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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake and Amanda are at home kissing while she models her wedding veil. Tad is on the phone at home when Opal walks in from her shopping spree. Liza pays Colby a visit. Scott is on the phone in the living room of the Chandler mansion when Annie comes in and begins to offer him encouragement about what a good job that he is doing at Chandler. J.R. barges in and confronts Annie about the lies she's telling him. Opal reprimands Tad for getting a stripper for Jake’s bachelor party. Liza and Colby discuss Liza setting up an interview for Colby with a dress designer in New York. Liza asks Colby to design her a dress for Jake’s wedding. Amanda backs off from Jake and making love to him before the wedding.  Amanda decides to go and pay Janet a visit at the hospital where she gets devastating news that her mom has already been transferred without her getting to say good-bye. Amanda seeks comfort from Jake’s mother, Ruth. Annie and Scott kiss. Annie tells Scott that she wants to do something for him. They make plans for later. J.R. and A.J. read a story together. Scott is on the phone and leaves the note on the desk as he gets his jacket and leaves. J.R. finds the note. Amanda gets a present from Jake’s grandmother, Kate. Liza and Colby arrive at Tad’s. Damon and Liza argue over Colby and his not being good enough for her. When Tad interrupts them, Liza reminds him of his sleeping with her mother, Marian. Annie hears a knock on the door and thinking that it is Scott, drops her robe. J.R. is surprised to see Annie naked. Annie orders J.R. to leave, but he refuses until he gets a kiss from Annie. Annie finally decides to give J.R. a kiss and tells him that it means nothing until he pulls her toward him and kisses her again. When Annie gives in to the kiss, J.R. suddenly pulls away and tells her that this is wrong. Annie orders J.R. to leave. At the Yacht Club, Opal asks Scott what he and Palmer talked about before his death. Liza makes plans with a stripper to seduce Damon so that Colby would find him in bed with another woman.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily is set to pour out her feelings to Holden, but she is stunned when she walks in on a strangely emotional conversation between Molly and Holden; she is told that he just asked her to marry him, as Lily excuses herself quickly after offering her congratulations. Holden claims he wants to marry Molly for the right reasons, but Molly thinks he just wants to make sure he doesn’t have to testify against her; she has to think about this because she doesn’t think it is right to get married for that reason in her mind; she needs to go talk with Carly. Dusty admits to Janet that he is struggling with handling Johnny’s day to day care while Craig still has legal guardianship, which is causing an issue for Johnny going swimming and needing permission the next day. Janet goes to see Craig to appeal to him about Dusty’s situation and doing the right thing for Johnny, as Craig finally hears her pleas. Dusty later comes to talk with Craig about the same thing and is surprised to hear Craig already agreed – thanks to Janet. Carly breaks evidence and Jack is in disbelief; he can’t believe the lengths she will go and how she justifies her behavior; he sees that Craig is right – they are toxic together. Carly firmly believes she has to protect Parker at all costs, but Jack thinks she pushes things too far. Later, they talk and Carly and Jack are at an impasse regarding whom they are while Jack doesn’t think it is possible for them to work and so he leaves. Molly visits Carly and tells her that she killed Silas right before Holden asked her to marry him. Carly is stunned to hear her story, but thinks Holden is doing everything in his power to protect her, so she discounts Molly’s belief that it isn’t a good way to start a marriage. Carly lends Molly her support. Holden goes to Jack for help for Molly with the Silas situation. Jack is shocked to learn the details, but he agrees to talk with the Sheriff and give him some background on Silas. Jack asks for the timeline, and Holden omits some information. Janet goes to have an ultrasound expecting to be with Jack. Dusty shows up and offers his support, as they learn the baby is healthy and they bond over her helping him with Craig and his being there for her during the appointment since Jack was not able. Lily bemoans her situation to Lucinda about Holden, as Lucinda pushes her further at Holden because of what she learned that night about Molly killing Silas. Lily is in disbelief, but she thinks that will bond Holden and Molly together further, as he protects her. She wants Lucinda to leave because her suggestions and advice are just hurting her. Craig yearns for his family with Johnny and Gabriel. Jack wants to call Carly but instead takes a drink from his beer sadly. Carly wants to hear from Jack, but decides not to push him and goes to bed alone. Lily, hugging a photo of her and Holden, wishes things were different with she and Holden. Holden worries and waits for Molly to come home; when she does, she tells him softly that her answer is yes, as they kiss.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The graduation party is still in full swing. Brooke walks toward Oliver and Hope. Oliver is stunned to see Brooke unmask and she is wearing the same blue dress and Hope’s necklace. He’s speechless and even more confused when Ridge walks up and thanks him for being such a good guy. Brooke takes off the necklace which Marcus gave her and gives it to Hope since she knows how much it means to her. Oliver has flashbacks of earlier and realizes it was not Hope that said she was ready, but her mother! Ridge and Brooke are glad there is no hint of Steffy being around. No one can spoil this night for Hope. At the cabin, Stephanie and Eric slow dance to a romantic tune. She wonders if their house is still standing and he says of course, it is not a rave. She’s glad they came to the cabin and they drink a toast to Hope’s graduation. They share a lot of memories.

