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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In the bedroom at the Chandler mansion, J.R. and Marissa kiss, but abruptly J.R. pulls away from his wife for the second time. Downstairs in the living room, Scott shares with Annie the plans that he was working on with Palmer. At the casino, Jesse questions Ryan about his involvement with the Miranda Center. Somewhere in the U.S., the pilot tells Erica to buckle herself and prepare for a crash landing. At Wildwind, David finds out that the plane took off despite the bad fuel pump. Greenlee comes into the room and wants to know what is going on, but David lies that there is trouble at the hospital. Greenlee offers to go with him, but he puts her off by telling her that he can handle it. Greenlee goes into work at Fusion and finds out that Erica still hasn’t checked in. At the crash site, a stranger pulls the pilot to safety and then comes back for Erica. Scott and Annie becomes close over his sharing his plans with her. Marissa lets J.R. know that she feels someone else in the room with them when they are alone. Greenlee finds out from Madison that Ryan is being questioned for the embezzling of funds from the Miranda Center. After the stranger rescues Erica from the plane, he blames her for destroying his home and refuses to talk to her. J.R. comes downstairs and sees Scott and Annie almost kissing. Although Erica offers her apologies to the stranger, he refuses to accept it. The stranger threatens to leave Erica, but she insists on going with him. Marissa sees Annie at the mansion and drags her out for a cup of coffee and some small talk. After J.R. insists on seeing his plans for Chandler Industries, Scott shows him his plans for the future. Annie tells Marissa that what is wrong with her marriage is not of her doing. Greenlee calls Jesse and gives Ryan an alibi. After retrieving her luggage from the crashed plane, the stranger disposes of it by throwing it down the hill. Greenlee catches David in yet another lie. Greenlee finds out that Erica took off in a malfunctioning plane and could be dead. Greenlee wants to call the police, but David stops her. Ryan barges in and questions Greenlee about Erica. Marissa witnesses a very awkward situation between J.R. and Annie.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Gabriel accuses Craig of hitting him, starting the fire and leaving him for dead, as Margo and Lily are stunned while Lucinda doesn’t look that surprised – more smug. Craig is stunned, as he pleads with Gabriel to tell the truth, but he isn’t interested in Craig’s pleas. Craig forces everyone out of the room while he begs Gabriel to tell the truth; he even explains that Lily and Lucinda kept the news about him being a father all these years; he wants to make up for this, but Gabriel will not listen. Margo and Lily try to get Craig to open the door, but he won’t so Margo is forced to call for an officer. Once inside and still not changing his story, Craig is taken to jail. Lucinda talks with Gabriel in private and praises his lies for the greater good. Craig implores Margo to listen to his side promising he would never hurt his own child, but his pleas fall on deaf ears, as Margo can’t take anymore lies from him. Jack and Janet hang out, as he awaits the lawyer’s call back. Jack wrestles with Parker’s situation, as Janet figures out that Carly knew about Parker’s lies and didn’t tell Jack. Carly stands by Parker, as he is in jail, but she is still convinced he did nothing wrong and that he shouldn’t talk anymore. When Liberty calls her, she tells her to come to the station thinking she might convince Parker to reconsider. Liberty has no idea why Parker is there and only wants to make up by offering to go with him to a concert with her so they can get their friendship back on track. Parker tells her that he can’t go, as Liberty finds out Parker has been arrested. Parker finally admits that he hit Gabriel and left him unconscious. Liberty is very upset to hear this, as they argue. Carly shows up to find Jack with Janet and she isn’t happy to find them talking about Parker and is even less thrilled when Janet judges the choice she made to keep Parker from talking with Jack. They are interrupted by Margo’s call and her news about Craig. They all head to the station happy to tell Parker. They tell Parker and Liberty the news, as Parker isn’t sure how to feel. Liberty is still angry with him and the fact that he is now off the hook doesn’t change that he lied to her. Carly, Jack and Parker head home, as Carly wants to cook him all of his favorites, but Parker is more concerned about his parents being ok. Carly asks Jack to stay for dinner, but he wants to head back to the station first to take care of something. Janet and Liberty talk about Parker and his actions against Gabriel, as Liberty is mad that he lied to her and that he is jealous. Janet defends a bit of Parker’s actions, but thinks they also may need space since Parker may still have some unresolved feelings for her. Liberty wants to go see Gabriel, but Janet isn’t thrilled to hear this. Gabriel blackmailed Craig and took Parker’s money, but Liberty defends him saying that she won’t turn her back on someone with no family considering they know firsthand how that feels. A furious Jack confronts Craig promising if he could, he would kill him for what he put Parker through. Craig appeals to Jack to think about if this makes sense; he would never throw Parker under the bus or hurt his own son. Jack doesn’t believe that, as Craig makes an admission of love for Carly that would cause him never to put her through losing Parker, as Jack seems a bit swayed by his defense. Craig asks Jack to think about what he said, as Jack seems to be thinking about his words.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke scrambles across the parking lot to find her dad having been hit and thrown onto the hood of a car and then rolled to the ground. He proclaims that he is fine. She takes him to the beach house where all want him to go to the hospital. He tells them his only mission is to protect all the girls from Stephanie. That was Beth’s dying wish. He was going to re-marry Beth, but he never got that chance. But they have a father they can depend on; that is his promise. Pam agrees to a date with Jarrett that Stephanie has set up. He brings her flowers and Stephanie wishes them a good time. They go to Insomnia and she goes a little crazy with extra froth on her cappuccino. She commiserates with the fact that his wife left him which leaves him sadder at the mention. He mentions the word tiny which reminds her of her late dog, Tiny. The date is heading for the toilet.

