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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda goes over wedding plans when Jake comes in and interrupts her. Jake asks her to move up the wedding date to two weeks. At Krystal’s. Liza confronts Krystal about Tad. Tad lets Damon know that DNA tests prove that Stuart is not Damon’s son. Annie comes into the Chandler living room, complaining that the roof in the gatehouse is leaking. Scott lets Annie know that he is going public with the new invention but doesn't feel good about stealing it from Palmer. J.R. rushes in and accuses Annie of leaking the news to the press that someone in Adam’s family betrayed him. Scott questions Annie if she had leaked the story. Jake and Amanda plan their wedding day for the date of the 1st wedding anniversary. J.R. and Scott meet with Stephanie to give her their statements. Annie comes bursting in and complains about Emma’s birthday party. Scott and J.R. lets Annie know that she can have the party here. Marissa comes to see Krystal to complain about things at the Chandler mansion. Krystal urges Marissa to fight for her family. Scott tells Stephanie his new product idea. Annie confesses that it was Scott who she had fallen for. J.R. accuses Annie of lying.

Scott lets J.R. know that Annie saved him and his marriage. Marissa listens at the door. At Krystal’s, Jake asks Tad to be his best man. Amanda comes into Fusion and finds a whole rack full of wedding dresses to pick from thanks to Jake. Liza finds Damon in Colby’s bedroom and offers to buy him a car if he will leave Colby alone and leave town. Damon acts as though he agrees until Colby walks in. Colby and Damon leave together . In the park, Damon tells Colby about the check that Liza had given to him. Damon invites Colby to go with him to Jake and Amanda’s wedding . J.R. tries to talk to Marissa about what is going on, but she refuses to listen. Scott invites Annie to move back into the mansion with him. J.R. sees Scott and Annie kissing.

ATWT Recap Written by Mary

Molly comes downstairs with the box that holds the lingerie that Silas purchased for her. She quickly hides it when Holden comes home. Holden senses that she is hiding something from him so he finds the lingerie in her purse and thinks that it is intended for him. Alison comes to Chris’ aid when a car strikes him. The driver is none other than Katie. Casey and Vienna are in the hotel room about to make love while Henry and a man and a woman wait outside with flowers and champagne to celebrate Henry’s proposal to Vienna. Henry yells at Vienna to open the door, but she orders him to go away. Vienna quickly dresses and meets Henry downstairs where he wants to propose to her right in front of Barbara. Vienna urges Henry to go with her upstairs while Barbara watches in horror. In the hotel room, Casey finds the pregnancy tests that Vienna hid under the bed. Henry and Vienna come back to the hotel room where he proposes and she accepts. Alison and Katie take Chris back to Katie’s apartment. Chris and Katie spend quality time together while Alison goes to get him some medication. Holden goes into dress shop to buy a present for Molly when he runs into Silas, who tells him that he sent Molly the lingerie.

Holden confronts Molly about the lie that she told him about the lingerie. Henry witnesses Barbara talking to a man in the lobby and tries to talk her out of leaving town. Henry tells Barbara that he doesn’t want her to leave. Vienna joins Henry and Barbara to let him know that their table is ready. Barbara calls Paul. At the hospital, Casey checks on the listing for a doctor on staff but is told that there isn't any. Katie sits beside Chris’ bed. When she sees a pic of Brad, she is suddenly turned off for being so friendly to Chris. Katie thinks of something that she has to do and tells Chris to leave when he feels better. Molly permits Holden to watch her break things off with Silas. As Molly and Holden are sharing an intimate moment, she gets a text from Silas.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephen asks Brooke to tell him all she knows about Pamela Douglas. She says it is more than he wants to know. She’s sort of a special nutcase and that’s on a good day when she is on her meds. She warns him to stay away from her. Justin tells Donna that he will stay with her until Katie or Bill returns as he doesn’t want her to be alone. She is not too hopeful of her and Eric getting back together as Stephanie was right about one thing; Eric likes things light and easy. Steffy hands Eric a brown envelope which he finds to be the divorce papers. She tells him there is no way he can accept this. They did not just get back FC into their hands to see it slip away again. She wants him to offer her money or real estate, but not let FC fall back into the hands of Bill Spencer. He calls Donna and says he does not want to leave this to lawyers and needs to see her. Donna says she is sorry, but she is entitled and she is not just doing this for herself, but for the Logan family. Stephanie finds Pam in her apartment behind a bolted door. She wonders if that is because of Stephen Logan. Pam tells her that she is okay with being a little different and not having a boyfriend. Stephanie should not be worried about that either or trying to set her up again.

