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AMC Recap Written by Mary

As Ryan and Emma walk in the park, he tells her that he is going to be a groomsman at Jake and Amanda’s wedding . At Wildwind, Greenlee watches the news to see if Erica has been found. David comes in and turns off the TV. David suggests to Greenlee that they go away for a while, but she reminds him that she has a wedding to go to. David tries to get her not to go to wedding. At the cabin, Caleb tries to calm down Erica’s fever. After working all night, Scott is frustrated with a phone call to his accountant when Marissa enters in a bad mood. Marissa confronts Scott over his feelings for Annie. Scott confesses that he does have feelings for her. J.R. thinks Annie is stealing a vase as they argue over their feelings for each other. Scott and Marissa walk in. Scott defends Annie by saying she's just decorating her room. Scott suggests to Annie that they have a picnic in the park. Erica tells Caleb about Bianca and Kendall and her desire to go see them in Europe. Erica gets up off the sofa to leave, but has to lie back down. In her dreams, Jack appears to Erica. Ryan and Emma see Madison, on the ground in the park. Madison agrees to do some babysitting for Emma. Ryan finds out that Madison has twisted her knee and take her to the hospital where Frankie orders an X-ray. Marissa asks J.R. if he wants to get rid of Annie for the right reasons. J.R. denies Marissa’s accusations.

Erica dreams of making love to Jack, but is rudely awakened by a bear’s head. Scott and Annie enjoy their time in the park where Annie reveals what she wants. J.R. remembers making love to Annie. Marissa asks for David’s help in fighting Annie. He advises her that she has to play dirty and work off J.R.'s guilt. Greenlee sees Madison in an exam room with Ryan and Emma and goes to check on her. Caleb promises to take Erica down the mountain in the morning. Meanwhile, he has a cell phone in his pocket which he doesn't use. At Pigeon Hollow, Jack meets with Doc and asks to take Erica home. At home, David urges Greenlee to take it easy and avoid being with people from her past. Greenlee tells David that she is not going to stay in hiding from her problems. J.R. kisses Annie to prove to her that it doesn’t mean anything. When he asks Marissa to join him in the shower, she declines because she's not ready.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Carly and Jack dress for the party at Lily’s. Lily and Lucinda prepare the snacks for the dinner. Molly arrives at the restaurant to meet Silas. Lucinda has a small chat with Gabriel. Faith arrives at the dinner but has insulting remarks for Lily. Faith also has cruel remarks for Gabriel over his taking Lily’s car and it not working out. Luke tells Reid about his love for Noah. Luke invites Reid to dinner at his mom’s. Noah arrives at Lily’s to talk to her and to pick up his things before Luke gets home. Noah lets Lily know that he and Luke will never get back together. Holden overhears the conversation. Molly tries to get out, but finds that Silas locked the door. Molly tells Silas that he needs a psychiatrist’s help. When Silas kisses Molly, she pulls a gun. Acting as though he is sorry, Silas knocks the gun out of Molly’s hand. Holden calls Molly and leaves her a message. Luke finds Noah in his room and they reminisce about the past when Reid walks in. Carly plans a family trip with Lucinda’s help. Faith tells Gabriel that he owes her an apology. Gabriel gives Faith helpful advice concerning Lily. Molly calls Holden but is interrupted by Silas, who smashes her cell phone. Silas forces Molly down onto the table and attempts to rape her.

Jack questions Gabriel about Parker hitting him. Gabriel makes up a lie to tell Jack until he is interrupted by Lucinda, who drags Gabriel out of the room before he can break in front of Jack. Holden and Lily kiss, but he pulls away and goes into house. Holden checks messages and gets one from Molly. so he runs out of house. Molly pleads with Silas to get off her. Luke orders Reid out. Lucinda asks Gabriel what he told Jack. At home, Jack questions Carly about the angel that was on her desk. Faith asks Lily about her feelings for Holden. Holden arrives just in time to get Silas off Molly. Silas spies the gun in the corner and tries to get to it.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Oliver shows Aggie some videos and just what they are going to be doing at the party tonight. Brooke warns Steffy and Taylor that they are not invited; it’s invitation only. It’s a very special evening for Hope and Brooke doesn’t want Hope to be worrying all evening about Steffy hitting on Oliver. Ridge joins Brooke in the steam room and they steam it up more. They put it on hold long enough to say they will see each other at the party tonight. She suggests that he not forget; he’s to wear one of the new jackets she saw in his office earlier. Same idea – Hope sees the jackets in her dad’s office and gets Oliver to take one to wear to the party.

Brooke has a little talk with Hope. She is not a little girl any more. She’s happy that Hope chose to wait and not give her body to Oliver until she is ready. She’s proud of her. Hope said it was just like she taught her to do, to be confident in herself. Ridge talks to Oliver and tells him that he likes him. Oliver makes it clear that he likes Steffy, but Hope is his girlfriend. He is not leading Steffy on. Steffy shares with Marcus that she may or may not be at the party tonight. She will not stay away just because Hope asked her not to come. She likes Oliver. He gets her and one way or the other she is going to get him. Hope tries to convince her mom to wear the same special dress that she is; there is more in the fitting room. She misses the necklace that Oliver gave her. She must have left it in the office when she changed. Steffy finds the necklace and taunts Marcus who wants to take it to Hope as he is heading to the party. Steffy dangles it in front of him, deciding just what to do.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope was worried that Ciara was going to show Bo the wallets.  Dr. Baker set off a car alarm when Bo was going to see Ciara's "treasure."  Vivian continued to fill Chloe in on her plan to get rid of Carly.  She also convinced Chloe that she has to get rid of Carly before she goes after Daniel.  Melanie continued to be suspicious of Chloe wanting to elope.  Philip had to keep convincing her that they should stay out of Daniel and Chloe's relationship.  Stephanie suggested to Nathan that they should move in together.  He didn't seem too excited to move in with her.  Stephanie also tried to pump Nathan about being a father.  Nathan is not ready to be a father yet.  Stephanie didn't like that.  

