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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Hi, Soap Fans, AMC did not air today because of President Obama’s news conference on the oil spill in the Gulf.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Molly gets a text message from Silas. Molly pretends to get a glass of water so she can meet Silas outside. Silas grabs Molly from behind. When Holden yells for Molly, Silas leaves in a hurry. Gabriel holds his mother’s pearls in his hand. Liberty sits by his bed. Lily finds Liberty with Gabriel. Lily tries to convince Gabriel to move in with her. Liberty convinces Gabriel to move in with Lily. Parker tells Faith what happened between himself and Gabriel. Carly invites Jack to dinner. Holden calls Faith to check on her . At the police station, Craig tries to talk to Carly, but she refuses to talk to him. Jack interrupts their conversation. Craig denies trying to hurt Gabriel. Faith comes home to find Gabriel there. During dinner, Sage asks Carly when Jack is moving back in. Jack lets Sage know that he will be living at the ranch. Carly suggests that Parker take Sage to a movie. Lily tells Faith that Gabriel will be living here. Holden walks in on Faith and Lily arguing. Faith tells Gabriel where Lily keeps her car keys. Faith orders Gabriel to take the car and leave. Jack accuses Carly of lying to him. Silas tells Molly that she will regret ruining his life and career. Gabriel picks Liberty up in Lily’s car. Gabriel is arrested. Jack and Carly reconcile. Gabriel is thrown into the same cell as Craig.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The stage is beautifully set. Eric is dressed to the nines and has the house elegantly decorated. The caterers are setting out the food and drink. Ridge arrives early then Thorne, Steffy and Thomas, all wanting to know what the occasion is. Thorne says Eric looks like he’s getting ready for the prom. Brooke finds Stephen still brooding out by the pool and reminds him that feeling this way is not going to bring Beth back. Still he feels he needs to protect his little girls. Pammy doesn’t mind that Stephanie has other plans tonight. She knows Stephanie will be the queen of the ball. She doesn’t even think she will come back home tonight. She will be staying in the big house. Stephanie is touched when she wears her new outfit Eric designed for her and walks into the house from the limo to be greeted by her family. Pam is surprised to find Steven at her door. He asks to come in. She shows him her photos of Tiny and her mom and states she died a few months ago. Steven points out that they both have had a lot of tragedy in their lives in common. Stephanie receives a lovely big vase of red roses from Kristen and Felicia. Eric gives a toast to Stephanie, the woman who keeps them together.

Brooke enjoys the pool with Hope and thinks the necklace Oliver gave her is cute. Steven speaks glowingly of Paris to Pam and tells her she needs to visit there someday. While Pam gets him a lemon bar, which he describes as heavenly, Stephen puts a photo of Stephanie and Pam in his pocket. The musicians play and Eric finishes his toast and calls Stephanie over. Publicly before the children and grandchildren he wants to ask Stephanie something that he doesn’t even deserve. He realizes now she is his partner and soulmate and wants her to come back to this house; back to him, back to their life together.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Vivian and Victor are wed. Kate and Nicole have a grand time, and Nicole even snaps a photo of Victor’s ex-wives that are present. Maggie talks everyone into staying for the ceremony to show Vivian that she can’t keep Victor away from his family. Victor ensures that the ceremony is miserable for Vivian. Later, she throws the bouquet, and Hope walks in just in time to see Carly catch it. Daniel announces that he and Chloe are getting married soon. Melanie is unhappy about it. Rafe gets a new cellmate in prison, and it’s none other than Shane Donovan, who got caught working an ISA assignment, and is slated for execution.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Brook tells Dante about Carly and Olivia’s spat. Johnny wonders if Lucky is on “Sonny’s side.” Sonny teams up with Claire to bust Johnny. Sonny says he “shouldn’t trust” Claire but he has to. Sonny and Claire strike a deal to take Johnny “out of circulation.” Lucky says he will “uphold the law” no matter who breaks it. Lucky makes it clear that he’s not too fond of Johnny. Michael fills Jason in on the prison schedule. Dante tells Brook how he feels about Sonny. Jason starts to teach Michael how to “detach” and fight to protect himself. Luke and Tracy bicker in their newfound captivity. Patrick lets his jealousy show again with Lisa. Robin senses that Patrick is threatened by Steven. Tracy accuses Luke of sleeping with Skye in her absence. Luke claims he has no interest in “other women.” Jax confides his hatred of Sonny and his worry for Michael in Skye. Brook manipulates her way into Dante’s apartment by offering to help Lulu carry some packages. Sonny tells Max about the deal he made with Claire. Brook asks Lulu to help her get a job at the Metro Court. Michael gets upset when he sees Jason talking with the prison guard. Claire tells Lucky she’s “playing” Sonny and intends to see him “behind bars.” Max, Milo, and Sonny confront an unsuspecting Johnny.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John and the cops are investigating the attempted murder of Ford. Suspicious is cast over Markko when the discover he had his hand treated for an injury at the hospital after first lying to the doctor that he hit a wall, then admitting to John that it happened when he hit for after finding out he slept with Langston yet waited to get it checked out by the doctor. Dorian wants to protect Langston and has Eli represent her when Langston reveals that Ford devastated her and ruined her life. Jessica remembers the encounter where she fought Ford off as though she thought he would rape her remembering Mitch. And it appears she has something to hide. Meanwhile, Rex and Gigi find out from Otto the jeweler in Santa Fe, that he was the "other man" in Rex's mother's life after she got pregnant by his father. She believed his father died. He believed the same about her. SO she abandoned baby Rex at the hospital. And the rest is history.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nick, Phyllis, Nikki, and Victor go over the info they found out about Richard Hightower. A man interrupts Sharon and gives her Adam’s mail. Jack and Emily meet up just before her hearing with the American Psychological Association. Jack offers to go with her, but Emily refuses. Mac and J.T. plan the party for Rafe opening up his own law practice. Victoria visits Billy for the third time in a day. Billy and Victoria plan to go to Rafe’s party separately. Abby joins them. Abby reminds Billy that he testified for Victoria in court. Chloe and Chance are bowling when Heather interrupts them. Rafe thanks everyone for coming to his party. Chloe is introduced to Tyler, but Rafe lets Chloe know that Tyler is his. Victoria and Billy arrive at the party. Emily’s hearing begins. Phyllis tries to find a connection between Adam and Hightower. Sharon receives a bank statement of Adam’s. Victoria senses that Mackenzie and J.T. are seeing each other again. Abby tells everyone that they are going to be on television. Mac forbids her to film his party. Nick wonders if Hightower could be buried in Adam’s grave. Abby lets Chloe know that she is starting her own reality show. Chloe catches Heather and Chance outside. Chloe lashes out at Heather for going after Chance. Billy tries to calm Chloe down. Victoria refuses to loan Abby money and so does Billy. Chloe and Chance make up. Emily’s license is not revoked, but she gets arrested for conspiracy to sell controlled substances. Abby reveals to everyone that Billy and Victoria are married.

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