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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse and Angie have breakfast together, but it is a “working breakfast.” Angie looks at a file on David. At the Chandler mansion, J.R. tries to talk Marissa into them taking A.J. to the park during Emma’s birthday party. In the living room, Annie helps A.J. get ready for the party. At the Yacht Club, Emma and Ryan run into Madison. Emma invites Madison to her birthday party. Greenlee, wraps a package for Emma while talking to a pic of Erica. David walks in to the Fusion offices and finds Greenlee talking to Erica’s pic. David tries to convince Greenlee to go home with him instead of going to the party, but Greenlee insists on going to the party. Marissa and J.R. are mortified when they see Annie with A.J. While J.R. takes A.J. out of the room, Marissa reprimands Annie for using A.J. to get to them. J.R. gives A.J. a pep talk about being a true Chandler as Scott listens. Marissa orders Annie out of the house when the leak is repaired in the gatehouse. At the hospital, Angie tells Frankie that she will fight David every step of the way on everything that he does. David walks up and overhears her conversation. Ryan and Emma arrive for the party. Annie is unnerved when she sees that Greenlee has also arrived for the party. Angie invites David to dinner with her and Jesse.

Marissa finds out from the maid that there is no leak in the gatehouse. J.R. and Annie have a run-in upstairs when she, once again, enters his bedroom. Marissa becomes suspicious as to where J.R. and Annie are. Marissa talks to Scott about the leak at the gatehouse, but Scott takes Annie’s part. David arrives at the party with two packages, one from him and one from Erica. Marissa asks for David’s help in getting rid of Annie from the mansion. Angie tells Jesse that they are having dinner with David.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Everyone who cares about Gabriel tries to help him get out of trouble. Lily gets worried and tells Luke Craig is Gabriel's son. her involvement in the story, and why Gabriel is staying at the house. Luke is confused but offers to go search for Gabriel. Luke runs into Reid at the Lakeview and Reid tells him that he discharged Noah and that Noah asked his friend Richard to pick him up from the hospital. Luke is hurt by the news about Richard and asks Reid to help him look for Gabriel. Luke later gets a message from Lily telling him that Gabriel is in jail. Luke and Reid go to Lily's and play chess together and Luke is touched when Reid opens up to him and admits he was a competitive chess player. Reid also tells Luke it was hard being out in high school and then he gets nervous because he isn't used to telling anyone his feelings and he and Luke kiss. Noah tells Richard he still loves Luke, and they can only be friends. Noah 's vision is better after he puts in some eye drops the nurse gives him. Noah is excited and goes to tell Luke the news but is shocked when he sees Luke kissing Reid. Noah has never seen Reid's face so he doesn't know that Luke is kissing his doctor.

Liberty also wants to help Gabriel so she calls Janet and explains that Gabriel is in trouble for stealing a car. Janet calls Jack and interrupts his make out session with Carly. Carly and Jack head to the station and find out Liberty won't be charged with anything so Janet takes her home. Gabriel apologizes to Carly for taking Parker's money and offers to give back what he hasn't spent. Gabriel and Craig argue about Craig being a bad father and Craig apologizes to Gabriel but he will not take the blame for leaving him in the building. Gabriel sees Lucinda arrive and puts Craig's hands around his neck and tells the guard Craig is trying to strangle him. Lucinda thinks that Gabriel is bad news and she shouldn't help him because she is putting her family at risk. Lily is determined to help Gabriel and tells the police that Gabriel had permission to borrow her car. Carly persuades Gabriel to accept Lily's help and he agrees to stay with Lily. Carly worries that Gabriel might leave town before testifying against Craig.

Dusty is worried because Johnny is very upset after Dusty tells him Craig is in jail. Janet and Liberty come over and Janet tells Johnny it is okay to be scared and Johnny gives her a hug. Craig asks Jack to believe that he would never leave Gabriel in a building to die. Craig also asks Jack to have Dusty bring Johnny to visit him. Jack persuades Dusty to bring Johnny to the station and Craig is happy to see him. Craig asks Johnny to get to know his brother Gabriel and tell him that he loves him very much. Liberty admits to Janet that Gabriel wanted her to leave town with him and Janet worries until Liberty yells at her that she would never leave town. Jack admits to Carly that he believes Craig is telling the truth and she asks him to let this go and be happy that Parker isn't in jail.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric makes a lovely speech and asks Stephanie if she will come back to him. She asks if he had to go to all this trouble to ask her that. He says that is the way he does things. She tells him those past years were the happiest years of her life. He makes her feel like a queen. She always believed they were destined to spend their lives together. Deep down she knew she would never be happy with anyone else. Nothing would make her happier than to come back to this house, to him. The children and grandchildren smile approvingly as Eric asks Stephanie to dance. Steven tells Pam that she must be something else in that kitchen; he ate the whole plate of lemon bars she sat before him. He tells her he enjoyed their talk the other day and he admits that he has his problems with Stephanie, but he wanted to spend time with Pam. They discuss why Stephanie was called over to Eric’s although she feels strange talking about that since Donna is his daughter. He points out their similarities and thanks her for tonight. Brooke is so happy for Hope that Oliver told her that he loved her and she loves him too. She knows that Oliver respects her also.

