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AMC Recap Written by Mary

When Damon complains he has no money, Tad pulls out his wallet and gives him cash while Krystal listens to the conversation. At Wildwind, Ryan thanks Greenlee for going to bat for him. He then asks if she had anything to do with the accusations against Erica. Caleb and Erica head for the cabin through the woods. Krystal lets Tad know that she is the new owner of B.J.’s. Liza and Colby argue over Damon as usual. Liza informs her daughter about a wonderful opportunity to intern for a fashion designer in New York City for the summer. Greenlee lets Ryan know that maybe Erica will resurface and answer these charges. Greenlee denies the accusations from Ryan that she had anything to do with Erica’s disappearance. Krystal asks for Tad’s help in financing B.J.’s. Krystal asks Tad to buy her share of the house, but he refuses and suggests instead that he give her the money. Liza visits Tad because she doesn’t’ have anywhere else to go. When Colby tells Damon about the internship in New York, he offers to go with her. Greenlee becomes upset over her conversation with Ryan and walks out on David. As Liza talks to Tad about her conversation with Colby, he reminds her that she said that Damon didn't deserve to be a father. At the casino, a reporter approaches Madison about Erica, but Ryan fends him off. Jack confronts David over his involvement with Erica's problems. Caleb and Erica arrive at the cabin. Erica is surprised as to how rustic it is.

At the Yacht Club, Damon and Colby meet with Renee, the manager, about a job. Liza sees what is going on lets Renee know all about the legal trouble that Damon was in. Greenlee gives a statement at Fusion about Erica and the embezzlement of the money. Jack asks Greenlee if she heard from Erica. He leaves a message on Erica's voicemail that he has a very important question to ask her while he's holding an engagement ring. Greenlee comes home to Wildwind, and David congratulates her on the webcast. While David goes to get the bubbly to celebrate, Greenlee just stands in the doorway. Erica yells that there is a bear in order to get Caleb’s spot on the couch. Tad, Krystal, Colby, and Damon share drinks at Krystal’s. Krystal gives Damon a job as Liza watches from outside.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Katie asks Chris to go to the TV Station and reshoot some scenes from Lisa's show because she wants to give Lisa a special DVD of the show. Katie replays the kiss she and Chris shared for Lisa's show and tells herself to stop thinking about it. Alison can't believe that Casey isn't bothered by the fact the Vienna is only using him but Casey tells Alison he just wants to have fun without a commitment. Alison asks Chris to go to the movies and he tells Katie just in case she feels something is going on between them and she doesn't want him to go out with Alison. Katie lies and tells Chris that she is happy that they are going on a date.. Katie later sees Chris kissing Alison and is so startled by the sight that she knocks Chris down with her car.

Meg and Emma are disappointed when Meg's lawyer tells them that Emily leaving Eliza alone in her car may not help her case too much since Meg also has things in her past that could effect her getting custody of Eliza. Emily is determined not to lose custody of Eliza. Emily and Meg argue because Meg is upset that Emily took Eliza to her checkup. Alison stops the argument because its not good for them to be fighting in the hospital and in front of Eliza. Alison is told by a nurse that some medication is missing and nobody on staff took it so Alison tells the nurse they must find the missing medicine. Barbara and Emma bring Paul, Emily Meg, and Emma together at Fairwinds to plan Eliza's christening. Meg and Emily soon begin to argue about the details and Emily decides to bring Meg some tea spiked with pills. Meg has an episode where she hears Eliza crying hysterically and the baby isn't crying at all. Emma takes Meg home and Meg is scared because she can't explain what happened to her.

Vienna is disappointed when she takes another pregnancy test and it reads negative so she tries to make love to Henry but he doesn't want to hurt the baby. Barbara also interrupts Henry and Vienna and tells Vienna they will have to find someone else to fix her wedding dress. Henry is upset when Vienna doesn't even say thank you to Barbara and tells her she has chosen a different dress. Henry takes the dress back to Barbara but she isn't in her room but he does find their dance contest trophy in the trash. Henry takes the trophy out of the trash and remembers what a good time he and Barbara had at the contest. Vienna wants to make love to Casey at the hospital but he doesn't want to be used anymore and Vienna leaves telling Casey that if he wants more then fun he will have to find someone else. Henry is determined to make Vienna happy even though he can't stop thinking of Barbara so he goes to Katie for advice on how to do that and Katie tells Henry to make Vienna feel special by proposing to her the right way. Casey later reconsiders and goes to the Lakeview to tell Vienna he will be her boy toy. Vienna and Casey are making love while Henry is standing outside the door ready to surprise Vienna with a romantic proposal.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Justin and Bill explain to Donna that the papers are ready and she will be asking half of Eric’s shares of FC. This is chump change to him and she is not going to win anything unless she is willing to fight. Further down the road if she wants to sell those shares, he is interested. Pam returns to Insomnia and sees Steven and approaches his table. He’s been thinking over all the despicable mean things Pam has done to Donna. Pam tells him that he is wrong about her sister….and the Logan’s should not be hating the Forrester’s. It’s not fair to blame Stephanie and when someone attacks her, she takes it personally. Owen is moody and Jackie asks what is wrong. Slowly he fills her in on that fateful night when he had sex with Bridget and now he knows the baby she is carrying is his. He wants to know from her how long she has known and she replies for a few weeks. He’s shocked that she would keep this from him. He hates himself for betraying Jackie, but he is happy about the baby and what that will mean to him. Jackie is not willing to smash Nicky's world about this baby, so for now they have to keep this from him until they know for sure the baby will be born.