Oliver and Hope continue to kiss and don’t want the evening to end. Oliver wants to make a video with Hope and they spend more time being lovey-dovey. Jarrett says it is not that he doesn’t like pets, but they are sort of inconvenient for his many travels. Pam admits she lived at home with her mother and has not traveled. He gets an exclusive scoop by phone and has to go. She calls Stephanie to say the date is over. Jarrett was a very nice man, but they had nothing in common. Stephanie tells her to wait there; she will meet her at Insomnia. Steven comes in and spies her at the table alone. He stops by to deliver a message to her sister – stay away from him and his family. Stephanie’s dangerous and he won’t allow that and he states that Pam is just her sister’s pawn. He tells her that his wife is gone and his children’s lives are ruined and here she sits as if nothing has happened. And what she did to Donna…..must have made her sister proud. And now they are passing the torch on down to Steffy to wreak havoc on Hope. Stephanie walks up and says he doesn’t have the guts to say what he really means. He knows his wife should have been watched 24 hours a day. She knows he is grieving, but these accusations need to stop. It was an accident. He tells her it is over. She is through pushing his family around. It was his wife’s dying wish and he’s going to fulfill that. He won’t be responsible for what he does if they don’t leave him and his family alone.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

The DNA test comes back on the hair found on Roman, and Arianna is arrested. Brady also learns that she has a juvenile record for assault and robbery, though Arianna claims it was her ex-boyfriend that was the criminal, not her. Nicole, delighted, calls Baker to tell him his mugging days are over. Ciara finds Brady’s driver’s license in Hope’s room. Rafe tries to question Anna again, but he is arrested for her poisoning and thrown in jail, thanks to Stefano’s machinations. Sami and EJ nearly kiss, but Stefano interrupts. Later, Sami tells EJ that she is in love with Rafe. Carly figures out that Chloe cheated on Daniel, and demands that she tell him the truth. Before she can, Daniel informs her that he has moved up their wedding date. Later, Bo and Carly make love.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Carly tries to convince Brook Lynn to win over Dante. Lulu is considering telling Dante the truth about her teenage abortion. Sonny and Johnny have a heated argument, where Sonny threatens to shoot him. Johnny wants to press charges. Elizabeth forgets her appointment with Dr. Lee, as well as having Lucky pick up the boys at the hospital. Nikolas worries that Elizabeth is too overwhelmed with her work. Nikolas wants Liz and the boys to move into Wyndemere. Jason and Michael have a chat in their prison cell. Sonny visits Michael and inquires about the bruises on his face. Matt discovers that Maxie only agreed to go out with him to make Spinelli jealous. At Jake's, Ethan spills his drink on Maya. Sonny tells Jason about Johnny's vendetta to destroy their organization. Carly tells Lulu that she should keep quiet about the abortion. Dante is surprised to find Brook Lynn singing at Jake's.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Markko finds out that he's been taken for a ride by both Langston and by Ford for a long time without a clue what they were doing behind his back, he tells Cristian and Layla that he needs to sleep at Buenos Dias because he won't have anything to do with Langston again. They are going to see her mother to announce their engagement but concerned about leaving him alone seeing how devastated he is. But he tells them to go ahead without him. Right then, we see that Ford has been assaulted or killed in his bedroom and Markko is alone in the Buenos Dias kitchen washing blood off his hands. Langston is similarly down and out when she confesses to Starr that she has nowhere to go now that she's lost both Markko and Ford. Jessica is elated, along with Brody, her parents and Bree, now that she's gotten her memory and her life back. Meanwhile, John convinces Natalie to sty and not go off to London. But Brody and Natalie both wonder what they are going to do or if they admit to John or to Jessica that they have slept together when they both assumed that they had been dumped by their respective partners.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

While sitting on the sofa, Lily goes through some papers when Cane walks in. Lily wishes that they had more time together. Cane mentions about the stem cells from the twins, but Lily still refuses to go that route. At the coffeehouse, Malcolm and Devon have coffee. Neil joins them. Neil questions Malcolm about offering Devon a job. Chloe and Chance come to the Athletic Club to have a breakfast, but Chance surprises her with a breakfast in bed. Heather and Paul have breakfast together in the dining room of the Athletic Club. Heather finds out that the authorities would not let Paul see Patty. Emily and Jack meet for breakfast. Emily gets papers that her medical license may be revoked. Jack offers to help her get through this together  Owen interrupts Chance and Chloe kissing on the stairs. Emily thanks Heather for running the DNA test. Heather tells Emily that it was Jack who found out the truth first. Mac and Daniel are at the bookstore. Mac questions Daniel if Amber left him for her son, Eric. Olivia arrives at Lily’s apartment and asks her if she is ready for their trip. Malcolm finds out from Cane that Lily is going to France for cancer treatments. Cane tells Malcolm that he is meeting with a lawyer to sue Mackenzie for the amniotic fluid from the twins. In her room at the club, Emily notices that things have been moved about. Emily fears that she is being stalked. Jack suggests that she move back into the house with him, but Emily refuses. Malcolm, Daniel and Mackenzie all visit Lily to say good-bye. Lily asks for some pics to be taken before she leaves. Chloe and Chance make love. After Owen tells Heather that he is reinstating her, she informs Chance. A man watches Emily. Cane and Lily say good-bye.

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