Stephanie tells Steffy that all of this is due to her for getting the company back. They still have a lot of battles ahead, but they will prevail. Pam shows Steven some of her handiwork she did at FC. She felt it was sort of like therapy for her. She asks if he has any hobbies. He says no, but he needs something. He tells her perhaps she could teach him how to cook and it would give them a good opportunity to be together. It’s easy to be with her and talk to her. She admits she enjoys it and she is not used to it. Steven silently asks Beth to forgive him as he kisses Pam. Eric tells everyone this is one of the happiest days of his life. He feels like he has been given a second chance at life. Stephanie says they are all Forrester’s and no one is going to take them down again. Steven declines another lemon bar and tells Pam they are good, but not as good as…….he kisses her again. She says he is a little devil.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Arianna hires EJ to be her lawyer. Nicole is unable to keep Brady from Arianna, despite her best efforts. Carly decides to tell Daniel the truth after talking with Kate about Chloe. Chloe is devastated when she find out, and Vivian offers to help her. Nathan turns down a fellowship at Johns Hopkins to stay in Salem with Stephanie. Melanie is furious when she finds out. Bo and Hope open the box under her bed.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky is against Claire’s plan to bring down Sonny. Claire says she’s up for the challenge. Olivia finds Sonny, Max, and Milo about to “rough up” Johnny. Sonny accuses Johnny of “hiding behind” Olivia. Nikolas promises to shield Kristina from Kiefer’s family. Jason presses Michael to tell him the truth about who attacked him. Lulu and Dante tell Brook what happened with Michael. Lulu gets called away so Brook stays and cooks dinner with Dante. Carly visits Michael. Helena confronts Lucky about allowing Elizabeth to move to Wyndemere. Later, Lucky confronts Nikolas about Helena’s visit and the brothers argue. Sam takes Kristina to visit Michael. Sonny warns Dante about Olivia’s involvement with Johnny. Carly is concerned about Michael’s bruises. Jason cautions Carly about her revenge against Lulu and Dante. Olivia tries to set Sonny straight regarding his feud with Johnny. Sonny assures Olivia that he will “win” the war with Johnny and see him “dead.” Sam tells Jason they can only have “conjugal visits” if they’re married. Lulu asks Carly to give Brook a job at the hotel.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian and Eli are protecting Langston from getting charged with the attempted murder of Ford. Tea agrees to represent Markko. Jessica appears as though she might know something about it. Todd finds Hannah and has his men physically drag her to his office. He tells her that she's going to change her story or she will regret it. And he gets a photographer to take a picture of Ford bludgeoned on his bed and appears to want to use it against Hannah. Starr reveals to Cole, for the first time, that Langston has been lying to them all and sleeping with Ford right up until this point. The cops then conclude that they have sufficient evidence to arrest Markko and they go to Buenos Dias to find him and to do so.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Emily is taken away in handcuffs as Jack promises to stand by her. At Rafe’s party, Ashley arrives at the Newman ranch to find out what is going on. Sharon tells Ashley that they think Adam is alive. Owen also arrives to see what the Newmans have to say to him. Phyllis begins to explain about Richard Hightower and Adam, but Owen is a little preoccupied until Nikki manages to get his attention. Victor shows Owen a pic of Adam and Hightower. Michael arrives at the police station to defend Emily. Chloe confronts Billy about his marriage to Victoria and then slaps him across the face. Jack joins the Newmans and Ashley. Billy blasts Abby for revealing his and Victoria’s secret. Abby reminds Billy that he owes her a pic on the cover of “Restless Style.” Ashley tells Jack that Adam may still be alive.

Kent and Abby still film the happenings at the party for Rafe. Billy and Victoria arrive back home at the trailer. Victoria gets a message from Nikki and fears that she knows about her marriage. Billy also gets a message from Ashley. Owen doesn’t believe the Newman's story of Adam being alive. Victor asks for a DNA, but Owen refuses. Abby gets served with papers that she cannot use footage of the Newman family. Nikki tells Victoria and Billy that Adam may still be alive. J.T. and Mackenzie cannot believe that Victoria and Billy got married. Chance questions Chloe about her real feelings toward Billy and his marriage to Victoria. Victor calls Michael about his meeting with Owen. Emily is behind bars. Heather offers Michael her help in finding Adam. Mackenzie agrees to spend the night with J.T. Billy and Victoria kiss. Abby spills the beans to Victor that Billy and Victoria are married.

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