Brooke tells Stephen that Pam has her own agenda and it’s always to help Stephanie. She did not earn her own mother’s love, so she leans on Stephanie. Maybe things would be different if she had somebody else to love her. Eric tells Steffy that he wants her to get in touch with all the family and have them meet him at his place tonight. Stephanie stops by and is delighted when Eric asks her to cancel her plans with Pam. He is inviting her to the house tonight for an intimate dinner. He even brings out an outfit he wants her to wear. He asks her to come with an open mind and be prepared. It will be an evening they will never forget. Impulsively he kisses her while Thorne, Steffy and Pam are camped outside the door trying to listen and peek in and see the kiss. Tonight is the night their family is finally getting back together.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo, Daniel, Philip, Brady, Nicole, Melanie, Kate, Chloe, and Carly all rush to the Kiriakis mansion to check on Victor, only to learn that it was all a ruse on Vivian’s part to get them there for her and Victor’s wedding. Victor is furious, but sees no choice but to marry Vivian. After a talk with Kate, Sami admits to Caroline that she made a mistake by moving into the DiMera mansion. Madeline threatens to expose a tape that she has incriminating Stefano when she finds him making small talk with Chad.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky and Nikolas bicker over Elizabeth. Patrick continues to be jealous over Lisa’s budding relationship with Steven. Robin tries to talk some sense into Nik regarding Liz and the new baby. Luke heads off to find Tracy and ends up being taken prisoner too. Brook has her eye on Johnny. Claire tells Johnny there’s more tension brewing between Sonny and Johnny, which could work to their advantage. Carly informs Johnny about Olivia and Sonny having dinner at the hotel. Johnny is infuriated. Lulu is happy she told Dante the truth. Kristina isn’t happy with Sonny and says she’s glad he kept his distance during her childhood. Sonny later tells Claire he’s never been physically abusive toward a female. Sonny asks Claire to work on putting Johnny in prison. Johnny informs Lucky he’s backing Sonny into a corner to force Sonny into making a move.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Gigi and Rex go to a vacant house in their search for his parents and find a cradle with the river symbol engraved on it. Rex finds a stack of love letters to "Lily" from "Rick." The last letter says that Rick doesn't love Lily anymore. Gigi observes that the letter doesn’t sound like the same person wrote it. She thinks there has to be more to the story.

Cristian goes with Ford to the hospital after finding him beaten at their apartment. Markko is there having his hand looked at, so Cristian tells him what happened. Cristian says he had to tell the police about how angry Markko was at Ford for sleeping with Langston. John explains to Dorian that it appears that someone tried to beat Ford to death with one of his awards and that he wants to talk to Langston. Meanwhile, Langston tells Blair about the way her affair with Ford ended. When Blair tells her that Ford will get what's coming to him, Langston says he already has. Dorian goes home and tells Blair and Langston that someone tried to kill Ford. Jessica tells Natalie that she has her memory back and apologizes for accusing her of stealing her man. She asks her about getting back together with John so Natalie recounts the events of last night, carefully omitting the part where she slept with Brody. Natalie asks Jessica what triggered her memory returning, but Jessica omits the part about sleeping with Ford. When Jessica says that she owes Layla and Cristian an apology, Natalie suggests that they go over there, but Jessica abruptly says she can't go over there. Jessica turns on the TV and sees the news story about Ford. Cristian tells Markko that he looks guilty hanging around the hospital with an injured hand. He tells him to go home and call Tea because he will need a lawyer whether he did it or not. Meanwhile, At Todd's arraignment, Tea asks the judge to drop all charges against Todd. The judge determines that the prosecution has enough evidence for the case to proceed. Todd calls one of his sources and discovers that Hanna has disappeared. When the elevator that Markko is waiting for at the hospital opens, John is on it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon meets with Nick, Victor and Phyllis to let them know what happened when she and Phyllis checked up on Mr. Hightower. Billy and Victoria wake up together. Victoria cannot believe that she spent the night with Billy. Victoria reminds Billy that they are acting like they are married. Abby and Daniel meet and she asks him if he is hung over. Daniel asks Abby if she wants him to buy her a coffee, but she refuses. Kevin calls Jana to invite her for coffee, but doesn’t get an answer. Jana comes to see Ryder and offers him her help. Kevin comes to visit Daniel to see if he is still mad at him over the remarks that Kevin made about Amber leaving Daniel to take care of Eric. Daniel asks Kevin his opinion of Abby. Kevin lets Daniel know that Abby is a train wreck. Daniel confesses that he kissed Abby. Phyllis and Sharon meet with a man who recognizes Mr. Hightower as the man who received a phone call from Adam the night of the policeman’s ball. Paul introduces Sally to the Newman family. Justin walks up to the table. Victor shows Justin a pic of Adam. Justin recognizes Adam as the man who saved his father’s life. Kent tells Abby that the “Naked Heiress” is a go. Abby decides to get Billy’s help with her publicity. Daniel writes Amber a letter. Victoria is mortified when she sees their wedding video on the internet. Abby and Billy meet, and she tells him her ideas for her business. Billy refuses to help her. Kevin finds out that Jana went to see Ryder in jail. Daniel and Amber decide on a divorce. Phyllis finds out that Hightower had leukemia, and Adam had been a bone marrow donor.

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