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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda is busy making wedding plans when Jake joins her to go over the seating chart. Wanting to play matchmaker, Amanda insists on seating Liza next to Tad. Damon arrives at Tad’s home with his duffel bag and asks if he would be allowed to bring a girl home to spend the night. Tad is against the idea because of his two young daughters. Colby and Liza argue, as usual, over Colby’s involvement with Damon. Colby tells Liza that she knows she gave Damon money in order to dump her. At Krystal’s, Ryan confronts David over the look that Greenlee gave him she walked out on him. While David says the argument meant nothing, Ryan thinks their marriage is a sham. Liza visits Amanda and Jake and finally agrees to be her bridesmaid. Colby asks Tad to talk to Liza about her seeing Damon. At the casino, Madison tries to talk to Ryan, but he is more than a little preoccupied with thoughts of Greenlee. At Fusion, Greenlee finds out that Jack is going to ask Erica to marry him. David walks in and interrupts them. Greenlee tells David that Jack is going to ask Erica to marry him after he finds her. After Jack leaves, Greenlee tells David that she cannot go on like this. Liza comes to Tad’s to see Colby and finds Damon shirtless. Liza lets Damon know that he is the wrong person for Colby.

At Fusion, Greenlee and David reconcile as long as he promises to continue searching for Erica. Jake visits Ryan at the casino and asks him to be a groomsman at his wedding. Jake tells Ryan that Greenlee is going to be at wedding. At Fusion, Amanda asks Greenlee to be her bridesmaid. Greenlee accepts. Tad asks Liza to save the last dance for him. Amanda tells Jake that she wants to wait until their wedding night to have sex. Jake isn’t thrilled at the idea at all. David becomes angry that Erica cannot be found. Jack makes plans to go to Pigeon Hollow.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Henry and Casey have drinks together and make small talk. Vienna tells Katie that she is not pregnant and she only told Henry that she was when she saw Henry and Barbara hugging. Vienna begs Katie for her help. In the bedroom, Alison sits beside Chris as he reveals his feelings for Katie. Holden comes to see Lily to check on how Gabriel is doing. Molly gets into her car and checks her text messages. She finds that she has 20 messages from Silas. Silas holds onto her door to keep her from leaving. Silas orders Molly to have dinner with him tonight or else. Lily suggests to Holden that they have a family dinner along with Molly. Chris, mistaking Alison for Katie, mentions that he kissed Katie. Henry reminds Casey about Vienna’s miscarriage. Alison lets Katie know that Chris told Alison that Chris had fallen for Katie. At home, Molly is all ready to have dinner with Holden and his family when she gets a call from Silas, reminding her to have dinner with him or he will release pics of her to Holden. Lucinda tries to assure Lily that Holden still loves Lily. Vienna finds Henry in a bar with Casey. At home, Vienna tries to get Henry to make love to her, but he refuses. Katie arrives with a wedding present. Casey catches up with Alison at the hospital and lets her know that he wants to know if this is his child. Katie tells Chris to leave. Chris cannot figure out what he did. Molly meets Silas at the designated location. Holden brings Lily flowers.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Forrester mansion undergoes a transformation to Hope’s graduation theme and what Yankee Daddy needs for their video. Stephanie and Eric are introduced to Yankee Daddy who is impressed by their home. Stephanie tells Brooke that she just got her home back and she is not crazy about this so they’d better leave it like they found it. Brooke warns Stephanie that Steffy better not show up at the party and try to ruin it for Hope. She’s already put her on notice and she will not stand for her to try and threaten or provoke Hope. She will do whatever she has to stop her. On the jet home, Nick praises Aggie with the job she did in New York. He can’t wait to get home to Bridget. He gushes on and on about the baby, and then realizes this can’t be easy for Aggie to hear since she lost their baby. She thinks to herself that she just hopes this baby is his. Bridget learns that Jackie and Owen forgave each other and their marriage is secure. She confides to Owen that she will tell Nick the truth when she is further along in the pregnancy and knows for sure it’s a healthy baby. Nick rushes back and again gushes about them having a baby and demands to know everything that has happened while he was gone. Bridget assures him that she is well and everything is all right. Between kisses, Oliver tells Hope that he wants tonight to be very special, but there is no pressure and he’s willing to wait until she is ready. She replies good because when she is ready she will slip up behind him and put her arms around him and tell him she is ready and they will run away and make mad passionate love like they are in a romance novel. While also playing lovey-dovey, Brooke tells Ridge that she feels something special is going to happen tonight. She feels it in the air – something unexpected.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ confronted Nicole about Arianna.  He told her how she is Arianna's alibi the night Justin was attacked.  Naturally, she didn't help EJ out.  Carly made the mistake of talking to Ciara about her backpack.  Ciara wanted Carly to stay away from the bag.  Bo overheard Ciara's reaction and was concerned.  He wanted Ciara to try and be friends with Carly.  Chloe was willing to take Vivian up on her suggestion of getting rid of Carly.  Hope confronted Dr. Baker for framing Arianna for the attacks.  She considered his act a betrayal.  She told him that she wants to go after her real target.  Ciara was going to show Bo her bag of "treasures", but Caroline interrupted them.  Caroline was upset about Victor marrying Vivian.  Melanie didn't want Daniel to marry Chloe right away.  She was suspicious of Chloe wanting to elope.