Bill keeps after Donna telling her it is time that the Forrester’s pay. Finally she agrees to sign the agreement. Steven gets Pam to admit that she did not have much of a life being trapped with her mother all those years while Stephanie led the glamour life in L.A. with bright lights and glory. Pam got nothing. She confesses that she never had a boyfriend and certainly never had sex. He flatters her that she is an attractive woman so she missed out on a lot and that is not fair. She also tells him that she gets confused and is on medication. He tells her to really look at the situation….Stephanie gets what she wants and Pam gets nothing that she needs. When she leaves, he tells himself that maybe Pam is the key for him to protect his girls and get rid of her and Stephanie at the same time. Owen tells Jackie that he only wants her. Nothing like this is going to happen again and he wants her to believe in them, the future. She cries that she already has. He tells her that she is an amazing woman and they are going to get past this together.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady tries to help Arianna with a lawyer, but she refuses his help. Later, after Nicole does a favorable newscast about Arianna, Brady thanks her. Hope tells Arianna that the Celtic symbol is used by the gang she was associated with in high school, and tells her that she thinks she snapped under pressure and that’s why she attacked Brady and Roman. Chloe is unable to confess the truth to Daniel, and Carly threatens to tell Daniel herself. Victor admits to Vivian that he is only marrying her out of necessity. Later, he collapses, and Bo, Philip, and Daniel are alerted. Ciara confides in Bo about Hope’s secret treasure box, but he’s interrupted by the phone before she can tell him what is in it.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Michael feels guilty for taking Jason away from his life. Dante runs into Brook at Jake’s. Carly discourages Lulu from telling Dante the truth. Elizabeth runs to Lucky to complain about Nikolas. When Skye tells Luke that Tracy is missing, he thinks Helena is involved. Helena taunts Tracy about Luke. Lulu and Maxie run into Brook at Jake’s. Brook pretends to be surprised when Dante says Sonny is his father. Jax tells Claire he can “pave the way for Michael’s release” if Sonny gets convicted of a crime. Nik wants Liz to quit her job. Claire apologizes to Lucky for her “meltdown” in the park then tells him she’s building a new case against Sonny. Lucky agrees to help, as long as Claire doesn’t get “fixated” on Sonny. Jax apologizes to Carly about Michael. Jason says he intends on teaching Michael to defend himself. When Ethan tells Maya about working “in the mob,” she calls him “an idiot.” Dante doesn’t hold Lulu’s abortion against her when she finally tells him the truth. Brook makes a full report to Carly and says it may not be so easy to get Dante to stray from Lulu. Carly offers Brook a “bonus check” to get Dante “into bed” and capture it on video.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Somebody had tried to kill Ford. But the cops have yet to prove who. Markko has injured his hand and appears to be the prime suspect. Blair is with Tea keeping the secret that she's dying. But Tea is determined to represent Todd and keep him out of prison, if nothing else, because he's the only parent who will be there for Dani. Jessica has regained her memory and everything appears ok. But since Natalie has decided to stay in town and back with John and Brody is back with Jessica, there's awkwardness regarding the fact that Brody and Natalie slept together the night before she intended to leave town.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Jill checks in on Billy and asks him what is going on between the Tucker and the Newmans. Billy asks Jill what is going on with a handbag being part of the expense account. Rafe comes to see Billy and tells him that the annulment is slow going. When Reed runs into Victoria at the bookstore, she wonders what he is doing there. Tucker asks J.T. how Reed is doing. J.T. lets Tucker know that it is not going to be easy getting the info that the needs off of Victoria’s computer. Kay asks Daniel if he's heard from Amber. Daniel lets Kay know that he had had a couple of texts from her. Ashley cannot get over that Abby is suing her for her inheritance. Victor vows to stop the reality show before Abby gets hurt. Abby lets Jack know that her parents will not give her her inheritance from Brad and Colleen. Abby asks Jack to invest in her reality show. Billy asks Jill if she had gotten anything that he can use. Jill becomes suspicious and wonders what is going on. Victoria finds out that Reed is with Mackenzie. Victoria and Mackenzie have a run in over Mackenzie mothering Reed and carrying twins for Cane and Lily. Victoria finds out from Rafe that he is handling their annulment. Kay suggests to Daniel that he call Amber. Victor vows to protect Abby. Jack finds out that Abby is filming their conversation. Mackenzie and J.T spend quality time together. J.T. tells Mackenzie that Tucker pulled some strings and that is why J.T. got to keep Reed. J.T. tells Mackenzie that he was on Victoria’s computer to get info on the Newmans. Billy tells Victoria that he ran into J.T. at Victoria’s home and he was on her computer. Victoria tells Billy to call Rafe and drop the annulment. Billy calls Rafe and drops the annulment. Jill confronts Ashley about being the new C.E.O of Jabot. Victor joins Jack. Jack tells Victor that he may just help Abby. Kay joins Jill and accuses her of being jealous over Tucker being with Ashley. Mackenzie and J.T. become intimate. Victoria and Billy make love.

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