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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Angie tells Frankie about her dinner plans with David and Greenlee. At Wildwind, Greenlee and David prepare for their dinner plans with the Hubbards. Greenlee is anxious over the whereabouts of Erica. At the cabin, Erica awakens to Caleb’s snoring. Erica wonders if the pilot will ever reveal as to her whereabouts, but with Caleb’s help realizes that no one knows where she is. Madison gets a visit from Frankie, who is looking for Randi. Madison asks for Frankie’s advice concerning men especially Ryan. David assures Greenlee that everything will be fine. Greenlee orders David to find Erica. An injured boy is brought into the hospital where Angie consults on the case. At Fusion, Jack tells Jesse that he wants to find Erica. Jack blames David for Erica’s disappearance. David and Greenlee arrive at Krystal’s for dinner with the Hubbards. Jesse soon arrives, but is interrupted by a phone call. Greenlee leaves the table to find out what Jesse knows about Erica. Jesse begins to question Greenlee as to what she knows about Erica’s disappearance.

Ryan walks into Krystal’s just as Greenlee leaves. Madison calls Frankie for help with her date. Frankie gives Madison some very helpful advice. At Fusion, Greenlee talks to a pic of Erica and reveals that she is jealous of Erica. Jack walks out and Greenlee is more than a little embarrassed. Jack reveals that he is going to ask Erica to marry him. Caleb finds Erica collapsed outside and has to carry her into the house.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry continues to do his best to make Vienna happy but he is still distracted by his feelings for Barbara who thinks he will be a good father when she sees how good he is with Eliza. Barbara tells Henry that he must be a man and choose between her and Vienna because he can't have them both. After Barbara shares with Henry Meg's strange behavior after the christening, he makes a joke that no matter how much she dislikes Emily being married to Paul, she shouldn't try drugging her tea because it didn't work the first time. Barbara warns Emily not to try and break Meg's connection to Eliza by talking badly about Meg to Paul, because he will always takes Meg's side against her. Meg has another strange episode after Emily visits her at the hospital and Paul and Emily have to pull Meg off Emily. Henry's comments lead Barbara to suspect Emily is drugging Meg so she talks to her doctor and asks her to run a toxicology screen.

When Katie admits to Nancy that she still misses Brad very much, Nancy advises her not to push herself to fall in love until she is ready. Alison takes care of Chris after he drinks alcohol with his pain medicine. The medicine makes Chris think he is talking to Katie instead of Alison and he tells "Katie" that he can't stop thinking about the kiss they shared for Lisa's show and that she is an awesome person who has become very important to him.

After Casey continues to ask Vienna questions about the baby, she tells him to stop obsessing about a baby that belongs to Henry. Vienna admits to Casey that she did give him the name of a doctor that doesn't exist only because she wanted him to stop asking questions about Henry's baby. Very nervous, Katie can't take the pressure of the lie anymore so she admits to Katie that she isn't pregnant and she asks Katie's advice about what to do about the situation.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Marcus is impressed that Oliver actually knows the recording artist, Daddy Yankee, and he’s come to town to see him. He and his manager are interested when they hear about Hope’s graduation party at the Forrester mansion and want to incorporate it into their video shoot of the city. Hope and even Steffy are besides themselves when they find out they will be performing at the party. Pam confides in Jarrett that she has found a hunk of a man and he’s staying at her place. He can’t breathe a word about this otherwise Stephanie will find out. Mike Guthrie returns and wants the gun back from Stephen. He saw Stephanie’s photo on the desk when he went out the door and put it all together. He doesn’t want to get involved with that family again because of what happened with Sheila. Stephen explains his side. He promised his wife to protect his daughters and he’s going to do whatever it takes. Pam returns home and wants to be introduced. Stephen announces that this is his accountant and he’s leaving.

