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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In the living room of the Chandler mansion, J.R. tells Annie not to worry that he won’t ever kiss her again. Scott walks in and invites Annie to lunch. Ryan carries some boxes upstairs to Fusion for Madison. At Wildwind, Greenlee gets a text message from Jack. In West Virginia, Jack talks to Doc about Erica. Over lunch at the Yacht Club. Annie inflates Scott's ego and relishes in getting what she's always wanted -- security and admiration. Scott assures her she's not alone anymore. J.R. meets with a reporter to give her the scoop on Annie who's a threat to Chandler Enterprises. Ryan lets Madison know that he will call her about her babysitting hours. At Wildwind, David assures Greenlee that Jack will find nothing in West Virginia. David reveals to Greenlee how scared that he is over Erica and the possibility that she may be dead. Greenlee is glad to hear that her husband actually cares. Doc tells Jack about Palmer’s letter to Erica urging her to stop and smell the roses. Outside of the cabin, Erica sees a car and tries to flag it down. Caleb begins to shoot at the car to run them off. Erica and Caleb struggle over the gun. While Erica screams at Caleb, he grabs her, throws her down, and gets on top of her while she struggles. Then he claims he was just trying to put out a fire on her blanket, but she warns him not to ever touch her again.

Scott notices the headlines about Annie on the Internet. J.R. watches Scott and Annie. While Scott is away from the table, J.R. gloats to Annie that he set her up for a fall. Greenlee gets a text message that a S.E.C. agent is arriving to check the Fusion books. Greenlee immediately calls Jack who decides to rush back to Pine Valley. The agent from the S.E.C. arrives at Fusion to review the books. Caleb orders Erica not to ever try to take the gun away from him again. Ryan asks Greenlee if it was her idea to frame Erica or did David. Greenlee refuses to tell Ryan anything but assures him her marriage is great. Marissa tells David that J.R. is spending too much time and energy going after Annie. David advises her to be more assertive when J.R. walks in. Marissa suddenly turns on David and defends J.R., who's impressed. Marissa shares with J.R. how humiliating it is to live in the same house as her husbands lover and wants him to prove to her that she and A.J. come first. Greenlee sees the ghost of Erica in the elevator who warns her about David. Scott blasts J.R. for going after him and Annie. Marissa gives Annie fair warning to keep her hands off J.R. Greenlee and David reconcile when he apologizes. Ryan watches as they hug.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Gabriel feels guilty for lying about Craig leaving him to die when Johnny tells him that he misses Craig and he wishes they could be a family. Liberty tells Gabriel not to feel guilty because Craig tried to kill him and he belongs in jail. Parker tells Gabriel to stay away from Liberty but later Gabriel tries to kiss Liberty and she backs away from him. Liberty tells Parker she doesn't have time to worry about him and Gabriel fighting over her because she needs to concentrate on school so she can graduate with her class because she owes that to her mom and dad after everything they have done for her. Parker promises Liberty he won't fight with Gabriel anymore and Liberty tells Parker she has missed being his friend and then they hug.

Carly and Jack continue to argue because Jack won't let the case go and she fears that parker could end up in jail if Jack keeps trying to find out the truth about the fore. Parker interrupts their fight and is tired of them fighting about him but Jack and Carly tell him they always have spirited discussions about what is best for their children. Carly goes to the evidence room and almost steals the glass angel that used to be on her desk at the office. Jack catches her before she can leave and she not so accidentally drops the glass figurine on the floor and it breaks. Jack tells Craig that he believes his story and will do his best to prove it so that he can get out of jail. Craig warns Jack that Carly is toxic to any man and that loving her made him do things that he didn't want to do. Craig tells Jack that Carly will make him do things that are against his moral code and he should get away from her before she pushes him to the edge. Jack tells Craig that all of this is his fault and leaves because he doesn't want to hear anything else Craig has to say about Carly.

Faith makes Lily realize that she should tell Holden how she feels before things get serious between Holden and Molly. Holden saves Molly from Silas and ties him to a chair. Holden goes to call the police from his phone that he left in his car while Silas taunts Molly. Silas tells Molly that she will be happy living a normal life with a boring farmer because she was born to be a cheap and dirty prostitute. Silas also tells Molly that when he gets out of jail after serving his time he will find her and force her to be his prostitute forever. Molly can't take anymore and shoots Silas who is dead when Holden returns from the car. Holden tells Molly to tell the police everything Silas did to her so that they will know she shot him in self defense. Holden and Molly return to the farm where Holden feels like he let Molly down because she felt she couldn't come to him and ask him for help with Silas. Holden wants to prove to Molly how much he loves her and that she can trust him so he proposes to her. Lily hears the proposal from the pirch since she was going to tell Holden how she feels about him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope’s graduation party is in full swing with many of the girls all dressed alike in blue sequin dresses but with masks….including Brooke. Both are waiting for Ridge and Oliver. Ridge finds Steffy in his office looking at proofs and he is happy that she is not trying to crash the party and cause problems for Hope. He tells her that he doesn’t want any drama so he needs her not to go to this party. She promises and he can breathe easier. But later she likes the idea of everybody being in masks. Aggie comments that her little brother is in love. She hopes it will be a big night for him. Yankee Daddy performs and everyone is having a good time. Hope calls Olivier and asks if he is on his way. She wants him to meet her first as she has another present for him. He tells Aggie that he won’t pressure Hope. When she is ready she will sneak up to him and say she is ready.