Maggie read Victor the riot act because he was with her and not with Vivian.  Chloe decided that she wanted to tell Daniel the truth.  Hope got a chance to get the wallets from Ciara when Caroline called her into the kitchen.  When Bo checked Ciara's bag, it was empty.  Ciara still stood her ground and said she had the wallets.  Bo told Caroline about his and Hope's concern about Ciara's behavior.  Caroline said that she has to learn to "roll with the punches." 

Chloe had a fantasy about telling Daniel the truth.  In the fantasy, Daniel had a bad reaction to it.  That made her decide not to tell Daniel  the truth after all.  Nathan and Melanie bonded over a patient.  Stephanie told Adrienne how she stopped using the pill without telling Nathan.  Adrienne wants to help her.  Carly called Chloe and Chloe went crazy because of it.  Stephanie took an Alternative B pill and Nathan saw the box.  He wanted an explanation.  Victor threatened Vivian and told her that nothing better happen to Carly while they were on their honeymoon.  Ciara saw Hope with Dr. Baker outside of Bo's house.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Johnny talks to Kristina about Sonny's relationship with Claudia. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that it is impractical to refuse child support from him. Elizabeth overhears Steve and Lisa discussing the potential of getting rich from investing in a particular company. Patrick is upset that Robin decided to go to Africa to work with AIDS patients for three weeks without talking to him. She says he wouldn’t understand. He tells her that she couldn't know that because she never talks to him. After their fight, Patrick decides to support her decision and wants to go with her, but there isn’t another spot on the team so he says he will go with her next time. Luke and Tracy are still trapped in a cell. Tracy is sick and dreaming that she is in real prison because Luke committed tax fraud while Luke is messing around with both Skye and Alexis. When she wakes up from her dream, she tells Luke that he has cheated on her for the last time. Edward invites Brook Lynn to live at the Quartermaine Estate at attend college, but she declines. She later tells Carly that she’d rather get paid to sleep with Dante than have her great grandfather run her life. Carly tells Brook Lynn to get to Dante by getting closer to his mother. Jason meets Carter and asks Michael if that's who beat him up. Dante goes to see Michael at Pentonville, but Jason comes into the visiting room instead.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and Nora both have big "mishaps" before the wedding. After she's injured her eye, broken her tooth and sprained her ankle, Roxy somehow turns her hair green and Nora's wedding dress catches on fire. She's ready to turn off the wedding and completely discouraged. But Viki pulls all the women together to overcome the setbacks. She and Gigi go and find a dress for Nora. Natalie motivates a discouraged Roxy to step up and fix Nora's hair. And it looks like they're not going to give up. Bo goes to the chapel with Rex and Matthew and gets attacked by a skunk that infests him and destroys his tux. Rex has him bathe in tomato juice. Matthew runs into Destiny who has noticed Nate kissing Dani and wants to protect Matthew from being betrayed. Viki encourages Gigi to get back with Rex. Bo encourages Rex to get back with Gigi. And David Vickers appears out of nowhere.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Owen talks to Victor, Jack, and Nick in the cemetery after they dug up Adam’s body. Owen lets the threesome know that he is taking them to the police station for questioning. Phyllis looks through the cornfield for Sharon and finds her unconscious as a result of being sprayed with pesticides. Chloe complains that her soy milk latte doesn’t taste like soy milk at all. Heather interrupts them and asks Chance to accompany her to question Ellis. Kevin comes to see if Jana is still with Ryder and finds out that she left with him. Michael, Lauren and Fen are going to have a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs when he gets a call from Victor. Lauren is more than a little surprised when she sees Ryder and Jana walk into the dining room. Lauren confronts Ryder that she didn’t think that he could make bail. Jana lets Lauren know that she bailed him out. Lauren immediately goes back to Fen. Kevin confronts Jana about using Crimson Lights as collateral to obtain the money to bail out Ryder. Kevin remarks that Jana is not at all the Jana that he fell in love with. Jana lets him know that she doesn’t love him anymore and doesn’t feel she ever will. Heather and Chance question Ellis and find out some very interesting info about a previous cold case that Chance had been forced to leave alone. Kevin comes into the restaurant and sits down beside Chloe at the bar. Chloe begins to pour out her heart to Kevin. Phyllis tries to get Sharon to the car, but she can barely stand. Victor urges Owen to let Nick go to Phyllis and Sharon. Nick finds Phyllis and Sharon just in time to get Sharon to the hospital to save her life. In talking to Chloe, Kevin decides to give up on his marriage to Jana. Kevin tells Jana that their marriage is over. The lab results come back that Adam is indeed alive. Owen plans on arresting Nick for Richard Hightower’s murder. Chloe asks Chance to marry her.

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