Nicole was determined to keep EJ from finding out what she did to Arianna.  Vivian came up with a scheme for Chloe.  Chloe has to trick Carly into going in an elevator and Vivian will take care of the rest.  Hope showed Dr. Baker her next target.  Her next target is Bo.  Carly had decided not to tell Daniel about Chloe's affair when she saw him at the pier.  Daniel told Carly that Chloe wanted to get married "tonight", but they are getting married the next day.  Hope revealed why Bo is her ultimate target.  She feels that he betrayed her and she wants him to pay. While Hope and Dr. Baker were outside of her house, Hope saw Ciara with the wallets and panicked.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Robin and Patrick get into an argument over Stone. Shirley tries selling her jewelry at the hospital. Elizabeth and Nikolas share a tense moment in Shirley’s hospital room. Sonny talks to Diane about setting up Johnny. Diane thinks that Sonny wants to sleep with Claire. Kristina has a nightmare about Kiefer. Johnny refuses to help Claire. Shirley wants Elizabeth to give Nikolas a chance. Kristina needs to find out if Sonny abused Claudia. Patrick confides to Matt about his squabble with Robin. Maxie vents to Robin about Spinelli’s depression. Luke and Tracy are stuck in Helena’s cell. Alexis and Diane talk about Kristina’s therapy sessions. Claire won’t say if she believes Sonny’s story that he is not an abuser. Shirley apologizes for making things worse between Liz and Nik. Lisa and Steven flirt in front of Patrick. Alexis and Sonny meet to discuss Kristina’s therapy. Elizabeth suggests to Nikolas that they find some middle ground. Luke realizes that Tracy is seriously ill. Patrick is furious when Robin speaks of her unexpected trip to Johannesburg. Sonny makes the decision to stay out of Kristina’s sessions. Kristina asks Johnny if he lied on the stand about Sonny.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Bo and Nora wake up and relish what a perfect day it will be because it is their wedding day. Then the lights go out. Nora checks online and finds that a storm will arrive today. Nora burns her cornea when she puts her contact lens in after cleaning it with facial defoliant. She chips her tooth on a bagel. She falls and sprains her ankle. When she goes to Roxy's to have her hair done, it comes out green. Meanwhile, a skunk is trapped in the church with Animal Control trying to catch it. The deodorizer causes the singer to lose her voice. Bo rallies Rex, John, Brody, and Matthew to help him get everything together to salvage the wedding. Then the skunk sprays Bo.

Destiny advises Matthew to talk to Dani about his telling her he loves her right away, but he doesn’t get around to it. Nate asks Dani out, but she tells him that she has a date with Matthew, that they are good, and that he said he loves her. Nate kisses her. Destiny is walking past the Buenos Dias and sees them.

Rex and Gigi return from their trip and inform Shane that his grandmother was Hopi Indian but that she is dead now. He explains that she gave Rex up because she thought Rex's father was dead. Viki is pleased that both of her daughters have reunited with their men. Roxy says the only thing that could be better is if Rex and Gigi get back together. Brody calls Natalie and tells her he thinks they should keep quiet about sleeping together. Brody slips and mentions seeing Natalie the night John missed her at the airport. He says Natalie stopped by to say goodbye. John thanks him for being a friend to Natalie.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jack invites Emily out to dinner with him, but she refuses by telling him that she doesn’t want to run into any of her patients. Victor visits Jack to get his help in digging up Adam’s body. Sharon and Nick begins to have doubts about Patty’s story. Michael tells Phyllis and Nick that they are digging up Adam’s body against Michael’s approval. Michael, Sharon and Phyllis pick up on a clue that Adam was at a phone booth the night that he was supposedly killed. Kevin brings a customer coffee. Jana visits Ryder in jail and tells him that he doesn’t belong in here. Lauren has nightmares of Sarah. Michael advises Lauren that she needs to see someone. Michael calls Emily for help. Kevin becomes upset when he finds out that Jana visited Ryder. Jana lets Kevin know that Ryder doesn’t need to be in jail and asks for Kevin’s help in getting him out. Kevin refuses to help. Lauren meets with Emily and they find that they are both going through the same anguish about what was done to them. Phyllis and Sharon go to the pay phone, but find it not working. They also look for clues in the cornfield. Sharon finds a mask in the cornfield that was probably worn by Adam. Dr. Gleason meets with Victor, Jack and Nick to get a dental impression. Jana applies for a loan to get Ryder out of jail. The man delivers the documents to Kevin. Kevin finds out that Jana took out a loan. Jana visits Ryder to let him know that she bailed him out of jail. Owen arrest Victor, Nick and Jack. Phyllis and Sharon hear an airplane which starts spraying toxic insecticide.

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