Brooke tells Steffy that this is Hope’s big night, not hers, and she expects her to keep her distance. Steffy retorts that Brooke is not her mother so she has no say in where she can and can not go. Brooke tells her that she intends to be there on the premises and Steffy’s little plan, whatever it is, won’t work. No one or anything is going to ruin this party and that includes Steffy. Stephen flusters Pam when he walks out in his boxer shorts. He quips she ought to be used to it since her sisters wears the pants in the family.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Bo and Hope looked in the box under her bed and it was empty.  Ciara took the wallets and put them in her book bag.  Vivian tried to talk Chloe into getting revenge on Carly.  Daniel realized that Carly wasn't happy about him marrying Chloe.  Carly said that she wasn't and she had to tell him why she wasn't happy about it.  Carly didn't get the chance to tell him because he had to leave.

Arianna pushed Brady away and wanted EJ to help her instead.  Victor spent his wedding night talking to Maggie.  Arianna remembered that she had an alibi for the night Justin was attacked; she was with Nicole.  EJ questioned why Nicole didn't come forward and say something about that.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Carly agrees to let Brook Lynn audition for the MetroCourt. Dante and Brook Lynn make spaghetti at his loft. Lulu joins Dante and Brook Lynn for dinner. Claire walks in on Sonny and Olivia arguing over Johnny. Sam announces to Jason that they can’t have conjugal visits unless they are married. Spinelli is depressed about Jason’s incarceration. Matt tries to flirt with Maya in front of Maxie. Kate tells Coleman that she is disappointed in Maxie and Lulu’s work attitudes. Diane is shocked when Max says that they can’t sleep together until Michael is released from prison. Olivia storms out of Jake’s when Johnny refuses to stop going after Sonny. Brook Lynn flirts with Johnny at the bar. Maxie kisses Matt. Maya shows up just as Lucky starts punching a building wall. Lulu and Dante make love. Jason and Michael work on self-defense moves. Carly assumes that Sonny wants to sleep with Claire.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Markko gets arrested and taken to jail for the attempted murder of Ford although Tea is ready to defend him. Ole is also in jail and he and Starr still can't come to terms with the fact that she believes her dad did not push his mom down the stairs and that Hannah is lying. Meanwhile, Todd is confident he "has the goods" on Hannah and is ready to write an article in the Sun that she looks like a suspect to want to kill Ford and therefore has no credibility with her accusation of him (Todd). Bo and Nora are ready to get married. Jessica has her memory back and is relieved to see that it appears she is not a suspect for what happened to Ford. Yet Natalie and Brody wonder if they should reveal to Jessica and to John that they slept together.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jill invites Katherine to lunch, but Katherine sees through Jill and wants to know what she is up to. Katherine sees Tucker at a nearby table and wants to know if Jill only asked her to lunch to spy on Tucker. Tucker remembers his talk with J.T. in which he asked him to steal files from Victoria’s computer. Ashley joins Tucker to talk business. Tucker asks for Ashley’s help in acquiring “Beauty of Nature” from Victor. Victoria and Billy have fun at the trailer together. Chloe offers to take Mackenzie shopping for some new maternity clothes in Chicago. Chloe pumps Mackenzie for info into how she feels about Billy’s marriage to Victoria. Rafe calls Billy and lets him know that his marriage to Victoria isn’t legal. Ashley refuses to be part of Tucker's plans. Jill approaches Tucker and Ashley to see how they are doing . J.T. comes to see Victoria. Victoria asks for more time to spend with her son, but the conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Tucker. Victoria lets J.T. know that her marriage to Billy isn’t legal. Billy visits Chloe and lets her know that his marriage isn’t legal. Cane visits the bar and shows Mac Lily’s last will and testament which tells them that she wants them to have joint custody of the twins. Billy accuses Chloe of being jealous. Tucker calls J.T. to meet him. J.T. refuses to help Tucker in his plans. Mackenzie meets Katherine and tells her about Lily’s will. Cane calls Lily and leaves a message. Lily calls Cane back and wants to know why he wanted her to call him. Cane refuses to tell Lily the real reason why he called her. Jill visits Cane and also finds out about the will. Jill finds out what Tucker and Victor is up to.

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