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AMC Recap Written by Mary

"All My Children" aired a repeat episode.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Meg and Emily squabble over who will hold Eliza during the christening ceremony. Paul notices that something if off with Meg. Paul considers postponing the christening, but Emily is against it. Richard asks Noah if that is Reid. Reid lets Luke know that he wants to be alone with him. Luke tells Reid that Noah is outside the door. Luke goes out to join Noah. Alison meets up with Casey who asks for her help. Casey tells Alison that he is looking for a Dr. Gravid. As Vienna and Henry make love. Barbara interrupts to ask if Henry is coming to the christening, but Vienna is not invited. Henry insists that Vienna is his family. Emily accuses Paul of always defending Meg. Paul agrees to let Emily be the godmother, but she is against the idea. Henry tells Vienna that the christening was cancelled. Alison finds no trace of the doctor. Noah asks Luke who he was with just as Reid comes out to join them. Emma gets a call and has to go to the hospital. Casey sees Vienna at the hospital and questions her about her doctor. Vienna insists to Casey that this baby is not his but Henry’s. Casey tells Vienna that the christening is still on. Emily objects to Barbara moving into Fairwinds. Paul asks Henry to be Eliza’s godfather. Reid advises Luke to be honest with Noah about what is going on. The christening goes off without a problem. Vienna arrives late and asks Henry why he didn’t tell her about the christening. Luke lets Noah know that he wants him back. Noah tells Luke that he saw him with Reid and they were kissing. At the party, Vienna announces that she and Henry are getting married and are also expecting a baby. When Meg goes berserk at the party, Paul takes her to the hospital where she is admitted. Casey tells Alison that he got a girl pregnant. Henry blurts out that he cares for Barbara. Luke finds out that Noah can see.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope calls everyone together to talk about the graduation party she wants to throw and she needs their help. It takes a lot of persuading, but she finally convinces Stephanie and Eric that she wants to throw the graduation party of graduation parties, and she’d like to have it at their mansion. Stephanie is against it and only consents when Ridge suggests she and Eric go to Big Bear or somewhere else for the night and he and Brooke will take care of all the details and chaperone. Stephen mulls over the thought of Stephanie always sticking it to Brooke ad Donna. He calls Pam and asks her to get out of her meeting and meet him at Insomnia. He informs her that last night and the kiss meant a lot to him, but they must keep this from Stephanie who would disapprove. Steffy joins Oliver in his workouts on the roof and spies the new necklace. She taunts him that it’s from Hope and she branded him. He tells her that he wants her to know that his feelings for Hope are real and they made a commitment last night using the L word.

Stephen tells Pam that he is not asking her to lie, but just to keep it a secret that they are seeing each other as Stephanie would not let it continue. She is a sunshine in his life and his life is not over. The best way to honor Beth’s memory is not to become a hermit, but to be happy. Pam can help him do that. So don’t let Stephanie ruin that. He also shows her the classifieds and says that he needs to move out of Brooke’s so not to be a burden and he’s looking for a temporary place until he decides what to do next. Pam offers her place since Stephanie has moved out. He doesn’t want to inconvenience her, but can’t refuse her gracious invitation. Later he moves in. He pulls out a picture of Beth and tells her that he is taking over now. She is not to worry; that he will look after their daughters and keep them safe from Stephanie and her sister. A man knocks on the door and Stephen gives him money in exchange for a pistol.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope and Ciara saw Carly catch Vivian's bouquet.  Arianna met with the public defender to discuss her case.  Carly decided that she wasn't going to tell Daniel about Chloe's infidelity.  Nathan was offered a fellowship program at a hospital in Baltimore.  Nathan wanted Stephanie to go with him, but decided against going.  He wanted to stay in Salem with Stephanie.  EJ decided to be Arianna's lawyer because the public defender wouldn't help Arianna the way she needed to be helped.

Hope wanted to talk to Bo about Ciara.  Bo believed that Ciara told the truth about the treasure box she thinks Hope has under her bed.  Kate told Carly about Chloe's past and now Carly wants to tell Daniel the truth. Hope and Bo decided to check under her bed to find the treasure box.  Dr. Baker wanted Nicole to give him money or he was going to the police to tell them how she wanted to frame Arianna.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

"General Hospital" aired a repeat episode.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

"One Life to Live" aired a repeat episode.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Ashley comes downstairs just as Abby is on the phone. Ashley asks Abby if they have to go to court over the money situation. Abby makes it clear that she wants her inheritance, but Ashley refuses to hand it over to her. Abby reveals to Ashley that Billy and Victoria are married. Billy and Victoria are at the trailer when they get a visit from Victor. Victor shows Victoria the pic of her and Billy kissing. Victor asks Victoria what she was thinking. Victor and Billy get into an argument. Billy reveals that he is in love with Victoria which unnerves Victor. Jack and Emily are at the police department when Paul comes to visit. Jack lets Paul know that Emily has just been released. As Nick talks to Patty’s doctor, they are interrupted by Phyllis. The doctor orders Phyllis out into the corridor. Nick meets with Patty and asks about Adam and Richard. Patty reveals that there are two Adams. Victor orders Victoria to go with him, but she refuses. Phyllis watches Nick question Patty. Patty notices Phyllis through the door and goes berserk.

When Victoria questions Billy about his remark that he loves her, he denies it. Victor shows Ashley the pic of Victoria and Billy kissing. Abby and Kent arrive for court.. A guard searches Abby’s purse where he finds a camera which he takes from her. Emily gets a letter that her license was suspended. Jack offers to let Emily stay at his home. Emily insists that she is playing right into his hand. Kent arrives at the court proceedings and reveals to Abby that he has a camera in his glasses. The hearing begins. Paul comes to see Patty and questions her about who would write prescriptions on Emily. All Patty will say is “brother.” Ashley and Victor come out victorious in the court hearing. Michael tells Victor that Billy and Victoria’s marriage isn’t legal. Jack takes Emily to his home.

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