busted.  EJ and Sami were bonding over the kids.  He wanted to let her know that she was a good mother.

Vivian seemed upset that Victor was with Maggie after their wedding.  He walked out of the room and ended the fight.  Daniel called Melanie to let her know that Chloe was hurt at the hospital.  Brady told Arianna why her alibi fell through.  Nicole threw out the check that Arianna gave to her.  He told her how D.A. Woods overheard them.  Sami continued to talk to EJ about how living at the mansion wasn't so bad after all and she ended up kissing him.  Brady told Arianna the truth about being with Nicole, but it backfired on him.  She didn't want to talk to Brady anymore.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lulu has a flashback of an argument with Carly. Sonny and Olivia talk about his treatment of women. Olivia advises Sonny to get help. Sonny feels that he is nothing like his stepfather. Kristina thanks Johnny for stepping in when two classmates harassed her about Kiefer. Michael admits to Jason that Carter caused his bruises. Michael fears that Carter will come after him again. To Sam’s dismay, Johnny gives Kristina a ride home. Carly agrees with Jax that Michael has a better shot of being released if Sonny is in Pentonville. Dante is outraged that Sonny and Olivia are talking about Kristina. Robin shares a family moment with Patrick and Emma before she leaves for Africa. Patrick tells Lisa that he’ll assist with a surgery just to annoy Steven. Sam asks Johnny to stay away from Kristina. Sam visits Jason in prison, where he implies that there’s a “situation” in Pentonville. Michael tells Sonny that he can’t give up on Kristina. Lulu is surprised to see that Brook Lynn is moving in across the hall from Dante.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and Nora are happily together after their wedding. They each admit the obstacles that got in their way before the wedding. They see they have gotten surprise gifts from some unexpected people. Rex and Gigi are wondering if they should start over. And he tells her that he will just ask her out on a date. Eli tells Blair that he might consider marriage some day and she might be the one. Kelly is with Reed telling him maybe they should take it slow but confirms she wants to be with him. Jessica is happily with Brody. Natalie and John are together.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Mac reveals to Neil, Devon and Malcolm that Cane is suing her for the amniotic fluid. Meggie cares for Victor after she finds him unconscious. Victor finds out that it was Shaw who attacked him. Victor asks where to find Shaw. Phyllis tells Michael that Nick is going to take them on a long vacation. Nick checks on Sharon and gets her settled in her room. Skye asks Adam if he is still bothered by the phone call. Skye offers Adam reassurances that everything will be fine. Victor asks the woman her name and she tells him Meggie. Meggie tells Victor what she knows about Adam. Devon confronts Cane about why he is doing this. Mac asks Cane to drop the case. Phyllis and Sharon argue over Nick. Victor sends Michael a pic of a woman, who is revealed to be Skye Lockhart, Adam’s old girlfriend. Phyllis offers Sharon her help in finding a place. Michael tells Cane that he will not win.

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