Oliver breaks out in a sweat and almost faints. Hope pulls him off the dance floor and gets him some water although he claims that he is fine; it’s just hot in there. Eric and Stephanie discuss Brooke and he admits Brooke put Bridget through hell, but nothing like that will ever happen to Hope. Eric tells Stephanie that she has changed and that will make this evening memorable. She admits that perhaps it is because they are getting a little older and a tiny bit wiser. Hope thanks the crowd before they disperse. Brooke also thanks everyone and hugs Oliver. Solemnly, he tells her they need to talk. She says communication is very important and he needs to discuss this with Hope. Somewhere in the middle of the conversation he realizes he did not make love to Hope, and Brooke thinks she made love to Ridge. She does not realize it was him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole told Brady that she would give Arianna an alibi to clear her of one of the charges.  Carly struggled with telling Daniel about Chloe's affair.  Chloe spoke to the guy that is helping Vivian's plan to kill Carly.  Nathan confronted Stephanie about the Alternative B pills.  EJ couldn't get Arianna out of jail right away.  Chloe struggled with whether she should tell Daniel the truth.  She realized that she wasn't the only one that could get hurt. Stephanie told Nathan that she stopped taking her pills.  She told him that she lost them and didn't tell him because he didn't want children right now.  Chloe wanted to stop the assassin from killing Carly, but Daniel showed up at the apartment before she could go to the hospital.  

EJ and Sami were talking about Rafe and Arianna when Johnny had an accident.  He ended up having a concussion. Nicole conveniently suggested that Brady write another check and put the date on the attack on it.  She knew that D.A. Charles Woods was listening to her while she pretended to help Arianna.  D.A. Woods told Nicole that she made Arianna look more guilty.  Gabi showed up at the Kiriakis mansion and got a shock.  She saw Nicole and Brady hugging.  Chloe finally showed up at the hospital and tried to keep Carly from telling Daniel the truth.  They ended up arguing.  Chloe tried one last time to stop Carly from telling Daniel about the affair.  Chloe was willing to let Carly get on the broken elevator when Carly refused to talk to her.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Carly and Sonny talk about Kristina’s therapy session. Brook Lynn and Dante reminisce about Bensonhurst. Carter tells Michael that he isn’t safe in Pentonville. Jason warns Spinelli to stop helping Carly with her vendetta against Dante. Jax visits with Michael in prison. Kristina confides to Ethan about her frustrations with Sonny. Maya and Lucky disagree over Luke and Tracy’s whereabouts. Lucky wants to trace the mysterious text message from Luke. Sonny and Kristina discuss the therapy session. Kristina makes it clear that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with Sonny. Carter and Jason argue. Lulu teases Dante about his old girlfriends. Sonny asks Olivia for her opinion regarding his treatment of women. Carly informs Brook Lynn that she’ll be moving in across the hall from Dante. Johnny comes to Kristina’s rescue when she is harassed by some female classmates. Michael admits to Jason that Carter caused his bruises.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and Nora's wedding goes off without a hitch, despite all the obstacles. David performs the ceremony to everybody's surprise with the "credentials" he's achieved in Hollywood to be an ordained minister. Matthew, however, is devastated and not in good spirits when Dani informs him she is not "ready" to have a boyfriend. He suspects she's just using that as an excuse because she's interested in Nate. Natalie, Jessica, Brody and John are all ok in their relationships. Rex and Gigi are happy. Viki is the MC at the wedding reception. Clint finds out that David wanted to delay his marriage to Kimberly and takes a shotgun to David but decides not to go through with it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Michael can’t believe that Victor parachuted out of a plane in a foreign country. Michael lets Victor know that Pomerantz took the case to the grand jury. Nick helps Sharon walk down the hall when the doctor sees her and wants to examine her. Nick and Sharon reminisce about Cassie. Nick tells Sharon that he can’t imagine his life without her. Phyllis walks in. Victoria tells J.T. that she is going out of town on business, and she would like to see Reed before she leaves. Mac questions Billy about his marriage to Victoria. Neil, Cane, Roxanne and Malcolm celebrate Devon’s graduation. Cane calls Lily, but she gives him the bad news that the treatments aren’t working. Victor tells Victoria that she is doing the right thing going to Japan. Victoria gets a surprise visit from Billy who tells her about Tucker’s plans for Beauty of Nature. Victoria refuses to tell Billy where she is going. Victor questions a woman about Adam. J.T. comes to see Mac to ask her out on a date. Cane lets Malcolm know that the treatment is not working. Phyllis objects to Sharon going back to the ranch. Michael tells Nick that the grand jury has indicted him. Mac gets served with papers from Cane, who is suing her for her amniotic fluid. Victor finds a man who has Adam’s watch. Shaw tells Victor that he will take him to a boat. Adam finds out that the Newmans figured out that he is alive.

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