Brooke calls Ridge and tells him to hurry up. And she wants to be assured that Steffy won’t show up. Ridge tells her not to worry. He’s had a talk with her and she will not crash the party.

Nick tells Aggie that she should go on home or perhaps go to the party herself if she likes Yankee Daddy. She thinks she is a little too old for a high school graduation party. She hears about Nick savings Hope’s life when she was little and comments that he’s like a white knight riding in and saving Hope, even Brooke and Bridget and now Aggie recently. Someone with a mask in a blue dress and the Hope necklace comes up behind Oliver and tells him that she is ready. She pulls him out onto the porch and they start making out. He goes back inside only to run into the real Hope. She does not have the Hope necklace on and he looks around and is stunned when everyone pulls off their mask and he realizes that Brooke has on the very same dress and necklace. Oh what a revolting development this has turned out to be!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Days was pre-empted for tennis.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly reveals to Spinelli that she wants criminal charges brought against Dante so that he will lose his badge and go to Pentonville until he rots. She asks Spinelli if he can arrange to have funds transferred into Dante's account so they can make him appear corrupt. Olivia overhears Spinelli telling Carly that he won't rest until the deceitful one gets what he deserves. He covers by telling her that the deceitful one is a videogame character. Olivia tells Carly that no one will be happier than Dante when Michael gets out of prison. Dante goes to visit Michael in prison but Jason tells him that he cannot see Michael until he has release paperwork. Michael tells Jason that he can't believe his father wants to give Dante the benefit of the doubt. Jason says fathers always love their kids unconditionally no matter what. Spinelli goes to see Jason in prison. Jason says Spinelli looks terrible and that Sam is worried about him. He reminds him that he has a business to run. Spinelli accidentally says he is on a mission. Jason asks him if it is one of Carly's crazy plans. Carter sees Michael alone in his cell and tells him that his new self-defense moves won't do him any good. Lulu feels left out while Olivia and Brook cook and reminisce about the old days in the neighborhood. Lulu says that if the way to his heart is through his stomach, then she is screwed. Olivia tells her she will never have to worry about cooking skills because she has been Dante's rock. Dante comes home and gushes over the Brasato au Vino that Brook has cooked. Brook is about to leave because she made the mean for Dante and Lulu but Dante insists that she stay.

Elizabeth asks Steve about investing in his friend's product. Lisa asks Elizabeth why she needs to worry when her baby's father is wealthy. Elizabeth says she doesn’t want to depend on anyone. Elizabeth is disappointed when Steve tells her the minimum investment is 100 Thousand dollars. Tracy is still sick and feverish in the cell in Greece. Lucky worries about not seeing Luke. Maya stops by the Haunted Star and tells Lucky that Tracy is not in Fiji as they were told and that no one has heard from her. Lucky thinks Helena is involved. Lucky warns Ethan about doing business with Johnny Zacchara. Sonny goes to Kristina's therapy session with her. Kristina tells the therapist that her dad abused his wife. Sonny says Kristina is confused by what Johnny said in court. Kristina says abuse is more than hitting and that she saw him verbally abusing Claudia at her party. Kristina says when Sonny gets upset he flies into a rage and makes it seem like it is the other person's fault. She says she thinks she put up with it from Keifer because it felt familiar. Sonny says the therapist has been brainwashing Kristina. Sonny takes Kristina home and she calls Ethan and asks him over. She tells him that her therapist thinks she might have stayed with Keifer because of her relationship with her dad and after hearing that, she realized that Keifer was a lot like her dad. Sonny goes to Carly's house and tells her about Kristina's therapy session. He asks her if she thinks he ever abused her. Carly tells him that he shouldn’t ask questions that he doesn't want the answers to.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Right when Bo and Nora are both ready to call off the wedding, Roxy fixes Nora's hair with motivation from Natalie. She finds a dentist to fix her tooth. She does not have to wear the patch on her eye and she can walk in her wedding shoes. Viki and Gigi even find her original wedding dress that she wore to her first wedding to Bo. He has a similar victory overcoming obstacles. Matthew gets rid of the skunk smell in the church. Brody brings a truck load of flowers. And Charlie brings Bo his wedding tux that he first married Nora in. Everything is ready to go off without a hitch. Except they discover that they do not have Reverend Carpenter to perform the wedding ceremony.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Billy gets a visit from Victoria on the pretense of opening a pickle jar. Ashley joins Tucker and asks him about Beauty of Nature.. Tucker tells Ashley about Jill planting a bug. He is going to use Jill to set up Victor. Jill runs into Nikki and wants to know what she is doing here. Nikki tells her that she is looking for Victoria. Chance can’t believe that Chloe is proposing to him. Chance gets a call from Heather that there is a bomb in her car. Chance and Chloe help to rescue Heather from her car. Victor tells Victoria that he wants her to run the company while he is out of town looking for Adam. Victoria thanks Victor for his confidence and tells him to be careful on his trip. Jill meets with Tucker and finds out his plan for Beauty of Nature. Victoria visits Billy to let him know what is going on. Chance accepts Chloe’s marriage proposal. Heather interrupts and tells Chance that Owen wants security put on Heather and wants it to be Chance. Victor arrives in Ottawa but has to parachute out of the plane.

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